Russian psytrance party

  • Published on Feb 12, 2010
  • The Russian hoi polloi psytrance party at Moscow region. It's a common occurence,

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  • Brennuvargr
    Brennuvargr 9 days ago

    Fuck the fight; I want to know the track ID!
    Anybody know it?!

  • Савва Делибалтидис

    Россия в своём репертуаре !!

  • ear ecstasy
    ear ecstasy Year ago +1


  • Mario Solin
    Mario Solin Year ago

    corton de chapka!

  • paulaxa1
    paulaxa1 Year ago

    fuckin hippies saying ooh less hate only love this is psy... THIS ISNT FULL ON THIS IS FUCKIN DARK PEOPLE GET PARANOID AND THEY FIGHT IT'S NOT THAT BAD. FUCKIN HIPPIES


    Fucking shame

  • Barbara Duro
    Barbara Duro 2 years ago


  • Jcarlos Dj MV
    Jcarlos Dj MV 3 years ago

    nombre de la cancion?

  • chromelips
    chromelips 3 years ago +4

    Real dark party bravo + wish i was there

  • runa
    runa 4 years ago


  • Abiologicalblob :
    Abiologicalblob : 4 years ago

    How fuckin disappointing.

  • runa
    runa 4 years ago +1

    Name of the tune? Pls

  • WTFratmaster
    WTFratmaster 4 years ago +4

    always the same with this russian ppl

  • Marcelo Thenzo
    Marcelo Thenzo 4 years ago +1

    Hahaha really russian!!

  • Maclife
    Maclife 4 years ago +1

    fuck the music let's fight is better:))

  • om
    om 5 years ago +7

    rage on psy stage? :O

  • Jan Tomic
    Jan Tomic 5 years ago +3

    This people must learn what's the meaning of trance

    • VALAH
      VALAH 5 years ago +1

      That fight has nothing to do with the PSY trance, they just fight like all we do in on point of our life ;)

    • Jan Tomic
      Jan Tomic 5 years ago +4

      @Alex Mulqueen Fight Trance

  • Roberts
    Roberts 5 years ago +1

    Anyone know name of song? pls

  • scaperskipper
    scaperskipper 5 years ago +5

    pls less hate, more dancing

  • Filipe Barata
    Filipe Barata 6 years ago +5

    bad acid???

  • MrWHun
    MrWHun 6 years ago +2

    These people have no clue about how to behave on a psytrance party!

  • stabinurass
    stabinurass 6 years ago +1

    every greek psy party

    • ProductHuman
      ProductHuman 3 years ago

      every? i havent seen any. weird....

  • junkiepunkey
    junkiepunkey 6 years ago +4

    sounds more like a dark than forest to me he he he

  • datim
    datim 6 years ago +1

    russians behaving normal ;D

  • plasma force
    plasma force 6 years ago

    Why is there a fight? What is the point?
    The guy was dancing and bumped into someone and they must have wanted to pick a fight... :( Not liking that

  • TomWHL
    TomWHL 6 years ago


  • Simon Colex
    Simon Colex 6 years ago +1

    in Poland we dont have any fighting because we are a big psytrance family

  • Prki Psy
    Prki Psy 7 years ago

    They were all on shrooms,wanted to eat each other :)

  • Peter Mastoras
    Peter Mastoras 7 years ago +1

    alcohool ??only?

  • Peter Mastoras
    Peter Mastoras 7 years ago

    fighting outside is less sad??

  • Morphopoulos 2016
    Morphopoulos 2016 7 years ago +1

    rename the video..

  • TheDianaJC
    TheDianaJC 7 years ago +1

    But its just like 30 people.?.. This is VERY different from Portugal, and seriously fighting in a trance party that's very sad...

  • PartMiniBus
    PartMiniBus 7 years ago +2

    лесное племя развлекается !!!!

  • stiumulte
    stiumulte 7 years ago


  • dmit1a
    dmit1a 7 years ago +1


  • nidzacarTV
    nidzacarTV 8 years ago

    KIDS -.-

  • Michal Wisniewski
    Michal Wisniewski 8 years ago +1

    u have right

  • rednagol
    rednagol 8 years ago +1

    this is the most appalling psytrance video ever. sad day for psytrance

  • Maisha Maliha Ella
    Maisha Maliha Ella 8 years ago

    guy in the white shirt.hahaha

  • Arttu Liukkonen
    Arttu Liukkonen 8 years ago

    You should rename the video "Russian Forest Fight"

  • sinnloshier
    sinnloshier 8 years ago


  • Johnny Archer
    Johnny Archer 8 years ago

    @psykographorus есть(

  • Artorias
    Artorias 8 years ago

    @stevemyn so the point of the parties is to stare at girls

  • Anton R
    Anton R 8 years ago

    Name of the tune anyone?

  • forest troll
    forest troll 8 years ago

    мск гришь ^_^

  • Bodhich79
    Bodhich79 8 years ago

    In Soviet Russia psy-trance party dances you.

  • reorourke
    reorourke 8 years ago

    No PLUR in Russia eh?

  • Mokum AFCA
    Mokum AFCA 8 years ago

    meanwhile in russia :D

  • stevemyn
    stevemyn 8 years ago

    In South Africa we got 50/50 girls and guyz at trance parties. I could never go to a trance party with 95% males. Oh and there's never fighting at trance parties. I don't know wtf is going on here.

  • solukhumbu911
    solukhumbu911 8 years ago

    man, wats up wit this?? russians got no love??

  • Random was taken
    Random was taken 8 years ago +2

    The guy at the end, random punching a person trying to stop it, what a fucking idiot.

  • Gabe G
    Gabe G 8 years ago

    way to ruin everyones trip douchebags

  • hofmannsapprentice
    hofmannsapprentice 8 years ago

    Man wtf, randomly hitting each other, especially that guy at the end, what fucking retards.

  • Urban Dropper Music
    Urban Dropper Music 8 years ago

    Only Russians would do those kinds of things. Ruski narod on unikalnii

  • Christopher Steyn
    Christopher Steyn 8 years ago

    who is the artist?

  • indigokid59
    indigokid59 8 years ago +1

    примитивных русских ... позор! пси-Гоа стороны не говорить об этом! Укажите на примитивный уровень агрессии и жестокости препятствовать ...

  • indigokid59
    indigokid59 8 years ago

    primitive-agressive russians.... this party is about love and feelings...idiots...

  • Evgeny Makarov
    Evgeny Makarov 8 years ago

    no brains, no passion for psytrance culture - any culture at all in fact - that is the answer. Alcohol and absence of 'chicks' as a reason of this behavior - that's only for morons like you :)
    There's a lot of good vibes in russian forests - trimurti festival for example.

  • Gerdronex
    Gerdronex 8 years ago

    Where's the PLUR?

  • Giovanny Portillo
    Giovanny Portillo 8 years ago

    Primitive Russians! Like them Goverment!