The 10 Most Successful Losers From The Ultimate Fighter

  • Published on Aug 20, 2019
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Comments • 658

  • Truls Andersen
    Truls Andersen 5 hours ago

    The UFC OG troll is Tito Ortiz.. You should know this

  • Gabriel Gavino
    Gabriel Gavino Day ago

    *STOCKTON 209* Anybody else from The 209 ?

  • Sam Jensen
    Sam Jensen 2 days ago

    Al lost to Cerrone, still a great fight for him regardless.

  • Chris White
    Chris White 4 days ago +1

    So fucking annoying voice, I had to shut if off...

  • 박고쿠
    박고쿠 6 days ago

    Schaub co owner of showtime ? I call bs

  • Kokkejevel1
    Kokkejevel1 7 days ago

    The irony of putting a cheater on the number 1 spot? 🤔😕

  • ZR1 LT5 Chris
    ZR1 LT5 Chris 8 days ago +1

    Al Iaquinta be like “So you like this house?” No. “I’ll ask again. So you LIKE THIS HOUSE?” Yeah.

  • Sebastion Heilman
    Sebastion Heilman 8 days ago

    fun fact. most of these guys had better contracts than the winners and made more money

  • savage beast
    savage beast 14 days ago

    Josh koscheck was the original trash talker

  • Hugo xolo
    Hugo xolo 18 days ago

    Kenflo lol

  • Ben K
    Ben K 18 days ago

    Boogie woman

  • HardDie
    HardDie 18 days ago

    OG Troll Koscheck!😂 Absolutely!

  • Aditya pundir
    Aditya pundir 20 days ago

    next top 10 laws broken by conor mcgregor.

  • Long Jawn
    Long Jawn 20 days ago +3

    Only 2 ways to truly finish a fight, yet the UFC chooses to only award 1 of those ways

  • Mystery Man
    Mystery Man 21 day ago +1

    This is why it's better to fight in the ultimate fighter than the contender series. Because in the ultimate fighter if you lose it doesn't effect your professional record.

  • John Sun
    John Sun 21 day ago

    the no.1 should be the notorious connor

  • djfase
    djfase 22 days ago

    TJ should not be on this list. He is a junkie bum and does not deserve a spot.
    Tainted forever imo

  • Sharp Emu
    Sharp Emu 22 days ago

    That jessica fight was bullshit honestly. Thug was destroying her and got over powered by a stronger fighter.

  • G Gianky
    G Gianky 22 days ago


  • karlmacrae
    karlmacrae 22 days ago

    Frankie Edgar. Got rejected for TUF and still went on the win the LW championship?

  • m33lover
    m33lover 23 days ago +1

    The 10 most highlights from Coby Covington's career.....Oh Shit, there isn't.

  • di. mythios
    di. mythios 23 days ago +1

    Nope... put Rose in #1. Roid Heads Don't deserve the #1 position

  • R-Jay All Day
    R-Jay All Day 23 days ago

    Matt Mitrione??

  • Googlar
    Googlar 24 days ago

    How can you bring up Josh Koscheck and not mention his extremely close split decision against a roided up, prime Johny Hendricks? Hendricks was destroying everyone back then, except for that fight, which easily could have been ruled as a draw, or even a win for Koscheck. I mean, Hendricks on roids was arguably the best welterweight of all time (not legal, sure, but most people agree that he beat GSP, which was less than a year later iirc). I think this was actually Koscheck's greatest performance.

  • The Westlinneagle
    The Westlinneagle 24 days ago +1

    So thiago was jones first close questionable win? The gus 1 fight never happened.

  • ohh wahh ah ah ahh
    ohh wahh ah ah ahh 24 days ago

    Thanks for putting a drug cheat on top of the list lmao

  • ohh wahh ah ah ahh
    ohh wahh ah ah ahh 24 days ago

    Have you done a list of TUF winners who went nowhere? Because the dude who won TUF 28 hasn't even been signed for a fight since he won

  • pumpkin28ful
    pumpkin28ful 24 days ago

    Paulo aint no loser get ya facts straight

  • player nine
    player nine 25 days ago

    Lmao does Brendan schaub really host 17 podcasts?

  • Jahaan Khan
    Jahaan Khan 25 days ago

    How can dillashaw be 1 when he was cheating you fucking silly boy

  • Daniel Zhang
    Daniel Zhang 25 days ago

    Isn’t Costa undefeated?

  • Brian Brittain
    Brian Brittain 25 days ago

    Woah there's a big difference between Conor McGregor, Chael Sonnen, Colby Covington & then Josh Koscheck, those other guys actually had/have people routing for em! Koscheck was, as you said, a troll. Not an entertainer.

  • BushCamper
    BushCamper 26 days ago +1

    mma on point lost credibility ,,,,,, "never really lost"" ……….. jones lost for cheating.

  • Marcus Gustavsson
    Marcus Gustavsson 26 days ago

    Dillashaw should not be on the list since he cheated his way to the top.

    • Sarveshwar Katipamu
      Sarveshwar Katipamu 25 days ago

      Well in that case Jon Jones should not even consider as fighter or even a human being I think correct me if I m wrong bro

  • Volodymyr Ladyka
    Volodymyr Ladyka 26 days ago

    #1 GOAT Lobov

  • Aaron Avila
    Aaron Avila 26 days ago

    Yoel Romero SHOULDVE won the fight against costa

  • InsideAssassin2
    InsideAssassin2 26 days ago

    I think you’re forgetting the GOAT Artem Lobov

  • Adam Barker
    Adam Barker 26 days ago

    can we get a top 10 metal as fuck list? :)

  • Rukh
    Rukh 26 days ago

    Costa didnt do enough steroids during TUF

  • ElementalBarbie
    ElementalBarbie 26 days ago

    I would rape costa

  • Raymund Labs ra
    Raymund Labs ra 27 days ago

    Top 10 MMA fighters that life now is a mess

  • Mauricio Hermoza
    Mauricio Hermoza 27 days ago

    Joe rogan looking at rose vs joana

  • Joe Buck Hoff
    Joe Buck Hoff 27 days ago

    6:40 Tito is the OG shit talker my guy

  • Robert of Artois
    Robert of Artois 27 days ago

    Julian “Just let me bang bro” Lane

    BRINGYOURINNERCHILD 27 days ago +2

    Love video but Al quinta never beat cowboy after loss to khabib cowboy beat him may in ottawa LETS GO COWBOY

  • Notmy realname
    Notmy realname 27 days ago

    Cheatashaw as #1, really?

  • Harry Bomes
    Harry Bomes 27 days ago

    Spoilers- #1 is drugs.

  • Qualitybacon
    Qualitybacon 27 days ago

    Its only EPO its not like its that shite Jon jones was on

  • Ryan Brophy
    Ryan Brophy 28 days ago

    Florian had some nasty elbows! He sliced fighters up.

  • Todor Popov
    Todor Popov 28 days ago


  • jim murphy
    jim murphy 28 days ago

    Makes you wonder was tj on epo way back when he fought renan barao 1

  • jim murphy
    jim murphy 28 days ago

    Actually jones vs Gustafson 1 was a questionable win

  • gee dee
    gee dee 28 days ago +1

    Koscheck was hardly a trash talking prototype, that would be someone like Two Ton Tony Galento from the black and white boxing days, not a fighter from the mid 2000s lol

  • Ryan McGuire
    Ryan McGuire 28 days ago +1

    I hope Thiago Santos comes back strong after his knee fully heals up and get back to another title fight

  • Brad McPagan
    Brad McPagan 28 days ago

    Top 10 TUF moments?

  • giorgio ciaravolol
    giorgio ciaravolol 28 days ago

    6:25 Alexander Gustafsson enters the chat

  • CandyBoy
    CandyBoy 28 days ago +46

    Do top 10 fights Yoel Romero has won but lost to decision.

    • alfredo gonzalez
      alfredo gonzalez 11 days ago

      @CandyBoy I watched the fight 3 times, Paulo Costa definitely won mate. It was close, but he did, u might be impressed on how he looked in the end of the fight, but that damage was made in the 3rd, the first 2 was clearly his, anyone who says otherwise didn't watched or is just a Romero nuthugger

    • João Paulo Andrade
      João Paulo Andrade 15 days ago +2

      Or top 10 he lost but win by decision. Ex.: against Jacaré

    • CandyBoy
      CandyBoy 17 days ago +1

      @Frederico Marques lmao you think any fighter wants to let it go to decision? God your fight IQ is low as fuck you can't decide when you wanna end a fight. It's about who did the most damage and clearly Yeol did should look at the strikes. "If Yeol wanted to win, shouldn't let the decision on the hands of the judges" lmao dumbest thing I've seen anyone type in awhile 😂😂

    • Frederico Marques
      Frederico Marques 17 days ago +1

      @CandyBoy If Yoel wanted to win, shouldn't let the decision on the judges hands. Both were very good and any side winning is acceptable.

    • CandyBoy
      CandyBoy 17 days ago +1

      @Frederico Marques don't know what you've been watching causal but most people disagree with the decision and Yoel won. So stay in your lane casual

  • Scott Garcia
    Scott Garcia 28 days ago

    Santos beat Jones and Masvidal beat Iaquinta. Jus sayin

  • Gabriel Arguello
    Gabriel Arguello 28 days ago

    This video is shit

  • Alexander Hoover
    Alexander Hoover 28 days ago

    I'm sorry man, but TJ's 'upset' with what we know now, saying it was no fluke, ugh. Farts. Every w that guy has had now he raped using p.e.d.s.and it's uber hard to give him credit for anything.