High pitch voice break glass

  • Published on Mar 14, 2007
  • A girl capable of breaking a glass cup with her high pitch voice
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  • ArcDevErik
    ArcDevErik 5 months ago

    obv fake if you know how this actually works

  • Andrés González Caballero

    Como me gustaría ser un objeto de cristal para que esa hermosa Chica me rompiera con su angelical voz de soprano por lo menos muero con placer al saber que me destrozo en mil pedazos con la voz de esa chica tan guapa.

  • Diana Galeana
    Diana Galeana Year ago

    Impressive 😁

  • Shelby Brasfield
    Shelby Brasfield Year ago

    When you get distracted because musicals

  • Marc G
    Marc G Year ago

    i don't believe in tv shows, they can shoot it with an airgun

  • regina tenebris
    regina tenebris Year ago

    Fake.. My teacher from music definitely can do this and for that is needed much more higher tone... She broke a very thick, not glass but CERAMIC front of my eyes... It is so high that your eardrums vibrate....

  • Louisa Cooper
    Louisa Cooper Year ago

    Sing for mE! MY ANGEL OF MUSIC😂😂

  • King Zagan
    King Zagan 2 years ago

    Fake.The glass was shot by a BB gun

  • The Dark Craft Rises
    The Dark Craft Rises 2 years ago +60

    Fake it broke because it was made in china

  • justrockon426
    justrockon426 2 years ago

    this is totally fake, i got proved to be impossible by the myth busters.

    • Dark Incision
      Dark Incision Year ago

      justrockon426 you can still break a glass with your voice

  • MissWolfStorm 101
    MissWolfStorm 101 2 years ago

    It's fake, because someone shoots something at the glass cup (I don't know what it's called XP) And smashes it. However, that girl has a nice voice!

  • XXXsmart100
    XXXsmart100 2 years ago

    I thought your vocals had to be higher in order to do that?

  • Candace Rose
    Candace Rose 2 years ago +1

    Phantom of the opera

  • gue st
    gue st 2 years ago +4

    0:20 about to break the glass

  • Sa Sa
    Sa Sa 2 years ago

    she broke my nokia

  • Olga Alanis
    Olga Alanis 2 years ago

    Hey guys have any questions

    • DinnersReady
      DinnersReady 2 years ago +1

      Yup, it's really important,

      Could u drink bleach

  • Brankle MSP
    Brankle MSP 3 years ago

    Guys it was fake physics aside I'm not saying it's impossible I'm saying when she did it it was fake watch in frame by frame and see how someone hits it

  • Silvermoon Magick
    Silvermoon Magick 3 years ago

    she looks wierd

  • d W
    d W 3 years ago +21

    Slow it down frame by frame and you can see the BB enter and strike the glass from the right side.

  • Unie÷Cetterie
    Unie÷Cetterie 3 years ago +4

    The glass is made in Zhong Guo

  • marina esbeath
    marina esbeath 3 years ago +56

    is that the phantom of the opera?!

  • 504jec
    504jec 3 years ago +18

    I heard higher pitch in Asian porn

  • -__XxHiddenLightxX__-
    -__XxHiddenLightxX__- 3 years ago +3


  • Jo the Animator
    Jo the Animator 3 years ago

    Her thuum...

  • Adriel P.
    Adriel P. 3 years ago


    • Best Username Ever
      Best Username Ever 3 years ago

      +Lill Kee It is possible but not by this way. You have to hit the same frequency as the glass gives and have your voice at at least 100 db

    • 好你
      好你 3 years ago +3

      +adriel pullen this is Physics, real

  • Sabrina Uribe
    Sabrina Uribe 4 years ago


  • B Rhyme
    B Rhyme 4 years ago +13

    fake fake and fake.

    • 好你
      好你 3 years ago +3

      +B Rhyme it's about resonance. the the frequency of the sound vibration is same as the natural frquency of the glass, the glass will vibrate and break.

  • CutePanda707
    CutePanda707 4 years ago +5

    I can do a more high pitched voice then that😒

    • stella&animals forever
      stella&animals forever Year ago

      Brankle MSP no it wasn't

    • Okito Lim Wai Kit
      Okito Lim Wai Kit Year ago


    • Brankle MSP
      Brankle MSP 3 years ago +1

      +Kate Velarde it was fake

    • Oml Fml
      Oml Fml 4 years ago +18

      To break a wine glass, it's not about how high you can go, but about matching the frequencies, which she did perfectly.

  • FantastyckplastycK
    FantastyckplastycK 4 years ago


  • Sam Marcus-Mayer
    Sam Marcus-Mayer 4 years ago +19

    Am I the only one that realizes this is the title song from PotO?

    • Karolina
      Karolina 3 years ago +1

      YASSS. I'm so obsessed with that movie/book/everything! :D

    • Julie Timoshenko
      Julie Timoshenko 4 years ago +3

      YASSSSSSSSSSSSSS phantom of the opera is life:D

    • Kawayo9 Ahai.
      Kawayo9 Ahai. 4 years ago

      No, the notes sounded very familiar

    • Gandor87
      Gandor87 4 years ago


  • Jack Le
    Jack Le 4 years ago +7

    3-3-3-1-5-3-1-5-3 --> Darth Vader's theme

  • Annaleigh Johannes
    Annaleigh Johannes 5 years ago +3

    i can do that but it hurts cause i do my squeaky voice loud high pitched it sounds like HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE uhmm not realy....

  • Jake Bechtel
    Jake Bechtel 5 years ago

    yeah i know!!!

  • Jake Jester Necro1269
    Jake Jester Necro1269 5 years ago

    I know her!!! We fool around

  • jose visueth
    jose visueth 5 years ago

    i need to break my girlfriend window:)

  • ChezFeroce
    ChezFeroce 6 years ago

    She sang an Ab....

  • Chemicalkinetics
    Chemicalkinetics 6 years ago

    What he is saying is that most objectives (like this glass) has a natural frequency. Your ability to break the glass is greatest when (1) your voice matches this natural frequency -- resonance and (2) your voice is loud. You can read about "1940 Tacoma Narrows Bridge"

  • shes girl
    shes girl 6 years ago

    Oh please do know a high pitch does not necessarily break the glass, the matched frequency of voice pitch is all needed to break the glass

  • PST Show
    PST Show 6 years ago


  • Hazie
    Hazie 6 years ago


  • RScapeRemix
    RScapeRemix 6 years ago

    phantom of the opera

  • Erin Cox
    Erin Cox 6 years ago

    Is it just me or if you closely it looks like someone shot it and it broke not her voice?

  • .a
    .a 6 years ago


  • Jonathan Honorato
    Jonathan Honorato 6 years ago

    The girl in the end yelled at higher pitch, much more impressive lol!

  • NugrahaMA
    NugrahaMA 6 years ago

    hahahahahahahahaha XD

  • NugrahaMA
    NugrahaMA 6 years ago

    its not the highes note i ever heard

  • NugrahaMA
    NugrahaMA 6 years ago

    hahahaha i think so

  • rungekutta24
    rungekutta24 6 years ago

    it's resonant frequency
    In physics, resonance is the tendency of a system to oscillate with greater amplitude at some frequencies than at others. Frequencies at which the response amplitude is a relative maximum are known as the system's resonant frequencies, or resonance frequencies. At these frequencies, even small periodic driving forces can produce large amplitude oscillations, because the system stores vibrational energy.

  • Aimee Burrows
    Aimee Burrows 6 years ago

    The scream at the end was higher than her note!

  • holla pink
    holla pink 6 years ago

    Glass made in China

  • Fen253
    Fen253 6 years ago

    She just need her voice to match the frequency of the glass to achieve resonance, the glass doesn't break because of high pitch but because of frequency matching. :)

  • Anamnesis Small
    Anamnesis Small 6 years ago

    Mariah Carey would have blown that glass back into the dust in which it was made from ;P

  • Hafizh Arino
    Hafizh Arino 6 years ago

    that's so freaking low. Mariah can do better than that.

  • IcyHotMeeksCosplay
    IcyHotMeeksCosplay 6 years ago


  • Queenie Ong
    Queenie Ong 6 years ago

    her voice is fucking low

  • Ca Ka
    Ca Ka 6 years ago

    Are you serious??? I think Mariah Carey can be able to explode the building!!!

  • raj Enki
    raj Enki 6 years ago

    Is that all? very low. not impressive.

  • PsychoSocial
    PsychoSocial 6 years ago

    is anyone really buying what they are trying to sell here

  • crazyboutcrafts101
    crazyboutcrafts101 6 years ago

    HaHa phantom of the opera lol!

  • FireSath
    FireSath 6 years ago


  • JayMee Jsy
    JayMee Jsy 6 years ago

    i think Girls' Generation's jessica can break a glass because of her Dolphin Scream! watch?v=eI8axRw93ow ^^

  • Kawaii Boys
    Kawaii Boys 6 years ago

    el microfono ayuda mucho a aumentar el volumen, estoy en al duda

  • MrKhil96
    MrKhil96 6 years ago


  • krungy darong
    krungy darong 6 years ago

    pag made in china tlaga di nagtatagal hahahaha,,,,,,,,,,

  • aemirie ExoShiDae
    aemirie ExoShiDae 6 years ago

    it's not that high..

  • Amyl Ortiz
    Amyl Ortiz 6 years ago

    A glass doesn't break only because of high pitch. It breaks because the frequency of the note matches the needed frequency of the glass to break.

  • marvin sedano
    marvin sedano 6 years ago

    yeah the glass from china..... even without high notes its still break hahahha

  • Michael
    Michael 6 years ago

    she did the phantom of the opera vocalisations but an octave lower? listen to sarah brightman instead

  • thebesttimeforyou
    thebesttimeforyou 6 years ago

    the topic is changed to "A low glass quality is made in China "

  • Kazami Kazuki
    Kazami Kazuki 6 years ago

    Made in China Bitch

  • LOLA
    LOLA 6 years ago

    that is low.. not even in the whistle range

  • Marina Buli
    Marina Buli 7 years ago

    Phantom of the opera woohoo love it

  • Mixa
    Mixa 7 years ago

    class won't break in any case, it needs to be chrystal

  • nasugbubatangas
    nasugbubatangas 7 years ago

    That's a very low note actually... Glass made in China..

  • kurogane2x
    kurogane2x 7 years ago

    She broke it because the glass is made from china :D

  • hoang khang Nguyen
    hoang khang Nguyen 7 years ago

    Please watch the strange people who authenticate. you will know

  • Green Yu
    Green Yu 7 years ago


  • Notorious Chaudhary
    Notorious Chaudhary 7 years ago

    if she can break glass with her voice, i wonder what vitas could do..

  • Brittany Oden
    Brittany Oden 7 years ago

    If you hit the same frequency the wavelengths will match the glass cup, causing it to shatter.

  • argiee188
    argiee188 7 years ago

    A5 isn't high for me.

  • Green Yu
    Green Yu 7 years ago


  • katrina knight
    katrina knight 7 years ago

    Uhmm its bc she's holding a mic

  • MimiMinion
    MimiMinion 7 years ago


  • brandon xiao
    brandon xiao 7 years ago

    pag sure mo ui,,

  • Shira
    Shira 7 years ago

    Makes me wanna watch hentai looking at these chicks fuck u rlly hard nd finish on ur sexy dirty face!!!!!!

  • Dorothy May Cruz
    Dorothy May Cruz 7 years ago

    I was searching iCarly 2007, his popped out in the side.

  • Korranis1
    Korranis1 7 years ago

    Dont know how i got here, but I'd fuck all those bitches

  • 277Biki
    277Biki 7 years ago


  • Elizabeth Atwood
    Elizabeth Atwood 7 years ago

    Your right you have to sing SUPER high to break glass

  • Dave Lamb
    Dave Lamb 7 years ago

    LOL.... This is SO LOW.... Is this even a whistle note?? I bet that is just an average falsetto. The microphones must have done a great job in amplifying the "high pitch sound" and the glass must be extremely fragile for the glass to break.

  • Bu Cáo
    Bu Cáo 7 years ago

    If this high can't break glasses.
    I bet Mariah's voice can break stones.

  • Jack Le
    Jack Le 7 years ago

    wildly lol

  • Vic Van
    Vic Van 7 years ago

    the hell .. how did you come up with that.. lol

  • afro samurai
    afro samurai 7 years ago

    well found but were you bored to find that?!

  • MrMagnusFogg
    MrMagnusFogg 7 years ago

    ...the lady just broke one of my ears, I'm still figuring which one...

  • Isidro Vargas Jr
    Isidro Vargas Jr 7 years ago

    Fake as a motherfucker

  • henani123
    henani123 7 years ago


  • uh mad
    uh mad 7 years ago

    @nanotek2711 Awesome crap .