US Navy confirms UFO videos are the real deal

  • Published on Sep 19, 2019
  • The US Navy has confirmed that certain UFO videos made public over the past several years do indeed show "unidentified aerial phenomena." #CNN #News

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  • El Stuckey
    El Stuckey 8 minutes ago

    If they would shot that UFO down everybody on Earth would of been dead these aliens studying use #ONGOD

  • Praetorian
    Praetorian Hour ago

    They give Iphone to you,look on phone slave not on sky,now you have a world just for you wher you can be hapy,the real world is not for retard's!

  • Luis Pacheco
    Luis Pacheco Hour ago +1

    January 17, 2020. Time 7:35 AM Florida. I encountered an UFO, outside my land in space, at soon that I started to firm the UFO., about 10 Jets Fighters show up. My theory is that the UFO, triggered an alarm, and the radal..mark it..Jets never found it, he was right there, taking the sun, one pilot, with a white suit, and white head gear, it was transparent, and white inside..January 18, 2020 the UFO came back at 7:45 AM Florida Time. I got, videos, and Pictures of it.

    DARIN COX 2 hours ago

    where is ur proof that the us navy released this footage ?for a totally classified program to be de classified all of sudden seems very suspicious to me :-P the objects in question seem like human military objects

  • Randy Clark
    Randy Clark 2 hours ago

    BUT don't worry people.... they are here for our minerals, not coming for us, we are just shit in the road for them.

  • Joseph Provost
    Joseph Provost 5 hours ago

    I have seen some

  • Ranjeet Sawant
    Ranjeet Sawant 11 hours ago

    Your technology is poor to them information 👽 WO log earth ko apne earth ko apne Tara mandal se nikal kar unkey mandal may bitha denge like national park may animals ko jangal se hum uthakey apne park may dalty Hy oos tarah

  • Dolores Rodriguez
    Dolores Rodriguez 13 hours ago

    Fake story, is cnn

  • Ferdinand Capka
    Ferdinand Capka 19 hours ago this, we are ufo hunterz

  • Ferdinand Čapka

  • croplaya
    croplaya Day ago

    Hey US Navy. Can you stfu and start calling them UFOs again? Thanks. Assholes

  • Mrcap
    Mrcap Day ago

    Beyond belief - george noory

  • Mrcap
    Mrcap Day ago

    Go to

  • Mrcap
    Mrcap Day ago

    We have to de throw the government and make them release the truth

  • Mrcap
    Mrcap Day ago

    This happend in 2004 and barely releasing it

  • john schnieder
    john schnieder Day ago

    Fake news. Trump 2020

  • en ingtu
    en ingtu Day ago

    how to build your own flyng saucer. i.e. 1922 nichola tesla, 1939 victor shouberger. the body is made of aluminum, due to the anti gravity affect of electicity and magnatism when in combination with alluminum. to amplify the afect of electic currrent when run over aluminum plate. it helps to make a half hollow sphere. in a set of three to give the saucer stability. much like a three legged stool. the evenly spaced spheres around the flat bottom of the saucer shape have copper coils around them on the inside of the craft. as electric current runs through the bare copper wire the sphere will tend to flip over on it's self. this why a second and third sphere is the current runs through the next sphere & coil the effect of this mechenism. as it whants to flip balances the previous motion. thus the third set of sphere & coils gives the craft level balance. instead of fliping to any given side. since the coils are trying to flip the craft. the out come is apperent anti gavitic properties. how ever it is more like the craft is jumping in rapid sequence. thus it seems to be floating. in order to get high volage and a sequence of pulses to maitain the craft of the ground. a simple six cylender electric ignition system from an auto mobile can give the coils around the aluminium hollow spheres the correct sequencying to float the craft. each spark plug wire in a 1 through six straight pattern were cylender one is atached to coil one, the very next prong in the rotation of the distributer to the second coil, the third prong to the third coil, nuber four prong to the first coil until the sixth prong is dilivered to the third coil. finishing the sequence. in order to get the distributer s colom is attached to a high speed variable electric drill. in order to control pitch and yaw. a simple automotive cylender tester can be attached to the distributer. were a six cylender selector is set to match the distributer. how a this machine works is by enabiling individual wires to be turnd of on the distributer. the original purpose for this cylender tester is to see if all the cylenders are reciving spark. what ever cylynder is turned off in this aplication will make the craft leen in to the misfyring coil giving it vector direction controll twards the turned of coil. this is the flight controls. since the craft is like a hellium baloon that just has enough to float the ballon a few inches of the ground thrust is needed. like a gust of wind. every one has seen paper on clear days float high in the sky. due to gusts of wind. a simaler affect will alow this craft to fly upwards high in to the sky. this affect is acomplished by a plasma oven with a nozzel the nozzle of course is dead center at the bottom flat side of the craft. this plasma oven is made of a double cone shape were the two wide parts of the cones are the middle of this plasma oven configuration. the casing follows the shape of the cones and the round openiing at the bottom tip of the bottom cone is the thrust nozzle as previoiusly described above. a set of aposing magnatrons. from a pair of industrial microwave ovens will do the job nicely. the set is placed directly across the top diamiter of the upper cone in the plasma oven. air in lets dipurse across the ovel wing like air foil of the top of the craft will give it added air foil lift as craft moves through a midium i.e. the air. the air inlets are smaller than the nozzle at the flat bottom of the craft. due to simple flow of resistance the effect is a down draft. plus the ionized plasma of the oven is posetively charged thus this charge leads to negetive charges i.e. the ground it's self. this inceases the down draft affect plus this will also give more thrust due to the electric charge. have fun building you own flying saucers kids. if my spelling is horrible first i berly learned to write on my onwn and did not bother spell checking. a mind is a terrible thing to waste unless of course your a latino.

  • Carlos Padilla
    Carlos Padilla 2 days ago

    Also CNN used fake footage from Iran saying that is a gun rally on US soil.

  • bimmjim
    bimmjim 2 days ago

    .. This link is awesome. Check it out and then come back and thank me.

  • Polo Mapapalangi
    Polo Mapapalangi 2 days ago

    theirs a level 11 in the Pentagon

  • Denise Fraser
    Denise Fraser 2 days ago

    Get don lemon in that thing. C ya

  • Denise Fraser
    Denise Fraser 2 days ago

    Careful there pilot! That's the P Funk Mothership! They use Bop Guns and say something will happen to your ass

  • Losh
    Losh 2 days ago

    I am IRONMAN.

  • Justin Sutton
    Justin Sutton 2 days ago

    So i googled "UFO reports increasing" a zillion hits on articles about the increase in UFO reports. Then i googled "UFO reports decreasing" a zillion hits on articles about the steady decline in UFO reports since 2014. Lol. Okay.

  • Rapmagic Deleon
    Rapmagic Deleon 2 days ago

    Ha ha! 👽

  • Поиск всего!

    Never say...

  • Sean Ambridge
    Sean Ambridge 3 days ago

    I mean what does it matter aside from killing religious beliefs can we do? Nothing so keep moving forward with your 60-80 year life span if you lucky to get that. You will not receive super powers either believe it or not you will not walk on air guys 😂

  • egg shen86 Chris
    egg shen86 Chris 3 days ago +3

    I doubt a civilization or intelligence that advanced would fear human beings. I think it's our pride in thinking we are so smart that they would openly communicate with us. Perhaps our brains aren't advanced enought to grasp certain concepts.Would you look at ants and think about trying to communicate with them? Look at Human advancement in only 100 years....Think about a civilization thousands, or millions of years older. What would that even look like? If you look at AI and computing power now, I imagine all advanced biological life merges with machines. Your already seeing it now. Humans as a Caterpillar before AI and we emerge as something else entirely after AI (butterfly)

  • John K
    John K 3 days ago

    Aliens and UFOs do not exist they are nothing more than a myth and a hoax.

    • John K
      John K 2 days ago

      @Dimitri Rodriguez
      Don't even get me started on god and religion that nonsense is the biggest scam in all of human history.

    • Dimitri Rodriguez
      Dimitri Rodriguez 2 days ago +2

      Just like God

  • Steven Ryburn
    Steven Ryburn 3 days ago +1

    Just came up with a question :
    Does anyone believe that some ufo experiences could be manifestations of remote viewing?

  • peter santospago
    peter santospago 3 days ago

    So... Not a ufo.... But a Either way it wasn't built by man... So who or what was it built by? And it's a final confirmation that they're real. We have not been alone for thousands of years.

    • Collin McRae
      Collin McRae 3 days ago

      peter santospago I don’t think there’s anything especially compelling about this video. What is this object? Who the fuck knows? The video is grainy and the object is unclear. There are many potential explanations. Not even a highly trained pilots senses and expertise are meaningful. His mind is still human, and he’s as fallible as the rest of us.
      I’ve seen many examples of “alien spacecraft videos” and claims that they are performing maneuvers and moving at speeds impossible for our own earthly crafts, but all of this is simply being determined by highly unreliable human eye witnesses who don’t really have enough information to reliably make this judgement. Not even a highly decorated Navy pilot can.

  • Carey Kirk Jr
    Carey Kirk Jr 3 days ago Google got a snap shot of what appears to be a UFU

  • Nugget of Truth - Eric King

    Question: Why do the ET's just do "drive byes"? So, are they scared or what?

  • Daniel wilson
    Daniel wilson 3 days ago

    I just want to be abducted by a hot alien chick

  • steefm3
    steefm3 4 days ago

    they are real and excist!! Pilots see these sightings regularly now with the technology we have to search the sky, stars, galaxy, planets and space al the evidence and fisical evidence we have you can NOT deney that it does’nt excist.. there is more evidence that ufo’s/aliens/e.t’s/ other intelligent life not from earth excist than the evidence we have about black holes!! Also I think they are watching us on earth and see how we destroy each other and see how stupid and ignorant the human race is. We don’t deserve to know how and where these other intelligent life forms live and where they are from, that they have advanced technologies we would not understand.
    If you see how our imagination works and I refer to sciences fiction movies, why would this not be possible in real in other galaxy’s where nature and phisics work otherwise than we know here on earth.
    There are more stars in the galaxy’s around us than granes of sand on al the beaches on earth together..
    So many Government officials claimed and say that its real. Astronauts and military staf
    Even presidents!!
    The governments of many country’s wil see these intelligent life forms as a tread because they know that they are much more developed, evolved and advanced than us.

    • Collin McRae
      Collin McRae 3 days ago

      steefm3 See what sightings? Blurry pea sized objects dazzling their unreliable human brains while flying faster than the speed of sound? I don’t give a fuck what these guys do for a living, I don’t trust their ability to realistically determine every visual phenomena they are very likely to experience while sipping around up there.

  • Alex Diaz
    Alex Diaz 4 days ago

    To those who think we are the ONLY living organisms in the ENTIRE UNIVERSE, are in denial and ignorant.

    • Alex Diaz
      Alex Diaz 3 days ago

      @Collin McRae 🤔🤔🤔... True dat. Cheers.

    • Collin McRae
      Collin McRae 3 days ago +1

      Alex Diaz You’re attacking straw man there. Only religious fundamentalists and mental defectives hold that view. Most skeptics of this sort of footage, or sightings like these, are quite open to, or even sure that there very likely an abundance of life in the universe. The problem is, that it is very likely unimaginably far away. At least, intelligent life anyway, and the speed limit is the speed of light (and that’s just for energy. Matter could only feasibly travel at a fraction of that, plus the amount of time and distance it takes to accelerate from point A, and decelerate to point B).
      Sure, we have theoretical concepts like wormholes and the like, but those are just that, theories. We don’t know if any of that’s possible, and if fancy warp drives or quantum teleporters aren’t possible, then we aren’t going anywhere, and neither is anything else, no matter how smart. So, the odds simply don’t look good for alien visitation. Sophisticated intelligent life is certainly not common, and it may even be impossible for anything to get very far in the universe.

  • ahmed abbas
    ahmed abbas 4 days ago

    This was been debunked,
    I think it was hoax by some guys

  • Big Punisher
    Big Punisher 4 days ago

    Biggest plot twist of all. Aliens come to earth to spread the word of Jesus Christ.

  • UFOvni2012
    UFOvni2012 5 days ago

    he has spoken a lot, video but nothing. I have not spoken, I have filmed a lot with my telescope, the Aliens (robots) land and take off on Sun. The UFOs cigars quickly turn to the left and to right, 700,000 kilometers per second, my channel #UFOvni2012 TVclip, many thumbs up

  • H W
    H W 5 days ago

    If you're wondering why Space Force is suddenly a thing now... there ya go.

  • mike cooper
    mike cooper 5 days ago

    120 knots winds? that's 138 miles per hour. Were they flying in a hurricane?

  • Henry Seal
    Henry Seal 5 days ago

    Seen this the other day and had to record them. If you're having trouble seeing them watch the black and whit version in the description

  • CptnJCFG
    CptnJCFG 5 days ago

    Aliens figure it out Interstellar travel but don't have a cloaking mechanisms?

  • فاطمة أزهر
    فاطمة أزهر 5 days ago

    This is Superman flying to the sky with his girlfriend 😜😜😜😜

  • Quiet_ Creeper3
    Quiet_ Creeper3 5 days ago

    Something tells me if aliens were real or if there real which in that case I don’t know. But something tells me they just wanna be allies with us but maybe something or someone else is holding them back. Idk that’s just my opinion

  • Ember2460 Harrington

    How do they know its not from another country?

  • Владимир Гродно

    this is a su-77.

  • Christopher Anderson

    Such bullshit

  • Tjark Mündlein
    Tjark Mündlein 6 days ago

    Funny how disturbed Anderson Cooper looks at the beginning

  • El Fugitivo
    El Fugitivo 6 days ago

    Aun en el 2020 que existan grabaciones tan antiguas?

  • donald jones
    donald jones 6 days ago

    Starting to believe UFOs are top secret shit the USA works on and doesn't want other countries to know they can defy physics which would lead to a nuclear war

  • ClarksonsinUSA
    ClarksonsinUSA 6 days ago

    CNN get the facts straight,Trump declassified the fottage!!!

  • Gran
    Gran 7 days ago

    Why are we ignoring this

  • Michael LaVoie
    Michael LaVoie 7 days ago +2

    Back in 1994 my family was heading from L.A to Minnesota to go visit relatives. It was about 10 p.m and we were traveling through Nevada out in the desert when out of no where this round dark flying saucer just like you see in the movies came out of no where and started flying up and down the highway. So much that it haulted traffic. It was round, had a dome over the cockpit and had a red hue/ora thing surrounding it, no visible running lights though. It honestly looked a lot like the UFO from Independence Day but it was perfectly symmetrical. The craft looked hazy like you took a photo with a bad camera. It was so shocking because it honestly defied reality. It zig zagged left, right, up, down, stopped on a dime and hovered over the road. Everyone pulled over and got out on the road to look at just what ever the hell that thing was and what it was doing. It was scary the way it moved around. It came down to within 200 feet over top of us. The craziest part about the whole thing is this craft didn't make a sound. It was super quiet just hovering. My father yelled at us kids to get back in the car and lay down because we didnt know what the hell was going to happen. People were left shocked and some were panicking from fear.
    My father was a Pilot in the Navy an he just said thats not man made. I'll never forget that night. True story......God as my witness. Maybe someone reading this will have been 1 of those people on the highway with us that night. Their was at least 50 people there who witnessed it.
    Edit: The size of the craft was maybe 15' - 20' in diameter. Dark grey in color.

    • Adrian Julio
      Adrian Julio 2 days ago

      fuck man that's kinda cool the whole things about UFO!

  • billy le coq
    billy le coq 7 days ago

    Les états-unis nous montrent que de la merde, et c'est pas demain qu'ils nous en montreront !

  • Че Гевара
    Че Гевара 7 days ago


  • alex 805
    alex 805 7 days ago

    weird that is always the US that has these encounters but not china,russia,france,germany,korea ect 🤣

  • Sh1mbo
    Sh1mbo 7 days ago

    Several years ago the mexican air force released a video about several ufos flying together in with a flir camera over the gulf of México.

  • Michele Ziegler
    Michele Ziegler 7 days ago

    J y crois depuis toujours

  • CARL Rauschkolb
    CARL Rauschkolb 7 days ago

    UFOs are real y'all they're real I can't believe that they're realI just seen one just now they're real they're so real I never knew that I could believe in this type of stuff but it's true everything that they've ever said was true now I have hope to believe