Why Marvel Changed Thor to a Woman (Animated PARODY)

  • Published on Jul 23, 2014
  • Marvel Thor Female, Marvel Thor Woman, Marvel Lady Thor, Marvel Girl THOR,marketing appeal to young girls. appeal to woman women
    I thought the Animation from my last video could stand on its own while i work on a new animated parody, enjoy & Subscribe, please share!
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    Marvel announces Thor is now a woman in latest shake up to comic tradition
    Thor gets a SEX CHANGE?!
    this is my Parody Take on the announcement of Marvel Changes for their Comic books.
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Comments • 9

    NON-CONFORMIST TXDM 4 months ago

    Thor was a mythical god not a goddess

  • pietje bel
    pietje bel 3 years ago

    PC, PC, PC, PC, PC
    that's the only answer.
    And now suddenly MILLIONS girls will buy marvel comic books, maybe trillions!!

  • pietje bel
    pietje bel 3 years ago

    Why must they "rape" a classic !! superhero??
    If they (Marvel Comics) wanted so badly a new female character, why can't they just create a new !! one?? (i thought these guys are supposed to be creative people??)
    A lot of comic readers don't like this new idea at all!! It will cost readers, (and maybe ! gain some). All because of P.C. reasons. Very bad choice.

  • Pår-Erik X
    Pår-Erik X 3 years ago

    I get that Marvel is now a bunch of sad little racists and beta-males, who hope to see nasty, hate dripping vagina of a man hating feminist. It was bound to happen, after the Americans let the jews in the 1950s by the boatloads.
    No ID checks.
    No LUGGAGE checks.
    No COUNTING how many are coming.
    (The actual reason why the docs become the criminal head quaters)
    So, naturally when the professional criminals were let out from the work camps, they moved in to USA and had even privileged UNTOUCHABLE status, so what could ever go wrong in that? Then came the booze, porn, drugs, family values destroying jews, who were such a saints, that they got covered every time they got caught of a crime.
    PS: Cause the jews are such a saints, USA should be a heaven on earth, cause you have gone through every single jewish agenda they ever could think of. I wonder. Why you guys even keep laws anymore? They only slow your little jews down, from their heavenly task. You wouldnt want to do that, dont you?

  • epiccthulu
    epiccthulu 4 years ago

    this female thor, I've been buying every comic since she came out. Love it so far and I eagerly awaited an animation

  • ThegnThrand
    ThegnThrand 4 years ago

    A Poll for every one
    Like if you agree Thor should not be changed
    Dislike if you think a mystery Woman should take his Name, Identity and title.
    Subscribe and Leave a comment as well to get more points of view

  • BlackCat2
    BlackCat2 4 years ago +2

    This is hilarious but Thor changing into a female is not.
    - Heidi

    • TheMighty Thor
      TheMighty Thor  4 years ago +1

      THANK YOU!!!!! stoners always make bad decisions :P

  • TheMighty Thor
    TheMighty Thor  4 years ago

    My FIRST animated Short - Why MARVEL changed THOR to a Female! CUZ THEY'RE STONED!