Elaborate Deadly Booby Traps Genius People Created

  • Published on Apr 21, 2019
  • Ah, the booby trap; one of the great staples of a classic adventure film. Coming up are ten of the most elaborate booby traps ever created.
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  • Galan00777 And friends
    Galan00777 And friends 26 minutes ago

    This was made on my bday

  • dãrkZĒēs Tēçhñõ
    dãrkZĒēs Tēçhñõ 10 hours ago

    Buddha is not a god Buddha is statue I can't do anything

  • UP05 Trucks
    UP05 Trucks Day ago

    Starts talking about nazi Germany shows picture of American tank
    *face palm*

  • Qwit
    Qwit Day ago

    Insects are not animals though

  • Dario Marques
    Dario Marques 2 days ago


  • Kel Lazell
    Kel Lazell 3 days ago +1

    When I was a little kid when me sister pissed me off which was often I'd booby trap the staircase with a trip wire at the top then go down stairs and call me sister it worked once but me mum went mad

  • d hararry
    d hararry 3 days ago

    About you dying quickly in ww2 because of picture bombs, I feel you.

  • Julia D
    Julia D 4 days ago

    nice youtube video!!!!

  • njwebber
    njwebber 4 days ago +1

    Wrong they finely found the treasure of oak island

  • Nicko s
    Nicko s 4 days ago

    It's amazing how uneducated many narrators are on TVclip. Palanque ends in the KAY sound. Not a CUE sound as in pool cue. I can't believe you never heard it pronounced properly.🙄

  • my realname
    my realname 5 days ago

    I love the Be Amazed guy, he always makes me smile. Forgive my ignorance but does he have a name?

  • CrackerJack
    CrackerJack 5 days ago

    You know... If this entire world wasn't hell bent on respecting tradition and culture, the entire world would know exactly what is the truth with each of the places all over that world that we have no answer to. Think about it....
    "Oh its a tomb ... of a long dead human that was in some sort of leadership or authoritarian role thousands of years ago..." ......... "We can't disgrace or disrespect the dead or the living attached to the dead. Its just wrong."
    Oh this place has booby-traps, we don't dare disturb the area for the sake of disrespect or disgrace... or putting one self at risk.
    Well... Live the rest of your lives in utter ignorance then.
    If you really want to know the truth, tell tradition and culture to fuck off for a bit and shine the light on what REALLY IS, rather than what one or a majority "choose" to believe.... or worse, making it up as you go.
    Hell, grab a back hoe and a bulldozer, a couple cranes and some people with some backbone to move in and say "Fuck It... We either discover the actual truth or we bury it for eternity... At lease it will stop all the guessing."

  • Gabriel
    Gabriel 5 days ago

    they should have just used scuba gear

  • Toby G N
    Toby G N 7 days ago

    8:37 could that slab be the same language as in trey the explainers video on japanese ufo at 5:20

    link here tvclip.biz/video/dVQ6nF2bJwo/video.html

    (ps. don't usually click links in comment section)

    DAB CAT 7 days ago

    Poor Americans

  • Mrsean Stevenson
    Mrsean Stevenson 8 days ago

    Here is another one which the Germans made which is THE GERMAN S MINE or SHRAPNEL MINE.

  • TheHellnfire
    TheHellnfire 8 days ago

    Omfg! Loved the way you guys did the humour here! Love your channel but this is seriously the best so far! Please keep up the funny! Also, love your voice 😍

  • kahnekenhawi garrow
    kahnekenhawi garrow 9 days ago

    Or the note said lol

  • Adam Hanvey
    Adam Hanvey 10 days ago

    The fly trap isn't as booby trap but is a bloody trap

  • Little Big
    Little Big 10 days ago

    You need to set your gamma low for more immersive gameplay booby trap.

  • Mr.Lewis
    Mr.Lewis 10 days ago

    12:01 he actually drank something that was *suppossed* to make him immortal, but then he died *facepalm*

  • Katherine Irving
    Katherine Irving 10 days ago

    The Ha Ha, made you look, literally, made me laugh myself to tears.
    Everything about me is eclectic, including my sense of humor.
    This struck my senses on several levels.
    Though I'm familiar with this region, this is the first time I've experienced any humor regarding this location.

  • The Gamer Shack
    The Gamer Shack 10 days ago


  • Nhi Nguyen
    Nhi Nguyen 11 days ago

    I'm from Vietman

  • howdy ho!
    howdy ho! 12 days ago

    Who else was here for the boobies oh, I got disappointed😢

  • nycjin816
    nycjin816 13 days ago

    justify discrimination? more like extermination

  • Denise Christie
    Denise Christie 14 days ago

    Man, that Tomb of Qin Shi Quan, is awesome!

  • bryan cortes
    bryan cortes 14 days ago

    gregory is like saw

  • ransua17
    ransua17 14 days ago

    I guess that gives a new meaning to the term photobombed huh

  • Alvin Nguyen
    Alvin Nguyen 14 days ago

    Hah Booby lol

  • Luke Ronald Morales
    Luke Ronald Morales 15 days ago +3

    Imagine his search history: fly with chemical on butt

    BUSHCRAFT SURVIVAL 15 days ago +1

    3:16 hey it sounds like Tom from Tom and Jerry

  • HeyImYui
    HeyImYui 15 days ago

    made you look! lmfao

  • Thomas Hall
    Thomas Hall 16 days ago +1

    8:55 shows that the first guy was 1 years old

  • Aurora Li
    Aurora Li 16 days ago +1

    11:30 In case you were wondering, what he said is "Give me back my money!" Trust me, I'm from china.

  • XtremeAngel Raps
    XtremeAngel Raps 17 days ago

    It's pronounced palenke, not palenque

  • AsianS ClassRoyale
    AsianS ClassRoyale 17 days ago

    I’m reporting this channel this is so this gusting why would you put the swastica in a video

  • Devon Slim
    Devon Slim 17 days ago

    That is not a nazi tank that is a M4 American tank

  • David Damasceno
    David Damasceno 17 days ago

    Disapointed for not seeing Jessica Rabbit in this video...

  • EzStudioz
    EzStudioz 18 days ago

    The deadliest trap of all is turning off the internet

  • c sal
    c sal 18 days ago

    why does the thumbnail sand look like low hanging balls

  • Daedric Prince of Smash

    Here's a real good booby trap: "the Impossible Whopper" from Burger King. XD

  • d hararry
    d hararry 19 days ago

    7:44 same here

  • Cdogcat 09
    Cdogcat 09 19 days ago +1

    This is like from saw

  • Mason Tee
    Mason Tee 20 days ago

    Im khmer/Cambodian :)

  • Billy Corners
    Billy Corners 20 days ago

    Kind of funny that they made Punji sticks illegal but not spiking ammunition. As if one is less worse than another.... Both maim people

  • Juan Perez Cortez
    Juan Perez Cortez 20 days ago

    *I just saw two flies frick*

  • Mr. CrowPerson
    Mr. CrowPerson 21 day ago +1

    5:25 Why did you do that? Just why???

  • Kami Snyder
    Kami Snyder 21 day ago +1

    the nazi trap about art i whould be like NO im kinda the person who thinks everythings a trap

  • Jeff B
    Jeff B 21 day ago

    Baby viper in a piece of bamboo suspended from the ceiling of a tunnel. Brush against it and the snake bites you. Vietnam war.

    • DerekTheIrishLad
      DerekTheIrishLad 19 days ago

      How u gona make the snake stay there tho and i would also die fairly quick no?

  • James is a James
    James is a James 21 day ago

    Why they made the name booby trap??? I know what most of you are thinking 😎

  • Edward Zhao
    Edward Zhao 21 day ago

    that tank is a Sherman (American)

  • Liam Oleary
    Liam Oleary 22 days ago


  • Punch _Master
    Punch _Master 22 days ago

    Slowness 2 arrow with dispenser and pressure plate revealing a hole trap

  • Mysterious Gaming
    Mysterious Gaming 23 days ago

    Imagine a famous persons body being sold to a university but there was a video showing it being buried so they imedietely called the cops

    STEALTH LEFT 24 days ago


    STEALTH LEFT 24 days ago