Elephant sex 1


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  • someting wung with me !!!

    I need to wash my eyes out now

  • Yvonne Lopez
    Yvonne Lopez Year ago

    are there kids watching this show n the zoo 😐wtf

  • Pixeltrixplays
    Pixeltrixplays Year ago

    Kids In backround: ew!

  • Katelyn Pro
    Katelyn Pro Year ago


    • Austin Turner
      Austin Turner Year ago

      Ur the one that saw a vudeo titled "Elephant Sex" and clicked it. Congratulations, You played yourself

  • Murugan Murugan
    Murugan Murugan Year ago

    Sex video of Murugan

    KING TIMO / AMV Year ago +2

    Il faut se sentir seule pour filme se genre de trucs ?

  • Pig Squad - News and more

    poor kid

  • • uwu •
    • uwu • Year ago

    That dick is huge

  • Wee Sing
    Wee Sing 2 years ago


  • hmd sharma
    hmd sharma 3 years ago +2

    Nesseral enimal VIDEOS - Thanks "

  • bigdealdamon
    bigdealdamon 7 years ago +9

    Now son watch closely cause in a year your next

  • Bryan Cordova
    Bryan Cordova 7 years ago +12

    He came so fast and he did it in front of his kid!lol

  • a b
    a b 7 years ago +11


  • Alanna
    Alanna 7 years ago +14

    He has a huge dick O.O

  • MrDudeman9442
    MrDudeman9442 7 years ago +2

    Looks like mine

  • Jakob ink
    Jakob ink 7 years ago +3

    So they can move there dick's like fuckn worms? .wtf

    • Ashley Lee
      Ashley Lee Year ago

      ...... Thats just weird though......

  • M.M
    M.M 8 years ago +2

    Elephant penis yuck

  • Kyon Snow
    Kyon Snow 8 years ago +2

    why the fuck has videos of animals shagging have more views that ray william johnson videos, you sick pervert !

  • Logan Fox
    Logan Fox 8 years ago +2

    i love watchin these things fuck its soo good to get off too:)

  • Ravek2010
    Ravek2010 8 years ago +5

    Elephant Dad: Son, this is how I do your mother! Watch and learn... Hold on just a bit, can't find the hole... there you...nope, I give up! Show you some other time.

    Elephant Mother: It's like this everytime.

  • nanonyme
    nanonyme 8 years ago +1

    The shape of its penis is... interesting. I suppose there's anatomical reasons for that as well.

  • driverjackboy
    driverjackboy 8 years ago


  • Roger Smith
    Roger Smith 8 years ago +1

    Is that really mature, letting the kid elephant watch?

  • Billy Cotton
    Billy Cotton 8 years ago +1

    And I thought when someone said they had a jawbreaker
    , they meant that candy off the ice cream truck.

  • Raff Pyreczek
    Raff Pyreczek 8 years ago

    Fuck Yeah ! ;D

  • Catfish and Midnight Oil Entertainment

    BUTT SEX!!!!

  • samuriguy909
    samuriguy909 8 years ago +2

    poor baby elephant catching his parents fucking

  • James Lewis
    James Lewis 8 years ago +2

    (Little boy) Ew, Ew, EW Mommy EW!
    (Dad) Son, that's how your Momma an I got it on to make you!

  • IneXtrikabul
    IneXtrikabul 8 years ago

    You gotta love how the elephant practically turns so all the people watching can see him bang the other one lol

  • Thedragonateme
    Thedragonateme 8 years ago


  • Bartłomiej Bąk
    Bartłomiej Bąk 8 years ago

    ale ma wielkiego chuja!!

  • probotboyxxx
    probotboyxxx 8 years ago

    Its looks like a fail to me! Hahahahaha!

  • DiegoStyler09
    DiegoStyler09 9 years ago

    And the Kind See THIS OMG !

  • Rest Oblivion
    Rest Oblivion 9 years ago

    nOt in front of the kid! c'mon dad

  • lunaticpro12
    lunaticpro12 9 years ago

    cobra mode ON, bang bang bang, spitting venom.

  • AnyhowSia
    AnyhowSia 9 years ago

    WTF! TWO TRUNKS?!?!?

  • thingshappens
    thingshappens 9 years ago

    I last much longer.

  • Brittany W
    Brittany W 9 years ago

    He's smiling the whole time!

  • jaisaige
    jaisaige 9 years ago

    That was hilarous

  • sammygee2thez
    sammygee2thez 9 years ago

    that is still not as big as mine..

  • Connor St.Claire
    Connor St.Claire 9 years ago

    how did i come from borat to this?!?!?!?!?!

  • kyle0874
    kyle0874 9 years ago

    Crap he moves that thing like a trunk and it touches the ground

  • Tony Abbott
    Tony Abbott 9 years ago

    lol, he spanked her with it xD

  • teknul89
    teknul89 9 years ago

    that is just amazing for the Zoo that they making Kids like 5 to 8 to looking the Elephant making Sex XD

  • Elizar Tringov
    Elizar Tringov 9 years ago

    @sulemanshafique1 He is trying to teach him the technique. If you look at the end of the video he is looking at his son like "you understand what I did there?" and the son is like "Yeah I think I got it."

  • lolzmaster117
    lolzmaster117 9 years ago

    Wow He Can Really Maneuver That Thing

  • Jason Roxas
    Jason Roxas 9 years ago

    horny elephant XD

  • mo133jj
    mo133jj 9 years ago

    holy shit, i wish my dick was the size of my leg!!

  • Sam Norman
    Sam Norman 9 years ago

    in front of the baby elephant!

  • donutsprinkles99
    donutsprinkles99 9 years ago

    is he trying to get a view of how to jump over the fence?

  • biodisater12
    biodisater12 9 years ago

    lol tht elephant has 2 trunks

  • Drano Daver
    Drano Daver 9 years ago

    ale ma dużego

  • Michael John
    Michael John 9 years ago


  • FlashTube
    FlashTube 9 years ago

    @A86 LOL SAME, I was watching my own video about video game war,,, xDDDD after that i was watching Scary games, HOW DID I COME HERE?

  • Fattkattz55
    Fattkattz55 9 years ago

    holy shit thats a dick lol

  • oddbodjr1
    oddbodjr1 9 years ago

    Is this at Bristol Zoo? o.O

  • Daniel S.
    Daniel S. 9 years ago

    Omg a deformed penis FTW! Thats the only way to scare little kids :)

  • pympyvoca1
    pympyvoca1 9 years ago

    aparte de que los elefantes no tienen intimidad jajajajaja
    descubri que tiene 2 trompas jajajajaja

  • Jessica Dillon
    Jessica Dillon 9 years ago


  • Aldente
    Aldente 9 years ago

    oh yeah!