Dogs are awesome


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  • heirhelle
    heirhelle 17 hours ago

    We have a Cavalier too. He is the most lovely boy! So I can relate.Also Omi never barks either, also does every other thing except the burping. Cavaliers are THE BEST! (And Beagles!)

  • Julia K
    Julia K 22 hours ago

    Awwww.... :D

  • Cindy Romero
    Cindy Romero 3 days ago

    OMG Charlie is just the cutest!

  • Blue River Bane
    Blue River Bane 3 days ago

    Immediately bought my dog a toy after watching this

  • Tegan Thrussell
    Tegan Thrussell 5 days ago

    Stop it, Charlie!! You're killing me!

  • Erin Miller
    Erin Miller 6 days ago

    Would pet

  • 1lilypad girl
    1lilypad girl 6 days ago

    I'm more interested of a cat person but I love dogs too.

  • Helen Tejada
    Helen Tejada 10 days ago

    Oh good lord this video is adorable!

  • Elizabeth Armstrong
    Elizabeth Armstrong 11 days ago

    Aww man I'm in love 😍

  • Arquidesis Studio
    Arquidesis Studio 11 days ago

    My best friends dog used to kidnape her toys to take care of them like if they were her children.

  • Steamin STIX
    Steamin STIX 15 days ago

    I am here for this

  • 5 Seconds of Harry Potter

    Is this the same charlie as from that channel.." hey it's me, charlie " ??? He looks the same and he is So Adorable !! Also.. i had kinda wanted to see your girlfriend as you mention her a lot and i was curious... thanks for including her😊😊😊 i'll say hi to her🙋🙋

  • Casie Rowden
    Casie Rowden 15 days ago

    Where did he come from?

  • Nel-Nel Robles
    Nel-Nel Robles 15 days ago

    such a cute video about your adorable dog!!

  • Kenwood kitten 5115
    Kenwood kitten 5115 15 days ago +1

    I used to be PETRIFIED of dogs. Like I couldn’t even go near a really tiny one or I’d run away. But now I have a dog and I’m only a little obsessed and in love... a LITTLE....

  • D4CH34T
    D4CH34T 16 days ago

    *instantly dies due to the abundance of adorableness* 😍

  • Lady Bug28
    Lady Bug28 16 days ago

    Aww im going to die of happiness charlie is so cute.

  • Reba Galva
    Reba Galva 16 days ago


  • Ben H2
    Ben H2 22 days ago

    6:40 Charlie’s been hitting the blunt.

  • Elizabeth N
    Elizabeth N 25 days ago

    Dogs are awesome!

  • Myah Delre
    Myah Delre 25 days ago


  • Jul L.
    Jul L. 26 days ago

    My dog doesn't touch any toys... XD She likes dog bones and that is it. :P

  • Jeff Meade
    Jeff Meade 27 days ago

    When our dog got hold of his favourite teddy bear he just tried to hump it 😂😂😂

  • Jenni-Lee Silver
    Jenni-Lee Silver 29 days ago

    Nah, my dog is cuter. Sorry dude

  • puppies rock
    puppies rock Month ago

    I'm a cat person but I don't hate dogs

  • waldek kubiak
    waldek kubiak Month ago

    charlie is adorbs

  • Harshit Sai
    Harshit Sai Month ago

    that is the most fucking adorable ive ever seen
    what breed is it

  • Jasmyn McGhee.
    Jasmyn McGhee. Month ago

    I have a 4 year old shih Tzu and he barks a lot.

  • Mystic Jumin
    Mystic Jumin Month ago

    My dog burps in my face too

  • Roxanna711
    Roxanna711 Month ago

    so, dogs carry their toys around to get rid of strees. you know like a cigarette for someone. seems like your dog is very sensitive, it's how he's dealing with stuff :) btw. he is just too CUTE! :D

  • Elani Arkady
    Elani Arkady Month ago

    I can follow Charlie on insta?! (Leaves video to go follow, comes back 30 minutes later) awwwwwww

  • LaurinhaFDJ
    LaurinhaFDJ Month ago


  • Lieutenant Commander Data

    Must... not... die... cute... gah!

  • joycelyn Crockett
    joycelyn Crockett Month ago

    he is so cute

  • Peter boris
    Peter boris Month ago

    I got a dog, named Woof, that doesn’t bark just screams and sings instead. Her farts also smell terrible

  • Ashley Panzica
    Ashley Panzica Month ago

    Oh my goodness! I just... I just can't handle the cuteness!
    Just, Just come here you. *Gives the dog a hug* Can I take him home?
    I have a shitzu-yorkie mix named Hope and she is the cutest dog ever, along with the chocolate lab my family and I have named Bella, so your dog comes in third (sorry, *whispers 'not sorry*). But your dog, wow he's still so CUTE!

  • Kaira Haither
    Kaira Haither Month ago

    Your dog is seeing a ghost!!

  • Tyler Johnson
    Tyler Johnson Month ago

    You're right. I'm convinced. Charlie is adorable.
    I'd love to see some more animated stories!

  • Phoebe
    Phoebe Month ago

    I felt like crying 😭 soooo freaking cuuuutttttte!!!!😍🥰

  • Nobunaga Oda
    Nobunaga Oda Month ago

    Yes, good.

  • Little French Girl X

    I legit thought you were gonna start singing when the music started 😂😂

  • DBD Troller
    DBD Troller Month ago

    Same story happened to me like that’s the exact same story

  • PixelaGames2000
    PixelaGames2000 Month ago

    Wow that dog is something isn’t he he’s like a cat in a dogs body

  • Starstruck Stardust

    my doggo also likes to cuddle on my chest only he's a giant golden doodle and weighs more than my little brother

  • Jules Sylvester
    Jules Sylvester Month ago

    Dogs with faces like that seem to always have the best personalities. He looks like my Ginger (rest in peace). She was always just content to be near you, and would be silent and happy as long as she could sit close to you.

  • Pokmondjw Wolf gang

    is your dog a King Charles Cavalier. because i have 2 of them.

  • Ashley Harrell
    Ashley Harrell Month ago

    So cute!

  • incarceron1
    incarceron1 Month ago

    I prefer cats and big dogs, but OH MY GOD ! So cute.

  • Billie Joe
    Billie Joe Month ago

    Just so you know ima steal your dogo

  • Graziuchi Levotini
    Graziuchi Levotini Month ago

    I am turning deaf (I only have 15% of my hearing) and I have an adorable dog.
    When she first came home she used to bark a lot for everything!
    One day I was home alone with her and she started barking for food but obviously I couldn't listen.
    I don't know how, but since that day she tries to get my attention in ways that don't involve noises and when there are loud noises she starts scratching me (gently) so I can figure out what's happening
    Dogs are awesome!

  • Cookie Crumbles
    Cookie Crumbles Month ago

    Charlie is soooo cute :3

  • Pixie Rosewood
    Pixie Rosewood Month ago

    I’m actually watching this with my dog laid in my lap and my heart is about to burst!! 😍😍

  • TR 3X72_
    TR 3X72_ Month ago

    i need to show my mom this video to convince her to be ok with getting a dog.

  • Andy Ainsworth
    Andy Ainsworth Month ago

    I have a Havanese and he’s just so similar in his mannerisms and I also agree they’re so cute 😭😭😭

  • molly price
    molly price Month ago

    Me: **Sees cute dog** A W W W W W W W
    My cat: Eh.

  • ya boy
    ya boy Month ago

    I want to meet your dog

  • Julian Sanchez
    Julian Sanchez Month ago

    Awwwwwwwwwwww 😙😙🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😘😘😚😚😗😗😗😗😶😶😀😀😀🤗😅

  • mantas vasylius
    mantas vasylius Month ago


  • Music boi Boi
    Music boi Boi Month ago

    Pls more vids on charlie

  • Raina Stone
    Raina Stone Month ago

    I was having a terrible day. Worst day ever. This made me smile for the first time today. So thank you for this video. Thank you Charlie. And Alex haha.

  • Cocoaben
    Cocoaben Month ago

    i dislike dogs for so many reasons.

  • Grace Merlin
    Grace Merlin Month ago

    Awe!!! I have a dog so I relate!!!

  • Deeksha Dinkar
    Deeksha Dinkar Month ago

    He is a cat in the body of a dog.

  • Lauren Crawford
    Lauren Crawford Month ago +1


  • Red Head Guru
    Red Head Guru Month ago

    *squeals during the entire video*

  • Reverse Turtle
    Reverse Turtle Month ago

    I was forced to own a cat and I hate cats.

  • Sephra Ardan
    Sephra Ardan Month ago

    DONT GO TO THE DOGS INSTAGRAM!!! It’s to cute!!! Hymen’s were not meant to absorb so much cuteness in one batch!!!

  • Mane almannai
    Mane almannai Month ago

    if you have a dog in you're house dont think about the angels

  • PuppyLuvU2
    PuppyLuvU2 Month ago

    He is a very good boi and full of love

  • DraconicDemon
    DraconicDemon Month ago

    he sounds a lot like my dog... but my dog is a trained service dog so you've just got a naturally mega good pup on your hands.

  • Erin Yeagley
    Erin Yeagley Month ago

    Charlie fighting over the toy with other dog, he gets it away from other dog like that's my toy, BITCH! lol

  • bub Direg
    bub Direg Month ago

    The dog is SOOOOOOO cute!👀

  • Aaaa Bbbb
    Aaaa Bbbb Month ago

    So wholesome

  • Captain chess Boi
    Captain chess Boi Month ago

    My aunt has the same breed as Charlie but he’s slowly passing from heart failure

  • Dianne Rose
    Dianne Rose Month ago +1

    My dog is one of the cutest dogs in the entire world, but she seems to have like a grudge or something against stuffed animals. She likes to rip out their eyes for some reason. She blinded one of my horses and my little sister's precious snake stuffie. She actually has a penguin that has all the stuffing ripped out of it's head, and she takes it out from time to time and tortures it.

    yup thats ma dog
    also I just discovered this channel, i think its awesome and i am considering subbing.


  • Marysia Chudzik
    Marysia Chudzik Month ago

    my dog never barks either unless there are squirrels or another dog is in the garden and she also burps all the time i think its just to get my attention

  • JamJamBam *
    JamJamBam * Month ago

    Is it just me but I am scared of like dogs, puppies, kittens, cats, rats, mice, bunnies, hamsters, and any animal similar to those. But I’m ok with reptiles. No just me?

  • Margarita M.
    Margarita M. Month ago

    [gets a cavalier]
    [names him Charlie]

  • Mooperman
    Mooperman Month ago

    My dog has the same manners as Charlie.

  • Oskar Janson
    Oskar Janson Month ago


  • TimeCrafterPro
    TimeCrafterPro Month ago +1

    I also have a cavalier king Charles spaniel, the same colour (Blenheim), she also burps in my face. XD

  • Nicolas Freiria
    Nicolas Freiria Month ago

    what type of dog is it

  • ramp. absol
    ramp. absol Month ago

    I have a cuter dog also named Charlie post up

  • EternalHikari NoTenshi
    EternalHikari NoTenshi 2 months ago

    OMG....He is the most cutest little thing. Can'!! XD

  • Reba Galva
    Reba Galva 2 months ago

    DOGS ARE GOD'S GIFT TO US!! I admit I am a dog person! 🐶 And what's so special about cats? 🐱😝Nothing! They're all the same but all dogs are unique🐶🐶🐶🐶😙😄

  • dollface Rosenberg
    dollface Rosenberg 2 months ago

    My dog is wayyyyyy cuter. He's a yellow lab, and since he was a lil baby boy pup he crawls into my clothes as best he can when I take a shower. I get out of the shower and there he is, wearing my star wars t-shirts and such. I also always take him to parks, no leash or anything. He walks 2-5 feet in front of me, always looking back to make sure I'm there. When he sees another dog, he looks at me, gets half way down, butt in the air wagging like a maniac, and then stares at me. I ask the owners if it's ok to play, and if so I say "go play!" He then runs off like a maniac playing with his new found best friend. He's so well behaved I got him registered as a service dog (no more pet deposit! Wooo hoo!). Sooooo, Loki angel-face wins. Sorry

  • A K
    A K 2 months ago

    google: Yeontan
    = the cutest dog in the world

  • Molly Lankford
    Molly Lankford 2 months ago

    Dogs don't have dirty poop paws! Cats do!
    (I say as an owner of both types of lovely creatures)

  • Harry Moobs
    Harry Moobs 2 months ago

    OMG....way....too....cute.... I think I died from how cute that doggie is!

  • Doglover Maddie
    Doglover Maddie 2 months ago

    this is my kind of video

  • Justice Egwabor
    Justice Egwabor 2 months ago

    Please do a vlog...... We wanna see the Japanese streets 😉

  • Jose Ramirez
    Jose Ramirez 2 months ago

    Cute my ass estupido

  • Cleveland Maker
    Cleveland Maker 2 months ago

    HEART..... GROWING.....UGHHH........

  • Tick Tick
    Tick Tick 2 months ago

    Did anyone else notice that one of the brown patches on Charlie's right side near his shoulder looks like a wonky heart?

  • Tamara
    Tamara 2 months ago

    So precious!!! Also I love how every dog owner thinks their dog is the cutest

  • taryn barker
    taryn barker 2 months ago

    Dogs are cool, but I prefer my cat.

  • Daniel Crews
    Daniel Crews 2 months ago


  • Blank Blank
    Blank Blank 2 months ago

    Dogs are cool, but I prefer larger dogs like a labrador or a husky. :)

  • Danielle Smith
    Danielle Smith 2 months ago

    Asdfghjkl!!!! Charlie is SO stinkin cute!!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️🐶❤️❤️❤️🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶❤️❤️

  • Reyna
    Reyna 2 months ago

    my dog doesnt like toys. but she does bark if theres a mailman