Doobie - Angels Don't Fly (Official Video)

  • Published on Oct 14, 2019
  • Watch the official video of "Angels Don't Fly" off the new album Faithfully Faded by Doobie
    © 2019 SCFMG
    Written by Doobie
    Produced by Krash Minati
    Shot by Legit Looks
    Directed by DJ Hylyte
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Comments • 445

  • Charles Kinney
    Charles Kinney 7 hours ago

    This is dopest dope I've ever heard!Doobie is the man!

  • Mr. Lonely
    Mr. Lonely 22 hours ago

    Everybody tell doobie we love him and he can whatever he needs to do to make his life better. Hes sacrificed enough for us.

  • JoJo Kemp
    JoJo Kemp 23 hours ago

    Folks wake up my demons everyday I am I'm my only friend

  • yt kjazbaaz
    yt kjazbaaz Day ago

    Y havent u blow up don't understand

  • Rebecca Swanson
    Rebecca Swanson Day ago

    So fucking underrated !!

  • Ivry Hancock
    Ivry Hancock Day ago


  • Erica Thao
    Erica Thao Day ago

    I love this fucking shit.

  • Jennifer Scott
    Jennifer Scott 2 days ago

    The struggle is what it takes
    I understand nothing. Don't want to. Let's close this book. Start new for our generation. Everyone is gone now

  • Jeremy Gerber
    Jeremy Gerber 3 days ago

    In some of my own darkness and hits some feelers

  • Jessica Thompson
    Jessica Thompson 3 days ago


  • James Stacy
    James Stacy 3 days ago

    This mf got me thinking????

  • zoie eisenring
    zoie eisenring 3 days ago

    His whole album sounds like a cry out for help.. 😔 its so deep.

  • Derik Roy
    Derik Roy 4 days ago +2

    I don't even know how, but I don't think I've ever heard a more brilliant album. This is literally all I play lately, no other artist interests me after hearing faithfully Faded. That's a fact.

  • Johnnie Shuman
    Johnnie Shuman 4 days ago

    All my good Christian neighbors and their children love some Doobie😝😝😝

  • Ghost Grillo314
    Ghost Grillo314 5 days ago +1

    A track to smoke to real talk,straight poetry for your soul.much luv from St. Louis

  • The Antdeezy
    The Antdeezy 5 days ago

    Nope 👎

  • Gappy Harding
    Gappy Harding 5 days ago

    Doobie, ur killin it bro!!!! Keep em coming💜💯💜💯💜💯

  • Jeremy Hodges Sr
    Jeremy Hodges Sr 6 days ago

    She can dance!

  • LeeAnn Canada
    LeeAnn Canada 6 days ago


  • Kaylee Yvonne
    Kaylee Yvonne 7 days ago

    One of my favorite songs from you

  • Matthew Killingsworth

    Or maybe the drugs I've taken have take my soul🎶 I feel that so fucking much

  • baybuzinezz
    baybuzinezz 7 days ago

    How can this not be over a million views yet

  • Chantal Phillips
    Chantal Phillips 8 days ago

    #dopeshitdoobie #domedoobie #faithfullyfaded

  • Lindsey Finley
    Lindsey Finley 8 days ago

    Your music has been with me through my addiction and now sobriety. I relate to almost every song you make. I love you so much. :) i cant wait to see you November 13th..

  • Aryannah SeEkEr
    Aryannah SeEkEr 9 days ago

    Recently I've been actually giving your music a chance and listening to it and feeling it and relating to it and I thank my brother so much for being so obsessed...Because I honestly don't think I would know of you... Your music is beautiful keep doing good 🙌🏼👏🏼 I wish you the best of luck man🤝🏼

  • Brian Mckinley
    Brian Mckinley 10 days ago

    This is deep if u understand. Badass jamz .turn it up.

  • Dreamer N Deeper Soundwave N forever


  • Jessie Gerdes
    Jessie Gerdes 10 days ago +1

    This album and song helped me detox of suboxine. New beginnings

  • Jinxie Joplin
    Jinxie Joplin 10 days ago

    Such raw talent. Connect to this hard

  • CorinneXoXo
    CorinneXoXo 10 days ago

    This song hits soo hard in my heart n soul! Thank you for making such a beautiful song! I have it on non stop reply. Much live to all!!

  • chad ghotti87
    chad ghotti87 11 days ago

    Relate to ya music copes me thru my struggles in life

    • chad ghotti87
      chad ghotti87 11 days ago

      If it wasnt for your music i wouldnt be here to this day to raise my son battling depression shits real

  • Brandon And The Wild Adventure

    "Im walking with ghost but i dont walk alone very relatable like if you feel the same

  • Kimberly Cleesat
    Kimberly Cleesat 11 days ago


  • chad ghotti87
    chad ghotti87 11 days ago

    Doobie hook a ninja up on them atlanta tickets

  • Teresa Clark
    Teresa Clark 11 days ago

    I love his Music ❤️

  • Tara  Githens
    Tara Githens 11 days ago +5

    Wish this song was out when my sister died she loved ya had me hooked on ya since then she lost her fight with pills and mental health leaving me to raise her girls who both luv ya and are getting tickets soon to come see ya keep fighting you've helped so many people

  • Katelinn Jones
    Katelinn Jones 12 days ago

    Love this song can relate so much too it

  • Nommix
    Nommix 13 days ago +1

    too bad she gave hers away to someone who didn't even care (:

  • StrangeChild Productions

    @Doobie this song resonates in my heart. Your new album truly shows such versatility. Very proud of you and the team!

  • Shawn Kelly
    Shawn Kelly 13 days ago

    @Doobie if you read this comment Pm me. I will be advertising this video through Facebook, and Google Adwords. This song, and Hurt Song, literally....changed my fucking life. I can't explain nor will your fans understand, but you do. Reach out to me, I would love to talk. Nope I have no subscribers, I have nothing, this is a new account, but what I can do is promise you that I can reach out to Illinois and push this voice to thousands, hopefully hundreds of thousands, then millions. You are what we need. Ill die before this music goes unheard.

  • Rob Layfield
    Rob Layfield 14 days ago +1

    One of yur deepest song,,, ashes to ashes & dust 2 dust, we all going die someday,,
    Angels don't fly my way !!!!!!

  • kc. productions.production studio

    oh my fireeeeee

  • Bobby Brisko
    Bobby Brisko 14 days ago +1

    I can hear the whispers in the darkness

  • Laura Price
    Laura Price 15 days ago

    Keep doing you Doobie! A friend of mine showed me you. And your music with the deep lyrics still brightens up the room/mood

  • arthur macheel
    arthur macheel 16 days ago

    Holy fuck doobie Iven been listening I for a couple years now and it just keeps getting better, keep it up bro much luv

  • Brownbear Tremblay
    Brownbear Tremblay 16 days ago +3

    I'm all outta wishes again here I am I will be my only friend hold my hand follow me through the darkness if you ain't scared

  • destiny nobles
    destiny nobles 16 days ago

    Dobbie is the shit I love his music.

  • alison christine
    alison christine 17 days ago +5

    this song hits harder every time i listen to it

  • CWB Gaming
    CWB Gaming 17 days ago

    I love ya brother this new stuff is straight fire and i can feel your pain in the songs. Im a broken fuck myself. Got news yesterday that someone i looked up too was like a dad to me slit his throat and died.. he just got out of rehab last month for alcohol abuse and now hes gone.. fuckin killin me man. Keep your head up and keep puttin bangers out ima lifelong fucking fan

  • chomelian OG
    chomelian OG 17 days ago

    Repetivley underts

    • chomelian OG
      chomelian OG 17 days ago

      Repetivly unspokenly heart beatingly hipnotising

  • Amanda Buck
    Amanda Buck 18 days ago

    Well either tell me what darkness or come find me and follow me into the light thief of my heart

  • joejoewhit
    joejoewhit 18 days ago +1

    Takin 2 Percy’s to the dome

  • S MS
    S MS 19 days ago

    Fuk U TOOB and their unskippable double adds....Time for Bit Chute...on any browser but Chrome

  • Collin Merritt
    Collin Merritt 19 days ago

    Doobie always staying #fly

  • Chaska Zirkle
    Chaska Zirkle 19 days ago

    Hey doobie if your going through some trouble of any kind just know you can always hit one of your fans up even me brother just keep your chin up

  • Jermey Ferguson
    Jermey Ferguson 19 days ago

    Damn doobie dont be another Mac Miller

  • Brenda Brenna Gates
    Brenda Brenna Gates 19 days ago

    I am Not ok for sure

  • Alexandrea Keenan
    Alexandrea Keenan 19 days ago

    Real right here!! I felt this

  • Markipooh #thepoohisfree

    My boys n jail turned me onto you bro amd this is tje first song ive heard amd they were on poimt mane GREAT SONG BRO

  • James Mcnemee
    James Mcnemee 21 day ago

    This song is trash af.