The Liar Princess and the Blind Prince - ENDING (ENGLISH) FINAL BOSS \ The Witches Palace

  • Published on Feb 12, 2019
  • The Liar Princess and the Blind Prince ENDING FINAL BOSS Level The Witches Palace, Fairy Tale Afterglow. See The EPIC Conclusion to The Amazing Gris game Story. The Liar Princess and the Blind Prince Ending Eglsih Walkthrough Includes Final Boss and All Endings Review.
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  • GamerrZOMBIE
    GamerrZOMBIE  Month ago +1025

    I think the story of The Liar Princess and the Blind Prince shows us that we can't always have what we
    want in life. Sometimes things just don't always work out, and we have to make sacrifices. But at the
    end of it all, we can always find a way and be Happy!! Also, I cried!! .....

    • Pavel Zun
      Pavel Zun 10 days ago

      The moral of the story is that you should handle fire responsibly in the forest! Seriously, that lantern.

    • GamerrZOMBIE
      GamerrZOMBIE  27 days ago +1

      Yes it is 😌

    • Shannon Tynes
      Shannon Tynes 27 days ago +1

      I cried and that is the hardest thing to do. Cry with feeling from the heart

    • Sukardus Crimps
      Sukardus Crimps Month ago

      It’s beautiful to just wait and with enough patients life might give you your happiness don’t you agree with me?

    • i i
      i i Month ago

      The moral of the story is strike the iron while it is hot, and not to let your sense of "Justice" hinder what is actually important to you.
      Should have held the witch at gunpoint demanding the conditions while she was fainted.
      This is what people need to get. No one actually cares about your "justice" or your sense of "morals", this is the reality of the world that we live in today.
      One moment of hesitation or pity can be prove destructive to one's goals.

  • Kitsune Akila
    Kitsune Akila 2 days ago

    Since I heard about this game I knew I was gonna cry at it's ending,it's so beautiful ;-;

  • flazeburze 23
    flazeburze 23 2 days ago

    "i came to see you again said the prince" how ironic

  • william philip
    william philip 2 days ago

    the art style reminds me of that old halloween animation you found me

  • chayapol cha
    chayapol cha 3 days ago

    when I look at prince and princess it's look cute, but when I looked princess in wolf-form I'd like to say "UGLY S--"

  • Lil' Teddy
    Lil' Teddy 3 days ago

    Not to be inappropriate I wonder whats when the wolf and the prince takes things to the next level?😉

  • Leanne B.
    Leanne B. 6 days ago

    i just beat the game. man.. that ending got me in tears.. i love that they're finally together and there's no lies, but it's sad that she lost all her memories with him, and her human form, and her angelic voice :(

  • kaung kaung
    kaung kaung 8 days ago

    Jesus dude thats a sad ending bruh

  • SCP 049
    SCP 049 9 days ago

    They lived "happily ever after", but what does that even mean in this case?

    dO tHeY sMaSh?!?!?

  • Umi Hana
    Umi Hana 10 days ago

    Ugly sobbing but happy for them ;_;

  • papapapa16
    papapapa16 13 days ago

    Finish him! Beastiality!

  • The Jelle
    The Jelle 14 days ago

    OoOh tHiS fOr mAkInG mE cRy ;>

  • Hsu Yee Than Htike
    Hsu Yee Than Htike 17 days ago

    I'm not crying, you're crying,

  • Akumu Oukoku
    Akumu Oukoku 17 days ago +1

    I know some people are not crazy about it - Buuuuuut
    . . . personally I'd like a squeal where you play as the Prince and go on an adventure with a semi-controllable Wolf who could turn and attack you when under too much pressure. Using flowers or other mementos to calm her along the way while doing puzzles. One of the goals would be trying to get her memories back and maybe her Princess form. Gradually getting more memories could give her more control or abilities in expanded game play. I could see it being more of a coming of age thing for the Prince who maybe has finally taken a stand at home or wants to show what he's capable of doing on his "own" . Maybe there's an enemy kingdom that comes and attacks the forest and his home? Like - there is just so much to work with that could make an amazing "Part 2".
    The story as it is now is fine. It just . . feels so crummy being left as it is. Bitter sweet. Like - yeah they can hang out in the scary death woods ( which is 100% a horrible idea Idgaf about how much the singing makes it 'feel lighter' that forest is messed up. . ) . . but it does not feel . . . done . I know not every story has a happy ending. Or what we want it to be. Sometimes things just end on a note of "deal with it". But It just feels like there is so much potential to continue the story - at least for one more game .

  • Hikki Samson
    Hikki Samson 17 days ago

    Thats all. no kisses ? No hugs? She didnt turn in her human form

  • ChimpCommander
    ChimpCommander 18 days ago

    It's not a complicated plot but boy it's a good story and it's told in a great way, ^W^

    HYDESDM 19 days ago


  • D o r k
    D o r k 19 days ago +1

    Dude i'm fucking crying rn

  • DolphinSquared
    DolphinSquared 21 day ago

    This reminds me of the one manga where a human-turned-dragon became the husband of a human girl. Kinda similar to this ending TBH.

  • UniqueSKD
    UniqueSKD 22 days ago +1

    Great music.
    Great visuals.
    Great story
    Great game.
    Great Scott, I'm bloody crying.

  • Pogo puschel
    Pogo puschel 23 days ago

    I was really hoping for a happy end. But that she lost her memories was the worst part. Losing her singing voice, her human form and then on top her memories? That was a little bit too much. Quite the sad and bitter ending. Made me tear up.

  • Knightmonx
    Knightmonx 24 days ago

    hmm she should have become an actual princess again. even though he became her friend as she was that ending kinda ruined the mood. True love is powerful magic after all.

  • Big Demon
    Big Demon 24 days ago


  • edua172
    edua172 24 days ago


  • JustAnotherUser
    JustAnotherUser 24 days ago +1

    This ending killed me, I’m now a ghost

  • Julia curtis
    Julia curtis 26 days ago +3

    Moral of the story: you don't need to be beautiful or have a special talent to have others like you, whats on the inside counts the most.

  • PsychGamer Guy
    PsychGamer Guy 27 days ago

    I think this might be a Japanese folklore as to why wolves howl when they see a full moon

  • Calvinsky Malbert
    Calvinsky Malbert 27 days ago +1

    Blind man and his service dog

  • Just A Dumbass Fangirl

    No game ever made me cry,apart from this one
    One of the best games I've played
    I adore it

  • Louie Lexington
    Louie Lexington 28 days ago

    The feels.... 😢😢😢

  • Rainverno Zakurei
    Rainverno Zakurei 28 days ago

    *me staring at the monitor
    *slams my head to the desk
    *slams my head again
    *chokes the monitor

  • joke pi
    joke pi 28 days ago

    Not sure how they exactly lived happily ever after but good for them~
    Surprised that Prince was able to get back on his own to the castle~
    Also the chances of him getting struck by the wolf again was think he would have learned his lesson the first time and still did it again lol~
    Well that was a good watch~ 😙😙😙

  • Angelica Aguilar
    Angelica Aguilar 28 days ago

    When I played it and I ended it I cried

  • troll gamer
    troll gamer 29 days ago

    Goddamn douche darn dude shit shat shite fukin damn. I had a character idea of twin siblings one blind with mouth one mouth sewed with eyes and they are just kids. Similiar to these and my damn ideas just go to fcuk because someone else had it too

  • Fewest Hydra4212
    Fewest Hydra4212 29 days ago

    The ending was so beautiful (´°̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥ω°̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥`)

  • Tie Chee Weng
    Tie Chee Weng 29 days ago

    ending gets me an authentic mix of sadness and happiness.

  • Nocturne Fexy
    Nocturne Fexy 29 days ago

    The ending reminds me of Klonoa Door to Phantomile's ending to be honest. (At least until the post-credits scene, but the ending is still really sad in my opinion.)

  • Bait Chan
    Bait Chan Month ago

    I need anime movie for this gameeeeeeeeee

  • CyberSoda
    CyberSoda Month ago

    This game looks like it was made with Gacha characters

  • Gregorio Saldana
    Gregorio Saldana Month ago

    Come on! I hate bittersweet endings. Also i want to see what happened after they became friends again.

  • ended
    ended Month ago

    Atleast it wasn't *_your lie on april_*

  • jakeisdadambest
    jakeisdadambest Month ago

    So... is he the first furry in his world? Is this where Demi-Humans come from?

    GHZARK Month ago

    They should do a part 2 where the Prince goes on a quest as a knight to restore her memories and turn her into a human. Tbh we didn’t really learn much about him, so it would be a good sequel to see things in his perspective.

  • Catboy Hell Nitrogen655

    This is sad to even listen to

  • Wong Alvin
    Wong Alvin Month ago

    Medetashi medetashi

  • Star face
    Star face Month ago

    I thought that the twist would be that the Blind Princess OH wait! Was he a PRINCE?!
    I mean I thought that the Blind Prince(ss) was the one lying that he was blind and the Princess was the Blind one to notice that.

  • Arga Putra
    Arga Putra Month ago

    i hope there will be an anime adaptation

  • Jack Mellory
    Jack Mellory Month ago

    Ohh man,that's a very interesting story,and happy end,but why didn't they kiss at the point then they had memory?...(ship,ship)

  • Nikki Studios101
    Nikki Studios101 Month ago

    I- I'm not crying, y- you are. * cries*

    • ended
      ended 29 days ago

      No Im not *sobs * mah eyes are dusty ;-;

  • Gamer Heart
    Gamer Heart Month ago

    I wish the wolf got her singing voice back.

    • ended
      ended 29 days ago

      Make a payment for the witch forest

  • Music TV
    Music TV Month ago

    I'm crying

    • ended
      ended 29 days ago

      Hi crying😁 im ended btw
      Nc 2 meet you😁

    MEGAGAURDIAN 6629 Month ago

    I thought this was a gacha thing but nope I was wrong. (Thank god)

  • Clowning Fox
    Clowning Fox Month ago +2

    2nd day after seeing this ending at 2 am.
    Im still thinking og this and im still feeling sad and happy and my stomach feels weird. Idk if ill go back to normal ;-; i wish they never started the fire but hey, its life. Its not fair but it helps you become stronger.

    • ended
      ended 29 days ago

      I know how you feel my fallen brother

    • Clowning Fox
      Clowning Fox Month ago

      Well im used to the feeling, it does make me think of it way more than i thought it would. Lots of things sometimes. Have a good day :D

  • JRDevelopment
    JRDevelopment Month ago

    The Prince looks better with a blindfold he looks... like a girl and loli? :V

  • MeTheDragon
    MeTheDragon Month ago

    something it out of my eyes...

  • I Am BoBo
    I Am BoBo Month ago +1

    That ending made me cry, such a cute story

  • star YT
    star YT Month ago +1

    Im crying

    • star YT
      star YT Month ago

      *insert titanic song right now

    • star YT
      star YT Month ago

      I never cried soo much cuz of a game

    • GamerrZOMBIE
      GamerrZOMBIE  Month ago +1

      It's OK, we all did too.

  • Mecca Reese
    Mecca Reese Month ago

    So what...he grew up to fuck wolves?

  • Bloody Sammy
    Bloody Sammy Month ago

    So. Is this the monsters from birdbox?

  • Smol Drago
    Smol Drago Month ago

    I had to get a tissue for this

  • Bubbly Starters
    Bubbly Starters Month ago

    But there's a gigantic flower beside her tho... Am I the only one seeing this?

  • Water Water Fruit
    Water Water Fruit Month ago

    I hate her! (the witch)
    And I believe she is responsible for Princess :/
    Sorry for bothering :(

  • Water Water Fruit
    Water Water Fruit Month ago

    This game remind me with beauty and the beast man

  • Golem1903
    Golem1903 Month ago +1

    OMG The Spikes auto moving in line with the music was amazing, around 5:50

  • Karen Flanagan
    Karen Flanagan Month ago +1

    i know this is cliche but
    I'm not crying you're crying

  • cristopher wong
    cristopher wong Month ago

    13:25 kids, don't destroy someone else Vodka and beer
    14:13 must have sober up

  • Gentle
    Gentle Month ago

    Oh the princess is a furry...

    • Gentle
      Gentle Month ago

      And so is the prince, aight ain't gunna judge, tap anything you want mannnn

  • Kimy Hotsuin
    Kimy Hotsuin Month ago +1

    The prince is such a cinnamonroll, i love him

  • Finestle
    Finestle Month ago

    if i was a little kid, everything about this would've stressed me the *fuck* out

  • A.R.M.YForLife
    A.R.M.YForLife Month ago +1

    i cried so much!!!!!

  • Mojta As
    Mojta As Month ago

    Thank yee who showed me dis awesome gameu, great game

  • Bacillus
    Bacillus Month ago

    Does this game have a secret ending?

  • BruceLeeNagato
    BruceLeeNagato Month ago

    Why can't I hold all these feels...

  • Hoang Phantom
    Hoang Phantom Month ago


  • Free Cartoons
    Free Cartoons Month ago

    10/10 would get again

  • Enchanted Hallow
    Enchanted Hallow Month ago

    Why do I suddenly love Anime now?

  • MLP egasus
    MLP egasus Month ago +3

    This would be a fantastic anime. Especially the ending.

  • Sheepy Aries
    Sheepy Aries Month ago +3

    I just randomly passed through this video, but I wanna say that the drawing style of this game is super adorable omg!!

    • GamerrZOMBIE
      GamerrZOMBIE  Month ago

      Yeah I Agree, the Liar princess and the blind Prince, is super cute! :)

  • powerup136
    powerup136 Month ago


  • Elle Reese De Luna
    Elle Reese De Luna Month ago +7

    Why does Japan always makes me cry/sad with their story, music, etc.? :c

  • Jinmi Choco
    Jinmi Choco Month ago +4

    *cries at my own story*

  • Jinmi Choco
    Jinmi Choco Month ago

    Wait what?

  • mincraft fanbase
    mincraft fanbase Month ago

    O boi o boi o boi,I'm the first comment here

  • christian jaye
    christian jaye Month ago

    I also heard some say this should be called the (desperate princess and the lucky prince)? What do you guys think?

  • christian jaye
    christian jaye Month ago +2

    If love another one actualy i though it through i want a second part where the king tries doing something or use his army to collect magic or return her voice or catch the witches escaped collections of stuff you know!

  • The main cause of warps in all of reality

    Well, let it Not be said that I didn't cry, because I did. What a wonderful touching story.
    The character development was amazing, the story was creative, and the music choices fit perfectly with the environments! I can't describe how much I love it!

  • Shadow Tech Factories

    I’m not crying you’re crying

  • Mint Pepsi
    Mint Pepsi Month ago +2

    I'm not crying at all, just um... My eyes are sweating...

    C0RRUPT D3ST1NY Month ago


  • Metrack
    Metrack Month ago

    Me at the ending: "they got us at the first half, not gonna lie"

  • Usagi _thesquid
    Usagi _thesquid Month ago

    I got kao vibes. Yes sleepykinq

  • Widchapon Jearaphunt

    Didn't watch video yet, just want to ask
    How many ending in game I'm just pass witch garden, I think I miss few flower didn't know will it effect ending or not

    • GamerrZOMBIE
      GamerrZOMBIE  Month ago

      Yeah, The Liar princess and the blind Prince, is Amazing! :)

    • Widchapon Jearaphunt
      Widchapon Jearaphunt Month ago +1

      +GamerrZOMBIE Too bad I hope we have multiple ending, love game so far though

    • GamerrZOMBIE
      GamerrZOMBIE  Month ago +1

      Just one ending dude, don't worry

  • Kotaro Takabayashi
    Kotaro Takabayashi Month ago +2

    Well THIS yanks my heart strings to a point where they're going to snap... But still, a satisfying happy ending.

    Me: Shut up mom, I'm not crying!

  • christian jaye
    christian jaye Month ago +1

    I only found this in the page only the ending part and i saw the texture and drawing of the title screen so i watched the ending and did watch the start to end again and its good except i skip some long lvls cause its long

  • Aqsem
    Aqsem Month ago

    The witch is stopped by a "I'm sorry"

  • Aqsem
    Aqsem Month ago

    Blind boi and furry gurl

  • LooneyTunerIan
    LooneyTunerIan Month ago

    Not the best of Fairy Tale-themed games. :/

  • Secret Sauce
    Secret Sauce Month ago

    I have no emotion since I didn’t feel anything here

  • Tatty 17
    Tatty 17 Month ago

    The heart of the humans are so cold.