10 Most Polluted Cities on Earth


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  • Samin SaQlain
    Samin SaQlain 8 months ago +720

    Before even watching the video I knew India is gonna be in the list

    • Elbin Raut
      Elbin Raut Month ago

      The same way before even reading the UN report I knew that Pakistan would rank top and secure number 1 terrorist country’s spot 👍🏻

    • Glory david
      Glory david 2 months ago

      I knew that Delhi will be in the top

      ASA NELSON - STUDENT 4 months ago

      Samin SaQlain

    • jjammmees
      jjammmees 4 months ago


  • Tanks A Lot
    Tanks A Lot Day ago

    Isn't there a treatie the entire world signed saying that we wouldn't use any "chemical, biological, or nuclear weapons?"
    If that's the case, why are we still making them? We aren't allowed to use them according to the treatie the entire world signed, so why make them in the first place?

  • Christopher Kupetz
    Christopher Kupetz 4 days ago

    Good job, Asia. Filthy rats.

  • PhaserSkeleton 99
    PhaserSkeleton 99 6 days ago

    The tone of this video is mixed up. serious topics with a fun song in the background.

    CANAL LEXDAN 7 days ago

    thank god i in long branch

  • ; ;
    ; ; 8 days ago

    Tuberculosis is an infectious disease caused by bacteria, pollution doesn’t INFECT you with the disease. Now TB is an opportunistic illness and there is some evidence that significant levels of pollution can “trigger” a latent infection, but it in and of itself isn’t a pathogen.

  • hasbeenlittlegirl
    hasbeenlittlegirl 10 days ago

    How is cairo not on this list?

  • Tahmid rakib
    Tahmid rakib 11 days ago

    Who's watching whisky going through the comments

  • Fizzgeargamer
    Fizzgeargamer 11 days ago


  • lancethe4 today
    lancethe4 today 14 days ago

    Oh polluted cities not country's I got mad and confused when china wasnt 1

  • Zuriishere
    Zuriishere 19 days ago


  • TravelingMurph
    TravelingMurph 21 day ago

    I’ve been to Delhi, the pollution was so bad I think it was making me somewhat sick, honestly.

  • Shubham
    Shubham 22 days ago

    Delhi is just a nightmare. It's dangerous too due to the crime rates.

  • Hank W
    Hank W 22 days ago

    How can a place that won't be inhabitable for the next 20,000 years, Chernobyl, not be #1?

  • Hank W
    Hank W 22 days ago

    3:14: Who else noticed the clown face in the upper middle cloud?

  • GuyWithBigPeePee
    GuyWithBigPeePee 23 days ago

    *Bruh just boil the water cmon*

  • Barbara Beatriz Ramos Arce

    I'm from Peru. Knew we were going to be there!

  • jiggagalbk84
    jiggagalbk84 29 days ago

    ....just throw the whole country of a China away...

  • Not Razor
    Not Razor Month ago

    China da worst I Checked aid visual the Scale Was all the way to 540 which meant it was Hazardous 😑

  • Alexandra Barnes
    Alexandra Barnes Month ago

    Love These Videos Keep it up :)

  • Alisha Kundi
    Alisha Kundi Month ago

    Where is Pakistan?!

  • TheUnatuber
    TheUnatuber Month ago

    You make funny videos. Too bad so many of them are about human misery and death, huh?

  • Branden Kroskie
    Branden Kroskie Month ago

    Pause late into the second of 8:42
    zombie face.

  • ÙwÚ what's this ?


  • Pisces Sans
    Pisces Sans Month ago

    I knew China will be in this list

  • Just kinda here
    Just kinda here Month ago

    How my mom feels when I have two cups in my room.

  • Just a cat on a social media platform

    Welcome to November 2018 where the most polluted place in the world right now is California, the city I live in!

  • Air-Force
    Air-Force Month ago


  • Tyler Yaw/Melton YM
    Tyler Yaw/Melton YM Month ago +1

    I was surprised that Gary Indiana USA wasn't on this list.
    The smell of factors will make your stomach turn.
    When I go to Chicago and business. I take a train before I get to the Gary Indiana station I put a gas mask on. Cuz the smell of factories will make her stomach turn. Then we leave Gary I take the mask off. If you want during a real gas mask? the answer is yes
    Looks like one from WW2 but more modern

  • Tyler Yaw/Melton YM
    Tyler Yaw/Melton YM Month ago +1

    I was surprised and not say Mexico City Mexico.
    The air in Mexico City Mexico is like a two pack a day cigarettes.

  • John N
    John N Month ago

    After all this what can I say? Except THANK GOD FOR CANADA! It does exist okay? It;s not a rumor.

  • TheNewVlogger08
    TheNewVlogger08 Month ago

    I live in America lol

  • Zargam Khan
    Zargam Khan 2 months ago

    islamabad pakistan 2nd most beautiful capital of the word 🤗😎=dahli indian 2nd most polluted capital of the world..🤢🤮

  • TheDuskeyUmbreon64
    TheDuskeyUmbreon64 2 months ago

    The ocean

  • TheDuskeyUmbreon64
    TheDuskeyUmbreon64 2 months ago

    1:58 is that half of a Country ball??

  • Robert Henderson
    Robert Henderson 2 months ago +2

    It’s obvious China is on the list because they have more pollution

  • jo ann lucio
    jo ann lucio 2 months ago

    Cool no US cities

  • Sekrit dokument
    Sekrit dokument 2 months ago

    i saw a hertz car ad and the lady driving in the car had a radio hijacking telling her to get a new car. dont you think hertz is trying to hijack the radios?

  • jeebesh the gamer
    jeebesh the gamer 2 months ago +2

    INDIA is destroying our beautiful planet

  • jeebesh the gamer
    jeebesh the gamer 2 months ago +1

    Haven't watched but I know any part of my country Nepal won't be in this list
    It's too beautiful

  • Ryan Lesner
    Ryan Lesner 2 months ago

    did Erin Brockovich show up to sue because hex chromium 6 was in the water supply?

  • M LeskoYeah
    M LeskoYeah 2 months ago

    I hope for future developments of better public transportation in the cities where car emissions are the biggest problems.

  • Nyta Sam
    Nyta Sam 2 months ago

    Wow... and I thought my city (Phnom Pehn) is really polluted. These cities make it look like a heaven compared to these.

  • of course
    of course 2 months ago


  • Justin Y.
    Justin Y. 2 months ago

    Manila was probably no. 11

  • Raisa Cherry
    Raisa Cherry 2 months ago


  • Glory david
    Glory david 2 months ago

    I live in Chennai the 17th cleanest city in India more than Delhi and Mumbai but a little lower than Kolkata

  • John N
    John N 3 months ago

    Well I am certainly not to move there!

  • k cade
    k cade 3 months ago

    Everybody doesn't know that Islamabad, Pakistan is the most polluted city in the world ever! i saw it. it's has higher PM2.5 than the no.1 here

  • k cade
    k cade 3 months ago

    Why manila wasn't there?

  • Undertale Freak
    Undertale Freak 3 months ago

    great places to never visit

  • KayDee
    KayDee 3 months ago

    Gosh! I feel so bad for those people 😢 here I am in one of the cleanest places in America, surrounded by trees and I spend most of my time indoors. Time to start appreciating how good I have it. I’m gonna sit under and tree and watch videos. Thank you God for my snobby middle class suburban utopia ❤️

  • lukethegamer8913 cool
    lukethegamer8913 cool 3 months ago

    We have to stop our
    Poor beautiful planet.😢👎

  • iuzarneimaveilabal
    iuzarneimaveilabal 3 months ago

    Repetitive annoying music :|

  • ANN B
    ANN B 3 months ago

    Hey where is Beijing? So shocked they weren't on your list.

  • Gato Villano
    Gato Villano 4 months ago

    An interesting fact about Chernobyl, that I learned the other day, is that the power plant is still in operation.

  • Nathan Lynch
    Nathan Lynch 4 months ago

    Can you do a 10 most polluted countries in the world video please.

  • Xavier Sparling
    Xavier Sparling 4 months ago

    Is that nuclear power plant you talking about into Noble thing him things on the thing called the elephant's foot it's a kennel room but it's very dangerous

  • Md Ariful
    Md Ariful 4 months ago

    halarpola beshi pok pok kore....mandarpola

  • Felicity Richards
    Felicity Richards 4 months ago

    check out eMalahleni South Africa

  • David The Awesome
    David The Awesome 5 months ago

    I was really thinking Detroit, Michigan was on this list!

  • shamal chandra
    shamal chandra 5 months ago

    India is terrible...

  • Scouty D
    Scouty D 5 months ago

    School buses

  • Captain Sagewinds
    Captain Sagewinds 5 months ago

    This makes America's most polluted cities look positively tame.

  • Pretzelfishes Gaming
    Pretzelfishes Gaming 5 months ago

    I live in a pretty rural spot in Alabama and despite there being a stable coal industry here, I think the dense vegetation here (it's literally a subtropical jungle) manages to cancel most of it out.

  • RS-0161
    RS-0161 5 months ago


  • The Youngs
    The Youngs 5 months ago +1

    After this I feel happy to Live in a nice Small town in NC

  • SEL IowaGirl
    SEL IowaGirl 5 months ago

    U don’t know China I live in a okay place but the highest I saw pollution was at least 700

  • Nightcore Raven
    Nightcore Raven 5 months ago

    Watches pollution in air top ten video
    *gets ad about a i r*

  • Minecraft 99
    Minecraft 99 5 months ago

    Mandan ND’s water system is pluted because of the coal mines and Oil fields.

  • shoppings sabharwal
    shoppings sabharwal 5 months ago

    I live in Delhi, India

  • Gravy Is Nice
    Gravy Is Nice 5 months ago +1

    *expects places like colstrip montana*
    oh ok

  • zade elrod
    zade elrod 5 months ago

    My friend is from Gwalior. He talked about how sad it is that is it so polluted there. I hope someday it will get better.

  • Doctor Zadd
    Doctor Zadd 6 months ago

    xintai is pronounced with a "shh" sound, like "Shintai". Its confusing but thats how pinyin works for some reason.

  • Milton Hackett
    Milton Hackett 6 months ago

    As a American it seems funny ! The world wants America to pay 90% of the world's carbon tax , and not one of our city's made the list !!

  • Minecraft Exploiter
    Minecraft Exploiter 6 months ago

    I am better than you.

  • The Sweez
    The Sweez 6 months ago

    Luckily, I live in southern New Hampshire. WE DON'T EVEN KNOW WHAT POLLUTION IS!
    Okay, so MAYBE we know a little bit, but we don't get smog, horrible chemicals, decreased life-expectancy, or any of the other things. So...

  • Christian hudi
    Christian hudi 6 months ago

    Background music kinda sounds jewish/yiddish

    GAMING LIFE 6 months ago

    It makes Manila and Pasig City River normal.. Oh wow

  • Cat Loving Trio
    Cat Loving Trio 6 months ago +1

    What kinds of plants??? Trees???

  • Elizabeth Hogan
    Elizabeth Hogan 6 months ago

    And I thought New Orleans' litter was bad.

  • Mario fan
    Mario fan 6 months ago

    Indias capital is New Delhi

  • nafisbernafas
    nafisbernafas 6 months ago

    Literally many urban areas in asia are polluted quite badly

  • The Slintea Show
    The Slintea Show 6 months ago


  • Leaftiger12
    Leaftiger12 6 months ago +3

    I am very disappointed in people for doing this and I am out of the many who would like to stop it
    SAVE THE EARTH!!!!!!!!!

    • Deltaskarmory97
      Deltaskarmory97 Month ago

      The earth will be fine. It us we have to worry about considering we are just doing what the earth wants to do like a dog wanting to get rid of fleas except the fleas are doing themselves in saving the dog from needing anything else other than to sit back and wait.

  • I’mADiscrace2MyFamily

    Ozersk, Russia? Why not that city, or any other city around the Mayak plutonium production plant in Russia? One lake in the area, Lake Karachay, has 42x the concentration of nuclear radiation as in Chernobyl

  • Monkey Midget
    Monkey Midget 6 months ago

    Unless of course, you live in one of the cities

  • BrobluJ
    BrobluJ 6 months ago

    I live in a small village in central Illinois. Probably the most polluted part is the school, and that's still just fine to breath.

  • Giovanni Vega
    Giovanni Vega 6 months ago

    We need to save the Earth

  • muhammad zakriya
    muhammad zakriya 6 months ago

    Where is Lahore in the list?????? 🤔

  • MC Chickenduck 24 7 YT
    MC Chickenduck 24 7 YT 6 months ago

    _finds video instantly searches for tree huggers_

  • Monique Granados
    Monique Granados 6 months ago

    Suddenly my Los Angeles air doesn’t seem so bad 😁

  • Pokémon Plays
    Pokémon Plays 6 months ago +1

    241,000th view

    GAMING LIFE 6 months ago

    These cities make Manila's pollution as well as Zamboanga's car exhaustion problems normal...

  • Vick Medina
    Vick Medina 6 months ago

    I'm surprised that NYC didn't make the list

  • Richard Akins
    Richard Akins 6 months ago

    Ok... How can the kids in China catch TB by pollution? Asthma and all I understand but TB is bacterial and transmitted person to person. But for real, this is depressing.

  • Frain Herschel
    Frain Herschel 6 months ago +1

    100,000 people used to live here. Now it is a ghost town.

  • ed777ish
    ed777ish 6 months ago

    I can't believe that you didn't include Fukushima in your list.

  • Robert Thonwer
    Robert Thonwer 6 months ago

    hello from north dakota