JJ Abrams was rude to Mark Hamill

  • Published on Apr 14, 2017
  • Mark Hamill reveals that JJ Abrams dismissed his ideas for his character in Force Awakens. JJ ABrams is not only the biggest Hollywood hack, he's also rude and ungrateful. Mark Hamill also accidentally reveals that there will be no backstory on hermit Luke in The Last Jedi. Expect more of JJ Abrams mystery box, plot holes and nonsense at every corner.
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  • KingNazaru
    KingNazaru 22 hours ago

    Look at that cunt Kathleen trying to damage control Mark. Disgraceful.

  • JacX1
    JacX1 Day ago

    3 Ways to save Star Wars.
    Number 1. Fire Rian Johnson
    Number 2. Fire JJ Abrams
    Number 3. Fire Kathleen Kennedy
    Bonus Round
    Hire Dave Filoni and his crew. Infact anyone he wants. And no interference from Suits.

    • JarJar Abrams
      JarJar Abrams  Day ago +1

      Don't forget the toxic "story group" led by Kiri Hart.

  • Irv Pineiro
    Irv Pineiro 2 days ago

    is this a hate channel?? because if it is i am out, totally pointless.

  • Cheburushka
    Cheburushka 2 days ago

    Where was the lightsaber to the side cutting the true enemy in half when we needed it.

  • Adam Postell
    Adam Postell 2 days ago +1

    To interrupt him speaking was extremely rude!!!

  • Toc Ooh
    Toc Ooh 3 days ago

    John Poma Jr channel.

  • razmw
    razmw 3 days ago

    ITS JUST A FUCKING MOVIE, why people make drama from it ?

  • rafosier
    rafosier 4 days ago

    JJ was rude to Mark. The Last Jedi was rude to everyone.

  • NoStreetBs
    NoStreetBs 4 days ago

    1:15 - Arrogant, smug twats (Kennedy and Abrams), that have no clue how to properly tell the Star Wars saga, redirecting and patronizing the one that really gets it and knows better (Hamill). Kennedy's phony lip service is transparent through her annoying personality. Its like the newly-appointed lady manager telling the established company expert how valued he is, as she is preparing to sack him and replace him with her own latte-toting, bubble-headed, minonette that is "on the same page" as her. These agenda-pushing morons have ruined Star Wars for those of us with a brain.

  • Jonthan Parker
    Jonthan Parker 4 days ago

    I take back what I said about jj abrahms since he was rude to Mark Hamil they need some one that know's a whole more about Mark Hamil and the whole star wars franchise like Steven Spielberg would be a whole better

  • dari_ m
    dari_ m 5 days ago +1

    They say it's not luke story anymore yet everyone came to the movies to see a luke story

  • José Abel Salazar Lizárraga

    Thrawn Trilogy and Dark Empire are good, where is that? OH legends. Those books are great, they totally fucked this up with the new sequels.

  • CHESCOchannel
    CHESCOchannel 5 days ago

    Disney made Lucasfilm like Sony. Kathleen is Amy pascal the bitch that wants to be praised like Kevin Feige, JJ Abrams is probably avi avrad who just licks Kathleen's as because his other space movies didn't work(Star Trek), and finally rian Johnson to be honest his just the fucking devil to the Star Wars franchise

  • CHESCOchannel
    CHESCOchannel 5 days ago

    At this point I really just want George Lucas to go to Kathleen Kennedys house, birch slap her, get the fucking rights back, beat the shit out of rian and make a new sequel trilogy with jar jar binks which would be so much better than what we actually got.

  • Human Centipede Head Segment

    SOOOo Johnson crapped all over the story that JJ set up in TFA just to subvert fan expectations.. who's to say that JJ won't do the same ? I mean, what does he have left to lose now ? He doesn't have any storylines left to salvage.

  • tertiary7
    tertiary7 6 days ago

    Kathleen Kennedy is the real phantom menace. JJ and whoseit# 2 are just her pawns.

  • Nick Hall
    Nick Hall 7 days ago

    If they'd have listened to him, maybe the last jedi wouldn't have been the worst movie I've ever seen.

  • finsclapping
    finsclapping 7 days ago

    Mark wanted to play the hero and be the father figure. None of which he turned out to have become. Which made sense for the actual leads in the new movies. Luke was realy important for Kylo his story arc. He was one of the things that set him off towards the dark side. Very interesting.
    And Luke did play the hero at the end. People just didn't fit into the the last jedi. I still don't understans what their missing. There is so much potential for things to happen. And everyone says the movies are dead. It's weird to be a part of this generation.

  • Christopher K
    Christopher K 7 days ago +1

    Kathleen Kennedy: "He's SO significantly important to this next film, you have no idea! XD"
    Rian Johnson: "claps"
    Luke Skywalker in Episode 7: Does nothing. Stares at Rey for 15 seconds.. The end.
    Luke Skywalker in Episode 8: Does nothing. Drinks Milk. Dies of exhaustion from nothing. The end.
    Mark Hamill: "Well that's good to hear!" -_-
    R.I.P. Star Wars.

  • Officer Spooder
    Officer Spooder 8 days ago +13

    1:15 they lied right in luke skywalkers face.

  • kevindoc84
    kevindoc84 9 days ago

    1:16 do you se how the guy is applauding.... asshole

  • adi hermawan
    adi hermawan 10 days ago

    the force awakens : a new hope Ripoffs
    the last jedi : when empire strike back and return of the jedi combine and done backwards in some part of the scene
    i wonder what would disney do for episode IX? rip off all prequels into one movie? i just say Jar Jar Abrams gave us a sign that he ruin Star Wars by gave us a star trek reference in the last Jedi, don't belive me? just watch closser when the iron scene when finn infiltrate snoke's ship

  • Neo Tokyo
    Neo Tokyo 10 days ago

    JJ Abrams ruined Star Wars.

    • Neo Tokyo
      Neo Tokyo 5 days ago

      SurvivorIceland You are absolutely right, I wasn't a fan of his Star Trek either.

    • SurvivorIceland
      SurvivorIceland 5 days ago +1

      Neo Tokyo. He also made 2 bad Star Trek movies. Into darkness was remash of Wrath of Kahn. Probarly worst trek film ever. When i found out he was doing Star Wars. I knew it was bad news.

  • tmastersat
    tmastersat 10 days ago

    Mark should refuse to work for them again unless they give him creative control of luke

  • Carl Johnson
    Carl Johnson 10 days ago


  • In The Mud
    In The Mud 10 days ago

    Fucking whore interrupting him

  • Theman Joe
    Theman Joe 10 days ago

    oh hai Mark.

  • Daniel Pombo
    Daniel Pombo 10 days ago

    I expected 7 as Luke and his jedi students putting order in the galaxy. But it was a total disappointment.

  • Daniel Pombo
    Daniel Pombo 10 days ago

    Disney is the new evil empire that killed Luke, the Jedi and Star Wars.

  • MIKE da BEE with kNOwledge


  • Dirty Larry
    Dirty Larry 11 days ago

    They turned Luke Skywalker into a child killer who then became a bum and spent his time squeezing the large udders of a strange creature on a mountain top and then drank the creatures green milk while drooling most of it onto his beard. Then Luke meets Rey, throws away his lightsaber, and they fight with sticks and Luke loses. Finally, Luke has a pretend fight with Kylo Ren and afterwards, Luke kills himself/becomes one with the force, for no particular reason. TLJ is an incredible POS, what a shame.

  • ClanSCC
    ClanSCC 11 days ago

    what a fake bitch that lady is , Mark Hamil l warned us in so many ways

  • ImProSolution
    ImProSolution 12 days ago

    Even though George Lucas fucked up the prequels he would have never fucked up lukes character in the last Jedi

  • Gabriella Fay
    Gabriella Fay 12 days ago

    I love Luke and forever will. The Last Jedi is not my Luke. Kathleen Kennedy needs to go and I won't support a Rian Johnson trilogy.

  • Mongo Boogie
    Mongo Boogie 12 days ago

    So far the only worthy Star Wars movies have been the original three. All the prequels and sequels or even the expanded universe stuff has fallen short of the stratospheric mark set by even the original release of Episode 4 in 1977.

  • Jae Hoon Choi
    Jae Hoon Choi 13 days ago

    Here’s everything wrong with this new movie. Fuck you Kathleen and Rian. (tvclip.biz/video/pYWUamYfN7c/video.html)

  • richard phillips
    richard phillips 13 days ago

    That BULLDYKE that lied to Mark's face needs to be banished to the bottom of a toilet! Forever!

  • Rodger Dodger
    Rodger Dodger 13 days ago

    I understand and accept the new trilogy is not Luke Skywalkers, it's about a new group. Would it be difficult to use transition to make TLJ a better story? Seeing Luke train Rey and maybe see some of his powers as a Master Jedi. When Luke says "Jedi must end", I had thoughts the jedi would be finished. I then thought maybe Luke learned to use the dark side and discovered to incorporate the dark & light side to make something new. NOPE. Having to wait to til episode 9 to see if some of the plot holes/mistakes/disregards made by RJ & disney in TLJ, I hesitate.
    FYI, I am a fan of Star Wars & that is why I was disappointed with TLJ. When I saw TFA, it brought me back as to why I enjoyed it with the exception of some scenes.

  • Jason Leggett
    Jason Leggett 13 days ago

    Well . . . They gave Georgie Lucas and Luke Skywalker the shaft. Great job mouse house. Keep on churning'em out K.K.

  • Vezner
    Vezner 13 days ago

    Kathleen Kennedy is so full of crap. 😡

  • taskforce169 black
    taskforce169 black 13 days ago

    Fuck you Kathleen!

  • Shane Wahlberg
    Shane Wahlberg 14 days ago

    He's so important he's gonna be a hermit and die

  • Mattmannish
    Mattmannish 15 days ago

    Too bad a Feminazi like Kennedy now runs the franchise. This dieversity crap is all over the place.

  • Pais Libertad
    Pais Libertad 15 days ago

    I mean they killed Han Solo now princess Leía is not longer with us. We only had Luke but he got killed like Obi wan did. It isn’t fair but all they want is to present a new complete saga and it’s really difficult to just let go all this extraordinary characters. They weren’t given justice. And that’s so sad. They deserve a better ending.

  • GamingOnABudget
    GamingOnABudget 15 days ago

    Mark Hamill speaks the truth, Hollywood elitist Jews want to shut him up...

  • GamingOnABudget
    GamingOnABudget 15 days ago

    Jj is a fucking jew, he even looks like one

  • James Abernathy
    James Abernathy 15 days ago

    You can actually see the sheer terror in Johnson's face at 0:12

  • Rhaenyra Reigns
    Rhaenyra Reigns 15 days ago

    I don't think that what Mark Hamill described deserves to be called being "rude"... <__<'
    Are people in SW fandom really that sensitive?
    Maybe they should check out their level of midichlorians...? -___-'

  • Jay Macky
    Jay Macky 15 days ago

    Soo important... Yea... As in... Kill him off! The CGI him as a force ghost so we don't have to pay him.

  • Face u
    Face u 16 days ago +1

    Fkn jarjar abrans

  • Ксения Ковалевская

    1:16 You fucking lying cunt.

  • Mike R
    Mike R 17 days ago

    For what it's worth, here is my take on how to bring back Luke Skywalker for Episode 9. Luke is shown laying on the ground within the dark force cave on the island on Ahch-To. His body is glowing similar to a force ghost. From Luke’s perspective he opens his eyes as he hears the voice of Darth Vader calling to him from behind the translucent wall last seen by Rey during her vision within the dark cave in Episode 8. Vader’s silhouette can be seen within the translucent wall. Vader speaks with calm authority as he says, “Luke. Come to me my son. Together we can return for your sister. Together we can cheat death.” From Luke’s perspective, Luke stands up as a force ghost and walks up to the translucent wall and tries to touch the wall but his hand and forearm passes into the wall causing the wall to become increasingly clear fully revealing Darth Vader. Vader reaches out and grabs Luke’s hand by the wrist as Vader ignites his crimson lightsaber. A voice shouting “No!” can be heard as a blue lightsaber ignites behind Vader. It is the voice of Jedi Master Anakin Skywalker as Anakin plunges his saber though Vader’s back and out the front of Vader’s chest. A brilliant flash of light occurs enveloping Anakin and Vader as Luke falls back away onto the ground from the semi translucent force wall. A moment later a vision of Anakin combined with Vader now stands in Vader’s place still holding an ignited red lightsaber but now with a flickering blue lightning hue. Anakin / Vader turns off his lightsaber and says using Anakin’s voice. “Luke. Awake my son. Leia is in grave danger.” Luke opens his eyes as he finds himself alive and lying on the floor within the force cave. The translucent force wall is gone and now replaced by the natural cave walls. Luke leaps out of the top opening within the cave with blurring force speed. The scene cuts to Luke levitating his X-Wing from out of the ocean along the coast of the island. The sequence concludes with Luke flying away in his X-Wing at accelerating speed as the force ghosts of Anakin and Yoda observe from the island shore above the force cave. (On opening night theater audiences cheer with overwhelming excitement. Luke Skywalker lives!)

  • JD WB
    JD WB 17 days ago

    This YouTube channel is a joke! Your bias opinions are laughable at best. Get over yourself!

  • Fafcr
    Fafcr 17 days ago

    thats cathline...

  • hawkman2111
    hawkman2111 17 days ago

    milking sea cows tits was suppose to be his big role

  • rexrabbiteer
    rexrabbiteer 18 days ago

    Mark is just itching to put that bitch Kathleen in her place at the end but holds his tongue. we are 2 movies in this new trilogy and theres just no excitement anymore with Star wars. Emo luke, worst than Jar jar

  • Ping
    Ping 18 days ago

    Star Wars will only have teenage actors as its man characters because they are easier to manipulate and won't think like Mark Hamil

  • Vendetta Australia
    Vendetta Australia 18 days ago

    Not as rude as Rian Johnson was to you, JJ, The fans & the legacy.

  • David J Partida
    David J Partida 18 days ago

    F you Kathleen Kennedy!! You destroyed Luke! You made him a bitch!

  • Luxury Brown
    Luxury Brown 18 days ago

    abrams is a goof. cut and paste death star explosion for Awakens. ruined star trek by eliminating the tv show as an old timeline. the idiot even admitted that things didn't make sense on Lost because they didnt know how to tie everything together. Fans for every one of those series were not cared for. the guy is a total fucking hack.

  • Luis Hernandez
    Luis Hernandez 18 days ago

    Katheleen lives in a bubble protected from hearing shit that is negative about Star Wars. Somehow I hope she’s surfing Youtube and watching the sheer hate that people have for her shitty Last Jedi. I can hope she’s reading the real reviews and not the reviews Disney is paying for 🤪🖕💩💰💰💰 but somehow I doubt it.

  • Luis Hernandez
    Luis Hernandez 18 days ago

    I can’t believe that JJ Abrams had the balls to sit down and break bread with Mark Hamill only to later on treat him like a bit player and then Rian Johnson and Kathleen Kennedy dismiss Mark like he is a nobody. Fuck those three bastards.

  • Luis Hernandez
    Luis Hernandez 18 days ago

    They killed Luke in these new films, utterly destroyed the character. Evil bastards.

  • King Aria
    King Aria 18 days ago

    "He is so important in this next film"
    Lady, if being an old hermit for 1 hour + a 5 minute training montage + a scene where he is a hologram dodging a lightsaber is important then fuck me silly.
    Luke had NO reason to act the way he did in this film. Why the hell did he randomly become a hermit that hated Jedi? There is NO explanation in this movie.

    GORILLA RICAN 18 days ago

    That lady is so full of shit. The storyline for Luke was awful.

  • Mega X
    Mega X 19 days ago

    Que puto ese Rian Johncson y J.J ABRAmhs noseque puta es feroz tarado insignificante por no haberle dado el papel correcto aark Hamill vamo' a prender su casa con antorchas y palos para meterselo por el culo haber si entiende que Mark Hamill no esta contento con lo que hizo con su personaje carajooooo

  • Lets plays en español

    SJW WARS: THE LAST WHITE MAN (Plot twist: Rey Mary Sue doesn´t have parents because penises are evil; she comes directly form the force agenda).

    • JarJar Abrams
      JarJar Abrams  19 days ago

      She don't need no man, no dad, no mom, no nothing. She's self sufficient and basically made herself.

  • Jansky Bansky
    Jansky Bansky 19 days ago

    "Well THAT'S good to hear!" i.e. "Your optimism is daftly misrepresentative of altruism".

  • dkemp292
    dkemp292 19 days ago

    I can imagine it being a real possiblity that Mark pitched the same thing to Johnson and Kennedy and got the same response. And it's like some big sarcastic joke he's playing on them in front of the whole world but they know they are the only ones that know it.

  • jiu.jitsu.prist
    jiu.jitsu.prist 19 days ago

    What a bitch....he is so important.. you all knew this film was fucking trash mark knew is was shit...fuck that's it...its over..starwars and my childhood hero Luke gone just like that.

  • eazy14
    eazy14 19 days ago

    he was not important at all, his only function was to make an illusion of himself to gain some time for the resistance ! Really ? Thats all you have for luke ? This whole island stuff was so senseless you could easily let it out, rey left it without taking anything with her

    • JarJar Abrams
      JarJar Abrams  19 days ago

      I heard she stole his Jedi books. That's their role model for little girls.

  • Matteo Cafaro
    Matteo Cafaro 19 days ago

    damn disney because you made luke skywalker a legend disney and then you killed him ............ crappy shits

  • E Johnson
    E Johnson 19 days ago

    Keep JJ ab's away from any future Star Wars projects. Christopher Nolan, get in here!

  • Black Wolf
    Black Wolf 19 days ago

    It’s pretty obvious at this point that Disney just wants to milk this franchise for every cent that it’s worth. They acquired SW mainly because they saw it as a huge potential for profits and also an opportunity to shove their liberal propaganda down our throats by forcing political references into these scripts which are already plagued by the lazy writing of hacks like Rian Johnson. Nothing was written simply because it flowed with an interesting story, it was all done with a political agenda in mind. They’re not interested in continuing the magic of Star Wars. This franchise will become a soulless husk of what it used to be as long as Disney is in charge.

  • TheStarToursTraveler
    TheStarToursTraveler 20 days ago

    "Mr. Modesty" No, more like "Mr. Knows what you've done to the franchise and disapproves!"

  • Luminexxe
    Luminexxe 20 days ago

    lol fuck jj

  • AlphaBagel
    AlphaBagel 20 days ago

    This bitch Kathleen is ruining Stars Wars worse than Zack Snyder to the DC universe

  • lucas8265
    lucas8265 20 days ago

    What a fucking lying cunt she is. Important? Important? My fuckig ass to the fans he fucking important but the way you did it you simply threw him away. I really hope you die the most painful way

  • Christopher Schott
    Christopher Schott 20 days ago

    Kathleen .... Grrrrrrrrr... We don't like this film. The last Jedi...my comment below was written before I saw the film... Alas.. Won't comment. Its not good

    CHARLIE CHILL 20 days ago

    Fuck JJ abraham and Rian Johnson and fuck the last trilogy.The only people that love this movies are critics on Disney's pay roll, Feminist Nazis, Disney's Ass kissers, Posers, Ass holes and wannna be assholes. Specially Rian Johnson and his Last Jedi. That movie suck ASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! The end.

  • Dennie Normanton
    Dennie Normanton 20 days ago

    "I'm just gonna break in here.....I'm gonna fuck Star Wars up, I hate all men and I only care about the money. Enjoy the shit movie fuckers".

  • Brandon Harris
    Brandon Harris 20 days ago

    F--k that bitch! Kathleen Kennedy is a lying feminazi corporate tyrant that takes the credit for other's work.

  • jeaun tolsa
    jeaun tolsa 21 day ago +1

    I hate what they've done to Luke Skywalker's character. He successfully turned Darth Vader back to the Force. Disney wants a princess on every movie. Fuckers. Hope they don't turn deadpool to a girl.

  • Gazerich
    Gazerich 21 day ago +2

    "He is so significantly important to this next movie..." 6 months later..."Let the past die, kill it if you have to." Fuck both these cunts I hope in the next movie Luke wakes up and these last two abominations were just a fucked up dream.

  • Jackson Taylor
    Jackson Taylor 21 day ago +1

    Rian Johnson’s even worse. The man killed Star Wars.

  • Jar Jar Abrams
    Jar Jar Abrams 21 day ago

    Talking shit bruh?

  • Goblinwrecks
    Goblinwrecks 21 day ago +1

    JJ Abrams, Rian Johnson and Kathleen Kennedy can all go fuck themselves. They are the biggest reason why star wars is dead.

  • Brandon Garfias
    Brandon Garfias 22 days ago

    Kathleen" he's so important to this next film"
    Mark "yeah right, you're going to fire me the first chance you get You fucking cunt"

  • MrYellingdingo
    MrYellingdingo 22 days ago +3

    The very interview I lost all hope. Hamill pretty much says they dont give a shit about the old characters and it was completely played out in the last jedi. They really dont give a shit. Good luck with the new Star Trek. Wars... I meant wars. Blaahhhhh.. Doesnt matter anymore. Trek Wars. That could be a thing actually. Kinda like predator vs aliens. Might be on to something...!!

  • Joe Dragon
    Joe Dragon 22 days ago

    Only George Lucas could save Star Wars...
    all does crappy directors are making retro movies theyre not telling a new story..is the same
    snoke doenst care??...
    luke dies as Obi wan...
    i mean c'mon.
    its cleared they only interest about money..
    not the fan.
    Disney is an Evil Empire, so much too see on this video...
    that girl is evil as fuck..
    the other guy is a moron, Mark Hamill is right..
    the lady interrup him

  • David Gendron
    David Gendron 22 days ago +5

    The jokes on disney cuz i didnt go see it cuz i knew it would be shit after "disney awakens" (x

  • Rickvsnewworldorder
    Rickvsnewworldorder 22 days ago

    Fuck Jar Jar and Kathleen Kuntedey.

  • Daveogh the Guy
    Daveogh the Guy 22 days ago

    Mark will still appear in StarWarsIX...
    as a piece of cgi.

  • Usman Masood
    Usman Masood 23 days ago

    Im going to be honest, i didnt hate the new star wars films, but after you hear Mark Hamill express his opinion, i hate them now. u fucking animals !!!

  • A ArmsOfSin
    A ArmsOfSin 23 days ago +1

    Significally important what a lying bitc_. And then they screwed Mark Hamil and us fans. Somebody needs to be fired asap by Disney and I know who is that bit_h is. F_ck U b_tch you are literally a Sith!

    • T T
      T T 21 day ago

      Also they had to tell Mark to stop speaking the truth on social media, which saw that insincere apology by him....sad....they probably said "if you dont shut up, you wont be a shitty force ghost in EP9"

  • Pawel Kapica
    Pawel Kapica 23 days ago

    what a lying bitch she is. Of course star wars fans want to know how and why luke ended up on that island. and turning his charaker around 180 degree just doesnt work. this whole new film is just a setup so they can sell you their new merch...nothing more...they ruined star wars

  • xvx4848
    xvx4848 23 days ago

    Lol turns out she was full of shit.

  • Phil V
    Phil V 23 days ago

    I have even more respect for Hamill since he didn't toe the line by saying the new films are great, and instead spoke his mind about how he thinks they are ruining Luke Skywalker.

  • Dave Murana
    Dave Murana 23 days ago

    Kathleen Kennedy And RianJohnson should retire now before they do more damage

  • Gam3 0ver
    Gam3 0ver 23 days ago

    When she says he is so important... just gotta believe she is sooo full of shit, if he had a vagina he might have been more important.