How Two Business and Romantic Partners Spend Their $50K Income | Glamour

  • Published on May 29, 2019
  • Two romantic and business partners tell us everything they spend money on in a month.
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    How Two Business and Romantic Partners Spend Their $50K Income | Glamour
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  • Titilayo A
    Titilayo A 11 days ago

    can we please have more low income honest accounts like the barista one? thanks

  • Rosetta P
    Rosetta P 27 days ago +1

    Triggered at watching her feet

  • Sharothi Gitagama
    Sharothi Gitagama Month ago +4

    Who feels like they need to separate the business and personal expenses? Get a corporate card for the partners that they use for business expenses

  • Kaylynn
    Kaylynn Month ago

    Do how a chiropractor and massage therapist spend their salaries.

  • Radical Barrel27
    Radical Barrel27 Month ago

    I could finesse these bitches off 55 a G

  • Alantar
    Alantar Month ago +1

    $70 on Microsoft Word because her publiser wanted it in a word doc? Google Docs can export to .doc. wow

  • Amy Franklin
    Amy Franklin 3 months ago +3

    I decided to splurge, every. day.

  • Katelynne M
    Katelynne M 4 months ago +35

    “CRysTals GiVe mE eNeRgY” lol ok

  • Aleksa S
    Aleksa S 4 months ago

    I’m hungry now

  • Darktron
    Darktron 4 months ago +1

    two women together how ?
    are they friends or sisters ?
    where are there husbands?

  • Dejanique George
    Dejanique George 4 months ago

    College students a must

  • shit lista
    shit lista 4 months ago +1

    I am really annoyed by them throwing away all that money while donating just a pocket change! So self-absorbed and selfish!

  • AuroraRising1
    AuroraRising1 4 months ago +1

    I wanna see a nyc public school teacher!!!!! Plzzzz

  • SessKo
    SessKo 5 months ago +8

    So many business expenses that aren't even taken out of the 50k salary. The video lost a lot of its value this way.

  • Harrison Levin
    Harrison Levin 5 months ago +1

    I love this couple!

  • Keida
    Keida 5 months ago +2

    Feature a Social Worker

  • KylaeighA
    KylaeighA 5 months ago +6

    Just posting this for future people but it is 50k a year and ~4k a month since most people in the comments didn’t catch that for some reason. It seems as though everything is a combined balance and not separate.

    • justalittlebitmo
      justalittlebitmo 24 days ago

      The way they spend, I was hoping for their sakes it was $50k/month

  • Jofus Pistachio
    Jofus Pistachio 5 months ago +95

    Wait did you make your company reimburse you for CRYSTALS?

  • Iris Kea
    Iris Kea 5 months ago +52

    This is cringe. Why not utilize a business cc?! I know their accountant hates fishing through personal records and business records combined.

  • theStorykeeper
    theStorykeeper 5 months ago +1

    OpenOffice is free and saves file in Word format.

  • Caroline Pace
    Caroline Pace 5 months ago +4

    No one told her her zipper's undone? 1:59

  • Ashley Obasi
    Ashley Obasi 5 months ago +14

    First of all this is NOT a 50K budget.... they are spending like they make 6 figures. Let’s not forget this is nyc. Someone is being dishonest. Either that or they are trust fund women.

    • Ashley Obasi
      Ashley Obasi 5 months ago +19

      Bayu Kurniawan no in the video they said 4K a month to spend

    • Bayu Kurniawan
      Bayu Kurniawan 5 months ago

      Ashley Obasi 50K a month, 600K per year

  • Ashley Obasi
    Ashley Obasi 5 months ago +2

    Does anyone know who they are? It shouldn’t be hard to determine, an lgbt couple who are women entrepreneurs. I’m going to look them up

    • omfgwhoru
      omfgwhoru 5 months ago

      Ashley Obasi let me know if you find

  • West Wing
    West Wing 5 months ago

    I saw Tom Tom, was that Tom Tom the bar? Ohhhh neat

  • Kels Finance
    Kels Finance 5 months ago +1

    Wow, I'm always interested to see these videos.

  • effervescent_bubbles
    effervescent_bubbles 5 months ago +101

    i can't believe they buy so much crap but they only make $50K

    • Yung Jroc
      Yung Jroc 3 months ago +2

      @Bayu Kurniawan yeah its 50k a year lmao 4200 is their monthly budget how u mess this up

    • Jbkrule
      Jbkrule 4 months ago +11

      Bayu Kurniawan um no it literally says a year at 0:15.. They explain the entire situation.

    • devinngeorge
      devinngeorge 5 months ago +6

      @Bayu Kurniawan 50k is a after profits a year allocated. However, they right a lot of expenses through their business accounts and as both both owning their business able to use funds liberally to redirect depending on how much they want into the business.

    • Bayu Kurniawan
      Bayu Kurniawan 5 months ago +17

      effervescent_bubbles 50K for a month, 600K a year.

  • sarah o rourke
    sarah o rourke 5 months ago

    Do more of these videos

  • prasannafy
    prasannafy 5 months ago +19

    PLEASE do one with an established actor and a new actor loool PLEASE

  • Melissa McClain
    Melissa McClain 5 months ago

    Would love to see these more often!

  • K S
    K S 5 months ago +54

    Like series but this one did not have details on how much monthly is put to retirement food rent utilities health expenses etc .... it needs that .... also is it 50k each or 50k combined???

  • printedtea
    printedtea 5 months ago

    Lolol Birkenstocks.

  • Akia W
    Akia W 5 months ago +6

    The lady with the leather jacket is wearing Rothy’s. You know these people have money 😩😂😂

    • Emily Browning
      Emily Browning 4 months ago

      The Uber Successful they’re really comfortable and you can wash them in the washing machine which is pretty cool.

    • The Uber Successful
      The Uber Successful 4 months ago

      it's literal overpriced recycled garbage. That's awful especially for how simplistic it is.

  • Akia W
    Akia W 5 months ago +8

    I love these personal finance videos but I clicked on this video because I saw two women...okay inclusion 🙌🏾.

  • Tessa Laszlo
    Tessa Laszlo 5 months ago +15

    the girl with the birkenstock’s looks so uncomfortable the whole video

    RACHAEL BROOKS 5 months ago +26

    Do one on two nurses and two nurse practitioners please 🤗

  • Casey
    Casey 5 months ago +59

    Do they not have rent? Or groceries and utilities?

    • Destini Marie
      Destini Marie 5 months ago +2

      Casey well they get their groceries shipped but I guess they didn’t show the rent ?

  • RefuseTheFallingRain
    RefuseTheFallingRain 5 months ago +127

    Did they speed up the audio in some parts?

    • Kasandra Campbell
      Kasandra Campbell 4 months ago +1

      No just the girl on the right has a weird cadence to her dialog. Just like how some people will start to inflect a higher tone at the end of a sentence, she speeds up her speech at the middle of her dialog. It’s rather taxing to listen to. Like a rollercoaster.

  • David Perlman
    David Perlman 5 months ago +1

    Why can't we see their faces make the whole video suck

    • Akia W
      Akia W 5 months ago +1

      David Perlman what difference would it make? Haha. Seeing their face or not. They aren’t gonna give you money. You don’t know them. So it doesn’t matter.

    • glw wn
      glw wn 5 months ago +14

      David Perlman because privacy?...

  • itstatilol
    itstatilol 5 months ago +2

    dagne dover is getting inventive with the advertising lol

  • Queeries
    Queeries 5 months ago +46

    public school teacher please!!

    • Britt
      Britt 5 months ago

      Queeries they actually have one. You would just have to keep on scrolling all the way down on their TVclip page

  • Rocío
    Rocío 5 months ago

    wtf mom

  • Ali M
    Ali M 5 months ago +2

    Love these videos!

  • Daniel S
    Daniel S 5 months ago +1

    Living the good life

  • Salaamo Siciid
    Salaamo Siciid 5 months ago +4

    Always waiting money tour new episodes 🎾🎾🎾🎾

  • Threelly AI
    Threelly AI 5 months ago

    Jungle conclusions....

  • LifeasMerna
    LifeasMerna 5 months ago


  • Shaquille Boyd
    Shaquille Boyd 5 months ago +18

    They're lgbt and they watch drag race 👍👍👍👍👍👍

  • Sabrina Marie
    Sabrina Marie 5 months ago +1

    LOVE 🙌🏼

  • kamonart
    kamonart 5 months ago +185

    Some of this expenses are literally useless lmao

      EPIC STACK 3 months ago

      kamonart agreed

    • Clixy Clix
      Clixy Clix 4 months ago

      Leila Trottier-Evans they make 5 figures wdym

    • Clixy Clix
      Clixy Clix 4 months ago


    • Coco Pops
      Coco Pops 5 months ago

      Um tax expenses lol

    • CiciTravels
      CiciTravels 5 months ago +31

      This is all of their free spending money. They didn’t even talk about rent + utilities or the money they put back into their business. They’re good.

  • Ruby Ling
    Ruby Ling 5 months ago +35

    Finally!!! Another money spending video!!!! I super enjoy these videos! Probably because I don't have much money to spend.........

  • Cute Panda
    Cute Panda 5 months ago +42

    Two people making $50k per year in new york city?!! Woww how can they afford leisure activities or travel? Even living cost would be too tight. I’m sure they cannot afford having a kid with $50k per year.

    • Yung Jroc
      Yung Jroc 3 months ago +1

      @EmmaLea Brown def not 50k a year she said theyre monthly budget is 4200 lol

    • EmmaLea Brown
      EmmaLea Brown 5 months ago +1

      its their monthly income. 50k a month. 600k a year

    • Sara Happy
      Sara Happy 5 months ago

      Patrick Albrecht i guess it is 50k a month (but for business and living)

  • The Bemused: Making Sense of Money 💰

    Working with your S/O is definitely an interesting journey! I’m glad they have a solid cushion while building their business! -Akeiva

  • Sophia Anne
    Sophia Anne 5 months ago +367

    PLEASE do a teen mom/teen parents, public school teacher

    • Taylor
      Taylor 3 months ago

      Queen Nessy I would watch it too, but only if they have 500k in savings, no debt and at least 12 houses on the beach paid outright.

    • Queen Nessy
      Queen Nessy 3 months ago +1

      I'm a teen mom/ teen parent nurse, my husband is a teacher and I would so watch that.

    • Sophia Anne
      Sophia Anne 5 months ago +3

      devinngeorge i love how you think you’re making a good point 😂😂 lmao

    • devinngeorge
      devinngeorge 5 months ago

      @Sophia Anne how many viewers are there? 😉

    • Sophia Anne
      Sophia Anne 5 months ago +4

      devinngeorge 201 people disagree

  • Katie Chambers
    Katie Chambers 5 months ago +15

    Wow 50k in New York is quite small!

    • Jethro
      Jethro 5 months ago +5

      @Bayu Kurniawan no, at 0:22 it says they pay themselves $4166/month, which is 50k for the year

    • Bayu Kurniawan
      Bayu Kurniawan 5 months ago +1

      Katie Chambers 50K a month stupid, how much do you make for a month? probably 2 thousand

  • Asfia Haque
    Asfia Haque 5 months ago +1

    Woah 512th view,first time I'm this early😂

  • LawrenceApophigistoHimalayan

    Yeah! :-)

  • Seema Jain
    Seema Jain 5 months ago +535

    Do one on how spoilt brat rich teen spend his/her money

    • Canavar
      Canavar 5 months ago +1

      Gucci, mercedesx rolex, starbucks, lamborghini.

    • Troy Lee
      Troy Lee 5 months ago

      Crazy Beany I guess so huh.. he just made it.

    • Crazy Beany
      Crazy Beany 5 months ago +1

      Troy Lee mr beast is an adult

    • Troy Lee
      Troy Lee 5 months ago +3

      Seema Jain go to mr. beasts channel, OHHH

  • Seema Jain
    Seema Jain 5 months ago +132

    Do how teen mom/teen parents spend their money

  • apetskunk
    apetskunk 5 months ago +165

    What is their business? So interested!

  • sunflower’s bloom
    sunflower’s bloom 5 months ago

    😂that’s too personal for me