3 Ex-Girlfriends Describe Their Relationship With the Same Man - Clavacia | Glamour

  • Published on Sep 30, 2019
  • We brought in three of Clavacia's exes, Jameelah, Rochella, and Luna to ask each of them about their experience dating him. Where did they go for dates? What were they first attracted to about him? What is his most used emoji? What did they think of each other's friends? Why did they break up?

    Find out everything about their relationship with Clavacia in this episode of "All My Exes."
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    3 Ex-Girlfriends Describe Their Relationship With the Same Man - Clavacia | Glamour
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  • Glamour
    Glamour  20 days ago +21

    Would you and your exes want to do this? Send an email to glamourallmyexes@gmail.com with your contact info and your exes contact info so we can reach out to them too!

    • N.W.A.
      N.W.A. 2 days ago

      @Lori Williams Drink bleach.

    • Lori Williams
      Lori Williams 18 days ago +2

      Glamour how come you keep picking black guys that don’t black black girls?? Or could u pick a black girl to do one?

  • MrFuchew
    MrFuchew 5 hours ago

    the girl with the long hair that doesn't know who kanye is, beautiful

  • Bob Saget
    Bob Saget 17 hours ago

    ya need to make videos with better looking people

  • Sessy Nicky
    Sessy Nicky Day ago

    He is 3 in one
    Different to every girl

  • Marie Antholee
    Marie Antholee Day ago

    The picture with the facetime lol

  • Natalie Brown
    Natalie Brown 2 days ago

    Homie has a type

  • Nina Zivkovic
    Nina Zivkovic 3 days ago

    'Axed me if i had a boyfriend'

  • Moll662
    Moll662 4 days ago

    Did these girls all Date the same man?

  • Tamara Cotto
    Tamara Cotto 5 days ago

    I don’t ever see him & Zendaya together 💀

  • Olivia Fondjo
    Olivia Fondjo 5 days ago

    This man is scary looking

  • It’z Jaliyah Jayana

    Dang seems like they dated a stranger 😭 getting ALL the answers wrong 💀

  • Abrielle Burnett
    Abrielle Burnett 8 days ago

    This dude 🤢

  • Paisley Fluker
    Paisley Fluker 8 days ago

    Dude seems corny all around like ewwww.

  • Melissa Apoka
    Melissa Apoka 9 days ago

    I want to punch him in the face

  • 'Berto O. A.
    'Berto O. A. 9 days ago

    He is 😍😍😍😍

  • Candy Rain
    Candy Rain 9 days ago

    Third girl literally looks like Tinashe

  • Davina Heron
    Davina Heron 9 days ago

    I can't watch this if he's gonna be rubbing his face and smiling the whole time. That's probably why he got all them pimples. :)

  • LunaRai
    LunaRai 9 days ago +1

    "I can talk my way out of like anything" Thats sus 🤔🙄

  • Veronica Jones
    Veronica Jones 10 days ago

    My exes would butcher me and I didn't even cheat on them. 😂💀

  • Flora Isha
    Flora Isha 10 days ago

    They don’t know that man... 😩😂

  • Olimpia Gomez
    Olimpia Gomez 10 days ago

    His voice alone annoys me.

  • leone_allison
    leone_allison 10 days ago +1

    i screamed when she said ‘Mila Kunis’

  • omgyvonnexo
    omgyvonnexo 10 days ago

    The Italian girl 🤮 she’s wayyy too cocky to be looking like that.

  • Ayushi Singh
    Ayushi Singh 10 days ago

    His smile is sooo ugly

  • simply Hamy
    simply Hamy 11 days ago +1

    I love the internet lol look at how he's getting roasted down in the comments!

  • Monee’ Money
    Monee’ Money 11 days ago

    He probably dated them all at the same time 😭😭😭

  • Hawa Touray
    Hawa Touray 11 days ago

    Unless he had many more past relationships with other woman of various skin tones...its very problematic that he has dated mostly light skin girls and not any girls even close to his skin type. Clavacia definitely has a preference ...

  • hannah
    hannah 11 days ago

    jameelah is so pretty! she looks just like alexa demie

  • Candy Cat
    Candy Cat 11 days ago

    Surprise surprise black man going for any race but his own

  • Cindy Mthethwa
    Cindy Mthethwa 12 days ago

    Physical attraction doesn't matter!! This guy is actually charming n sweet sadly he cheated on such beautiful women but i guess one day he will grow up stop calling him ugly its not about the physical being on someone 🙄

  • Angela Valdez
    Angela Valdez 12 days ago

    That smile is creepy asf

  • Tan Year
    Tan Year 12 days ago

    So all of the black men are going to be with super light women? Lol. This is beautiful but so is what is statistically more likely, black men with darker brown women. You guys had to go out of your way to represent something else predominantly. Do better. Keep it diverse and stop the social engineering.

  • Shalonda L'Trice
    Shalonda L'Trice 12 days ago


  • Patricia Robbinson
    Patricia Robbinson 13 days ago

    Knewww she was a libra 😁😂😂

  • abby cruz
    abby cruz 13 days ago

    he’s such a dog

  • nicole dujon
    nicole dujon 13 days ago

    His parents failed in raising him

  • war1260
    war1260 14 days ago

    you girls in teh comments are some fuckin HATERS HATER HATERS.

  • zden4e
    zden4e 14 days ago

    The italian girl is pure CRINGE

  • Zeime
    Zeime 14 days ago

    Kaeni West

  • Jaba The Pegasus
    Jaba The Pegasus 14 days ago

    Why do his lips look painted on

  • Love ya self
    Love ya self 15 days ago

    How'd he get all these pretty girls?

  • Lala Dunkin
    Lala Dunkin 15 days ago

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  • Jennifer Mwah
    Jennifer Mwah 15 days ago

    He's trash.

  • Fella Nefnaf
    Fella Nefnaf 15 days ago

    He sounds and look like a playboy

  • MakeMePreety
    MakeMePreety 15 days ago

    I'm lurking in the background but I won't take him back... Hmmm very intresting

    FIVE 6 MAFIA 15 days ago

    He has more ex-girlfriends than I've ever had girlfriends

  • SelfCareBoss
    SelfCareBoss 15 days ago

    His dream was veneers and he needs to send them back

  • taylor hill
    taylor hill 15 days ago

    This reminds me of a MTV show like next or roomraters

  • Joyce s
    Joyce s 15 days ago

    I thought he was attractive until he flashed that smile...idk why but it creeped me out😬

  • James Dean
    James Dean 15 days ago

    See how freely black women criticize black men's looks. If same was done to another black woman, they would be crying colourism and eurocentric beauty tears :)

  • Allison N
    Allison N 16 days ago +1

    This channel is stupid you better up your game with who y’all bring on this crap 💩 definitely not a fan of them anymore

  • Allison N
    Allison N 16 days ago +1

    I literally clicked on the video just to dislike it ngl 🤣 already didn’t like what I was seeing.

  • Jal El
    Jal El 16 days ago

    I just want Jameelah’s @ !! She looks good 😍

  • shazell24
    shazell24 16 days ago

    My life sucks lol.

  • Pamela Jack
    Pamela Jack 16 days ago

    Uhmm.. Is it me or does the curly hair girl have an adams apple??

  • Pamela Jack
    Pamela Jack 16 days ago

    I'm just here for the comments.. Not the videos anymore 😂😂😂😂😭

  • Wandering Stars
    Wandering Stars 16 days ago

    the guy looks like handsome squidward

  • a.d.w. n.
    a.d.w. n. 16 days ago

    Women really need to wise up. The fact that this poser can walk around being as conceided as he is, is so annoying.

  • Zeniah Wilburn
    Zeniah Wilburn 16 days ago

    The sad thing is I would expect someone light skin to date someone their complexion or darker by choice but when you have someone dark skin and their own complexion isn’t even one of their choices it’s honestly weird and really makes me question them.

  • Dormaris Rapsac
    Dormaris Rapsac 16 days ago

    This is a toxic man