Why Cambridge Analytica and Facebook is a big deal

  • Published on May 19, 2017
  • Ever wonder how Donald Trump won the 2016 Presidential Election? One company helped propel him to the top by entering your social media feeds and use your data to influence your vote. Cambridge Analytica, a data-mining company which uses psychographics as a way to persuade voters, is extending their reach into the smallest cracks of your life so you can choose their client - in this case, Donald Trump. How is this possible and how much privacy do you really have online? Watch to find out.
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  • Euwann Biala
    Euwann Biala 5 months ago

    He sounds like Bijuu mike

    KITT vs KARR KR 6 months ago

    Like, comment if you like trump because I do

  • Cone Hero
    Cone Hero 8 months ago

    What the actual fuck why does this have so few views???

  • Githis
    Githis 11 months ago

    Fake news

  • Keiro Ty
    Keiro Ty Year ago

    Oh dang a new way to ruin cyber safety the present trump is horrible

  • Keiro Ty
    Keiro Ty Year ago

    Oh no

  • Keiro Ty
    Keiro Ty Year ago


  • Andrew West
    Andrew West Year ago

    Bull shit. CA are CNN's buddies. Fake shit. Go to hell.

  • PikaPika Gamer
    PikaPika Gamer Year ago

    Who cares if get a lotion advert? I'm the one who clicks on it anyway lol

  • Warren Sze
    Warren Sze Year ago

    You are great, this video is great and this channel is also great! Please keep going!

  • Dteezy T
    Dteezy T Year ago +1

    So Trump was smart to hire them, still would have voted for him.

  • Kev Ngu
    Kev Ngu Year ago +1

    Wow you guys got this since last year. Now big shit on the news. It’s a good thing hope FB ceo mark make sure privacy it’s very important. Change people mind it’s like brainwash.

  • TheBiggestThaiFun

    Rip Facebook

  • HumanRights4Everyone

    Obama also had a huge and innovative online campaign, yet it wasn't portrayed as sinister, but rather something to learn from and emulate.

  • A W
    A W Year ago

    I am glad a whistle blower came forward recently to tell us what has been online for a year

  • Tommy Sawyer
    Tommy Sawyer Year ago +1

    You’re right sir! Trump spent far less than Clinton, because Russia funded it all! You’re are about to witness the biggest conspiracy in American history!

  • David Ward
    David Ward Year ago +5

    10 months later and this is now in mainstream news with the exception of fox and Facebook 24hrs ago just recently booted them off the site. You was so ahead of the curve!

  • Michael Henry
    Michael Henry Year ago +1

    This Channel is fuckn great

  • Alexander The Greatest

    Trump Trump Trump Trump
    We wan the election.

    • David Ward
      David Ward Year ago

      Alexander The Greatest @ more like cheated and gave this info to the 13 Russians who was recently indicted.

  • yarrn88
    yarrn88 Year ago +2

    Lol, childish nonsense. What if people are actually hungry for men of action an not men of just soft talking?

    • Discovaria
      Discovaria 11 months ago

      yarrn88 so i guess u are communist

    • yarrn88
      yarrn88 Year ago

      Yes, and its me, because I am Russian. I hacked all your democracy. Sue me.

    • David Ward
      David Ward Year ago

      yarrn88 The President did just sanction 13 Russians and 3 Russian companies recently that Mueller indicted as part of the ongoing investigation. Also, Cambridge Analytica consists of hundreds of employees and as we recently found out, they did the leg work to know exactly what audiences to target to supply the fake news and articles that looked the part as legit because they created websites to match it and use real people and bots to validate them. So if that one person consists of all these different people and companies being financed by billionaires then I guess it is just one person.

    • yarrn88
      yarrn88 Year ago

      So democracy is useless if some Russian kid can hack the whole thing just for several millions of bucks. And whats wrong with advertising some websites, like it never happened before? Not that I buy your nonsense gibberish, but make it at least sound consistent. Its democracy you always claimed to embrace, enjoy your democracy and shut up, thank you.

    • David Ward
      David Ward Year ago

      yarrn88 @ well seeing how they was able to target over 150,000,000 million Americans with fake news and links to fake websites that was paid for with tens of millions to create a political and racial divide, I’d say that nonsense you speak of will come into play once this is all said and done. The only question now is how did the Russians get a hold of this data?!

  • ytchip21
    ytchip21 Year ago +4

    He played it smart.

    • Dusty Ghost
      Dusty Ghost Year ago

      David Ward have you seen which memes have been attributed to that argument?
      A couple of goofy memes by posted by random Russian trolls, likely didn't carry notable shift if any in the outcome.
      however there is a direct threat which should genuinely arise concern in us citizens *(ALL OF US, -from any/every political ideology) regarding working& lower-class losing clout in thee direction of this "democracy" :
      this threat is the owner class, those who a lot of people have been employed by yet still struggle to make ends meet because employers have kept wages stagnant, while the cost-of-living increases. & most citizens can't afford medical treatment without it resulting in unnecessary medical debt which is impossible today with all the other expenses even if one has two Jobs; college debt, predatory lending, House foreclosures, increasingly older age of retirement, privacy invading technologies have evolved but privacy protection laws haven't kept up, etc. and so much more are exploited without limitation by the owner class

      - The people who refuse to pay us a living wage, they can afford to buy our politicians; they have.
      both parties financed in large part by the same mega-rich corporate "donors"
      I don't care who you vote for nor the party, or even policies you support: I just really hope you're aware of their voting history (& if it aligns with the policy wishes of the working-class)
      & whether their campaign is propped up by A community of small dollar donors .. or Big money; corporate bribery.

    • David Ward
      David Ward Year ago

      ytchip21 until a few days ago when it all blew up in their face and blew this whole entire Russian Facebook fake news targeting Americans scam right out the water.

  • skot green
    skot green Year ago +2

    He is a businessman not a cheater ps he is referring to take a paycheck

    • David Ward
      David Ward Year ago

      skot green@ Now we know for a fact how the Russians was able to spread info in favor of the president to Facebook with fake news and fake websites.

  • WarmPotato
    WarmPotato Year ago

    I don't mean to be mean, but there are a great many youtube channels that paint an outline as presentation :/

  • soilhalo 27
    soilhalo 27 Year ago +11

    Just a new way to campaign. No different then commercials on tv

  • Manly Maniac
    Manly Maniac 2 years ago +19

    trump spent half of what hillary spent sir.

    • David Ward
      David Ward Year ago

      Manly Maniac @ no one knows about the tens of millions him and Robert Mercer spent with Cambridge Analytica until now. There is no telling how much other money was spent in various places that went unreported like this and to top it off it was all spent to spread fake news and divide America smh!

  • Manly Maniac
    Manly Maniac 2 years ago +6

    where is your evidence that he did this?