Batman: Gotham by Gaslight - Exclusive Trailer (2018)


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  • pj fitz
    pj fitz 24 days ago

    This was amazing, I need a sequel.

  • Szmajdzik
    Szmajdzik Month ago

    Wonderful trailer for a wonderful movie. Animated movie that inspires. One of the best I`ve seen. 10/10.

  • fnaf LIFE
    fnaf LIFE 4 months ago

    uhhhhhh is batman like sherlock holmes

  • Dan The Watcher
    Dan The Watcher 4 months ago

    So, is it out ?

  • Fox Makeba
    Fox Makeba 5 months ago

    WB amine the real DCU MPV, fam.

  • Kimmy Howell
    Kimmy Howell 5 months ago

    this was very gripping and chilling. darker than i anticipated. for those who are critical of the graphics, they were great given the time period this batman is set in. certainly better than the rushed animation that was basically all of last year's justice league and flashpoint paradox

  • Chumn Li
    Chumn Li 5 months ago

    Spider-man Noir did it first.

  • James Guinnup
    James Guinnup 6 months ago

    I got this DVD because no store has the BluRay and PS this is Gotham City 1888 that is the killing year of Jack the Ripper and this Batman movie is a plot twist on how Commissioner Gordon is always meant to be good then we find out that he is Jack the Ripper

  • JediKnightwing
    JediKnightwing 6 months ago

    I'm glad they brought back Bruce Greenwood for this one. Not every Batman isn't and shouldn't sound the same IMO. He fits right in the steampunk setting/victorian-era

  • pvanganimare
    pvanganimare 6 months ago

    Why does their animated DC movies more interesting than their 500 million dollar live action movies?????????????????

  • Heath Lagoon
    Heath Lagoon 7 months ago

    The stupidest Batman story ever. I mean come on. Gordon as the main villain? Ridiculous.

  • Set
    Set 7 months ago +1

    who approved that suit?

  • Prof2Maths
    Prof2Maths 7 months ago

    what's the matter withi his mask??

  • kevinKronnack
    kevinKronnack 7 months ago

    The movie made me sad that they changed so much from the graphic novel.

  • CptObvious
    CptObvious 7 months ago

    Sherlock Wayne

  • Angel of Mandalay Padlock

    such a low movie

  • Logan H.
    Logan H. 7 months ago

    batman + sherlock holmes

  • Wis Dom
    Wis Dom 7 months ago +1

    The worst Batman ever...He let EVERYBODY die! What's the point?

  • 4jtrue
    4jtrue 8 months ago

    Looks lame... hopefully im wrong

  • rlwieneke
    rlwieneke 8 months ago

    Noooooooo !!! Gordon's a bad guy.

  • Claudiu Cornea
    Claudiu Cornea 8 months ago

    It should ve be a video game but they cancelled it

  • codeHere
    codeHere 8 months ago

    Plot twist: it was the Joker all along.

  • BenBjornsen
    BenBjornsen 8 months ago

    Jack the ripper, nope... to many jack stories...

  • tenteimuitosnomes
    tenteimuitosnomes 8 months ago

    batman from 19th century

  • royalrumble97
    royalrumble97 8 months ago

    I’d like to see an animated Batman movie that takes place during WW2. Maybe Batman against Josef Mengele. That would be interesting.

  • MrFluffysteel
    MrFluffysteel 8 months ago

    Batman's a 130 years old? Who knew!

  • Enigma Seeker
    Enigma Seeker 8 months ago

    I don't like the animation style, It needs more details but story looks good. I made some DC amv's check them out on my music playlist. :)

  • seeker jay
    seeker jay 8 months ago

    very very good watch..i couldn't look movie i've watched in ages, great story line

  • E G
    E G 8 months ago

    Its the joker lol, he couldn’t pass this up.

  • Santiago Roó
    Santiago Roó 8 months ago

    Visually HORRIBLE. Simply HORRIBLE. Why don't you just copy the original "Batman the Animated Series"?

  • Bookworm Brittany
    Bookworm Brittany 8 months ago

    I really hope the villain isn't pre-joker or joker re venison.

  • Damion Ellis
    Damion Ellis 8 months ago

    This was good

    JDOGGOKUSSJ2 8 months ago

    Can they just go back to the new52 timeline at the end of the last one it ended showing batgirl i wanna see her interact with damien

  • Skylar Bacote-Tsaoys
    Skylar Bacote-Tsaoys 8 months ago

    This movie was so good

  • Milo Nguyễn
    Milo Nguyễn 8 months ago

    it's hush

  • Buttermilk And a plate of garlic

    Bruce without looks like a standard person his age puts on suit

    Looks like a 60 year old man

  • Matthew Edwards
    Matthew Edwards 8 months ago

    Is Batman the ONLY bankable hero that DC animation have on their books? Jesus, come on. More JL Dark? WW? Flashpoint? Something/someone else, for the love of god.

  • doge master X
    doge master X 8 months ago

    wow all animated batman movies that saw are rated pg-13 this is the first time I see one rated R I think marvel should do this

  • Elizabeth Gamble
    Elizabeth Gamble 8 months ago +2

    The animation is absolutely atrocious

  • Spyros Konst
    Spyros Konst 8 months ago

    Yeah.... no.

  • aSutosH siLwaL
    aSutosH siLwaL 9 months ago

    jack the ripper

  • Vedor Emelianenko
    Vedor Emelianenko 9 months ago

    Why now Batman follow AC?

  • SecretDimension
    SecretDimension 9 months ago

    *WOW, the character art work has really gone downhill on these DC animated movies. Compared to other ones like Doomsday, Batman Animated Series from the 90's etc. WB trying to cheap out on good animation? Looks like bullshit cheap 1 frame per second anime!*

  • TheMackMetroid
    TheMackMetroid 9 months ago

    The Victorians actually did have a sort of pre alpha Batman character of their own called Spring Heeled Jack - a mysterious vigilante type character who would roam at night and could leap high into the air. Apparently the character was inspired by real events where someone attempted to attack women before leaping away with spring like feet. The sighting of Spring Heeled stopped by the 20th Century however and the character has been mostly forgotten - though the parallels with Batman are interesting (Spring Heeled Jack was a rich aristocrat, just like Bruce Wayne for example).

  • Sakura Shy
    Sakura Shy 9 months ago

    They should adapt Superman: Kal as their next Elseworlds animated movie. It would be neat to see Superman as a knight in animated form. Afterwards they should do more Wonder Woman movies and create new animated shows starring her.

  • VisagePale
    VisagePale 9 months ago

    Sounds good, tell me more.

  • wickiezulu
    wickiezulu 9 months ago

    Would love to see a sequel of this incarnation of Batman facing off against the original Arsene Lupin

    NNAMABOYZ COMEDY 9 months ago

    Watch my video and laugh off your sorrows

  • Jigsaw407
    Jigsaw407 9 months ago

    I wish I could get into animated movies, but I simply can't. Especially not with super basic animation like this. Cool idea, though!

  • The WeirdoZ
    The WeirdoZ 9 months ago

    NAAAAAAAIIIIIIIIIICe !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Luis Rosas
    Luis Rosas 9 months ago

    Sad that the game for this was discontinued it would have been a great game....

  • solid - vape 5
    solid - vape 5 9 months ago

    Jack the rapper is on it

  • olimario
    olimario 9 months ago

    God, these get worse and worse all the time.

  • Skull Man
    Skull Man 9 months ago +1

    Is this the jack the ripper in london

  • Mark Burns
    Mark Burns 9 months ago +1

    I'm so exicted

  • Michael Haflich
    Michael Haflich 9 months ago

    Is the ripper the Joker or is the ripper it’s own character?

  • Oblivion Technopat
    Oblivion Technopat 9 months ago

    Maybe a Son of Superman animated movie?

  • Ramraj G
    Ramraj G 9 months ago

    i hope dc makes good live action just like their animaed counterparts

  • Alex Coronel
    Alex Coronel 10 months ago

    thats is a cool batsuit

  • rooster 12287
    rooster 12287 10 months ago

    This is lit son😃 but really ivy dies first😒

  • blindjustice316
    blindjustice316 10 months ago

    This and Batman ninja I need both

  • Urick Lucas
    Urick Lucas 10 months ago

    I hope there will be a open world videogame based on this film.

  • OliV 2345
    OliV 2345 10 months ago


  • Kleison Steuwalt
    Kleison Steuwalt 10 months ago

    wait wasnt this a game

  • The Hawk
    The Hawk 10 months ago

    I'm glad to see some Elseworld love for Batman and I am definitely looking forward to this and Batman Ninja, two very exciting animated DC films.

  • ParanormalG&CAV
    ParanormalG&CAV 10 months ago

    plot twist The Ripper if The Joker aka Jack Nappier

  • Aniv Khawaunju
    Aniv Khawaunju 10 months ago

    Watching this animation style after watching the batman ninja trailer, God I'm just reminded of how awful American animation can be sometimes. The anime looks so much more visually stylistic and vivid.

  • Rio zulu
    Rio zulu 10 months ago

    Damn there are other heroes that could use a movie DC animated get off Batman nuts

  • The Crimson Permanent Assurance Fleet

    It seems they derailed a bit from the comic version. Not terribly but as I recall, Bruce is not accused of of anything and he wasn't mingling in a social life kind of way. I could be wrong and not that it matters I suppose. Wish the art followed the art style of the comic.

  • m k
    m k 10 months ago

    Another R rating for a batman movie?

  • UchihaKid
    UchihaKid 10 months ago

    Can we get another DC animated movie that isn't about any members of the Bat-Family ? Instead, give us one about Wonder Woman, Green Lantern or Shazam. Not that the Batman movies are bad, but there's too many of them.

  • tayeb zizoom
    tayeb zizoom 10 months ago


  • Motor7Mike
    Motor7Mike 10 months ago +1

    Best Catwomen ever !

  • stunacw1
    stunacw1 10 months ago

    Looks Fun!!

  • Z
    Z 10 months ago

    Terrible art work and animation. I could do better. looks like something a rookie would make in flash for newgrounds

  • Cinematic Curtain
    Cinematic Curtain 10 months ago

    I'm mixed on this. I'm happy this is getting adapted (if Long Halloween ever happens I'll die happy), but it doesn't seem to take full advantage of the style. The animated series had such a strong darkness (Dark deco) and the night stuff felt like night and the atmosphere worked so well. This just seems less interested in building that tone. This was the kind of story that would work perfectly with that original style and ambiance.

  • Reebo0
    Reebo0 10 months ago

    intresting story with bad animation....

  • Ginger beard
    Ginger beard 11 months ago

    AWESOME i like that this is a Batman vs Jack the ripper animated DC movie . Also this is based on a cancelled video game that's also called Batman: Gotham by gaslight . Or i think this is based on the comic book .

  • Kim Peter
    Kim Peter 11 months ago

    WTF is wrong with this version of Batman's mask?

  • punipunipyo
    punipunipyo 11 months ago


  • Carletta and Ray
    Carletta and Ray 11 months ago

    Plot Twist: It's Alfred.

  • Myles Goldman
    Myles Goldman 11 months ago

    Isn't his suit supposed to be white?

  • Dustin Caldwell
    Dustin Caldwell 11 months ago

    I'm legitimately worried about this film, book was so good and now we have motorbikes and catwoman for some reason...

  • LittleNutty
    LittleNutty 11 months ago

    Wasn’t there supposed to be a game like this?

    ROYAL CHEETAH BOYD 11 months ago

    this might be dope

  • Chris Redfield
    Chris Redfield 11 months ago

    spoiler alert: the reapper is the joker

  • Dillon August
    Dillon August 11 months ago

    If Batman can't stop Jack the Ripper no one can.

  • Ben Phillips
    Ben Phillips 11 months ago

    Bruce wrongfully going to jail for being the Ripper is literally the only part of this trailer that's from the comic.

  • MADBD619
    MADBD619 11 months ago


  • Ryan Meunier
    Ryan Meunier 11 months ago +1

    Actually looks pretty good!

  • Alexander Aben
    Alexander Aben 11 months ago

    Earth 19 Gotham...tiiight💯

  • Luis XX
    Luis XX 11 months ago


  • Rin Rin
    Rin Rin 11 months ago

    I'm still waiting for them to make this into a game. They had some video of it and game play too. Hope they make it

  • futurespells
    futurespells 11 months ago

    Spicy teets..

  • Grass Board Nerds
    Grass Board Nerds 11 months ago


  • Mr. Saturn
    Mr. Saturn 11 months ago +1

    "Rated R for some violence."

  • Rasmus Schulz
    Rasmus Schulz 11 months ago

    LOVE OLD ANIMATION STYLES and especialy for DC comics heroes... please keep it comming with justice league now!

  • [神]GŌD
    [神]GŌD 11 months ago

    Why does batman sound like Superman?

  • Speek No Evil
    Speek No Evil 11 months ago

    I hope this one is better than the "Hardly Quinn" one. I almost took it back. You guy's should do "Speeding Bullets" That story line was awesome.

  • toby hitchcock
    toby hitchcock 11 months ago

    Wtf this a 18 century batman lol