Dogs are awesome


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  • noori fatma
    noori fatma 6 hours ago

    Oh I so jealous I have always wanted a dog but my momma hates animals so I can't.
    Charlie u sooooooooooo cute💟

  • Kimberly Orlikowski

    Why is that dog so frikin adorable

  • Pineapple Tv
    Pineapple Tv Day ago


  • Angela Rawstorne
    Angela Rawstorne 2 days ago

    My dog is called Charlie as Well

  • Roffa 5311
    Roffa 5311 2 days ago

    Lets fight! Cause my dog is the cutest of the world!!! 😂

  • zt Penguin
    zt Penguin 2 days ago

    I have a Boston terrier who is almost 9 and every time we give her a toy she destroys it within a few days . we got her a stuffed hedgehog one time and she didn't even have it a day and she had the squeaker out of it.

  • KingOfMadCows
    KingOfMadCows 2 days ago

    It's almost as if humans have spent thousands of years selectivity breeding dogs so that they'd love us.

  • LaToya Banks
    LaToya Banks 2 days ago

    OK first love your videos and Charlie 😢👏👏👏💖💘💖💘💓💓💓💓💓💓😭💙

  • the master of beanie boos

    :( why do cats not get as much love as dogs??????!!!!!!:(

  • Vanessa Nadja Winkelmann

    Though I have to admit that your dog is kind of cute, I disagree with the statement that he is the cutest dog in the whole world because you see thats not possible because mine already is. ○~° :D

  • Linnéa Hultén
    Linnéa Hultén 3 days ago

    Cute 😍

  • Iris R.R
    Iris R.R 3 days ago

    Did I just spend 8 minutes watching a video about how awesome dogs are?

  • Vidushi Khaitan
    Vidushi Khaitan 3 days ago

    I feel the same way about my dog her name’s pixie and she’s the cutest and Charlie is so adorable

  • Vidushi Khaitan
    Vidushi Khaitan 3 days ago

    All of those dislikes from cats

  • rush2it
    rush2it 4 days ago

    Too freaking cute 😫

  • Alexandra Beleca
    Alexandra Beleca 5 days ago

    Suuuuuup?"... New sub here! I love your videos, keep up the good work! I always was a dog person and I kinda hated cats. But when I moved for college, I realised I can't have one in an apartment with just a room, a bathroom and a kitchen so I adopted a kitten cuz I really needed a friend. So I adopted my boy, Eros. And he is amazing. Cats aren't those soulless creature, it all depends on how do you raise them. He is so loyal, cute, and lovely cat. So I realised all those pets will behave according to your own personality. Long live our wonderful pets!

  • Chicken Tender
    Chicken Tender 5 days ago

    Looking for a cat comment 😂

  • Sushi Rolls
    Sushi Rolls 5 days ago +16

    Is anyone else one of
    “Those Dog People”?
    😂 😂 😂

  • Cynthia Book
    Cynthia Book 5 days ago

    Ahhhhhhh! As a person who LOVES dogs but can't have it, it just warms up my heart. This made my day😍😘😆☺

  • Rannie L
    Rannie L 5 days ago

    Fin and I will follow Charlie on Instagram!

  • Rannie L
    Rannie L 5 days ago

    This is exactly how I feel about my piggy! 🐷

  • Make it Fabulous
    Make it Fabulous 6 days ago

    My cavalier must have gotten your cavalier's barks

  • SKY fitsHEAVEN
    SKY fitsHEAVEN 6 days ago

    It was so nice until the instagram promotion :(

  • Star Chaser
    Star Chaser 6 days ago +7

    “Don’t even start I’ll fight you on this.”

  • Hannah Hochhalter
    Hannah Hochhalter 6 days ago

    Okay. I am a hardcore cat person and I have to say it... THAT IS THE CUTEST DOG EVER!!!

  • AdamarisCraftsss
    AdamarisCraftsss 6 days ago

    As both a dog and cat owner I can wholeheartedly say dogs are the best pet ever. Lost 2 precious babies this year and have only 1 fur baby left. I will spoil her forever!! Dogs are the best 😁

  • Riley Streicher
    Riley Streicher 6 days ago

    Can you do a video with your gf

  • Katie Cat
    Katie Cat 6 days ago


  • Max lord of cats
    Max lord of cats 6 days ago

    I shouldn’t be here.......

  • Camilla Ciresa
    Camilla Ciresa 7 days ago

    Me, a girl with five cats: I want a dog, right now

  • YetiZizzle
    YetiZizzle 7 days ago

    My dogs name is charlie. He likes to play with water bottles and when he gets excited he chomps on them lol

  • Ryan Rusa
    Ryan Rusa 7 days ago

    my dog slept with her toy we bought her

  • Ryan Rusa
    Ryan Rusa 7 days ago

    my dog slept with her toy we bought her

  • Morgan Cloutier
    Morgan Cloutier 8 days ago +4

    I have a cavalier as well named Axel! He burps in our faces ALL THE TIME! He’s basically a cat in a dogs body. He recently went deaf but has learned some signs to do basic things. I love cavies so much. They’re just so loving and sweet. Although my Axel can be a bit of a street sweeper (like all he does is sniff and lick up the floor when he’s not sleeping like an old man) he is the sweetest puppo. Axel gives Charlie all the love burps and smelly breath kisses!

  • Limbo The Lost
    Limbo The Lost 8 days ago

    omfg my heart! He's too cute!

  • 海斗《 Kaito The Angel 》


  • Doze Pandaz
    Doze Pandaz 8 days ago

    I except the fight he's not cute dun dun DUUUUUUNNN

    LOSTmyHOST 9 days ago

    Wait a minute! You never say you broke up with your girlfriend, what kind of unrealistic scenario is this? You are still happy together? This does not happend in the real world. America explain!

  • Caj Jackings
    Caj Jackings 9 days ago

    Oml I have the same kind of dog AND his name is also Charlie.

  • Deborah Ronner
    Deborah Ronner 9 days ago

    I never had a dog, but I do love them! I would do anything to get a dog like that!

  • Luna Elizabeth Lovegood

    02:05 my dog is exactly like this ❤️

  • bubbledubblefun9 plays roblox

    wanna go bro my dogs cuter
    ps my dogs a cardgain welsh corgi there so funny

  • amanda
    amanda 9 days ago

    HE IS SO CUTE I CANTLKASJDAJ now i have to hug my dog

  • Hunter Stewart
    Hunter Stewart 9 days ago

    That dog looks like a tiny version of my dog.

  • Combustible Pasta Studios

    My dog is the same breed as Charlie (though a lot older- she's 12). Cavaliers are the most adorable, most affectionate dogs you could ever meet and they're so quirky! Dogs are great and Cavaliers are the best. :)

  • TheRealWeebYT :3
    TheRealWeebYT :3 9 days ago


  • BeautyOfTheHearts
    BeautyOfTheHearts 10 days ago

    You are awesome! And your dog is AdOrAbLe! Back in college, my father got me a dog and told me he is never to go on the bed or the couch...but now my baby has become my dads best man -_-' Everyday I woke up and found him on the bed with my parents sleeping belly up, or resting on the couch next to my dad while he watched TV. And everyday when my dad would come home, the first thing he greets is my dog. Dogs are so special, they always find ways to weave their way into peoples hearts.

  • Heather Pines
    Heather Pines 11 days ago +1

    Is she a Prince Charles Spaniel?! 😃

  • Teresa Dragschitz
    Teresa Dragschitz 11 days ago

    Aaaaaw yaaaas the dog content I’m here for 🙏🏼 he’s a really cute boy but I have to say it’s nothing in comparison to mine 🤷🏻‍♀️

  • Paper Dragon
    Paper Dragon 12 days ago

    My aunts dog is really dumb but q big sweetheart, and she will literally hug people. Like, full on lean in to you and spread her front legs out like arms. Its adorable
    Edit: shes also a cocker spaniel
    2nd edit: oops I thought Charlie was a cocker spaniel at first. My bad

  • Hayden Selph
    Hayden Selph 12 days ago

    Cuteness overload!!

  • Nicolas2001
    Nicolas2001 14 days ago

    I know a few dogs that don’t bark at all. Your dog isn’t weird or anything. That’s normal. I guess you just didn’t had many dogs in your life beside Charlie and the other one.

  • Necator O.
    Necator O. 14 days ago

    not barking seems just like a good education.

  • Nucleart Studios
    Nucleart Studios 14 days ago

    Those kind of qualities are called quirks. It’s what makes every dog special

  • Josie Geraghy
    Josie Geraghy 15 days ago

    uhhhhhhhhh i'm scared of dogs..................

  • Andreea Ene
    Andreea Ene 15 days ago

    OMG!!!! I love himmm! 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • Constantina Vergini
    Constantina Vergini 16 days ago

    Ι have only known about Charlie's existence for 5 minutes, but if anything happens to him I'll kill everyone in this room and then myself

  • Rachel V
    Rachel V 16 days ago

    My doggo is the cutest doggo fight me

  • TheFlash Fan
    TheFlash Fan 16 days ago


  • jonathan astro
    jonathan astro 16 days ago

    Ill fight

  • jonathan astro
    jonathan astro 16 days ago

    That's what they all say

  • Tomi Akinwande
    Tomi Akinwande 17 days ago

    i literally cried watching the montage of charlie😭💓💓💓💓💓

  • Estella montagu
    Estella montagu 17 days ago

    My dog does that the no barking thing

  • ship McC
    ship McC 17 days ago

    (In the beginning of the video)
    I won't have any attachment to this like always
    (After video)
    Shit I'm smiling in happiness

  • Conformist138
    Conformist138 18 days ago

    2:01 dear god, those eyes!

  • Tomer Sechayk
    Tomer Sechayk 18 days ago

    I have a King Charles too his 10 and I love him. He also have a smaller eye then the other one

  • Amaani Karriem
    Amaani Karriem 18 days ago +1

    This is great good job

  • Baum Mann
    Baum Mann 19 days ago

    if your dog one day starts "catching" imaginary flies or walks around disoriented take him/her to the veterinarian
    some of these cute dogs with big round puppy eyes as adults can have a skull to small for own brain
    being cute isnt always healthy (pug chilling on a couch sounds like 2 gay bodybuilders getting down in the gym)
    in case you havent all ready ask your veterinarian

  • Sweets
    Sweets 19 days ago

    Watching this in the new dark theme on youtube

  • Emma Locher
    Emma Locher 20 days ago

    This. This is the video that made me subscribe.

  • Crunchymations
    Crunchymations 23 days ago

    I have a puppy witch is a maltese chihuahua and she is partly blind, cross eyed and has a weird tooth but i love her. Sometimes she tries to dig on my bed idk why

  • German Media
    German Media 23 days ago

    Iiiiiii still don't like dogs, I'm really scared of them

  • Parth Bharadwaj
    Parth Bharadwaj 25 days ago

    Where's Wilfur??!!!

  • ImpulseNotion
    ImpulseNotion 25 days ago

    Dogs are awesome! They have this wonderful, innate ability to make everyone fall in love with them.

  • Asher King
    Asher King 27 days ago

    Yo I have a dog and I love her and everything...

    But holy shit your dog truly is the cutest dog of them all. My dog has her quirks too like she walks backwards on hard flooring indoors, has some hardcore ocd somehow, is terrified of squeaky toys, and well acts like a pampered but adorable kitten a lot of the time, but even she can't compete. That dog cute af

  • Shadow Dark Heart
    Shadow Dark Heart 27 days ago

    awww i had a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel too, her name was Lady and she lived until 16 and just went to sleep one day and never woke up. RIP Lady Loo

  • Spaceman
    Spaceman 27 days ago

    I am such a huge dog person, I love them so much!! I have two jack russel terriers right now and I'm super excited to get a native american dog (NAID) in the future!! Dogs are just the perfect being!

  • fire_cupcake
    fire_cupcake 28 days ago

    Thing is. I really want a dog because my mum's health is bad and when I leave home she can't look after it. Such a SAD story. 😢

  • Jera Stephens
    Jera Stephens 28 days ago

    "Wait. Did you just trick me into watching your dog videos?!" *stares deeply into dog eyes* "I'm okay with this."

  • Dr Floof
    Dr Floof 28 days ago +11

    I might kidnap your dog, just a heads up.


  • TR230de
    TR230de 29 days ago

    I also have a silent dog with big eyes. She will literally stare at us to go to bed because she’s ready to sleep and we r like dog it’s 6pm relax.

  • vagrantones
    vagrantones Month ago

    DOGS ARE THE BEST. I've lived with dogs my whole life and they are the best creatures to be around. Each one has its own personality and they do the weirdest, cutest things TvT

  • vagrantones
    vagrantones Month ago

    The way your girlfriend steps out of the door to go to work on a Saturday xDDDDDD

  • Andrew Youkhana
    Andrew Youkhana Month ago

    i love dogs my profile pic is my maltese

  • Tuva Delås
    Tuva Delås Month ago

    OMG! How many times did you try to take a pic of him, because when i try, or anyone I KNOW try my Familys dogs just look away

  • Juno Bates
    Juno Bates Month ago

    Oh my ... he's just to cute

  • Pancake Productions

    dOgS aRe GrEaT HAHAHA

  • J&T videos
    J&T videos Month ago

    My dog lucky is way cuter than your dog

  • Mcgaggie The dogo
    Mcgaggie The dogo Month ago

    Maggie is a charlie

  • Mcgaggie The dogo
    Mcgaggie The dogo Month ago

    My dog looks and acts exactly the same

  • Jaybirdie 2
    Jaybirdie 2 Month ago +2

    My heart just melted...

  • that one weirdo named maya

    Ooo ma gaawd😍

  • 1mezion
    1mezion Month ago

    I had a dog that didn't bark, of course you'd have to watch very carefully if any strange person came in the yard she was a type of dog that would just run up quietly and bite you without giving you a warning bark. It was completely black so all you'd see outside at night was two eyes looking at you I always thought if a Thief decided to break into our yard they would get the Worst surprise from that dog. Was an Awesome doggy

  • Quantumline
    Quantumline Month ago

    You have talent, and style, that's rare and good, but your dog is obese. It effects his lifespan badly.

  • Michael Siegler
    Michael Siegler Month ago

    I had moments where dogs snap at me and try to bite me at times......I hate myself so much.

  • bridget chiodo
    bridget chiodo Month ago

    Cavalier King Charles are bred to lay on your lap :) they are my favorite.

  • Emma Legitness
    Emma Legitness Month ago


  • Ajla cv
    Ajla cv Month ago

    omgggggggg Charlie is adorableeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!! Gonna definitely follow him on Instagram!! 😍😍😍😍😝😝😍❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • Zoe
    Zoe Month ago

    Not like a fan of dogs or anything but just

  • Crow Rat
    Crow Rat Month ago

    So you think your dog is the cutest?
    I don't care what you say or think but my five fluffy insane poodles are way more adorable then EVERY DOG IN THE WORLD AAAAARRGHHHH!!!

    Okay not really I'm bias and see only through crazy poodle lens. Your dog is adorable though. I mean, he carries toys around when you take him on walks? All the time...? Everyone of my dogs just bark and bounce at everything. A car? 'BARK LOOK! BARK! IT MOVES! BARK!' Another person walking their dog? 'BARK what's up? BARK! Oh really? BARK BARK! Can we sniff each others butts? BARK! Oh no my stupid human is dragging me away from your butt! Noooooo! BARK BARK BARKKKKK!'