Gordon Ramsay Takes On Thailand's Chef McDang | Gordon's Great Escape

  • Published on May 12, 2019
  • On Gordon's final day in Thailand, he takes on Chef McDang on TV.
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Comments • 2 847

  • Janna Lyn Pizarro
    Janna Lyn Pizarro 6 hours ago

    Had so much fun watching this hahhahah ❤️❤️

  • Akp kushkid
    Akp kushkid 11 hours ago

    Yeah but did you die?

  • Reaper H
    Reaper H 15 hours ago

    Bang-Kok 🤣🤣


    His name's like a McDonald's item 😂

  • Sam
    Sam 2 days ago

    Loved thailand. Ppl, food, locations, all of it amazing. Favourite place I've visited.

  • DrunkFox
    DrunkFox 2 days ago +1

    Am I the only one waiting for the camera man on tracks to go off rail

  • Ardissa Puji Susanto

    Gordon meet Almazan Kitchen would be great, his owl named after him.. :D

  • v 1000
    v 1000 3 days ago


  • Por Imv.
    Por Imv. 4 days ago

    Gordon cooked like authentic Thai dishes

  • Yosagorn Winyarat
    Yosagorn Winyarat 4 days ago +1

    this is not a pad thai

  • ?????????????????????


  • Kirishino Kasuga
    Kirishino Kasuga 5 days ago +1

    ทำตัวไม่ค่อยมีมารยาทเลย กอร์ดอนทำอาหารอยู่ไปเกาะคอเขาเพื่อ (กอร์ดอนถือมีดหั่นอยู่นะนั่น)

  • Kanok Kanapi
    Kanok Kanapi 5 days ago

    ชอบมากกกกกก ❤️

  • ItsUr Mom
    ItsUr Mom 5 days ago

    I know McDang is pretty famous for his skills but damn he’s just fucking annoying

  • KK 9410
    KK 9410 6 days ago

    come from thailand

  • Nutt NuTaLai
    Nutt NuTaLai 7 days ago

    You so cool

  • Kolo Ku
    Kolo Ku 8 days ago

    Damm you cook good I wanna try some

  • Kolo Ku
    Kolo Ku 8 days ago

    Thailand food is good

  • ashleelmb
    ashleelmb 9 days ago

    Gordon: 'Ah shit, its burning near the bottom'
    Mcdang: 'Get out of my kitchen you useless piece of shit.'
    *There Gordon. How'ds it feel to be the inferior chef for once?!*

  • pranjali naik
    pranjali naik 10 days ago

    "See you next year"

  • ปลื้มซ่า สุดเทพ


  • Populous3 Tutorials
    Populous3 Tutorials 11 days ago +3

    1vs 6, and not playing home, and still drew :) rekt

  • max mado
    max mado 11 days ago

    ทำกระเพราเนื้อติดมัน ไข่ดาวกรอบๆให้ผมหน่อย เทพกอร์ดอน

  • Brother Ronardo
    Brother Ronardo 13 days ago +5

    The other guy is one of those annoying classmate in school, talks all the time, and we have to pretend we're friends but not.

  • Kaveesha Fernando
    Kaveesha Fernando 14 days ago

    1:22 'he's so cocky and I'm really cocky too'

    THONGIN 15 days ago

    Welcome to Thailand dude hahahhahahaahhahahahhaahahhha
    Funny as fuck

  • Christopher Trakansuepkool

    I think I saw Gordon Ramsey in thailand and I’m thai

  • Jarif Hassan
    Jarif Hassan 16 days ago

    Why are you gay
    I'm not gay
    You are gay
    First thing That came to my mind when that guy was speaking lol

  • RandomPsychic
    RandomPsychic 17 days ago

    mc dang? is that a thai maccas meal?

  • SUB3ERO !!
    SUB3ERO !! 18 days ago

    Ready...steady.....COCK 😂😂

  • Toruo
    Toruo 18 days ago

    เวลาที่คุณกอร์ดอนทำอาหาร เขาแสดงออกชัดเจนมากๆว่าเขากำลังสนุก และมีความสุขไปกับมันจริงๆ

  • Su sambomaster
    Su sambomaster 19 days ago

    a damn shokugeki

  • Tabetha Selwood
    Tabetha Selwood 19 days ago +1

    Me in bangcock - * Chuckling after thinking about the name so much *
    The people from bangcock - '' What the £*&% is that person laughing bout' ''

  • Mohamed Rahman
    Mohamed Rahman 19 days ago

    Work done now 8.07 Gordan fucking off to the brasses them Tai hoes!

  • mn. monet
    mn. monet 19 days ago

    I’m Thai!!!!!

  • AK
    AK 20 days ago +2

    The chef sounds like buk law from ownage pranks

  • Depurplee
    Depurplee 21 day ago

    RIP his dad

  • John Fam
    John Fam 21 day ago

    McDang has no sense of personal space 😂

  • Ryan Sim
    Ryan Sim 22 days ago

    Gordon looking mad swollen!

  • ilk d
    ilk d 23 days ago

    I dont like fast cooking

  • Ninedaysjane
    Ninedaysjane 23 days ago

    McDang needs his own show on Food Network!

    AL SHARPTON 24 days ago

    Damn that admin guy is a fagget

  • Alien Hippie
    Alien Hippie 26 days ago

    There equally cocky there both funny asf together 😂

  • Binggai Lecena
    Binggai Lecena 27 days ago

    im pretty sure gordon wins, they just make it a draw. coz if mcdang wins it would be easy and proud for them to say he wins.

  • Gino Peñaflor
    Gino Peñaflor 27 days ago

    when was this filmed?

    SONS OF DRAGONS 28 days ago

    The thais were being gracious mate! Lol

  • Torte Di Leni
    Torte Di Leni 29 days ago +1

    Gordon and chef boy logro please!

    • Tina Cruz
      Tina Cruz 25 days ago

      Nakaw wag napo baka magalit mga pilipino pag nagkamali

  • Ronald Moirangcha
    Ronald Moirangcha Month ago

    "Can you swim?" 🤣🤣

  • S
    S Month ago

    As a Thai, this is embarrassing. This Thai Chef is a nobody and he is cheating and showing no respect to his foreign guest chef. Chef Ramsey on the other hand is doing everything a true respectable Thai should. Unlike this fake Super Flamming Thai chef.

  • Tangmo555 2
    Tangmo555 2 Month ago

    I like your thought.
    You look scary, but in truth, you are funny.
    From Thailand.

  • Juan Carlo Mararac
    Juan Carlo Mararac Month ago

    Just want to say to chef gordon ramsay that i like cooking... Maybe someday chef gordon will go here in the phillippines

  • Cptbravo2211
    Cptbravo2211 Month ago

    Gordon's murderous impulse increases if you stick a finger in his food

  • Poonyapat Krajangsri


  • The FootballTv
    The FootballTv Month ago

    Chef Ramsey you know thailand food is make veryhard i am from thailand✌

  • สิทธิชัย กุลสืบ

    Wow you​ go.to.thailad

  • Andy Webb
    Andy Webb Month ago

    They make a good pair for the show. And the food looks delicious. 😃👍🏼

  • MusicOP\anime\
    MusicOP\anime\ Month ago


  • FintlockMan
    FintlockMan Month ago

    ผมชอบแรมซีย์ตอนรายการ Kitchen Nightmare เค้าดูจริงจังดี MasterChef US ดูเพลินตอนแรมซี่ย์ทำอาหาร

  • Mint Pakwarin
    Mint Pakwarin Month ago

    Love you Gordon thanks for came visited my country 😉😊