Taste-Testing the Internet's Most Famous Pizzas | Sean in the Wild

  • Published on May 23, 2017
  • These days, it seems like every day brings a crazier pizza to our Instagram feed-from taco-topped pies, to $2,000 pizzas topped with gold leaf and caviar. To find out how far is too far when it comes to viral food, Sean Evans heads to Best Pizza in Williamsburg for a taste-test of some of New York's wildest pies with The Pizza Show's Frank Pinello. Here's the lineup:
    Taco Taco Taco Pizza - Tony Boloney's
    Pizza Box Pizza - Vinnie's Pizzeria
    The Love at First Sight - Krave It Sandwich Shop & Eatery
    Super Slice - Pizza Barn
    24 Karat Gold Pizza - Industry Kitchen
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Comments • 837

  • Pjotr Vladivostoc
    Pjotr Vladivostoc 8 days ago

    i dont know.....that just looks wrong and is stupid

  • Cristina Mingione
    Cristina Mingione 14 days ago

    Thumbs up for Pinello for saying "Maronn"!!! You are truely italian!

  • Ezell Jamison
    Ezell Jamison 18 days ago

    All I've been doing is watching food

  • Germs
    Germs 21 day ago

    lol that pizza its more expensive than my car

  • CptCanada
    CptCanada 26 days ago

    It would be so dope to hang out and eat pizza with these guys.

  • Jacob Wollman
    Jacob Wollman Month ago

    I should really stop watching these late at night. Now I’m hungry as fork right now.

  • Sean Demspey
    Sean Demspey Month ago

    The pizza barn slice is free if you can eat the whole thing . #Yonkers

  • joergjoergermann
    joergjoergermann Month ago

    Damn AfterWeedFood. Where can I buy this food can I also pay with Bitcoins?

  • Raju Ivaturi
    Raju Ivaturi Month ago

    2 legends

  • Tr1ckySureShot
    Tr1ckySureShot Month ago

    I have tried them. They suck cock. Penis purist. Fag.I'm out. Fag. Another level of gay as fuck. I give a Tony balonga a stifff cock.

  • Jelly Jam
    Jelly Jam Month ago

    A man with a nose ring clearly is not a man

  • Seth DuSith
    Seth DuSith Month ago

    I like to think each pizza is filmed on a new day, rather than a bite of each in the same day. That would be a depressing waste of pizza

  • Catnium
    Catnium 2 months ago

    That 2 thou pizza looks like total garbage ... I expect a perfect pizza for 2k .. not some random circle with the toppings crapped all over it
    and the gold is just thrown on there ...like a noob did it in 5m .. your paying 2k for a pizza!
    Some schmuck better have worked on that shit for like 2hrs making it perfect
    Looks like total shit
    And yes , you can eat that much gold it' will just pass through your digestive system. totally no point in eating it tho ..

  • Victor Vu
    Victor Vu 2 months ago

    2 pound = 0.907185 kg

  • Ferry Ansony
    Ferry Ansony 2 months ago

    Lol Frank always sounds like he is so fucking high

  • Soto Dolo
    Soto Dolo 2 months ago

    I knew Sean was a stoner

  • Smashy Mctaco
    Smashy Mctaco 2 months ago

    as a die hard New Yorker... pizza has rules... Even my chicago bretheren understand this... just cause its has dough baked in an oven and is round or square... doesn't automatically make it pizza.. pizza by law is constituted as dough, marinara, and topping... toppings are limited too meat and vegetables (pineapple on pizza is pizza terrorism)... NOT entire entrees or stand alone dishes ontop of pizza do not constitute toppings... im sure its delicious if you do and its cool if you do but its no longer pizza... I.e. the taco pizza is just a monsterous flatbread openfaced taco gordita crunch... NOT PIZZA

  • Christian Wolf
    Christian Wolf 3 months ago

    First non spicy episode I have watched and I have to give you a Thumbs Up! Love Frank and his passion for pizza. I've binge watched almost all of Hot Ones and it looks like I will be taking a deeper dive into the rest of your works. Good Job.

  • EQ-smoove
    EQ-smoove 3 months ago

    The only real Italian pizza in NYC is Grimaldi's Napoli style just underneath the Brooklyn Bridge. Fresh buffalo mozz, fresh basil, tomatoes, EVOO, a thin high gluten crust, 6-800 degree oven. Living in NYC I tried many "pizzerias". People might say Grimaldi's is a tourist thing now, but in the late 90's, early 2000's this was THE place to go. No mac 'n cheese or home made tortilla tacos on it? WTF is that? It is just plain stoopid, so GTFOH w/that crap.

  • plamedi Matenda
    plamedi Matenda 3 months ago

    This is why the world hates America, nobody is really finishing a two pound pizza but y'all still have the balls to talk about world hunger

  • Yakuza Dakewo
    Yakuza Dakewo 3 months ago

    honestly all those pizzas look like dog shit

  • Noel Crenshaw
    Noel Crenshaw 3 months ago

    There's no such thing as "too much" for a pizza as long as the ingredients go together

  • NORCal MTB
    NORCal MTB 3 months ago

    Francesco Pinella is a boss. Best pizza is fire all day. Best slice IN BK

    KLMSRT 3 months ago

    so the lesson is: don't put too much faith in "love at first sight"...

  • Hank X
    Hank X 3 months ago

    so when is First We Feast being bought by Viceland?

  • Biff Kelly
    Biff Kelly 3 months ago

    Frank is oldschool with pizza, I like that. He gives that look of judgement to the mexican pizza at the start and hes thinking ''this aint no pizza!''

  • Rory Gibson
    Rory Gibson 3 months ago

    Ahhh, Goldschlager.
    Misspent youth...

  • S M
    S M 3 months ago

    Taco Taco Taco pizza looks stoopid...

  • Bria Bella
    Bria Bella 3 months ago

    Pizza Barn Pizza Barn Pizza Barn !

  • Mycel
    Mycel 3 months ago

    I think that anybody who eats gold should be executed. you could mix in some polonium and make it nice and slow.

  • dzlnitro
    dzlnitro 3 months ago

    Vinnie's pizzeria is the most overrated pizza shop I've been to. Overpriced gaabbbaageeee.

  • Matthew Mandragon
    Matthew Mandragon 3 months ago

    Honestly I would go for the Industry Kitchen pizza if could buy it and still pay rent and eat out every night.

  • Mark Montecillo
    Mark Montecillo 3 months ago

    2 of my favorite hosts on TVclip in 1 video. Yess!

  • frederick j. moller
    frederick j. moller 4 months ago

    Classic pizza or nothing for me!

  • Dana Leslie
    Dana Leslie 4 months ago

    Pizza Barn's giant slice is genuinely a good pizza on itself despite the size tbh

  • MrJesusdoesntsave
    MrJesusdoesntsave 4 months ago

    Mac and cheese and cool ranch doritos FUCK YOU

  • chace brisby
    chace brisby 4 months ago

    Sean and Frank?! Im so happy right now!!

  • Mfalcon96
    Mfalcon96 4 months ago

    Where's the None Pizza with Left Beef from Domino's?

  • choncy barbosa
    choncy barbosa 4 months ago

    This is insulting to my existence.

  • 오세륜
    오세륜 4 months ago

    Seriously 24 karat gold pizza cost $2000?????damn thats soooo expensive ahaha 🤣😏

  • 오세륜
    오세륜 4 months ago

    Cool show cos its yummy...ahaha 🤣😅

  • 오세륜
    오세륜 4 months ago

    I want to try frank pizza someday...it looks delicious ahaha 🤣😆

  • 오세륜
    오세륜 4 months ago

    I like frank pinello..he’s cool guy haha 🤣😄

  • James Farmer
    James Farmer 5 months ago

    Frank makes me want to be a nicer guy

  • BigBoy Whisky
    BigBoy Whisky 5 months ago

    Where is none pizza with left beef? :)

  • julie
    julie 5 months ago

    This guy seems really nice.

  • Monique Obsharski
    Monique Obsharski 5 months ago

    Need to go to Brother Bruno's in Wayne NJ they have a ton of different dessert pizzas and there regular pizzas are amazing too

  • Layne In Chains
    Layne In Chains 5 months ago

    Crazy.... Pizza Barn is right down the street from me!

  • Woogie Harrelson
    Woogie Harrelson 5 months ago

    Franks a picky cunt about pizza ain’t he

  • Un-Named Trucker
    Un-Named Trucker 5 months ago

    That $2k pizza can go fuck itself. It looked like fucking disc shaped garbage.

  • BGz GamersVoid
    BGz GamersVoid 5 months ago

    Gordon Ramsay would raise hell at these types of pizzas

  • Lord Of Garbage Progenitor Of Trash

    I like pineapple on pizza

  • Foodpimpz
    Foodpimpz 6 months ago

    'Sum dat slice.

  • Christopher Clarke
    Christopher Clarke 6 months ago

    Now I want pizza!

  • Altair Newgate
    Altair Newgate 6 months ago

    "the last time i had this much gold" ...... and here i am eating noodles again.

  • Jan Christian Frodahl
    Jan Christian Frodahl 6 months ago

    Only people on coke will buy gold leaf pizza lol xD
    Agree on the winner though, it looked pretty damn awesome..

  • Carlos gomez
    Carlos gomez 6 months ago

    Kool show my fav fan here n HOT ONE

  • Crushi.com
    Crushi.com 6 months ago

    Bread on bread on bread on bread #breadonbreadonbreadonbread

  • Crushi.com
    Crushi.com 6 months ago

    if you want me to "drop some science" (i'm being #ironic but #serious) study natural history, and science.

  • Mark Stewart
    Mark Stewart 6 months ago

    the pizza box pizza needs to come with several dips of some sort. possibly some honey butter dipping sauce

  • Saleh Alghamdi
    Saleh Alghamdi 6 months ago

    This is torture

  • david golib
    david golib 6 months ago

    Yes it works!

  • silver Fox
    silver Fox 6 months ago

    You got a like when you gave the 24k pizza a thumbs down

  • the75138
    the75138 6 months ago

    I'll fly all the way to brooklyn from germany next year just to visit Best Pizza and see Frank. You better be around bro!

  • Theresa Wiedemann
    Theresa Wiedemann 6 months ago


  • Krishpin Krishpin
    Krishpin Krishpin 6 months ago

    what's the song that starts at 5:43 please?

  • Josephus Yewbank
    Josephus Yewbank 6 months ago

    Man the production quality on this show is great, you should have 10 mil. subs easy.

  • dannabyss a.k.a. p1zzas0cks

    Food heaven...I love frank and Sean's shows. Awesome to see them together.

  • Ccoxtv
    Ccoxtv 6 months ago

    The good pizza looks like something migos would eat

  • gravityg.M0V
    gravityg.M0V 6 months ago

    never heard of any of these where's none pizza with left beef

  • GreenDrank82
    GreenDrank82 6 months ago

    Welp, guess I'm a purest.

  • Mr Succ
    Mr Succ 6 months ago

    i can see Frank dying inside

  • hazelle t
    hazelle t 6 months ago +1

    Fucking $2000 pizza. Go rob the bank

  • brooklynboi11207
    brooklynboi11207 6 months ago

    Now I want pizza

  • Able195
    Able195 7 months ago

    The only internet famous pizza I know about is the None pizza with left beef.

  • rip steve irwin
    rip steve irwin 7 months ago

    complex aint fuckin around with the pizza budget no more

  • Kurnia Sandy
    Kurnia Sandy 7 months ago

    And tomorrow in the morning they just found a gold poo in their closet

  • Just 4Fun
    Just 4Fun 7 months ago

    What is the best place in New York to get Pizza?

  • Thomas Richardson
    Thomas Richardson 7 months ago

    It's amazing to me that they're pulling in enough money to buy a $2000 pizza just for a taste test.

  • Becky Groves
    Becky Groves 7 months ago

    Sean hands down deserves his own Hot Ones show on Food Network. Please please pleaseeeeee!!!!

  • Mike Pantaleo
    Mike Pantaleo 7 months ago

    Pinello is the man. Vice pizza show is fucking lit

  • Ahmed day
    Ahmed day 7 months ago

    Is that pizza 🅱️oneless?

  • Brad Derall
    Brad Derall 7 months ago

    Get Frank on a Hot Ones!

  • Jeffrey515
    Jeffrey515 7 months ago +1

    Can i have uuuuhhhh a boneless pizza please?

    TYREEK HILL 7 months ago

    if americans, born and raised in america, speaking english, going to american schools, in an american country are italian. what are italians born and raised in italy speaking italian called?

  • Ali Altamimi
    Ali Altamimi 7 months ago

    Italian trigger warning.

  • Dade Murphy
    Dade Murphy 7 months ago

    i literally yelled out "WHAT THE FUCK?!" when they pulled the huge slice out of the box lol

  • djones1234567654321
    djones1234567654321 7 months ago

    legendary youtube food link up

  • Kayvon12321
    Kayvon12321 7 months ago

    You could tell they didn't like the gold pizza. They were both breathing through their mouths to avoid the taste/smell.

  • Melvin The Goat
    Melvin The Goat 8 months ago


  • Dovydas Daunoravicius
    Dovydas Daunoravicius 8 months ago

    Super slice is technicly not a slice, it's just a triangle shaped pizza

  • EWGFus3r
    EWGFus3r 8 months ago

    you should try swedish kebab pizza

  • Giothedude
    Giothedude 8 months ago

    lol this video probably killed that 2000 dollar pizza lmao.

  • heroinhero69
    heroinhero69 8 months ago

    hate how they pointed out the source for every ingredient on the $2000 pizza except for the gold...ITS FROM ECUADOR!!

  • Alan Greene
    Alan Greene 8 months ago

    If you spend 2k on a pizza, you are a fucking cunt, end of.

  • According To Honda
    According To Honda 8 months ago

    This was all stupid but that 2k pile is just nasty.

  • BraniusBalki
    BraniusBalki 8 months ago

    There is a marked difference between the pizza that came from Sicily and the pizza that came from Naples, you can look it up.

  • atomwan
    atomwan 8 months ago

    Great pizza is all about the sauce.

  • michele vitarelli
    michele vitarelli 8 months ago

    These were ridiculous.

  • michele vitarelli
    michele vitarelli 8 months ago

    Bill Burr next for hot ones!