Brexitcast: Is a longer Brexit delay on the cards? - BBC News

  • Published on Mar 30, 2019
  • The 29th March 2019 came and went and Britain is still a member of the European Union. So what’s likely to happen next?
    Laura Kuenssberg, Katya Adler and Chris Mason from BBC Radio 5 Live’s ‘Brexitcast’ team are here to explain.
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  • Joseph Kayne
    Joseph Kayne 4 days ago

    My family died in the war not for this to end up all over our country.

  • theecanmole
    theecanmole Month ago

    From 12,000 miles away in Aotearoa/New Zealand, it's wonderful to see the gang back together..but where's Adam?

  • Hugs4Michael
    Hugs4Michael Month ago

    BBC = Biased Brussels Corporation!! The contempt shown by those in this video is typical of the BBC's negative attitude towards Leavers. Why do we have to pay for a TV licence to watch this nonsense? Listening to these three they sound like they've had a few too many down the pub. Disgusting!

  • Darth Remainer
    Darth Remainer Month ago

    “If we don’t, god help us...”.... to my mind such statements by politicians are veiled threats of violence, and are quite unacceptable.

  • Kushal Kumar
    Kushal Kumar Month ago

    It is
    evident that May
    Theresa , British
    PM , has
    begun to foresee
    the danger inherent
    in the ongoing
    impasse over hammering
    out Brexit deal
    by climbing down.
    She is reported
    to have had
    talks with the
    Opposition party leader.
    But the situation
    is precarious because
    she needs more
    time and the
    EU seems to
    be not in
    favor leading to
    likelihood of Brexit
    without deal. This
    Vedic astrology writer
    had alerted in November
    2018 to say
    that Britain may
    also pass through
    a critical phase
    of political turmoil
    during February -March
    2019 , calling for
    more care and
    appropriate strategy. Now
    , if Britain
    is able to
    hammer out a
    final response much
    before 14 April
    , 2019 ,
    it could likely stand
    well. More prolonging
    appears to be
    meaning that the
    decisions taken could
    be short of firmness or
    may have some
    ambiguity , leading
    to further chaos.
    And that appears
    likely in May
    to August ,
    more so in
    June in 2019
    when some other
    fallout cannot be
    ruled out -
    discernible economic slowdown.
    Let us wait
    and watch how
    things take shape.

  • edward doughty
    edward doughty Month ago +1

    Boycott mainstream everything, its all deceit, racist and satanic!(posing as opposite) Civil uprising! Wake the fuck up!

  • Randy Lahey
    Randy Lahey Month ago

    Help keep Islamic terrorists out of our country and away from our children

  • Xavier COLLET
    Xavier COLLET Month ago

    bbc fake news

  • martin stevens
    martin stevens Month ago

    Wikipedia it's now the Belgian broadcast talks ally of fake news shit

  • Vonnie Launchbury
    Vonnie Launchbury Month ago

    These commentators are being very patronizing..giggling and laughing..whats so funny..

  • Jac Crystal
    Jac Crystal Month ago

    Under the weight of self satisfaction the 'impartiality' contrivance fell away to reveal ghoulish bones of BBC as insurgently anti Democracy as unconsciousable in pocketing the pravda tax of those who it oppresses.

  • Richiest Rich
    Richiest Rich Month ago

    BBC fake news

  • Brian Elmes
    Brian Elmes Month ago

    Many EU members under pressure from France and Germany to give UK more time? I suspect at least 1 member will tell them to F**k OFF >> NO DEAL

  • Divided States of America

    BritainistanBrainwashingCuckporation Ordered to Pay Damages for Fake
    News About Trump and Ukraine President.

  • Roger Moore
    Roger Moore Month ago

    BBC= Fakenews...

  • HardWarUK
    HardWarUK Month ago

    Wouldn't worry about Brexit. Climate change will destroy us before we get anywhere near to having an economy like we had prior to 2008!

  • Simon West
    Simon West Month ago +1

    The 48% need to prove that they can also play the "cut off your nose to spite your face" game.
    We need to go full Tory next election and return a massive Tory majority that can do whatever it wants.
    Role out Universal Credit nationwide, cut benefits to nothing, privatise the NHS, and make everyone in the UK work whether they can or not.
    Forget food banks... You'll be eating out of dustbins.
    Then maybe we can have a reasonable discussion about the EU.

    • martin stevens
      martin stevens Month ago

      Yeah let's get millions on benefits and make remoaners pay all the taxes ;) . remoaners getting what they asked for . tax fukn hell

  • I'ma Nomad
    I'ma Nomad Month ago

    " V "

  • Grey Chip
    Grey Chip Month ago +1

    Oh look its (((Laura))), how many of her kind are at the top of the BBC leeching an pushing an agenda.

    DDRAIG Month ago


  • Donal Leader
    Donal Leader Month ago

    Great to see you guys in full technicolor. Where is the klaxon?!!

  • punictunic
    punictunic Month ago +2

    I look forward to the BBC no longer being a publically funded organisation.

  • the man with the green cortina

    Well it was already delayed before you put this video up!

  • John Justjohn
    John Justjohn Month ago

    You deserve one more more peoples vote..after that we will all know who lives in Britain..and if you really want to risk jobs and economy be my guest , be isolated and good luck...but i think you deserve another chance now when truth is known..

  • Blair Jenkins
    Blair Jenkins Month ago +5

    The most significant event that happened on 29th march was that Vote Leave quietly dropped their appeal against electoral fraud. Therefore Gove and Johnson are now formally guilty of electoral fraud. I do hope that criminal prosecution follows. If not why not?

    • Amanda Hughes
      Amanda Hughes Month ago

      Wrong referendum bud, we had 41 grim years adhering to an utterly corrupt and completely unregulated referendum because it suited our cesspit establishment. Imagine a referendum where one side spent 10 times more money than the other and told nothing but a complete pack of lies. BTW Remain got fined twice, plus they have lied from day one, and are still doing it. Nothing changes, the stinking establishment have always been corrupt, and they get idiot shrills like you to do their dirty work for them.

  • leapsplashafrog
    leapsplashafrog Month ago

    Watch carefully U.K. has left the Eu

  • Horus Baals
    Horus Baals Month ago +1

    When you leave the bbc licence make sure you tell them you remove their “implied right of access”. Use this exact phrase

  • leapsplashafrog
    leapsplashafrog Month ago +9

    U.K. has legally already left the Eu. Article 50 has not been properly extended and legal challenge served today
    Ps leave the bbc and sky asap. Support your country

    • martin stevens
      martin stevens Month ago +1

      Yup 17.5 million have left. The BBC and Parliament doesn't think so. Brexiteers will get a much better future they need to stop talking shit

    • Alan Tracy
      Alan Tracy Month ago +3


    • Venetian Genoesewarmachine
      Venetian Genoesewarmachine Month ago +3

      Leave bbc asap

  • mistresspat7
    mistresspat7 Month ago

    So your saying if Macron doesn’t agree the UK does not get an extension. I thought naively that it was a collaboration of 27 nations not one D**k. Brexit concerns Ireland more than it does France. Hell we should leave as well after all we have more in common with UK than rest of Europe. Bring on Irexit.😉

    • mistresspat7
      mistresspat7 Month ago

      Shashisha Shishasha After Brexit we will be half in half out anyway. And why is the idea of Ireland leaving the EU so funny. It may not happen in my lifetime but if they keep being a ever controlling bunch of dicks people here may get a little more pissed off. Our government may show a very Pro Eu side. But I cannot believe there is such a high amount of EU supporters here.

    • 2 - D
      2 - D Month ago

      Seriously? To concede a delay it is needed the ok from all the 27 countries. If 1 is against, it isn't conceded. Simple. Ireland out of EU?? Lol

  • dan mitchell
    dan mitchell Month ago

    you trash better get it sorted out otherwise be prepared to get run out of youre own country,being paedophile criminal satan worshipping human traffickers is bad enough,going against the will of your bosses? the people,not wise its us who keep this country going and its us who keep people like you going,lets see a little respect.....

  • Alan Tracy
    Alan Tracy Month ago

    Leave bbc immediately

  • Karl Hainer
    Karl Hainer Month ago +1

    Remain, remain, remain.

  • Elshad
    Elshad Month ago +3

    Brexit Broadcasting Corporation / Biased British Corporation

  • Talk To Me TV
    Talk To Me TV Month ago

  • MSW 2015
    MSW 2015 Month ago

    Biased media from the start. Sign the UK open petition for a no deal Brexit 598,293 MBGA MAGA

    • N GP
      N GP Month ago

      Signed them all

  • Kevin Jenkins
    Kevin Jenkins Month ago +2

    Ah! but are we still a member of the EU? legally we may have already left but the corrupt news channels are not telling anyone.

    • Paperclip
      Paperclip 8 hours ago

      +Kevin Jenkins yes we left. Now let us forget everything about the EU and never mention it again. Happy?

    • Kevin Jenkins
      Kevin Jenkins Month ago

      +Mastertexter Legal challenge still going on but absolutely nothing about it in the Media. Here it is if you don't believe it

    • Mastertexter
      Mastertexter Month ago

      +Kevin Jenkins Good luck arguing that. The only people dumb enough to fall for that, are your peers.
      Cheers! :)

    • Kevin Jenkins
      Kevin Jenkins Month ago

      +Mastertexter This is what I meant and I have yet to see any news media outlet report it, if it wins it means we are already out.
      Legal papers have been served against the government to bring the case that, under the law the UK did leave the European Union at 11 pm on Friday the 29th of March 2019.

    • Mastertexter
      Mastertexter Month ago

      Kevin Jenkins yes, because whenever the news channels announce something, only then it comes into law.....?!

  • tvqueen1905
    tvqueen1905 Month ago

    How often is brexitcast on

  • john wilks
    john wilks Month ago

    Looks like the BBC has all the remainders lined up one after another to promote their own agenda.

    • N GP
      N GP Month ago

      Correct bbc is dead 💀

  • Jason Devon
    Jason Devon Month ago +2


    • Roger Bennett
      Roger Bennett Month ago

      +Kay Em Half the tv presenters would be on vallium if we left their jollies over to Europe would be cut back dramatically and the shock of realising they can't tell people what to think would be really depressing. We would be able to finally talk about the UK again.

    • Kay Em
      Kay Em Month ago +1

      Jason Devon And what difference would that make to your "life"?

  • AmericanDog PetGrooming

    The EU needs to end this populist madness begun by many MP populist in parliament by ending any more extension

    • Mastertexter
      Mastertexter Month ago

      +martin stevens Good luck with that! Spend it towards the NHS instead... I believe that was the plan? :D

    • martin stevens
      martin stevens Month ago

      +Mastertexter yeah let's starve the EU off. Get those grubby hand hobos away from our money. Fukn tramps

    • Mastertexter
      Mastertexter Month ago +3

      AmericanDog PetGrooming i agree... we’ve had enough of the UKs behaviour in the EU. Get the F out you dumbturds

  • archangelbrightfame
    archangelbrightfame Month ago +2

    I believe this has brought the British people together. Its not just what you accomplished but it is also a learning experience . I don't believe that your gov should have waited till the last moment to deal with this economic problem. People should rally in the Street Sunday and have pray meetings and parties . And street Venders should sell that famous British dish Fish'n Chips and Icecream. Not charge VAT tax. You know that sharing food brings people closer together than anything. Jesus and his disciples always shared food in the bible. Before Jesus went to heaven . He shared one last meal and it was Fish'n Chips. It is one of the biggest acts of love to share food with some one.Your pets love you because you share food with them. 7 loafs and 2 fishes feed 5000. They must have been pretty big fish's back then.

    • Mastertexter
      Mastertexter Month ago

      I can’t tell if this is a joke... or an obvious sign of stupidity.. but either way: I take it 😂

  • FTSETrader Steve
    FTSETrader Steve Month ago +2

    There were MANY posters decrying the BBC's impartiality on Brexit at the protest on 29 March. The BBC is a remain focus group organization pushing forward one side of the Brexit news with extreme bias. It promotes project fear from "effect of brexit on pet dogs" to "shortage of toilet paper" and not a mention of any of the benefits of Brexit never mind border control that is too politically incorrect for the lefties at the BBC......BUT HEAR THIS AND MARK IT WELL AND PAY ATTENTION GINA MILLER AND ANNA SOUBRY......NO BREXIT AND NO CONTROL OF OUR BORDERS LEADS TO A FAR RIGHT POPULAR FRONT....IF THE GOVERNMENT CAN'T CONTROL IMMIGRATION THE PEOPLE WILL TRY TO DO IT INSTEAD.....that will not be fair on the migrants already settled here but I suspect they will get a VERY VERY HARD TIME OF IT!....

    • Darth Remainer
      Darth Remainer Month ago

      FTSETrader Steve perhaps we inhabit parallel universes. In my universe the brexiteers are getting a huge amount of air time on the bbc, a constant stream of Rees Mogg, Davies, Gove, Redwood... bbc news 24, radio 4, radio 5, the website. As for an army of gammon taking on us foreigners? make no mistake, we will defend ourselves... and the healthy part of british society will be on our side

  • A Z
    A Z Month ago +6

    Longest corruption ever you mean. Lies and betrayel goes on and on . Cheating the voting democratic system. RIP democracy💀☠💀💀💀💀. So please dont ever talk about government and elections ever. No thanks.

  • Marc Bennet
    Marc Bennet Month ago

    the institutional arrangement called democracy relies of competitive elections, majority ruling and sufficient equality among citizens. All media promote the same pro-remain, pro multiculturalism and pro-immigration propaganda; this is the unifying test MP candidates must pass to be selected: they must accept this agenda. Consequently, if MP both in opposition and in government must support the same agenda, competitive elections no longer exist. The majority voting and sufficient equality among citizens (1 person = 1 vote) have gone as well: brexit supporters are treated as 2nd class inferior citizens; their votes count less than the voting for remain

  • Steve's WideAwake
    Steve's WideAwake Month ago

    Well this will prove how Democratic the UK is? The people voted to leave and now the remainians want another vote and then another until there is no Brexit. The EU is a dictatorship and Hitlers wet dream that many died trying to stop. The UK originally entered the EU trough the Tory paedophile Leon Brittan, is paedophilia being used to swing the vote?

  • Alex Barrett
    Alex Barrett Month ago

    The fact there isn't a John Bercow sound effect everytime someone says division seems like a huge oversight.

  • Sean G
    Sean G Month ago

    You tell us, BBC. It's your duty to *inform* the electorate.

  • laurejon
    laurejon Month ago

    Bring on the European Elections, I am sure the British can help liberate the Europeans by voting for the populist parties.

  • EvilHomerSimpson
    EvilHomerSimpson Month ago +1

    you see africa you dont need the british support anymore
    they cant even help themselves

    • Kay Em
      Kay Em Month ago

      Which support? Like stealing the mines and making coups?

  • Alain James
    Alain James Month ago

    Polls show Britons, for whom the last three years have been an excruciating education, would reject Brexit if given another shot at the ballot box.
    That's why these PMs won't allow it.

  • rollo antonio
    rollo antonio Month ago

    No more stories straight to bed. No delay.

  • Peregrine Slim
    Peregrine Slim Month ago

    The only solution without any issues for anyone, other than the right of the Conservative Party and beyond, is to stay in the EU until such time as a deal is either desired or possible.

    • N GP
      N GP Month ago

      U.K. has already left the Eu by law you’ll see

  • Charlie Hutch
    Charlie Hutch Month ago

    where's the fu--ing news???????????????????

  • steve shark
    steve shark Month ago

    Big problems down the road, if this deal passes that is hated so much..

  • Peregrine Slim
    Peregrine Slim Month ago +1

    Given that the referendum involved illegal fund shifting by the Leave Campaign to avoid spending limits, the referendum was indeed a sham.

    • Roger Bennett
      Roger Bennett Month ago

      +John Moore Given that the EU is an oligarchy masquerading as a democratic union it was indeed a sham.

    • John Moore
      John Moore Month ago

      Not much of a counter.

    • Roger Bennett
      Roger Bennett Month ago

      HA ha

  • pootuis poot
    pootuis poot Month ago

    haha what is that thumbnail? lool

  • Halcali
    Halcali Month ago +1

    Chris Mason is a gent.

  • Neil Kitson
    Neil Kitson Month ago +2

    Living in globalist la la land.

  • Peregrine Slim
    Peregrine Slim Month ago +1

    The extension beyond the 29th of March was to the 12th of April without a deal. So they still have two weeks to find a deal to extend it to 22 May. Otherwise it is a long delay probably.

    • N GP
      N GP Month ago

      U.K. has already left the alleged extension is legally not valid

    • Roger Bennett
      Roger Bennett Month ago

      An extension to the next general election will do.

  • The Wine Man
    The Wine Man Month ago +1

    If Brexit does happen I want to sue the British government for taking away my European Citizenship.

  • The Wine Man
    The Wine Man Month ago +5

    Breixters who think the UK is not in control of its own laws:
    1) name a single EU law you disagree with that the UK gov't has resisted.
    2) If that's too hard, name ANY EU law you have been disadvantaged by.
    3) If that is too testing, just tell us single law you think has undermined your nations or your personal rights.
    Failing that, just tell us why you read the messages or listen to the voices of the nay-sayers who created these anti EU sentiments.

    • Roger Bennett
      Roger Bennett Month ago

      +The Wine Man Wise up you fool, do you know how many murderers have been executed in comparison to the number of people murdered by released felons, from anecdotal evidence I would say at least 50 have died for every 1 wrong conviction if not more and that's going back to when evidence was less reliable than today. It also costs £50k and upwards a year to keep people incarcerated in prison how many lives have been lost by wasting money that way rather than using it for life saving health care etc and lastly it would act as a deterrent to a few would be murderers. Your objection is wholly emotionally influenced and nonsensical if todays society and justice system cannot operate a CP system without miscarriages of justice then we will just have to keep lamenting the tragedies we see occurring every day as we do. Obviously CP is just the most extreme example of the our failing law enforcement system brought about by liberal minded deluded idealists such as you.

    • Dominic Hill
      Dominic Hill Month ago

      The Wine Man oh I did and you proved me right. You reach for the race card, fascist or what ever card you think will shut people up that don’t agree with you. It’s become over used now. It doesn’t work. Here read through this.

    • The Wine Man
      The Wine Man Month ago

      +Roger BennettOh my; Capital punishment is ONLY about revenge. That is unacceptable.
      Secondly, there are multitudinal cases of miscarriages of justice. That mistakes happen, is one pragmatic reason to never allow CP.
      At the height of a scandal which was a precursor to the Monika Lewinsky affair some years later, Arkansas Governor Bill Clinton flew to Little Rock from Washington to personally oversee the putting to death of an inmate who hadn't the capacity to understand the charges against him. There is no room for nastiness in justice.
      Killing people to save money is about as low as anyone could go.
      You really do espouse seriously vicious, self righteous and downright vengeful practices. That explains why you found financial services oversight quite so irritating. They were protecting us from you.

    • The Wine Man
      The Wine Man Month ago

      +Dominic Hill you haven't made any points.

  • Custos Secretus
    Custos Secretus Month ago

    But we should not be a member of the EU.
    The extension beyond the 29th of May by the EU came with the caveat of Parliament accepting May`s deal. Parliament rejected it and thus we should of already left on WTO terms.
    Why we have not is a testament to a Parliament intent on staying in the EU.
    By rejecting all deals and no deal the only course of action left by Parliament is to revoke Article 50. This will delay Brexit even further to the next General Election and time for a 4th peoples vote in the hope of killing Brexit off.
    Never have I seen our Sham Democracy so blatantly exposed for all to see, the tricks used to subvert the biggest Democratic vote in our countries history should be ringing alarm bells throughout the country.

    • Kay Em
      Kay Em Month ago

      The EU club is not amused. Overstayed your welcome.

  • Peregrine Slim
    Peregrine Slim Month ago +5

    The BBC needs to be re-founded so that it better adheres to the ideal of impartiality, Its role is not to produce partisan commentary for the Conservatives, even the remain ones.

    • Amanda Hughes
      Amanda Hughes Month ago

      UKIP manifesto pledge, make the BBC self funding. We are all sick of the anti Brexit BS

  • BEAU bulldog
    BEAU bulldog Month ago

    BBC scum👎 no to tv license💩

  • Peregrine Slim
    Peregrine Slim Month ago +1

    All May had to do was to leave the EU as gently as possible while not risking all on an election and a hard Brexit. She failed and now must pay the price.Leave means leave, Mrs May, so go!

    • Gabriel Kelly
      Gabriel Kelly Month ago

      +fat fat well a no-deal would automatically result in border checks for Ireland would be a member of the EU and the North would not. The deal on the table would result in no border because of the backstop. If Teresa May had any balls she would have taken the money back that she gave to the DUP for propping up her government.

    • fat fat
      fat fat Month ago

      +Gabriel Kelly If Theresa may had balls she would have just said shes not going to enforce any border regardless of whether there is deal or no deal but she doesnt which is why she is called Theresa the Appeaser.

    • Gabriel Kelly
      Gabriel Kelly Month ago

      How could anyone possibly believe that you could leave the EU gently lol. N. Ireland was always going to be a sticking point because of the GFA and the border with the republic.

  • Strofi Kornego
    Strofi Kornego Month ago

    People did not vote for a cliff-edge crash out.

    • Strofi Kornego
      Strofi Kornego Month ago

      You surrendered our country to UNELECTED and UNACCOUNTABLE WTO bureaucrats. It is not independence, it is slavery.

    • Jason Devon
      Jason Devon Month ago +1

      Don't forget Godzilla attacking the city of London should we have the audacity to vote for independence...

  • Peregrine Slim
    Peregrine Slim Month ago +1

    Voting Leave means whatever you want it to mean, apparently, because the referendum wasn't clear about anything ... and the Conservatives even cheated on the referendum!

    • Roger Bennett
      Roger Bennett Month ago

      They sure did they spent twice as much as the leave campaigns to support remain.

    DJRICKYDEEUK Month ago

    What has severely pissed me off is that I voted to leave, meaning leaving The Single Market, leaving The Customs Union, leaving The ECJ and ending Freedom Of Movement. Why do I now see options by others to have a customs union involving free movement or remaining? I, like so many others, voted to leave, so The UK should be leaving. The only thing calming me down are Katya Adler's sumptuous tones.

    • Propan Butan
      Propan Butan Month ago

      You are full of shit matey. TM deal is leaving the EU ha ha deal with it

  • Peregrine Slim
    Peregrine Slim Month ago +3

    Vote Leave cheated on their obligations to fairness in the referendum, so their Conservative leaders need to be subject to a full public inquiry.

    • Thomas Lockyer
      Thomas Lockyer Month ago

      And as for the government-funded pro-Remain leaflets...?

  • Foot Soldier
    Foot Soldier Month ago +1

    I see the the weak willed bbc are using their "place" to spill their bile. Good effort you disgusting traitorous bilge.

  • cristina lexy
    cristina lexy Month ago +1

    Brexit could be a musical or even a movie?

    • leapsplashafrog
      leapsplashafrog Month ago +1

      Shashisha Shishasha
      Yes bbx is full of hores

    • 2 - D
      2 - D Month ago +2

      I think is a sadistic porn movie yes

    • Kay Em
      Kay Em Month ago +1


  • Peregrine Slim
    Peregrine Slim Month ago +1

    London is certainly not going to be a European financial powerhouse outside the EU, so Macron and Merkel will enjoy an own goal.

    • Alfa&Omega 00000
      Alfa&Omega 00000 Month ago

      +Alan Tracy Ahahahahah London has being powered for a century or half s century before New York replaced it.
      Yes,EU,BORN IN 1957,is young,but will be a superpower in the future. What will be left of UK, won't

    • Alan Tracy
      Alan Tracy Month ago

      El London was a powerful house from 1696 when boe was created
      Ecb only created in 1973. They’re all linked - centralised - that’s a clue

  • Peregrine Slim
    Peregrine Slim Month ago +4

    It should be obvious by now that although Vote Leave can buy a referendum they cannot organise a demonstration that would even fill a back lane of central London.

    • Kay Em
      Kay Em Month ago +2

      The old farts couldn't move fast enough. The rest couldn't afford getting down there.

    • Prisoner State
      Prisoner State Month ago +5

      such a sad loser

  • Tourniquet Now
    Tourniquet Now Month ago

    To the Streets...shut London down!!

    • George Grimwood
      George Grimwood Month ago +2

      I hope the government calls the army out to deal with you troublemakers.

  • Peregrine Slim
    Peregrine Slim Month ago +1

    Trade is a two-way street. If Britain has a trade deficit with the EU it is because Britain has gone down the services sector route. It chose to impoverish Northern Britain by de-industrialising.

    • Alfa&Omega 00000
      Alfa&Omega 00000 Month ago

      +Washim Ullah bullshit

    • Washim Ullah
      Washim Ullah Month ago

      You don't know history. Britain was forced to deindustrialize because other nations were producing cheaper products.

  • Dwight Looi
    Dwight Looi Month ago +3

    Globalism and trade deficits impoverish developed countries while transferring wealth to developing countries. The liberal urban investor class doesn’t care because they profit from facilitating the transfer of wealth. It’s that simple. BORDERS, TARIFFS and TRADE SURPLUSES are how countries get rich. That is how the British Empire came to be, that is how the USA became a superpower and that is how China is on the rise. The U.K. loses 67 billion pounds a year to trade with the EU so what’s the point of the relationship?
    NO DEAL! Just tell the EU to fuck off and have the same country to country relationship like Japan, Canada, Korea, China, Israel, the USA and every other country has with the likes of France or Germany.

  • Peregrine Slim
    Peregrine Slim Month ago +1

    Ancestors only? It's clear that the Leavers want to be deputy imperialists to the Washington war machine, which is of course militantly anti-EU/anti-NATO at the moment.

    • Roger Bennett
      Roger Bennett Month ago

      Peregrine Slime It's clear the leavers want to live in an independent democratic country not a state in the EU which doesn't pay it's dues to NATO.

  • LaggardInLove
    LaggardInLove Month ago +1

    Wish the karma returns soon, colonizers become the colonized. Sorry Brits, but your ancestors were piece of shit!

  • Peregrine Slim
    Peregrine Slim Month ago

    Vote Leave was Vote Deceive. Hide the money. Buy the referendum. Not much post-modern, neo-Marxist honesty in that approach, obviously.

    MrRRHHMM Month ago

    The bbc ''Where truth and integrity go to die'' and ''Arrogant Delusion'' reigns.... made up words of post-modern Neo-Marxists.. within their reprehensible philosophy .. a gutter broadcaster...

  • Peregrine Slim
    Peregrine Slim Month ago

    Vote Leave was Operation Grand Theft Referendum. Beloved British democracy, supposedly, systematically misused by Conservative leaders intent on Brexit by whatever means.

  • RIP 360 No Scope 1747

    find out more about brexit at

  • Michael Stevens
    Michael Stevens Month ago +2

    They live in their own little world,and are of no use to man or beast.

    • Midnight M
      Midnight M Month ago

      Don't rope the beasts into this m8

  • John Morris
    John Morris Month ago +1

    I heard today that Dominic Grieve is facing deselection by his local constituency party and is said to be facing a vote of no confidence.
    He will be the first of many, this is what happens when you go against those you are supposed to represent.
    If it all ends in a general election, expect some unpredictable and surprising results if your local MP voted differently on Brexit matters, to his/her constituency voters.

  • Peregrine Slim
    Peregrine Slim Month ago

    Vote Leave now acknowledge that they broke the law on campaign spending in order to steal the referendum ... and a host of top Tories were in charge of organising the campaign!

    • Roger Bennett
      Roger Bennett Month ago

      Lies, all they admit is they followed their legal advisers advice on compliance and that they don't want to waste money continually appealing the regulators decision. Besides which it's totally irrelevant as remain government spending was far greater.

  • me hee
    me hee Month ago

    The political BBC are made up it seems.

  • easkey123
    easkey123 Month ago +2

    Hi. I really like ur show. Listen to you podcast!
    Looking good on TVclip.
    In Ireland

  • adrian lloyd
    adrian lloyd Month ago

    I hope there is a public enquiry and people are called to account for the national humiliation this has caused,instead of the usual handing out of sweeties in the form of gongs and honours that the UK normally bestows on political and civil service failures.This whole so called exercise in democracy has been a disgrace from start to finish.You know it won't happen,all a bit too embarrassing for all make it trebles all round,and slap each other all on the back and try and delude themselves that the constitution and democracy is working just fine.Shameful.Total lack of credibility.'Yes Minister' and 'Yes Prime Minister' were documentaries,not comedies.

  • Williamus Rex
    Williamus Rex Month ago

    Laura looks as if she cannot be arsed. There’s lots of boring, self-indulgent chat here. Who would download this podcast when this bunch can’t really be arsed.

  • Steven Rodriguez
    Steven Rodriguez Month ago

    Just leave already & take your Queen with you.

  • Huckleberry Fickle-Tickle-My-Fingold

    People have a choice ; either they let the EU fascists and our government walk over us or we fight.
    The working people across the whole world have been sh** on from a great height and we are fed up and will not stand for it any more.
    France has spoken out against the same tyranny and so must we, or forever be a nation of cowards who don't want a future for their kids.

  • J W
    J W Month ago +3

    On the cards I see PSALM 52 directed straight to Theresa May. Do you have Holy Bible KJV? Then read what is written in PSALM 52 .

  • Prisoner State
    Prisoner State Month ago +1

    why wasn't your word

  • 111Vengeance
    111Vengeance Month ago +4

    There will be no more delay. The BBC does not represent the people.
    Do not pay your licence fee

    • Prisoner State
      Prisoner State Month ago

      +111Vengeance it wasn't always that easy, at 4pm you could get hit with a delivery to Birmingham, Coventry, Wolverhampton a Manchester & a Leeds & a run like that would pay about £370 & you wouldn't get back until around 2am.
      I was never on anything smaller than a 750cc
      On the motorway at 70mph in the pissin rain, 200 gallons of water coming at you every minute wasn't a right lot of fun.
      Would normally pull around a grand a week so we was always being chased down by the tax man who we always managed to evade ha ha
      not to mention the 103 outstanding parking tickets lmao
      Would I do it all over again ? Course I would ha ha
      Ye Olde Axe pub was our haunt.

    • 111Vengeance
      111Vengeance Month ago

      +Prisoner State Wow great salaries in the 90s! And you had Oasis! lucky guy ahah

    • Prisoner State
      Prisoner State Month ago

      +111Vengeance 93 to 99 - running for West1 out of Curtain Road.

    • 111Vengeance
      111Vengeance Month ago

      +Prisoner State £625 a week for a courier ? I worked as a cycle courier for a few weeks in London and was lucky to make £40 a 6-5 day haha When was this?

    • Prisoner State
      Prisoner State Month ago

      I'm 53yrs & I've NEVER EVER given them so much as one penny. I was once upon a time a motorcycle courier in London (for about 6yrs) & I got hundreds of jobs out of bbc wood lane, (over 20yrs ago now) was on a guaranteed minimum weekly wage of £625 back then, I wouldn't turn a wheel for them now tho.

  • Pete Harris
    Pete Harris Month ago +2

    BBC remoaners! I'll never pay for a licence again.

  • mungo likes candy
    mungo likes candy Month ago

    so much astroturfing on here

  • Brian Brown
    Brian Brown Month ago +3

    Is anyone really surprised that Theresa May keeps repeating the same vote over and over again. Isn't this normal practice for the EU? Isn't this how they get the result they want? Isn't this the actions of an EU puppet?

  • Peter D
    Peter D Month ago

    Staunch remainers and brexiteers on twitter, youtube etc all seem to be convinced the BBC & Brexitcast is biased in favour of the other side. It just shows the BBC are genuinely very good at presenting facts without bias & people in general are very bad at recognising their own biases.
    I've noticed the same phenomenon over the years on all kinds of issues where people are polarised, one side thinks the BBC is biased in favour of Israel, the other thinks the BBC are biased in favour of Palestine, one side thinks the BBC are biased in favour of the Tories, the other thinks the BBC are biased in favour of Labour.

  • Lavalambtron
    Lavalambtron Month ago +5

    What a charade and the british pm is part of it. A few people deceiving half of a country.

    • Roger Bennett
      Roger Bennett Month ago +1

      +Kay Em No, we voted to preserve our culture our identity and to live in an independent sovereign democratic country, you probably can't accept that yet but you will.

    • Kay Em
      Kay Em Month ago +1

      No, you were decieved by Farage, BoJo, JRM, and the rest of the gang who represent the City mafia of money launderers and offshore cash stashers, and wanted the EU off their backs. They just needed 17 mn useful idiots.

    • Roger Bennett
      Roger Bennett Month ago

      Methinks they're not deceiving many leavers.

  • Alexander Atom
    Alexander Atom Month ago

    Not very nive people , small minds, big mouths . naive .. !!!