"60 Minutes" confronts Russia's state-run media RT on election meddling

  • Published on Jan 5, 2018
  • U.S. intelligence agencies believe Russia used disinformation warfare to try to interfere with the 2016 presidential election. An American intelligence report finds that one of the weapons in the Kremlin's arsenal was its state-run news network, RT, formerly Russia Today, which can be seen in the U.S. "60 Minutes" correspondent Lesley Stahl spoke with RT editor-in-chief Margarita Simonyan about the allegations. Watch the full report Sunday on "60 Minutes."
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Comments • 358

  • Xander
    Xander 3 days ago

    even in three minutes of pruning, fake news >_

  • nayte way
    nayte way 7 days ago

    Hillary is corrupt as they come but thats ok isnt it

  • nayte way
    nayte way 7 days ago

    RT is the best news channel all the American channels like this one CNN fox are all propaganda its like pot calling the kettle black.

  • loyese Rasch
    loyese Rasch 11 days ago

    ha, disinformation is continually done by our fake main stream news media who america hates. . americans will not be insulated from thinking . we want all information available so we can deduce for ourselves what the truth is of any matter . take a poll in u s to prove how u s thinks, that polls are manipulated by news organizations .

  • ᒪᎥᗴᔕ
    ᒪᎥᗴᔕ 23 days ago +1

    Im sorry you can call her aggresive but you can see ahes being truthful, shes genually angry at these questions psychologically indicating she is being truthful

  • James Mason
    James Mason Month ago

    Of course the liars would think objectivity is propaganda. The problem with the west is that the media think they are they guardians of the moral authority, and the govts are all ok with this, so the media then are the govt is not not so?

  • The Watchman
    The Watchman Month ago

    Lol, U.S Media ..bonkers. FACEBOOK? LMAOO

  • Yuri muckraker
    Yuri muckraker 2 months ago

    I wish I had more then two middle fingers to point at CBS, well done to the RT editor for standing her ground against what is such biased hit pieces and Anti-Russia hysteria

  • Levar Mitchell
    Levar Mitchell 3 months ago

    You can feel the pure hatred emanating from Margarita. And it's funny because I don't think most Americans feel the same about Russia. I guarantee there more Russians that hate Americans than there are Americans that hate Russians. Many Americans have Russian parents and spouses...some of love Russians or are indifferent about Russia. It's lopsided. The hate from the Russian media against the US is intense and persistent. The anti-USA sentiment is born out of a decades old belief that the USA stood in the way of Russia's greatness. They are not taking a moral stance against American interference, but expressing resentment for the USA's power. Still, I know there are kind Russians because I know some. This lady is just full of hate.

  • Kings channel
    Kings channel 4 months ago

    I never knew Education and some educated media machines in America are so uneducated.
    How can you believe an intelligence body, whose report destroyed the whole of Eraq. who after years shamelessly came out to say everything they wrote or the premise for attacking Eraq was not true.
    Are you guys serious. ,?

  • Archie Arch
    Archie Arch 6 months ago

    As an Armenian we are proud of Simonyan!!!

  • Archie Arch
    Archie Arch 6 months ago

    CBS got confronted!!! He he

  • basant vimal sharma
    basant vimal sharma 6 months ago

    Many countries have state run media.fiji broadcasting services radio and TV is owned by the Fiji government so rt did not break any laws.

  • Rigkoff tnt
    Rigkoff tnt 6 months ago

    Пиздливая блядь, засуньте её в болото

  • conantdog
    conantdog 7 months ago

    I as a American can't believe our corporate news outlet like cbs.
    Rt has American journalist that tell the truth about our world .
    You are a propganda outfit not a ligitimate journalists.

  • D Back
    D Back 7 months ago

    personally the mainstream fake news media interfered in the election then any country in our history!!!!

  • FreeSpirit
    FreeSpirit 7 months ago

    How dare Russia use disinformation? That is the job of the US mass media.

  • Numa P
    Numa P 7 months ago

    60 minutes, CBS: You are nothing but disgusting, paranoid Dirt Bags. Poor USA: We are the laughing Stock of the Planet. It will not end good for USA. SAD

  • R Watson
    R Watson 7 months ago

    damn she just dropped th truth bomb on that ho.

  • R Watson
    R Watson 7 months ago

    isn't that what CNN does fake news,shows how stupid people are believe anything they read.

  • Вася Вася
    Вася Вася 8 months ago

    Такое стращилище это ведущее

  • Xendrius
    Xendrius 8 months ago

    U.S. intelligence agencies also believed Saddam had WMDs and that he worked with Alqaida members and that giving the "rebels" in Syria weapons and money was a good idea. All turned out to be the biggest mistakes of the 21st century.

  • moldaris
    moldaris 8 months ago

    U.S. intelligence agencies also believed Saddam had WMDs and that he worked with Alqaida members and that giving the "rebels" in Syria was a good idea. All turned out to be the biggest mistakes of the 21st century.

  • moldaris
    moldaris 8 months ago

    LOL CBS/CNN pretend they are not state run, they have a 60 year long history of pushing the CIA's made up intelligence and war propaganda.

  • Liberty4awl
    Liberty4awl 8 months ago

    American media, 100% jewish is embarrassing. All they can do is lie and use ad hominem always avoiding direct questions. These minions of judaics are treasonous criminals as much as the judaics that own them are. it is time for the 110th.

  • warntheidiotmasses
    warntheidiotmasses 8 months ago

    Yea. Read the book Diary of an Economic Hit Man. And oh yea, we can't have any US president getting too chummy with our WWII ally Russia. War mongering is the only industry not sent to China

  • joco2k
    joco2k 9 months ago

    I should listen to “60 Minutes” or CBS for news? Lol! And Leslie Stahl, the mainstay Zionist presstitute/propaganda specialist? “It was those Russians, I tell ya’!” Based on what? - “US intelligence reports.” Really? RT is a breath of fresh air but only for those with the ability for critical thinking and the power of reason.

  • iiiMB
    iiiMB 9 months ago

    Cbs is a disgrace to journalism

  • bugbeemaine
    bugbeemaine 9 months ago

    RT, Press or Propaganda? Couldn't we ask the same question of CBS, ABC, NBC, MSNBC, CNN, BBC, CBC, etc? They were all very pro Hillary and anti Trump during the election campaign of 2016. Just look at their reactions on the night of the election when they realized Trump would win. But we should all believe that THEY had no bias and didn't try to influence the outcome of the election?

  • Ro Nom
    Ro Nom 9 months ago

    The west was singing about the dawn of age of Aquarius in the mid 20th century. The world was hoping for a great 21st century. We got the opposite in the west - the Age of A war for US and endless wars of misunderstanding. So sad. We had a chance to be good and blew it.

  • Wednesday Riding
    Wednesday Riding 9 months ago


  • TheMrWebas
    TheMrWebas 9 months ago

    where is full interview? You scumbags

  • Mem mm
    Mem mm 9 months ago +1

    Why can't I find full interview?

  • Rt
    Rt 9 months ago

    Рт трепло и болтуны. Не публикуют не угодные комментарии.!!!

  • Xenia Drobot
    Xenia Drobot 9 months ago +1

    So, Flynn lied to the FBI... well, so did Hillary. Double freakin' $tandards.

    ISJST 9 months ago

    Megan Kelly spent two days following Putin around in Russia and interviewing him.
    She spent more time with Putin than Michael Flynn yet she still hasn't been fired from her job or thrown in jail for colluding with Putin.

  • Anya
    Anya 9 months ago

    let's agree here America you are prejudice and love admitting it

  • Anya
    Anya 9 months ago

    Soooo they admit anybody could alter the election, what does that say about them always pointing fingers

  • Skeptic6455
    Skeptic6455 9 months ago

    видел я интервью, этой сухой вобле из CBS, Марго держалась молодцом, несмотря на все провокации и передергивания

  • James Goolsby
    James Goolsby 9 months ago

    Embarrassing lack of true journalism.

  • Oleg Ushyarov
    Oleg Ushyarov 9 months ago

    Russia 🇷🇺👍

  • Amado Dominguez Amaro
    Amado Dominguez Amaro 9 months ago

    you need to be vry brainwashed to prefer the mainstream media than any other source

  • tyandar 334
    tyandar 334 9 months ago


  • S D
    S D 9 months ago

    This old woman that is interview this amazing RT reporter is brain damage like the majority of your network.

  • S D
    S D 9 months ago

    CBS I am a canadian-Brazilian currrently working in Latin America through the BRICS; and the reason why I am listening to this garbage is just to see RT come on top again; and expose the garbage that you are.

  • S D
    S D 9 months ago

    I absolutely love when the CNS is doing; they are exposing who they are and the world is laughing at them. RT congratulations for your amazing work

  • John Spurlock
    John Spurlock 9 months ago

    It wasn't this information everybody knows Dragon lady and her husband have been thieves and murderers for 40 years this is no surprise they been smuggling drugs in America and she has everyone killed the tries to testify against her come on get straight As far as I'm concerned the Russia is our best Ally

  • jlord37
    jlord37 9 months ago

    Sort of like U. S. Interference in Russian elections in the Nineties.

  • Chris Bennett
    Chris Bennett 9 months ago

    this is really funny propaganda

  • Juan Claude
    Juan Claude 9 months ago

    And they call 9/11 truthers "conspiracy theorists" lmao

  • Looncan
    Looncan 9 months ago +1

    The way these far-left pro-Clintons speak as if they won in 2016, they lost! and if they keep this up they'll lose again

  • Bianika Sastro Wijaya
    Bianika Sastro Wijaya 9 months ago

    Fake neeeeews!!!

  • TRUTH MATTERS - not greed

    While these greedy Zionists still got the $$$ and ownership to majority of the corporate medias, banks and control of the corrupt politicians, their medias won't stop lying solely for their own benefit (NOT for the public/majority).

  • Gwolf
    Gwolf 9 months ago

    Our news media is such an embarrassment. Its sad that I have to turn to a foreign news agency to cover actual news.

  • berzerkerdav
    berzerkerdav 9 months ago

    I am curious what MSM hosts and reporters that push propaganda will do if there ever comes a day the deep state actually collapses/loses? Will it all be about "i was just doing my job!" and other weak deflections at compromising their integrity (in a profession that comes with a code of conduct akin to a doctors to represent the truth) all for those inflated bribes they call a "paycheck"?

  • KingLutherQ
    KingLutherQ 9 months ago

    RT is full of propaganda - always trying to play the victim. Yugoslavian Serbian government was bombed by NATO because they where conducting genocide on Kosovo Muslims (ethic Albanians). All of the UN security council members voted for NATO intervention, except Russia who had the power to single handedly VETO the UN security council. (No UN resolution was created because Russia always VETOED it. Even though all the other nations voted for it. )
    The Yugoslavian Serb government was warned by the UN and NATO many times, before NATO's air intervention. But the Yugoslavian Serb govt was resolute in mass murdering Kosovo muslims. They rounded up civilians from their homes, slaughtered families like farm animals, and buried them in mass graves. The Yugoslavia government's mass displacement of 1.5 million Kosovo Muslims and multiple state sponsored massacres was not exactly easy to ignore.
    List of massacres during the Kosovo genocide:
    Many times the UN tried to stop the Yugoslavian Serb government's state sponsored genocide. The UN established three differnent peace keeping forces, but the Serbs was not interested in peace and kept on killing Muslims, and even attacked UN peace keepers (blue helmets).
    Yugoslavian Serbs attack UN peacekeeping force:
    UN resolution 1031 (Establishment of UN protection force):
    UN resolution 1035 ( the establishment of a United Nations peace keeping force):
    NATO-led Multinational stabilization force:

  • KingLutherQ
    KingLutherQ 10 months ago

    This youtube video is full of Putin trolls trying to protect RT. Tell me trolls, what is the difference between INDEPENDENT MEDIA and STATE CONTROLLED MEDIA? Which one is FAKE?

  • P Ward
    P Ward 10 months ago

    CBS has completely lost all journalistic ethics. Thom Hartmann is a Democrat. Ed Schultz is a Democrat. I believe Larry King is Independent. Jesse Ventura is on RT, for crying out loud!! Why didn’t 60 Minutes interview some American journalists - like Hartmann, Schultz and Ventura - who have the guts to say that war is a racket and the TPP was devastating to workers? Why not interview the water protectors at Standing Rock whose story was ignored by the MSM but courageously covered by RT?
    This disgusting piece of propaganda must have Walter Cronkite spinning in his grave. There is no honest journalism left at CBS.
    I grew up watching the CBS news every night with my Dad. It has morphed into pure propaganda for war mongers.

  • Lyon Knyght
    Lyon Knyght 10 months ago

    You should be ashamed of this. The Russian Conspiracy is joke that no one with a brain bigger than a pea is falling for.

  • Glenn Swart
    Glenn Swart 10 months ago

    At least your journalists at the end show vague signs of asking rather than baselessly asserting

  • Glenn Swart
    Glenn Swart 10 months ago

    Weak CBS, you actually embarrass yourselves

  • TheJohnswa
    TheJohnswa 10 months ago

    U.S. propaganda at its best! Just look at what the U.S. is doing in Colombia. Talk about interference.

  • joe perry
    joe perry 10 months ago

    Leslie Stool of a Tool. Tell me Leslie. Tell me Alexei Navalny, a Connecticut Yale Grad, had no support, material,financial,information,backing, from any U.S. entity. Go ahead Leslie ya' Stool.
    Of course not.

  • M_Pro 74
    M_Pro 74 10 months ago

    So, Americans, you still believe fake news??? Watch RT instead.... you'll see the true world!

  • David Mcnerney
    David Mcnerney 10 months ago

    Watch rt and love that theyre on direct tv.CBS/CNN/NBC shows no factual evidence

  • Janelle Mckinley
    Janelle Mckinley 10 months ago

    RT a tool to attack the US. Shocking!!
    Yulia looks so healthy compared to Stahl, what were they thinking?

  • lawyer
    lawyer 10 months ago

    RT 8==o ({})60 minutes

  • Timothy Germann
    Timothy Germann 10 months ago +1

    RT is anti-America 24/7/365. Always has been. That is why they support Trump. Fact.

  • Ser Korz
    Ser Korz 10 months ago

    Agent's Text Messages Prove That Comey's FBI Is Behind Russia-Gate
    " ... proof that key elements of the U.S. intelligence community were trying to short-circuit the US democratic process. ... not the Russians trying to rig the outcome of the US election, but leading officials of the US intelligence community."
    "The texts even show Strzok warning of the need for an “insurance policy” to thwart Trump on the off-chance that his poll numbers closed in on those of Mrs. Clinton."

  • Jeff Oloff
    Jeff Oloff 10 months ago +2

    I trust RT more than the corporately owned shills at CBS that refuse to cover the endless wars bankrupting America.

  • Babas Samudera Hafwandi
    Babas Samudera Hafwandi 10 months ago

    Western media only see one thing than other, so ashame... Just do your job for deliver the truth RT

  • Ivan 927
    Ivan 927 10 months ago

    If you folks who heap praise on that scumbag are real people, you must be mad. Go live in Russia, thats sure to cure your ignorance. Maybe you are just russian bots who get paid for burning incense to putins regime

  • greedytoski
    greedytoski 10 months ago

    well, obviously Simonyan had to be polite and diplomatic ))) as when she said at "... and that's when you lost us, unfortunately" I could not help not to think that I would said there "... unfortunately for you".

  • greedytoski
    greedytoski 10 months ago

    Eager to see full interview but I feel Margarita was too polite, too diplomatic. Your-western-mainstearm's "news" on Russian are all just a big bad joke.

  • greedytoski
    greedytoski 10 months ago

    кто знает где посмотреть все интервью ?? anybody knows where I can watch full interview ??

  • Bakyt Iskendirov
    Bakyt Iskendirov 10 months ago +1

    Almost all western press is fake and pushing US paranoid propaganda.

  • петр петров
    петр петров 10 months ago

    Маргарита Умница! Затыркали вы господа Американцы со своим самоваром в гости ходить, и ,,исключительность,, ваша уже в печени.....

  • skinny pete
    skinny pete 10 months ago

    RT was anti Trump during the election and is anti Trump now

  • Сергей Пожилов

    Эх, кажется в CBS настолько деградировали, что даже не понимают, что не они вели эту передачу, а Маргарита. Маргарита я восхищаюсь вами! Вы не изменяя себе, делаете свое дело с честью и достоинством!

  • Nottotv
    Nottotv 10 months ago

    Looking like the Russian trolls are controlling these comments

    • slavixtube
      slavixtube 10 months ago

      Anti-Russian trolls are jealous.

  • Chief Clown
    Chief Clown 10 months ago

    Typical Russian "what about ism" to bring up WMD.

  • Rabble Repository
    Rabble Repository 10 months ago

    American news is propaganda shut it off

  • Rabble Repository
    Rabble Repository 10 months ago

    complete utter nonsense

  • Google Man
    Google Man 10 months ago

    "Useful idiots" on serve ???? BRAVO !!! Russian people hate you for no reason - propaganda , brainwashing, more or less systematic effort to manipulate other people's beliefs.....It's all because that I live in a dirt hole - in Russia.........

  • Bob Hager
    Bob Hager 10 months ago

    Excuse me but didn't the liberal MSM do the same against Trump? Even 1 year later they are still bashing him for every little thing. Certainly did not do this with Obama but bent over to KHA

  • Alex C
    Alex C 10 months ago

    Fake News!

  • rhoadnaroahs
    rhoadnaroahs 10 months ago

    Stall is outgunned intellectually by this woman. LOL

  • tyandar 334
    tyandar 334 10 months ago

    This is for you honey. Let?

  • obicapa
    obicapa 10 months ago +1

    RT is the biggest anti-American anti Jewish Anti Israel its sick and should be illegal. this Prostitute should be jailed.

    • obicapa
      obicapa 10 months ago

      slavixtube The whole world knows fool even Terrorits know are you sleeping in a cave! RT is anti American Anti Israel Anti Jewish Anti black Anti consecutive its not a secret.

  • yo mama
    yo mama 10 months ago +3

    This intelligent RT lady wrecks 60 Minutes to pieces.

  • haha hillary lost trump won

    60 minutes looks so desperate pushing their left-wing agenda. Just stop already and go sit in a corner with your head down.

  • Butch Larkin
    Butch Larkin 10 months ago +1

    What a crock of crap. CBS hits an all time low. Propagandists (e.g. CBS) always accuse their opponents of doing what they're doing.

  • forester jikes
    forester jikes 10 months ago

    Anyone with 2 brain cells to rub together dropped the mainstream BS a long time ago , now we have RT and Wikileaks :)

  • Andrej Sokolov
    Andrej Sokolov 10 months ago

    А где видео целиком?

  • dobsonimages
    dobsonimages 10 months ago


  • dobsonimages
    dobsonimages 10 months ago +1

    Hey Leslie lets talk about all the lies from government false information that lead us to war in Vietnam, Iraq, libya, Syria and is now trying to trump up a cold war against Russia.

  • Alex Borderli
    Alex Borderli 10 months ago +3

    Corporations-run media vs state-run media. US government is against Russia as a state, thats why they're against STATE-RUN media, bc they cannot control it. But they could control privately owned media, because money can control any thing, and thats wht the US politivcians are trying to achieve.Evil in action. corporations-run media have no higher morls than state-run media. Quite the opposite. They have their own agenda.

  • Lada Riva
    Lada Riva 10 months ago +1

    Don't like competition huh? ;)

  • dvchel
    dvchel 10 months ago +4

    CBS is a Russian Agent promoting RT news.

    • dvchel
      dvchel 10 months ago

      Кирилл Болгов They are all the Manchurian Candidate😉

    • Кирилл Болгов
      Кирилл Болгов 10 months ago +3

      Я подтверждаю.
      CBS, NBC, CNN, FOX NEWS, and etc Media work on Kremlin.
      Thanks for that.

    • NiOui NiNon
      NiOui NiNon 10 months ago +1

      dvchel 😅😅😅😅😅✨