Professional Chef Challenges Amateur to Make Spaghetti & Meatballs With Him | Epicurious

  • Published on Jan 7, 2016
  • Watch a professional chef attempt to lead an amateur cook in making spaghetti and meatballs using only audio instruction.
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    Professional Chef Challenges Amateur to Make Spaghetti & Meatballs With Him | Epicurious
    Chef James Briscione, Institute of Culinary Education.
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Comments • 121

  • Rie F
    Rie F 2 months ago

    There is such a big difference in the tone and instructions given by James and Carla from BA. Carla is encouraging and he just seemed super impatient the whole time.

  • James Shrieves
    James Shrieves 5 months ago

    Where’s the sugar? Too much acidity in tomatoes

  • Justin Thompson
    Justin Thompson 6 months ago

    I found the "chef" to be incredibly condescending and not very informative. He's acting like he's on a cooking show and demonstrating a recipe instead of walking a person through it verbally in real time. I know my way around the kitchen and I still found his "directions" confusing and lacking in clarity.

  • Gridlok
    Gridlok 6 months ago

    No. Just, no. 😐😒

  • the solder H01
    the solder H01 6 months ago

    Soup 😂 nice joke

  • Osama Qasho'
    Osama Qasho' 8 months ago

    The original Bon Apatite version is better!!

  • Dale Boxsell
    Dale Boxsell 8 months ago

    Remember one thing spaghetti and meatballs is not Italian so don’t think it is it’s America.

  • Aussie Roberts
    Aussie Roberts 8 months ago

    did they purposely find the least competent person?

  • Mudasser Mohammed
    Mudasser Mohammed 8 months ago

    What a jerk

  • NochSoEinKaddiFan
    NochSoEinKaddiFan 9 months ago

    These people need to play "Keep talking and nobody explodes"

  • Mike Cole
    Mike Cole 9 months ago +2

    This Chef is a condescending...
    Can't even watch it.

  • P S
    P S 9 months ago

    *whispers* My boyfriend is a professional chef. I bake sometimes, regularly burn anything that needs more than a four minute attention span, and catch fire to anything using oil.... I am dreading the day he's promised is coming when he 'teaches' me to cook. (Schools me, I'm sure is more likely.) I'm gonna be single so fast after I burn his kitchen down. >o

  • artichokez
    artichokez 9 months ago

    is it only me or are people pretending to be stupid way more annoying than funny

  • Diana China
    Diana China 9 months ago +1

    *dumps the whole cup of parmesan cheese*

  • Barbara Danley
    Barbara Danley 10 months ago

    That chef is pretty condescending and rushed the poor guy. Dude admitted he doesn't cook, no need to be rude about it.

  • LZF_ Edits
    LZF_ Edits 10 months ago +1

    Aren’t they right next to each other keep looking at the cutting board in the back on the table. You can see it’s crooked and that it’s the same board when it switches cameras. So what’s the point of the audio instructions??

  • TheDirtyHobo
    TheDirtyHobo 10 months ago

    "Exactly like you did your parsley... allegedly..." I'm dying. Now all I want is one of those instructional chef shows where the host just constantly low-key calls their audience incompetent the whole time.

  • RealCheeseOnly
    RealCheeseOnly 11 months ago

    this chef came off as a jerk. no thanks.

  • chris vaello
    chris vaello 11 months ago

    I would love to see conan O'Brien do this

  • Glide OG
    Glide OG 11 months ago

    There in the same room right next to each other

  • Steve
    Steve 11 months ago

    This is like the chief Ramsey episode from bon appetit. I liked that one better.

    • Sam Saad
      Sam Saad 9 months ago

      both channels are owned by the same company

  • Chris Jay
    Chris Jay Year ago +1

    “Challenges amateur”
    Amateur =\= some guy whose never cooked before.

  • Sarah Andrea Carter

    The instruction is so fast, he must ask the guy if he can still follow him or the instruction that he is providing.

  • Vance Bocas
    Vance Bocas Year ago

    The "professional" chef has such a douchy attitude.

  • John Davis
    John Davis Year ago

    +1 dislike for the man spread comment.

  • Lady Keto
    Lady Keto Year ago

    When he cracked the eggs into the meat before scrambling I almost died 😂🤣

  • Lady Keto
    Lady Keto Year ago

    To me it looks like hamburger hamburger hamburger 😂😂😂

  • Roslba Gaytan
    Roslba Gaytan Year ago +2

    The chef didn't explain himself well

  • Michael Vonahvan
    Michael Vonahvan Year ago

    This is for comedy, they find a random guy who is terrible at cooking and has sarcasm.

  • Kyle Jacobs
    Kyle Jacobs Year ago +2

    chef not responding to questions and person making "meatballs" clearly doesn't understand the concept of meat balls.

  • Quinn Richardson
    Quinn Richardson Year ago

    What is this recipe?

  • Cicholas Nage
    Cicholas Nage Year ago +1

    a professional chef would know that spaghetti and meatballs is a sin in Italy. it's called ragu and it's minced meat in the sauce, clumping it up is just silly.

  • Kalli Maynard
    Kalli Maynard Year ago +1

    james is too fast, doesn't check in with his trainee, and is humorless =/

  • Comet with Bleach

    Copy of Gordon ramsey

  • Eitan Touboul
    Eitan Touboul Year ago

    So did Bon Appetite rip this off?

  • Louis OK
    Louis OK Year ago

    So cringe

    ICOBORG Year ago

    gloves lel

  • Melissa Noelle
    Melissa Noelle Year ago +4

    Which came first... Bon Appetit or Epicurious.... with this idea.... I think it’s BA

    • UnitedRaccoon57
      UnitedRaccoon57 Month ago

      They’re the same company

    • Sam Saad
      Sam Saad 9 months ago

      both channels are owned by the same company

  • Karen K
    Karen K Year ago

    i love this

  • Milliene Xu
    Milliene Xu Year ago +2

    This duo is so funny 😂 everyone’s being super tough on the pro chef but I thought he did pretty well considering it’s probably his the norm to teach someone a dish through just audio lol

  • miahgeorge99
    miahgeorge99 Year ago

    When the chef picked up the knife to nick the garlic, I noticed instantly that it was a wüshtof 😍

  • Chris Sandoval
    Chris Sandoval Year ago +4

    i can't think of a single italian household that would consider james' sauce anything better than slightly above a ketchup.

  • sideswipe123103
    sideswipe123103 Year ago +16


  • B-Tox
    B-Tox Year ago

    excellent and hilarious.

  • Thomas Gronek
    Thomas Gronek Year ago

    Why are they wearing gloves?

  • bladelightning12
    bladelightning12 Year ago +21

    Bon appetit did it best

    • Sam Saad
      Sam Saad 9 months ago +2

      both channels are owned by the same company

  • pinguaina
    pinguaina Year ago

    Next episode: they go on a date

  • Jack Xiao
    Jack Xiao Year ago

    That guy is such a dork

  • Khaled Al-Saleh
    Khaled Al-Saleh Year ago

    lol funny

  • Edwin De la Cruz
    Edwin De la Cruz Year ago +8

    I like this chef simply because he is "Considerate" enough, he is lenient. Most chefs would probably sort of scold him while doing this.

  • MrLifeEnergy
    MrLifeEnergy Year ago +1

    When they dont take anything serious it really pisses me off. Thats why this should be disliked.

  • Casey Hollis
    Casey Hollis Year ago +13

    So I may not have a fancy culinary degree but I'm a damn good cook. This was painful to get past the first minute!! I haven't bought ANY red, Alfredo, or cheese sauce in years & I'd already have stuff simmering smh Poor guy!! Never be afraid to create awesomeness!!!

    • Amber Jones
      Amber Jones 8 months ago

      I made my first homemade alfredo sauce last week and it made the jar stuff tast like burnt plastic. Homemade is a thousand times better

  • Jacob Kamp
    Jacob Kamp Year ago

    "Do I have to man-spread?" lmao

    • Cloner Stive
      Cloner Stive Year ago

      Jacob Kamp
      *chef leaves without a word*

  • B Dean
    B Dean Year ago

    james looks like a real douche

  • Jeff Gizmoduck
    Jeff Gizmoduck Year ago

    Cocky Chef. Needs to lick balls.

  • r c
    r c Year ago +14

    Honestly mark's didnt look bad at all

  • Dylan
    Dylan Year ago +1

    Hipsters can’t cook for shit

  • transcendtient
    transcendtient Year ago +3

    Nice Bon Appetit ripoff.

    • Sam Saad
      Sam Saad 9 months ago

      both channels are owned by the same company

  • kristian iversen
    kristian iversen Year ago +2

    LMFAO you can tell that they are side my side...

  • Nickolai
    Nickolai Year ago +12

    they're litterally standing right besides eachother

  • Nakki
    Nakki Year ago +3

    Actually, home cook's did look more delicious so yeah..

  • ntnnot
    ntnnot Year ago +92

    Don't find this show entertaining. The problem is that they don't seem to really try to get the amateur to succeed, but more so hope to get some cheap laughs. The chef could've e.g. said that putting the eggs in with the meat without premixing them was not a problem (just mix it thoroughly afterwards), but instead he was acting several times like the guy made a big mistake. Like it wouldn't be hard enough to cook something for the first time, but then also have your "instructor" try to make you feel more uncertain. And Mark still managed decently (e.g. made pasta for the first time), but didn't get even one compliment. Way to discourage people.

    • GKaliasMe
      GKaliasMe 10 months ago

      i was cracking up quite a lot.
      its not as easy as it may sound to explain someone a full walkthrough.
      while youre at it, you most likely expect the other to think the same way you do.
      its the little things that you will forget to tell the other person, like getting the bayleaves out or using a seperate bowl to mix the eggs.
      i once wrote down a risotto recipe we used to cook in our restaurant, step by step.
      and when i was done, it came to my mind which steps i forgot to write down, because i thought it was a no brainer.
      so i had people leave in bayleaves and rosemary while mixing their sauce.
      which is totally fine, but the taste of both excel any other taste.
      the chefs reactions are just hilarious because he realised, that he wasnt thorough with his instructions.

    • Mit1mit2mity4
      Mit1mit2mity4 Year ago +7

      Of course they cut a lot of things out. And the comedic parts remain because they get views. That doesn't mean that the instructor did a bad job, it's just that you won't be watching this for an hour but do want all the entertaining bits.

  • 陈杰
    陈杰 Year ago +4

    Oh geez the cringe

  • Greg L
    Greg L Year ago +72

    Bon Appétit is better.

    • James
      James Month ago +1

      They're the same company.

  • All The Artsy
    All The Artsy Year ago +5

    I mean. There's such a thing as a non-professional. And then there's just an idiot with absolutely no intuition or good sense. And s annoying, too. Sticking to back-to-back chef with Bon Appetit.

  • the depressed puppy
    the depressed puppy 2 years ago +16

    how can somebody cook this bad

    • Frajmando
      Frajmando Year ago +1

      I thought this was the best amateur chef of these kind of videos i've watched, usually it is alot worse

    • Thomas Gronek
      Thomas Gronek Year ago

      Trust me, they can. I've seen a LOT of things ,,,, people can really f stuff up.

  • Jonathan Morse
    Jonathan Morse 3 years ago +156

    "Like a worm!"
    "Or... Or a noodle?"

  • marcus kerr
    marcus kerr 3 years ago

    seems to be inspired by this show somewhat :

  • Scott Strong
    Scott Strong 3 years ago +2

    What about someone who is capable of making something more than soup? Can they keep up?

  • J Slik
    J Slik 3 years ago +146

    Sadly, I think his failure really lies in the chef's specificity and attention to detail in his instructions. I cook all the time, so I understood what he was going for, but this guy proooooobably needed it dumbed down just a tad more.

    • Ayden Simpson
      Ayden Simpson 10 months ago

      Yeah that's what I'm saying, I feel like its not hard to make it with 0 guidance, the bad guy cooking was probably just exaggerating his mistakes to make for a more interesting video.

    • Andre Block
      Andre Block 10 months ago

      Ayden Simpson feel like its not hard to make it tho if u got some halfway decent guidance u feel me

    • Ayden Simpson
      Ayden Simpson 10 months ago +1

      It would make sense if this was done on purpose, it wouldn't make for a very interesting piece of content if the guy actually made a halfway decent spaghetti and meatballs.

    • Andre Block
      Andre Block 10 months ago

      yea hes not a very good teacher imo.

  • Silenced Lemon
    Silenced Lemon 3 years ago +60

    I so want to do this with my best friend. the guy can't cook for shit, and I'm a cook lol

  • Jonathan Hernandez
    Jonathan Hernandez 3 years ago +4

    I would watch this for an entire day. I want more episodes!

    • marcus kerr
      marcus kerr 3 years ago +1

      Whole episodes are available on TVclip :-)

    • Jonathan Hernandez
      Jonathan Hernandez 3 years ago +1

      Only available in Canada :l TO THE PIRATE BAY!

    • marcus kerr
      marcus kerr 3 years ago

      Check out a Canadian show called "Chef in your ear"

  • cafeaulait_
    cafeaulait_ 3 years ago +1

    so good

  • Moze pls
    Moze pls 3 years ago +1

    was he baked?

  • Average Joe
    Average Joe 3 years ago +7

    Professional cooks are like liberal arts and music majors. Little to no skill and act like know it all jerk offs. When you do one thing every day, like stay in the kitchen, of course you get good at it. This is why women can generally cook.

    • Cloner Stive
      Cloner Stive Year ago

      Hey you tried to troll and the comments turned it into a nice comment section. :D
      Gj humanity

    • Weeaboo Ninja
      Weeaboo Ninja Year ago +12

      Same with engineering and programming. You get good with practice. Thats the whole point of every skill. High skilled people are still human. So its humanly possible to achieve these skills.

    • sel ;-;
      sel ;-; 2 years ago +5

      Average Joe you can be a pro in anything you want with practice

  • b2br0wn
    b2br0wn 3 years ago +10

    Why didn't the pro chef taste the other guy's food?

    • UnitedRaccoon57
      UnitedRaccoon57 Month ago

      ntnnot if someone did a good job then acknowledge it and give a compliment if they didn’t don’t lie to them and say they did a good job help them until they actually do a good job

    • Ellie Spohr
      Ellie Spohr Year ago

      Well, there really wasn't much to compliment.

    • ntnnot
      ntnnot Year ago +8

      b2br0wn Yeah, that's the least he should've done. Did not give a single compliment/encouragement. Failure of a show.

    • Josh Enquist
      Josh Enquist 3 years ago +12

      +b2br0wn i think u know

  • OhNegative
    OhNegative 3 years ago +64

    This was rather entertaining, putting the eggs into the meat.. then the parsley.. LMAO

    • None of your business
      None of your business Year ago

      bobo leet the eggs were alright.. but the parsley was a bit too... Not cut. Adds weird texture, and the flavor will be not as even. But.. well, that's still somehwat okay, could be worse

    • bobo leet
      bobo leet Year ago +6

      OhNegative nothing wrong with that lol, it will mix together eventually

  • Dain Phillips
    Dain Phillips 3 years ago +185

    This needs to be a series

    • Jan Geert Bruggink
      Jan Geert Bruggink Year ago

      Dain Phillips no

    • Jayden Sosa
      Jayden Sosa 2 years ago

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    • marcus kerr
      marcus kerr 3 years ago

      Check out a Canadian show called "Chef in your ear"

  • Joshua1 Lowery
    Joshua1 Lowery 3 years ago +15

    who the fuck cant cook

    • Thomas Gronek
      Thomas Gronek Year ago

      Wow, you would be surprised at how many people are completely inept. Many kids don't even know how to sharpen a knife.

  • Eric M
    Eric M 3 years ago +267

    He looks defeated as soon as he says soup, dat posture

  • S N
    S N 3 years ago

    I think they're standing a rooms length away from each other.

  • GreekSpartanBeauty
    GreekSpartanBeauty 3 years ago +379

    "when life gives you meatballs, you make bolognese" lol

    • Alamda Ali
      Alamda Ali 7 months ago

      no... just no

    • Phil Wagenaar
      Phil Wagenaar 10 months ago

      He didnt say bolognese.. He said: Ballan'ace.. like a true illiterate American

    • Kian Senuta
      Kian Senuta 10 months ago

      Bolognese nutz!

    • CottonTheMoth
      CottonTheMoth 3 years ago +10

      +Greek Longnoarder James looks off-set, faking a smile. He thinks to himself, "kill me."

    • Hartford Two
      Hartford Two 3 years ago +3

      +Greek Longnoarder Quote of the century.

  • Russian Reaper
    Russian Reaper 3 years ago +5

    Its like a worm....
    -- or or a noodle

  • dhrdan
    dhrdan 3 years ago +1

    both dishes look like shit.