Kentucky coach John Calipari on Win Over Virginia Tech


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  • tammy lucas
    tammy lucas Year ago

    the guy below bitching about 5 elite 8's 4 final fours and a title in 8 a terrible coach..people we are in the hunt most every year..He takes guys 3 months removed from high school by march they are right there..Hell last second shot vs UNC doesnt go in UK has 5 final fours in 8 years..How quick we forget what the program was 06-09.

  • Sjahshsjs Jsksjssj

    Is it bad I want a new coach and team? This shit is predictable and boring .... same old fast athletic team sweet 16 no title no pure shooters dribble drive nonsense... ugh 😑

    • KlayVon Boumjie Boumjie
      KlayVon Boumjie Boumjie Year ago

      Sjahshsjs Jsksjssj when’s the last time we lost in the sweet 16 lmao

    • CDtheRunner442
      CDtheRunner442 Year ago

      Sjahshsjs Jsksjssj ur asking too much of them. They are all not perfect and they are all human

    • Tyler Holbrook
      Tyler Holbrook Year ago

      Sjahshsjs Jsksjssj buddy do you not remember 2011-12? Gosh we ain’t gonna win the NATTY every year...give me a break

  • GBeret83
    GBeret83 Year ago

    The Cats shooting the 3-Ball well themselves most definitely helped their cause today, but I think it was their 2nd-half defense, holding Virginia Tech to only 1 made 3-pointer for 18+ minutes of the 2nd-half that was ultimately the deciding factor. This should be a real confidence boosting win for these young freshman, because Virginia Tech is a very good team themselves with a lot of veteran players on their roster. How they weren't already in the Top 25 heading into today's game against UK is beyond me, because they deserve to be, IMO. A couple of mental lapses late in the game by Gabriel, but by and large a really good effort today by the CATS!!

    • Blake Jude
      Blake Jude Year ago

      GBeret83 TOTALLY AGREE! I went to the game today and you are so right! Gabriel bought great energy and our defense gave us a lot of confidence! It was great to see Hami hit those 3s late as well, made the crowd go wild. Many people thought we should’ve blown them out but I agree, this Virginia Tech team should be ranked, very proud of how well we fought.

  • Times Now
    Times Now Year ago +4

    If Hami keeps shooting like that the sky is the limit for this team