Paul Rudd on Ant-Man, Ghostbusters & Living in New York

  • Published on Oct 18, 2019
  • Paul talks about living in New York, being Ant-Man, the upcoming Ghostbusters movie, playing a clone in the new Netflix show “Living with Yourself,” and being buried in a shallow grave while wearing a diaper.
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    Paul Rudd on Ant-Man, Ghostbusters & Living in New York
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Comments • 768

  • AirBunnies s
    AirBunnies s 2 days ago

    Crap bag!

  • PugLightning31 4
    PugLightning31 4 2 days ago

    I forgot about ghostbusters for a second

  • Anna Vallez
    Anna Vallez 3 days ago

    Jimmy Kimmel’s videos always have a crazy lag to them. So bad. Every video.

  • cusman
    cusman 9 days ago

    Living with Yourself is basically TV show version of Multiplicity. Both are great

  • Stephanie Billy
    Stephanie Billy 10 days ago

    I love Paul Rudd

  • Just Looking
    Just Looking 11 days ago

    Red bottom shoes were made for these talk shows

  • Just Looking
    Just Looking 11 days ago

    So about that RDJ thing.....

  • Chantayaxoxo
    Chantayaxoxo 11 days ago

    That scene sounds traumatic as hell.

  • Kristina Armstrong
    Kristina Armstrong 12 days ago

    Paul Rudd is in my very favorite video. Paul Rudd, first Lip Sync Battle on Jimmy Fallon. I watch the video @ least twice or more a day.

  • Zenon Zamora
    Zenon Zamora 13 days ago

    I love this dude!

  • Marky Mark
    Marky Mark 16 days ago

    Dammit I was hoping Paul Rudd would pull a prank again

  • NBA_NASA 23
    NBA_NASA 23 17 days ago +2

    Why is this on Mike Korzemba’s latest videos

  • davidex77 curtis
    davidex77 curtis 18 days ago

    Go cheifs

  • Darius
    Darius 19 days ago +4

    Paul Rudd is such a great human being, and also he's attractive damn

  • aero
    aero 19 days ago +2

    who came here because of mike korzemba

  • 1738
    1738 20 days ago

    Anyone else expect a Mac&Me clip?

  • Ashley Muirhead
    Ashley Muirhead 21 day ago

    Ok ok he’s cute
    Can I marry him

  • Erick Vergara
    Erick Vergara 21 day ago

    I met him couple year ago in new york.
    Really cool guy.

  • Crowded House
    Crowded House 22 days ago

    WAIT, there's a NEW Ghostbusters movie coming????

  • Nicholas Teresko
    Nicholas Teresko 22 days ago

    Who ya gonna call... Ant-Man

  • gamingl3g3ndz
    gamingl3g3ndz 22 days ago +4

    jimmy is a terrible interviewer

  • Victor Ruiz
    Victor Ruiz 22 days ago +1

    It's so weird seeing hot one here after Paul Rudd

  • Oscar Arredondo
    Oscar Arredondo 22 days ago

    Great show, really gets you wondering what could I do to be a version of myself

  • Paulson Niro
    Paulson Niro 23 days ago +1

    Why he looks like Scott lang?

  • E MP
    E MP 23 days ago

    Wow what a great dynamic between the two. So funny :)

  • Sammie G _
    Sammie G _ 23 days ago +4

    He seems like such a cool dude to hang out with.

  • christina8101
    christina8101 23 days ago

    Great show! Completely binge watched it in one night

  • Toni Kinsella
    Toni Kinsella 23 days ago

    He will always be crap bag to me

    GLO-TUBE 23 days ago

    Can we at least get 1080p? These videos already look like old garbage even if they're brand new. I had to check the date because I thought it was from like 6 years ago. 720p on a 4k TV (or 5k iMac in my case) is pretty rough...

  • Ad Rock
    Ad Rock 24 days ago

    Our idiot brother is a great movie and the art of caring and I love you man

  • Erin Perez
    Erin Perez 24 days ago

    I love Tom Hulce!

  • Daniel Rodriguez
    Daniel Rodriguez 24 days ago

    I can't stand that Fallon and Kimmel won't allow their guests to speak without interrupting them. So awful. Get on conans level.

  • fox b5
    fox b5 24 days ago

    Oh Jimmy

  • BananaStand -
    BananaStand - 24 days ago

    I honestly didn’t know there was any other way to tuck in your shirt than how he described it.

  • Sawyer Coleman
    Sawyer Coleman 24 days ago +2

    So basically this show is the Rick and Morty episode where they go to cleanse themselves of the insecurities and negative parts

  • Ana OP
    Ana OP 25 days ago

    If you want to see a much more relaxed and engaged Paul Rudd, watch his interview with Sean Evans on Hot Ones!
    Highlight of this promo tour.

  • Strange Things21
    Strange Things21 25 days ago

    Paul Rudd looks stoned and I love it

  • PhotonicKitten
    PhotonicKitten 25 days ago

    does he wear fake teeth in his movies? whats goin on there?

  • lovelywaz
    lovelywaz 25 days ago +1

    Hey Jimmy, he was MORE famous for being Mike Hannigan than Ant-Man. And that was well before all this 24/7 online social media crap.

  • Hong
    Hong 25 days ago

    Fine wine is all i gotta say

  • Icy Talks
    Icy Talks 25 days ago +5

    Jimmys fake laugh gets worse every interview lmao

  • Meli Stormcrow
    Meli Stormcrow 25 days ago


  • Savage 1
    Savage 1 25 days ago

    Kimmel is so drinking baby's blood!

  • Sabrina Silva
    Sabrina Silva 26 days ago +3

    "who you gonna call?" i love him so much omgg

  • christopher pobsky gilroy

    put your hands up if you always did not know until now how good a actor the rudders is ?

  • SirenHound
    SirenHound 26 days ago +1

    I see he saves his best clips for Conan.

  • Jeff Light
    Jeff Light 26 days ago

    Paul Rudd is a great fit for Ghostbusters! Really hope it lives up to the old classics but doesn't just copy them.

  • Kana Beats
    Kana Beats 26 days ago +2

    whatever deal he had to make with whoever to keep his hair that good at 50, I will make said deal.

  • DarkSchneider
    DarkSchneider 26 days ago

    Scott Lang still trying to pretend kids know Antman and want to take selfies w/ him ... 😅

  • Glen Richardson
    Glen Richardson 26 days ago

    No Mac and Me for the clip? Lol.

  • KATA
    KATA 26 days ago +1

    Look at us, hey look at us

  • Lenonskii O.
    Lenonskii O. 26 days ago +1

    This new show sounds like it’s got a bad case of Rest and Ricklaxation.

  • Christopher B COLEMAN
    Christopher B COLEMAN 26 days ago

    Nice captions! "Mondayologue" and "Lehere"...ahem.

  • J.J Jameson
    J.J Jameson 26 days ago

    Is Paul Rudd the perfect human?

  • SuiZide King
    SuiZide King 26 days ago

    I’m so glad Josh ended up with Cher...

  • Dana Martinez
    Dana Martinez 26 days ago

    Nobody likes spoilers Jimmy, please...ugh...

  • Hert Zollner
    Hert Zollner 26 days ago

    Celery men don't age...

  • Restless Youth Productions

    Why do people talk about age so much? That’s such a massive social insecurity. The days of being half dead at 50 have been over for at least 30 yrs. Update your normative processors.

  • Jordi Vanderwaal
    Jordi Vanderwaal 27 days ago +1

    Jimmy: I'd love to be cloned
    Me: Two Kimmels? Oh that's hot. Threesome!
    Jimmy: Masturbation would be weird.
    Me: I still have two hands... :/

  • Jonathan Wood
    Jonathan Wood 27 days ago +18

    I've only just noticed that Paul Rudd sounds like Kermit.