• Published on Mar 26, 2019
  • Roblox Roleplay - Balloon Simulator - Today i'm making the biggest balloon in roblox! Hopefully, I don't float away in Balloon Simulator! Can me and my boyfriend make a balloon big enough to get to the last island!?

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Comments • 599

  • ZaiLetsPlay
    ZaiLetsPlay  Month ago +114

    I always wanted to float away with a million balloon XD
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  • Shahd Alshbaki
    Shahd Alshbaki Day ago

    OMG save her!

  • dominic rodney
    dominic rodney Month ago

    girl fly to jupiter

  • Seren Davies
    Seren Davies Month ago

    You gave him the level 11 instead of the level 1

  • Marie Careathers
    Marie Careathers Month ago

    Hiiii zailetsplay i send you a request on roblox

  • Crystal clear gacha

    OMG save her!

  • Jazmyn Armstrong
    Jazmyn Armstrong Month ago

    your *boyfre*

  • Wolfpack Awwooo
    Wolfpack Awwooo Month ago

    It’s not lucky it’s luck

  • Autumn Wilhelm
    Autumn Wilhelm Month ago +1

    When I put the code Mello in it wouldn't let me claim it!..

  • Elena Ivanova
    Elena Ivanova Month ago

    Wy isn’t Ricky talking?

  • JanaAma Marenco Thompson


  • JanaAma Marenco Thompson

    Can meh get à shoutout

  • JanaAma Marenco Thompson

    My group science project is about dinosours and im in 5th grade i love ur vidéos and biggs

  • Emily vlogss
    Emily vlogss Month ago

    Is your lip okay now?

  • Crystal Serrao
    Crystal Serrao Month ago

    OMG save her

  • Regular Gyrl
    Regular Gyrl Month ago

    This a really funny video love u Zai

  • Gaby Frances
    Gaby Frances Month ago

    I love ur vids Zaire and Rickey

  • Antonio Walters
    Antonio Walters Month ago

    My sister saided heyyyyyy gurllll heyyyyyyy

  • Johnny Calderon
    Johnny Calderon Month ago

    Hi I’m on my brothers iPad but just remembering love your videos I try to ask my mom to buy your merch I always wish to get a shout out

  • Ryma Saha
    Ryma Saha Month ago

    I love u Zai your videos are the best and when I am alone in the house. Your videos always make me feel great and alive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Avery McLean
    Avery McLean Month ago

    Sooooooooo funny

  • Yellow Potato
    Yellow Potato Month ago


  • kawwi bubbles thats me katy

    I turend my notifications so I could be early

  • Sophia Toscano
    Sophia Toscano Month ago

    Omg save her

  • its Sade Thomas
    its Sade Thomas Month ago

    Zai you gave ricky your pinkball
    level 11

  • Anjali Kaur
    Anjali Kaur Month ago

    I beat the game and I have 5 hundred billion

  • Jade Buckley
    Jade Buckley Month ago

    Hi you are the best and I follow you on Roblox

  • Sarah Butler
    Sarah Butler Month ago

    Wow you’re the greatest TVclip 😀😃😄😁😆😝😜🤪

  • Falisha Alaniz
    Falisha Alaniz Month ago

    I’m gonna get my tooth pooled out so please give me a like and a comment😭

  • Amelia's World
    Amelia's World Month ago

    Play more!!!!!!! 🦄😄

  • Melany Karime
    Melany Karime Month ago

    On bloxberd

  • Melany Karime
    Melany Karime Month ago

    Hi zailetsplay am ay feand yu cand you dumi Ey manchen plis

  • Addison Dodd
    Addison Dodd Month ago

    Hey I no a game that is pretty much like that game but instead of balloons it’s bubblegum it’s called bubblegum simulator I hope you like this game to 🤗

  • Kawaiichan gaming
    Kawaiichan gaming Month ago

    Omg save her

  • Jordyn Seymour
    Jordyn Seymour Month ago

    Her boyfriend is baby bigs

  • Brittany Ivy
    Brittany Ivy Month ago +1

    hey did anyone hear her say "bubblegum"?

  • Rere Culliver
    Rere Culliver Month ago

    A cute trash can XD FOR YOU NOT ME

  • Melinda Mccullougg
    Melinda Mccullougg Month ago

    Not only I do toooooooo

  • KingAnthony891011 891011

    Say I just saw bloxie in Rocky’s stream he said I’m always watching tell ricky

  • YT_Jaquan
    YT_Jaquan Month ago

    what happend to the live streams on bloxburg?

  • Jasmine Semedo
    Jasmine Semedo Month ago

    Dear Zia your the worst you tuber ever I hope you die!

  • Keeley Gulliver
    Keeley Gulliver Month ago

    Did she say bubblegum?? She is addicted too two similar games😂😂😂😂

  • galaxy girl
    galaxy girl Month ago

    Hi zai! I love you're videos you are my favourite youtuber ever and you are so close to 2 million and you are so pretty come on! Zai you can do it reach 2million already and when you reach 2 million can you do a vlog and can you start uploading vlogs more please and we are still waiting for the wedding video gurl!

  • Sophie's Life
    Sophie's Life Month ago

    I really want to play with you😔😔😔

  • Sophie's Life
    Sophie's Life Month ago

    What are you playing for your next video?

  • Lina Gatcha_
    Lina Gatcha_ Month ago

    OMG save her! love u zai ur the best!U always make my days btw ur beautiful!

  • EpicDGaming 123
    EpicDGaming 123 Month ago

    Oh no Ricky you'll float too you'll float too lol love u zai

  • the awesome Emoji Plays

    You should play Bubble Gum simulator MattyB killer ever

  • angelo clarke
    angelo clarke Month ago


  • Irene Johnson
    Irene Johnson Month ago

    Bruh That's dangerous if you let go of the balloons you could DIE

  • Painting cute stuff Cupcake

    U are the best TVclipr

  • Just another person

    Wait a minute
    *yOUr kID lOoK juSt lIkE uR boYFrEnD😕😕😕😮😮😮😕😕😕*

  • gamingwithcayla
    gamingwithcayla Month ago

    Hope u don’t run into bloxie craft he’s just a hater because u have more fans to support you then he does he needs to grow up and get a life and stop trapping you in his little pleb house Zai snap me I have to tell you some important stuff about why he’s doing this

  • gamingwithcayla
    gamingwithcayla Month ago

    Poor ricky

  • Miyasa Ahmed SFI C2 Björkhagsskolan

    Zaii love youuu

  • Deltarune bluefox And deltarune silva

    How do you put in the codes?

  • Esmeralda Ortiz
    Esmeralda Ortiz Month ago +1

    OMG save her!

  • Gacha fan
    Gacha fan Month ago

    OMG save her! XD

  • A_Baked Potato
    A_Baked Potato Month ago

    Well you wouldn’t float away forever but wouldn’t the pressure in the air pop the balloons? I don’t wanna rain on your dreams. Btw you’re a great TVclipr and I love your channel

  • Gabriela Khoury
    Gabriela Khoury Month ago +1

    Love the new body zai nice job

  • Jovan Gray
    Jovan Gray Month ago

    Omg save her

  • LewisMus !
    LewisMus ! Month ago

    This game is not like but exactly the same as bubblegum simulator but with balloons

  • Claire Chalmers
    Claire Chalmers Month ago

    Sorry I'm late I was at Glee doing. A performance and ........We didn't win out of 7 schools but I'm happier waching yours and Rickys videos

  • Arty Addi
    Arty Addi Month ago

    Zai! You gave Ricky your level 11 pink gum ball ! (Oh nvm )

  • Rilda Rose
    Rilda Rose Month ago


  • Laniya Bohay
    Laniya Bohay Month ago

    OMG Save her!

  • Golden Cuttie Kitty

    I had the evil leprechaun on first try.I was like WTFF

  • Duh itz Olivia
    Duh itz Olivia Month ago

    Where did you get that balloon on your back?

  • Mia Kitten
    Mia Kitten Month ago +1

    OMG save her!

  • Shania St. Pierre
    Shania St. Pierre Month ago

    I was going to join you before because we were playing a game but you didn't have your join on D:

  • Emoji Sisters DIY Channel

    Hi I’m a big fan please notice me!!!!!☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️

  • Krista Robinson
    Krista Robinson Month ago

    Btw why did you say your boyfriend he's your husband


    Can u play bubblegum sim!

  • Jorge Hernandez
    Jorge Hernandez Month ago

    Hey lai can you add me as me as me as a friend please my is pinkstar90_78

  • Eden Vance
    Eden Vance Month ago

    What is the game can you Lin k cause I can’t find

  • hey Rocky yo king
    hey Rocky yo king Month ago

    Play some bloxburg

  • Fluffeefairee & Kookeekittee

    I'm on toyland :3

  • Xponen t
    Xponen t Month ago

    i heard if u say
    Zailetsplay you will get pinned 😉😊🦄

  • Lps fairy tale Blossom

    I joined my friend on jailbreak and my character was creepy at first

  • renee sheckler
    renee sheckler Month ago +1

    Aldo I love you and your vids

  • renee sheckler
    renee sheckler Month ago +1

    OMG Save her

  • cupcake wolf
    cupcake wolf Month ago

    yeyyy early hahahahahah wow whats the name of the game

  • Steven Vidal
    Steven Vidal Month ago

    Nice video

  • ItsAlуѕѕα
    ItsAlуѕѕα Month ago

    Zai, You has the level 11 pink gumball but Zicky gave you his level 10 gumball

  • Phases Transportation

    3:03 when you play bubble gum simulator too much

  • Child of god 87
    Child of god 87 Month ago

    why wasnt ricky speaking???????

  • Avakin Blackmagic305

    Almost 2 million subscribers yay!!!!

  • dan nguyen
    dan nguyen Month ago

    Hi YEET YEET mai names meat meat and I like meat!i love your videos please read this... it would me happy♡♡♡

  • Cory Malone
    Cory Malone Month ago

    I loved this vidoe zia

  • Nicholas Sanchez
    Nicholas Sanchez Month ago

    Zai I did a video with you :)

  • Steph Covalt
    Steph Covalt Month ago +1

    11:33 haha

  • ASHLEY Grullon Brache

    Zai I want to play can you add mre back on roblox my username is ashley_20016 pls and I join your group but can you add em back on it pls pls the group called OhMyGahYass pls that would be my birthday with witch my birthday is april 27 wich is close pls ZAi *crys*crys*crys*crys*

  • Envy Rose!
    Envy Rose! Month ago


  • maria samaniego
    maria samaniego Month ago

    I saw you when you were playing but I could not join

  • Amia Snadon
    Amia Snadon Month ago +1

    𝐻𝑒𝓎 𝓏𝒶𝒾 𝐼 𝓁𝑜𝓋𝑒 𝓎𝑜𝓊

  • Helin Tahir
    Helin Tahir Month ago

    19K views 539 comments REALLY 🥴

  • Loren Spencer
    Loren Spencer Month ago +1

    l MIS the

  • Franchelis pozo
    Franchelis pozo Month ago

    I started to see zai vids a week ago and since that day I love her vids 💞😍

  • jay Montana
    jay Montana Month ago

    I have 803 robux