• Published on Aug 14, 2019
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  • H2ODelirious
    H2ODelirious  5 months ago +1758

    This trap was ALOT of fun to make, Hope you enjoyed it. Please pass this video to everyone! spread the word!!!!!! Also spam that like button ;)

  • Ethan Wingard
    Ethan Wingard 2 days ago

    Nice troll

  • Edward Mintz
    Edward Mintz 7 days ago

    Just he is one

  • Ivy Juico
    Ivy Juico 9 days ago


  • Ivy Juico
    Ivy Juico 9 days ago


  • •milk tea uwu•
    •milk tea uwu• 12 days ago

    *I think he broke*

  • Jose Nino
    Jose Nino 15 days ago

    Please give us a tour of your Minecraft house

  • David Thomas
    David Thomas 16 days ago

    He got to the family we need a new plan to keep theem alive

  • The Black Cat
    The Black Cat 20 days ago


  • The Black Cat
    The Black Cat 20 days ago

    2:30 *Punches CarToNZ* 😹

  • charlie games and Reality

    you could use the fan to blow squirrls vigrinity

  • Creeper Aw Man
    Creeper Aw Man 26 days ago

    I found the beautiful picture of teddy bear

  • Creeper Aw Man
    Creeper Aw Man 26 days ago

    I found his prized possession of art

    I will steal it

  • bonk master
    bonk master 28 days ago

    Since toon and delirious are a team... Make one side cartoon art and the other side delirious art.

  • isaiah voon
    isaiah voon 28 days ago

    I love delirious so much because is funny video games

  • That Dude GaJ
    That Dude GaJ Month ago

    Cartoonz got BARZ bet he could be a rapper or a poet

  • Xaviar Keuter
    Xaviar Keuter Month ago

    Yeah take revenge on him

  • Xaviar Keuter
    Xaviar Keuter Month ago

    Hi h20 delirious I'm papa

  • John angel Rodrigez

    Whose watching Four months later and thinks toonz a H2O should combine houses

  • Hazel Bagwan
    Hazel Bagwan Month ago

    i have a fanart delirious i have drawn two arts you and a girl version of yourself im not yet done still

  • rigo yanez
    rigo yanez Month ago

    I telled squirrel THAT IS WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU STAEL Aavier! and Like your video I got you fam.

  • Richard Strzalka
    Richard Strzalka Month ago

    U monster his family died all except one...

  • Xavier Westcott
    Xavier Westcott Month ago

    I didn’t know you guys cared so much about me!!!

  • David Alvarado
    David Alvarado Month ago

    He found the trap

  • Kameron Sternadel
    Kameron Sternadel Month ago

    What if he mines around the trap

  • Gabriel French
    Gabriel French Month ago

    This didn't get demonitized because its minecraft.

  • Ian Umfleet
    Ian Umfleet 2 months ago

    Squel_ ohh! Cartoon and delrius nooo

  • z do x playing z
    z do x playing z 2 months ago

    You going to bake the tree

  • dascps 897
    dascps 897 2 months ago

    Hey delirious squrel was following you

  • sans and papyrus
    sans and papyrus 2 months ago

    Delirious:it'll allow us to blow him in any direction

  • Orman Merced
    Orman Merced 2 months ago

    Cartoonz is a speechgod

  • Sebastian Martinez
    Sebastian Martinez 2 months ago

    Delirios frogot daña the guard

  • procraftbrothers
    procraftbrothers 2 months ago

    Cartoonz is also a poet

  • procraftbrothers
    procraftbrothers 2 months ago

    the Edge of Tomorrow is the other movie Delirious was talking about. It's a pretty good movie.

  • procraftbrothers
    procraftbrothers 2 months ago

    good GAWD!!! Cartoonz is organized

  • Raiden Green
    Raiden Green 2 months ago

    how did you get that bridge??

  • brenden odom
    brenden odom 2 months ago

    all hail king leris

  • Fe Paclibar
    Fe Paclibar 2 months ago

    Hey can download gun mod

  • the authanian
    the authanian 2 months ago

    “We’d never forget xavier!”
    Cartoonz: Wait wheres xavier?

  • Assassins Guild RF Online

    You miss one dane tge guard!

  • Dragon Fang Nomad Wolf
    Dragon Fang Nomad Wolf 2 months ago

    Duo = DeliToonz (Delirious and CarToonZ

  • Vincent Anthony Maldonado

    Yes sir

  • luis Franco
    luis Franco 2 months ago +1


  • anime lover
    anime lover 3 months ago

    They all died but one in his video

  • Rave HOPKINS
    Rave HOPKINS 3 months ago

    You forgot Dana scroll Gallo family but then he couldn't get them you deserve itbecause you did that I'm going to subscribe and I'm going to just like you don't get in the next 20 seconds I'm going to spawn Herobrine in your world and the now

  • Shadowmuffin /WEPON
    Shadowmuffin /WEPON 3 months ago

    The freaking CROW I canttttt

  • OrchidTale
    OrchidTale 3 months ago

    Hey delicious

  • DisasterGaming
    DisasterGaming 3 months ago


  • Mohammed Razal
    Mohammed Razal 3 months ago


  • Addi Hughes
    Addi Hughes 3 months ago

    I love the mouse part

  • kimkols
    kimkols 3 months ago

    Groundhog day part II

  • Abel Zavala
    Abel Zavala 3 months ago

    Blow him hard blow him till he can’t walk lol 😂😂

  • douglas hanford
    douglas hanford 3 months ago

    you killed them

  • meme cat
    meme cat 3 months ago

    I will make u a fanart delirious don't worry👍

  • aidanytgamer 334
    aidanytgamer 334 3 months ago

    You killed dead squirrels family you monster!

  • Aiden Jones
    Aiden Jones 3 months ago


  • javad eskandari
    javad eskandari 4 months ago

    the art of little toonz and big xavier looks like vegeta and nappa

  • big_papa_ Bloomfield
    big_papa_ Bloomfield 4 months ago

    But no o e is a fan that will blow him

  • Ross Valdez
    Ross Valdez 4 months ago +1


  • Harley Lewis
    Harley Lewis 4 months ago

    He was scared af😂😂😂