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  • I H
    I H 23 hours ago

    You are in your early 20s and got the Karisma of a 40 yr old. Classy. ^5

  • fanele mabaso
    fanele mabaso Day ago

    In America is a law degree an undergraduate degree or a postgraduate degree? What is Pre-Law or Pre-Medicine? How come you can get a law degree at both a College and University? Im South African.

    KIM HAYES 3 days ago


  • Busan Jikook
    Busan Jikook 4 days ago

    You barely heard the interviewer. They should get his mic to better quality

  • P Val
    P Val 6 days ago

    Kathy sent a to a

  • P Val
    P Val 6 days ago

    Erik S was . The w at Le

  • Joseph Zao
    Joseph Zao 9 days ago

    Psychiatry is not going to Free Virginia anywhere.

  • tonyGoW kratos
    tonyGoW kratos 10 days ago

    What's her facebook account?

  • mingyu oppa
    mingyu oppa 19 days ago

    Mga ka-jsl ko diyan, si Heather oh HAHAHHA hanapin naten si gino

  • Saiidaa
    Saiidaa 19 days ago

    Taking the lsat in 9 days, this is all I want to do in life and I couldn’t agree more❤️

  • Steve Chang
    Steve Chang 20 days ago

    I'm starting med school, but I've always felt that my personality (INFP) matches me better into law due to my personal process of making decisions and judging a situation (based on certain personal philosophy).

  • Multi Style
    Multi Style 21 day ago

    hi, im mike ross.

  • Justice 4All
    Justice 4All 24 days ago +1

    Harvard Law School where you learn how to be a communist. Step 1: Light Constitution on Fire.

  • Mike McKay
    Mike McKay 25 days ago

    Wait. I saw an American flag in her room. She must be expelled!

  • Soroush Darvish
    Soroush Darvish 27 days ago

    Harvard undergrad = free marks

  • SefAsimar
    SefAsimar 27 days ago +3

    Imagine being smart enough to go to Harvard

  • Monterey Harris
    Monterey Harris 28 days ago

    Is anybody even thinking about law or being a lawyer as a career, get your associate or bachelor's degree in paralegal studies. Pre-law is good but para- legal studies is much better! Pre-law just teaches a lot about government and the laws in general but getting a degree in paralegal studies is a lot more writing and research like one would do at Law School. Paralegal students, right complaints and responses as well as prepare divorce complaints, or as here in the Commonwealth of Virginia we refer to it as a bill of complaint.VA law is old common law and very different from that in other states. The law school here that's one of the best for the price with 100% graduation and bar exam pass rate is Liberty University Law School. I live about 45 minutes to an hour away from Liberty so I was able to drive up there and back every day and work on the weekends. It's a lot of reading and it's a lot of writing! You learn so much and you learn it pretty fast, so you think you have brain fry. When you take your exams, I did better than I thought I would, BUT I had anywhere between 16 or 20 hours of class time and luckily we have Friday off.. that's when I got the majority of my work done.
    It is a Christian School but it is one of the best and it's about 37000 a year. I'm not sure what it is now because I finished my paralegal exam in 1999 and then I waited until 2010 for law school because I really wanted to make sure it was what I wanted and my kids were grown.

  • chan
    chan 29 days ago

    you chose it

  • Sittie Hussain
    Sittie Hussain Month ago +5

    I'm a first year law student in the Philippines and as for now, I'm only taking law for entertainment. I work full time in a government agency and thought it's pretty boring so here I am, full time employee and part time student. The stress of all of it, I love!
    Harvard has always been my dream school but we're not rich so... Harvard's amazing.

  • ajanderson283
    ajanderson283 Month ago

    Im in love!

  • Seymour Butts
    Seymour Butts Month ago

    Watch a couple of movies! You got to be kidding me

  • Joseph Zao
    Joseph Zao Month ago +2

    see Basil Burke, Yale & UVA, Madison County, Virginia

    The investigation for the World Trade Tower detonation went all through the nation but no investigation in Virginia. How far can you go with it? Homeland Security

  • Joseph Zao
    Joseph Zao Month ago

    People Listen all over the World to make one good business decision a year. Referring to Vista, CA in Europe or New York or Texas or China or Rissia or USSR or NYSE or WSJ or Stanford or UCLA or Las Vegas or Cristianos San Onofre State Surf Beach.

  • Bryzz Lull
    Bryzz Lull Month ago

    ACLU. Why am I not surprised? Another rich Liberal asshole millenial.

  • Shaun McClendon
    Shaun McClendon Month ago +1

    She’s very mature, forthcoming, and informative...

  • Jayla W.
    Jayla W. Month ago +1

    I love smart people!

  • Alex K.
    Alex K. Month ago

    I wonder what she thinks about Edward Snowden.

  • Agnieszka Górzkowska
    Agnieszka Górzkowska Month ago +1

    I’m glad that in Europe you can study law (or anythinng) for free.

  • Richard Ong!
    Richard Ong! Month ago

    Elle Woods....

  • Rolyn Rapanan
    Rolyn Rapanan Month ago +1

    As a law student, this is so motivating and inspiring. HLS is such a dream.

  • Nsunge Makonda
    Nsunge Makonda 2 months ago

    I hope she doesn't meet Annalise Keating

  • Ir Sk
    Ir Sk 2 months ago +2

    I am not sure if the cold calling method is really effective

    • smoke screen
      smoke screen Month ago

      you know law students are already stressed and depressed

  • Richardus Alpert
    Richardus Alpert 2 months ago +1

    im not even from usa why im i here

  • Clashing wi Nemesis.
    Clashing wi Nemesis. 2 months ago

    Law school: I understand the English language a little bit better then everyone else does

  • Boomer NPC
    Boomer NPC 2 months ago +6

    Being a law student, whenever I hear the words 'law school', severe anxiety fills my body.

    • Lea Sford
      Lea Sford Month ago

      Boomer NPC Exactly, burning butterflies and my heart wanting to beat out of my chest. Lol

  • Sam Wang
    Sam Wang 3 months ago +1

    Not enough crying. Unrealistic.

    • smoke screen
      smoke screen Month ago

      don't do it if you are not sure was subtle

  • Jon Doe
    Jon Doe 3 months ago +11

    Jenifer Lawrence is an amazing actress and now at Harvard Law

  • Cavalier Max Fantasia
    Cavalier Max Fantasia 3 months ago

    Another useless eaters and leeches from a rich backround that will tell us how to live, hang em all.

  • Banagan
    Banagan 3 months ago

    You match your couch

  • HateGovernment
    HateGovernment 3 months ago +4

    3:21 In honor of slavery...
    That's how I read it.

  • yonca özcan
    yonca özcan 3 months ago

  • Apracity
    Apracity 3 months ago +1

    This girl sounds like a massive annoying feminist lgbtq supporter type person

  • Joseph Zao
    Joseph Zao 3 months ago

    I am not going to be prosecutor to what Law Virginia breaks daily, I am witness to the court that has no favor or contract with Virginia Law, written or unwritten that Virginia "is a conspiracy" against that can not be proven where it starts. [Skidmore Law Review 1972]

  • Chandan Waratkar
    Chandan Waratkar 3 months ago

    send my greetings to professor gerard :-)

  • Dhruv Patel
    Dhruv Patel 3 months ago +1

    Hey idiot, this is not a day in the life, its a fucking interview... change name

  • David Mandell
    David Mandell 3 months ago

    Harvard- where the men are men and the women are too......

  • Kerra Johnson
    Kerra Johnson 4 months ago +1

    *She sounds exactly like Chelsea Handler.*

  • Bada Bing
    Bada Bing 4 months ago

    2005 Harvard Law grad. Bunch of elitist libtards! Doesn't surprise me one bit that this chik wants to work for the ACLU. Waste of life and $!

  • S U C C B OI
    S U C C B OI 4 months ago


  • sophie !
    sophie ! 4 months ago

    not sure if it's changed, but i took the lsat twice in 2018 and you can absolutely cancel your score. you can only cancel within six calendar days of taking the test, so you won't know how well you did (and i wouldn't cancel it because often when it feels like you bombed an exam you did better than you expected). but you can cancel it for sure

  • Rohit Rao
    Rohit Rao 4 months ago

    One day.......

  • BAW 21
    BAW 21 4 months ago

    Another future liberal lawyer, unfortunately.

  • Ernst Vieux
    Ernst Vieux 4 months ago

    I'm older,but I want to learn the Harvard law school by home sturdy because I like Harvard my preference in the wold.see me and call me.I hope you can find me to start.Want is power.

  • Ernst Vieux
    Ernst Vieux 4 months ago

    I like Harvard University.All Harvard university students should be proud for them self.

  • Ernst Vieux
    Ernst Vieux 4 months ago

    Harvard law school,do you know the law is elastic ,more you pull the law it's come to you,So law suit should not have limit.

  • Niyam Acharya
    Niyam Acharya 4 months ago +4

    Hey can you guys tell me what she studied in undergrad?

  • Shafque Bakhsh Ali
    Shafque Bakhsh Ali 4 months ago +1

    good to see this may in future i be the part of this

  • peter kinasz
    peter kinasz 5 months ago

    Poor we are picking on him because of his pedophilia. We forget about all the massaging, the pounding, the yanking, & the sucking he must have endured while on that hellish island. At least his torment had a "happy ending".....until now.

  • Bean
    Bean 5 months ago

    harvard is overrated. they're all just a bunch of pushy narcissists.

    • Ben Simmons
      Ben Simmons 4 months ago

      Bean awww aren’t you smart enough? Are you a 40 year old stuck at McDonalds

    • Inzam al Mustak
      Inzam al Mustak 4 months ago

      Looks someone who couldn't get in. Grapes are sour.

  • write4ever
    write4ever 5 months ago

    She is already a lawyer!