God's Story: Josiah

  • Published on Jul 17, 2018
  • Josiah was a faithful king who followed God's word no matter what. Check out his story in 2 Kings 22!
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Comments • 30

  • M Patience
    M Patience 25 days ago +2

    jireh love JOSIAH

  • Lonely Dusk
    Lonely Dusk Month ago +1

    Mi name is Josiah

  • Off The Kirb Ministries
    Off The Kirb Ministries 2 months ago +1

    Really blessed me thank you guys!

  • jayden plays
    jayden plays 2 months ago +1

    My brothers name is josiah

    JOSAIAH MYTHIC 2 months ago

    My name is JOSAIAH HEHE

  • Jesyl Yague
    Jesyl Yague 2 months ago

    Wait a 8 year old

  • scott iron
    scott iron 4 months ago +4

    3:04 know your place....."TRASH"

  • ritz25 winters
    ritz25 winters 4 months ago +1

    great great video..I love Josiah

  • Josiah Chamba
    Josiah Chamba 4 months ago


  • Josiah Chamba
    Josiah Chamba 4 months ago

    But i am on my dads acount

  • Josiah Chamba
    Josiah Chamba 4 months ago

    My name is Josiah!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Josiah Jann Taccaban
    Josiah Jann Taccaban 4 months ago +1

    Help. My name also is Josiah, but I am not a king. Hehe.
    I want to be like king Josiah.
    Turn to God and Obey God

  • Hdgamerbro jj
    Hdgamerbro jj 4 months ago

    My name josiah

  • Joshias Garcia
    Joshias Garcia 5 months ago

    my name is Josiah

  • Discipleship 4 Kids
    Discipleship 4 Kids 7 months ago +1

    Hi! Can you please sort your 66 playlist in chronological order?

    • Crossroads Kids' Club
      Crossroads Kids' Club  7 months ago +1

      Hi Natalie! Not all of the episodes are specific stories...some are general like "generosity" and "prayer". What do you think about us doing all of the chronological first...followed up by all the other ones alphabetically? Thanks!

  • George Davos 333video1
    George Davos 333video1 8 months ago

    if we could download this video with music and sounds without English speaking, it would be easy to translate in our languages for our kids who can't understand English. Think about it

    • Crossroads Kids' Club
      Crossroads Kids' Club  8 months ago

      We have a great process to collaborate and create translation videos (Check out tvclip.biz/p/PLactllEFMk_Kb4XYBMf2PKkJPzzjTU-3V). Please reach out to us at kc@crossroads.net if you're interested and we can talk about our usual process for non-English videos!

  • SpArK Jojo
    SpArK Jojo 9 months ago +3

    My name is Josiah

  • Tiffanylora
    Tiffanylora 9 months ago

    Blah blah

  • Yecenia Rojas
    Yecenia Rojas 10 months ago


  • Vanessa &Josiah and family Mr.ninja dude

    My name is Josiah. 😂

  • Matt King
    Matt King Year ago +1

    He was one of the good kings unlike the other ones who were wicked

  • Novec Hector Pan
    Novec Hector Pan Year ago +1

    Burn and destroy all tje idels now!

  • Novec Hector Pan
    Novec Hector Pan Year ago +1

    One of my freinds is named jasiah

  • Yari Portanova
    Yari Portanova Year ago +1

    Luv u guys and I luv Jesus

  • HappyRhino
    HappyRhino Year ago +8

    I really enjoy this series! Please keep creating more!

  • Mat _lingz
    Mat _lingz Year ago +1