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  • Published on Oct 14, 2019
  • 또 만나요
    See you again
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  • ODG
    ODG  Month ago +32695

    또 만나요.
    See you again.
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  • Devanshu Damle
    Devanshu Damle 6 hours ago

    theyre gonna date when they grow up

  • Aisyah Ouva
    Aisyah Ouva 8 hours ago


  • galef y panfila
    galef y panfila 8 hours ago

    soy el unico que los shipea? jaja

  • this ain’t it, chief
    this ain’t it, chief 11 hours ago

    y'all sound weird as hell saying they're gonna be together or they'd look cute together, they're literally 8

  • Aîr Bendêr
    Aîr Bendêr 13 hours ago

    I have a feeling they’re gonna milk these videos for a looooooong time

  • 井田は今日も元気ニダ


  • Inès Bentahar
    Inès Bentahar 16 hours ago

    They're so cute. They're gonna be heartbreakers

  • Leslybeast #1
    Leslybeast #1 17 hours ago

    Its so cuteeee!!!!!!!
    Im dying😇😇😇

  • iviyyyh_
    iviyyyh_ 17 hours ago

    I cannot stop smiling awww

  • Frédéric Chopin
    Frédéric Chopin 18 hours ago

    They can both do kid’s modelling. Oh wait a minute they are models

  • MaiteBeatbox
    MaiteBeatbox 18 hours ago

    Soy la unica que los shipea :v?

  • SeeThru Plays rblx
    SeeThru Plays rblx 20 hours ago +1

    A five year old really commented “wHy bOy eYES sTrEcH oUT”

  • Max Rose-Taylor
    Max Rose-Taylor 20 hours ago

    Soooo cute

  • F A N T A
    F A N T A 22 hours ago

    Sumpah ni chanel apa si ga ngerti gw ODG itu apa?

  • Mitzumi Army
    Mitzumi Army 23 hours ago

    Esa niña aprende mas rapido que yo ;-; 💔

  • WakkThe Hekk
    WakkThe Hekk Day ago

    2:09 i don't know but somehow im happy to see that :)

  • うみとさかな


  • auneke siahaan
    auneke siahaan Day ago

    they both are adorable. help meeeee.

  • Gracia Margaretha

    CUTEEE ❤❤

  • Slytherin Slytherin

    Guess what?


  • Emir Kılıç
    Emir Kılıç Day ago +1

    I'm white boy and I love korean people!
    Love from turkey

  • Arturo Smash
    Arturo Smash Day ago

    Mansbsuzkdnabjss (aplauso)

  • Sarah Mae Sanchez


  • Fitri Widya Ningsih


  • Alex Munoz
    Alex Munoz Day ago

    These kids are just adorable 😊

  • Nina Dia
    Nina Dia Day ago

    I love how confidence the little girl was 😍

  • LCGaming- LCG
    LCGaming- LCG Day ago

    I love how all these wierd ass people here are just fantasizing about them like wtf😂

  • Freda FL
    Freda FL Day ago +1

    They are so cute omg, my heart melts.

  • Geovanna Arias
    Geovanna Arias Day ago

    Mi pregunta es: que app estaban usando, para yo también aprender

  • Matias Rodriguez

    Im crying...they are adorable

  • fidel gutierrez
    fidel gutierrez Day ago

    How adorable

  • Ally Lee
    Ally Lee Day ago +1

    Ugh they are so cute. I love this! 🥰 She’s also such a smart 8 year old! Go Carson! 💕

  • Vxze Void
    Vxze Void Day ago

    AWWW MY GOD♥️♥️

  • Puguh Alfian
    Puguh Alfian Day ago

    I'm from the future, I see them married and have super cool kids

  • sophiamarie101
    sophiamarie101 Day ago

    they are sooo precious

  • Carlos Mario Perez Ramirez

    A los niños no los divide nada ni religión ni racismo son libres de ser amigos de cualquier persona

  • Zero_Allowed
    Zero_Allowed Day ago +1

    I need the name of the end song :') plis
    Necesito el nombre de la canción del final porfavor jsjsjs

  • Stackpou
    Stackpou Day ago

    when we watch this video they also teach us

  • Samir Haydari
    Samir Haydari Day ago

    2:10 i saw the move my guy😏😉

  • Gaby Estrada
    Gaby Estrada Day ago

    Totally not awkward

  • Nati Arielle
    Nati Arielle Day ago

    This is so wholesome I’m gonna cryyyyy😭😭💖

  • AaliyahLynn
    AaliyahLynn Day ago +1

    Carson:scoots back me:GET BACK OVER THERE

  • jhen-hu Tv vlogs

    Ganda nila

  • Mobile Rex
    Mobile Rex Day ago

    Will them be merried?

  • Delviola Azhara
    Delviola Azhara Day ago

    the boy look like eunwoo

  • Redy Pajero
    Redy Pajero Day ago

    *They better be best friends forever or istg-*

  • yamilet kawai
    yamilet kawai Day ago +1

    Aaaaaaa oppa that cute child🥰🥰🥰I want to learn how to habar Korean

  • Khan Haadiyah
    Khan Haadiyah Day ago +7

    I love how they both clap ever time one of them says the sentence correctly

  • Just some loser
    Just some loser Day ago

    This is me and the mean girl in my class tbh

  • Xx_ItzYuiPlayz _xX

    Why Are They So Cute 😍

  • Jorji Costava
    Jorji Costava 2 days ago +38

    “Hello, I’m [name].”
    “I am [name], see you again”
    Literally all my conversations.

  • ingr_d
    ingr_d 2 days ago

    I can imagine them being so freaking cute together, please reunite them after 5-10 yearsss!!!

  • Balqis Syuhadah
    Balqis Syuhadah 2 days ago

    Ouh.. like a sweet couple

  • Jyothi Mantangi
    Jyothi Mantangi 2 days ago

    SHip It

  • Nakor Makor
    Nakor Makor 2 days ago

    we wait 2029 until they become adult and reunite them

  • Mhiel Perez
    Mhiel Perez 2 days ago

    I saw hyun-ho moving closer and closer to carson it was sooo cute😆😆

  • iis pratiwi
    iis pratiwi 2 days ago

    Comel la

  • lia s
    lia s 2 days ago

    this is so pure shut up

  • Jhon OG
    Jhon OG 2 days ago +5

    Stop shipping them, this will end in a few months