Breath Holding at the Bottom of the Pool Without Goggles Part 1

  • Published on Mar 23, 2018
  • Out take of Puay Yee holding her breath at the bottom of the pool

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  • Mid Underwater
    Mid Underwater  4 months ago

    A Happy 2019 New Year to all subscribers. Thank you for all your support! We look forward to more underwater adventures and many more viewers and subscribers!

  • J . B.
    J . B. 7 months ago

    Super gemacht !

  • mig189189189
    mig189189189 Year ago +1

    Cute girl!

  • Ryan Cheah
    Ryan Cheah Year ago +1

    hi could u do more new video....younger girl pls....i m a big fan of this

  • Wayne Jones
    Wayne Jones Year ago +1


  • FlynnYoba
    FlynnYoba Year ago +1

    I think the whole idea with holding your breath is to, you know, not blow it all away in the first three seconds...

  • divinity12
    divinity12 Year ago +1


  • Marcel Doesburg
    Marcel Doesburg Year ago +2

    Nice video. She's good underwater. Camera is good. Go Pro?

    • Mid Underwater
      Mid Underwater  Year ago +1

      Marcel Doesburg yes she is very comfortable being underwater even without goggles.

    • Mid Underwater
      Mid Underwater  Year ago +1

      Marcel Doesburg thank you. I used Nikon Coolpix AW 120

  • Kael2450
    Kael2450 Year ago +4

    She's gorgeous

  • PJBubbles
    PJBubbles Year ago +4

    Lovely to see a new one! She’s so good at staying on the bottom with breath control. 👍👍👍

    • PJBubbles
      PJBubbles Year ago

      Mid Underwater I would love to see her underwater in a deep pool. 😀

    • Mid Underwater
      Mid Underwater  Year ago

      PJBubbles thanks. Not a new clip. Was taken sometime back. Raw and unedited clip of her holding her breath in real time.