Top 10 Quentin Tarantino Movie Deaths

  • Published on Nov 10, 2015
  • Zed's dead baby, Zed’s dead. Join as we count down our picks for the Top 10 Deaths in Quentin Tarantino Movies. For this list, we’re looking at key moments in Quentin Tarantino movies that left us shocked or laughing. Since Tarantino movies are well known for being violent, the content in this video is pretty graphic as well, so here is your warning. And of course, since this list is about deaths, there will of course be spoilers ahead. You have been warned. Click here to subscribe: or visit our channel page here: Also, check out our interactive Suggestion Tool at :)
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Comments • 1 326

  • Song Hoàng Nam Đinh

    The song in 11:25 really a masterpiece, love Tarantino and Hans so much!

  • Некромант Киноман

    Tarantino’s cameo and his death from “Jango” should be in honorable mentions at least).

  • Pablo Escobar
    Pablo Escobar 11 days ago

    Feeling bad about marvin...

  • Raj Roy
    Raj Roy 12 days ago

    django unchained my favorite

  • Maximal
    Maximal 13 days ago +1

    Bill wasn't even killed in Kill Bill. Beatrix didn't kill a single person in Kill Bill 2 if you watch it closely. The ending credits of this movie give away the fact that Beatrix did not kill Bill. Everyone is shown while they are alive, while Bill is shown while he is dead. Also in the other ending credits everyone who Beatrix killed is crossed while David Carradine (Bill) is not. Beatrix never killed Bill, they just played out a scene similar to the one they played out before the child. The Five Point Palm Exploding Heart technique does not exist. Beatrix even states that Pai Mei did not teach her that after she did it to Bill. She still loves him, so she let him live.

  • Aidan Ciesinski
    Aidan Ciesinski 14 days ago

    Jeez Tarantino is one sick, mentally disturbed human being.

  • Jake Jackson
    Jake Jackson 16 days ago

    I like the way you die boy

  • Seam Nheb
    Seam Nheb 21 day ago

    uh rip vincent

  • The Sabluke
    The Sabluke Month ago

    “Ah man I shot Marvin in the face.”
    “Why the fuck’d you do that?!”
    “Well I didn’t mean to do it it was an accident.”
    “Aw man I’ve seen some crazy-ass shit in my time but this...”
    “Well look I didn’t mean to shoot the son of a bitch it was an accident the gun went off I don’t know why.”

    GOOFY GOOBER Month ago

    Stephen and Elle should have been on this list, and Bill should have been higher, O’ren should have been here also

  • Evan Renforth
    Evan Renforth Month ago

    Are you fucking kidding me the ending to reservoir dogs isn’t even honourable mentions forget the fact it should be at least top 3 what a joke

  • Orangezebra34
    Orangezebra34 Month ago

    Btw the heart is in the centre of the chest nit on the left, the left side is simply bigger so it feels like it’s over there

  • flat cat
    flat cat Month ago


  • David James
    David James Month ago

    "Marvin" would be far from my pick for #1.

  • Varun Issarani
    Varun Issarani Month ago +1

    Marvin is no. one😂😂😂😂. No disagreement there

  • Kaspar Estrada
    Kaspar Estrada Month ago

    My fav was bear jew v the nazi

  • al bla dav
    al bla dav Month ago

    “I like the way you die, boy.”

    FRESHY THRASHY Month ago +1

    Tarantino! A Madman And A Brilliant Genius , Love your movies QT!

  • William Corbett
    William Corbett Month ago

    the brittle brothers were former overseers of django not owners you dingbat!

  • Cem Kayaoğlu
    Cem Kayaoğlu 2 months ago

    Actually, killing marvin was not unintentionally, as you can see from the scene, vincent just pulls the trigger, in order to show jules what he was thinking is absolutely nonsense

  • dgrass5846
    dgrass5846 2 months ago

    you show every brutal murder scene but censor curse words

  • Jose Elías Pallares
    Jose Elías Pallares 2 months ago

    Man there is something about watching Elle driver squirming on the floor after the bride gouges her eye out that I find extremely amusing and fulfilling, that is the best Tarantino death IMO

  • ViLed Clan
    ViLed Clan 2 months ago

    So you make red slime by throwing metal to someone at over 1,000 miles per hour🤔

  • Barbara Donohue
    Barbara Donohue 2 months ago

    The death of David Carradine that's more of a Wandering mystery but it's not but it is what is it Bobby what happened to your brother where's your book

  • Barbara Donohue
    Barbara Donohue 2 months ago

    Jamie Foxx wow you're fantastic did Django I own that movie Somewhere in Time

  • YourAverageManiac
    YourAverageManiac 2 months ago

    id move the brittle brothers higher and calvin lower in my opinion. the brittle's were more inventive and unique and while calvins was surprising it was reletively basic. still good tho

  • Renaissance Boy
    Renaissance Boy 2 months ago

    You forgot Killstorm’s Death from Inglorious Basterds. I guess you can Auf Wiedersehen to that death recommendation

  • adrian johnson
    adrian johnson 2 months ago

    Why are no Tarantino deaths on here?

  • The Unusual Stranger
    The Unusual Stranger 2 months ago

    >Inglorious Basterds
    What a moron .

  • ws king
    ws king 2 months ago

    Great video, love it. although i love the way they've bleeped out all the Fuck's but left in Kill Bills, " you can be a real Cunt"

  • ole pro
    ole pro 2 months ago


  • ole pro
    ole pro 2 months ago


  • Jesus Salazar
    Jesus Salazar 2 months ago

    The Vega brothers movie, must be made

  • BR H
    BR H 2 months ago


  • Silent Moab
    Silent Moab 2 months ago

    I was playing red dead redemption 2 and had the same scenario go down at 0:41 lmao

  • truth betold
    truth betold 2 months ago

    I laugh my a** off every time I see that number one Scene where he shoots Marvin In the face ...Well you gotta have an opinion ...Do you think God came down from heaven and..... BOOOOM LMAO

  • Antonio Castro
    Antonio Castro 2 months ago

    what is not a country I ever heard of

  • TheKurtChaney
    TheKurtChaney 2 months ago

    Yeah fuck jango

  • jeffrey dillingham
    jeffrey dillingham 2 months ago

    True Romance: the Sicilian scene and also Gandolfini's character's death should DEFINITELY be on the list!

  • The Demonic Horseman
    The Demonic Horseman 3 months ago

    Vincent Vega’s death was disappointing. And where is Drexl?

  • Rob
    Rob 3 months ago

    Can’t wait to see what Tarantino does with Star Trek!

  • Joseph Hock
    Joseph Hock 3 months ago

    Bill should be at the top of the list

  • Qihao Sun
    Qihao Sun 3 months ago

    poor Marvin :(

  • Shadeau Perez
    Shadeau Perez 3 months ago

    She had to settle for buttermilk pancakes

  • Shaan Singh
    Shaan Singh 3 months ago

    The title says Kill Bill because it was about Killing Bill in the most awesome way possible. Number 9 🤦🏻‍♂️

  • Tiddler HD
    Tiddler HD 3 months ago

    They could have at least included the scene where nice guy eddie, Joe and mr white and mr orange all get shot dead at the end of reservoir dogs cos that was a sick death scene

    SCARFACE GAMING 3 months ago

    I’m disappointed with bills rating here and also there’s a compelling theory says his not dead

  • nicholas mcfall
    nicholas mcfall 3 months ago

    How tf was Michael Fassbender's death in inglo not on the list. Blashpemy

  • Hans Ruhlmann
    Hans Ruhlmann 3 months ago

    Tarantino is a genius!

  • Mr Stefon_89
    Mr Stefon_89 3 months ago

    Number 6 supposed too be number 1 motherfucker!!!!

  • patriot459
    patriot459 3 months ago

    Marvin???? Really?

  • Tequan Carter
    Tequan Carter 3 months ago

    Number 7 should've been last, that one was WACK!. How did it surpass number 8 ? Number 8 was ICONIC.

  • The Badger
    The Badger 3 months ago

    WHAAT!!! Normally you "bleep" expletives, but you let a "Cunt" pass you're censorship!!!!!

  • Anthony Salvatore
    Anthony Salvatore 3 months ago

    Tarantino sucks....

  • Winged One
    Winged One 3 months ago +1

    Does anything from True Romance count?????

  • The Lone Wolf
    The Lone Wolf 4 months ago

    Kinda retarded you blur the word fuck but don’t with god damn

  • crackwiser
    crackwiser 4 months ago

    Lol a Wilhelm scream inserted at 4:23

  • Ava Barnes
    Ava Barnes 4 months ago

    Muslim Indian just click each creative international war.

  • TomH358
    TomH358 4 months ago +4

    How the hell was the inglorious basterds bar shooting scene not on the list and how was the baseball bat kill only an honourable mention

  • Tarek Elghawi
    Tarek Elghawi 4 months ago

    With hateful eight now it would have been different

  • F15E Strike Eagle
    F15E Strike Eagle 4 months ago

    Yeah,thanks for the graphic notice after that Nazi SS's balls got shot

  • George Bryant
    George Bryant 4 months ago

    you don't pronouncd the n fs

  • Alex
    Alex 4 months ago

    It was pop tarts, not toast

  • Aslanbek Abdulkadyrov
    Aslanbek Abdulkadyrov 5 months ago

    Django Unchained is a such a crap. This is definitely not Tarantino's movie

  • Aslanbek Abdulkadyrov
    Aslanbek Abdulkadyrov 5 months ago

    pam: hey warren, who is this guy?
    warren the bartender: stuntman mike.
    pam: and who the hell is stuntman mike?
    warren the bartender: he's a stuntman

  • Fake  Slyler
    Fake Slyler 5 months ago

    (looks at girl)
    "I'm burning through the sky, yeah! 200 degrees, that's why they call me Mr Fahrenheit! I'm Travlin' at the speed of light, I wanna make a super sonic woman of you!"

  • Ivonne zerimar
    Ivonne zerimar 5 months ago

    Bill's death my fav

  • christian hill
    christian hill 5 months ago


  • singIeservingfriend
    singIeservingfriend 5 months ago

    Na, Hitlers death is the best

  • WTCCandegofan14
    WTCCandegofan14 5 months ago

    I knew Marvin had to be #1, i love Tarantino

  • Mishta Romaniello
    Mishta Romaniello 5 months ago

    This list should be called Tarantino's "Most Iconic" deaths. In reality, I think Bill's death tops them all. It was extremely emotional and touching, and it brought a satisfying end to a 4 hour-long epic.

  • September2004
    September2004 5 months ago

    The first time I saw Marvin's death, I noticed Vega's pistol pointed right at Marvin and said to myself, "Hey, that's kinda dangerous to point your pistol at someone like that. Ah well..." and didn't think anything more of it until 1-second later when the gun went off.

  • Tyler the tiger
    Tyler the tiger 5 months ago

    Django bitches🔥🔥🔥

  • Ed Wolfe
    Ed Wolfe 5 months ago

    I wish my brother keeps bothering me he knows better than that

  • Meatloaf
    Meatloaf 5 months ago

    "Oh I shot Marvin in the face!"

  • Joy L
    Joy L 5 months ago

    Marvin at the top. You got that one right!

  • Joy L
    Joy L 5 months ago

    When will you Americans ever learn to pronounce words of other languages without butchering them? The way you pronounce "monsieur" disgusts me.

    • Toad139
      Toad139 4 months ago

      Joy L There not even American, there Canadians.

    IKEHH 5 months ago


  • N. B.
    N. B. 5 months ago

    How is mr white/mr orange not in this best of but mr blonde?!

  • Austin Crosby
    Austin Crosby 5 months ago

    Trash list

  • Authorization In Progress

    I think the only QT Film I could say was his weakest was Hateful 8 . It was extremely long but the payoff was still pretty big . You just had to be a bit patient and you'll be rewarde with a pretty big climax

  • Han Solo62
    Han Solo62 5 months ago

    Michael Madsen plays 2 guys in Tarantino movies and dies in both of them. That’s gotta be a record.

  • Michael Mex
    Michael Mex 5 months ago +1

    Americans are soooooooooo weird, hardcore violent scenes but still censoring bad words

  • leothemetal
    leothemetal 5 months ago

    No, I don't agree with your list. In fact, all of your lists of top 10 something is completebullshit

  • Brett E.
    Brett E. 6 months ago

    Hey Mom, I made it to the top ten!

  • Belle C
    Belle C 6 months ago

    the killing of bill was ICONIC, i’m truly disappointed it was made #9
    i also think elle driver’s eye removal was more brutal than budd’s mamba strike

  • Joe Lagrue
    Joe Lagrue 6 months ago

    Bear jew killing the Nazi should be one

  • Kenny Powers
    Kenny Powers 6 months ago

    Most Overrated Director ever.

  • The Bloodhound
    The Bloodhound 6 months ago

    "I'm sorry. I couldn't resist." - one of my favourite movie lines

  • The Bloodhound
    The Bloodhound 6 months ago

    Top 10 Tarantino Characters?

  • dragon wing lover
    dragon wing lover 6 months ago

    The names Bill.......... James bill

  • LSVM1
    LSVM1 6 months ago

  • Tien Thuy Thai
    Tien Thuy Thai 6 months ago

    I thought #1 would be the Bride against the Crazy 88 but then with further consideration, not all of them died so I guess #1 with Marvin is very fitting

  • Dewayne Coleman
    Dewayne Coleman 6 months ago

    The auto crash with Jungle Julia leg getting torn off, and flying 10ft. From the car. was quite disturbing, not to mention the one girl's face gets rolled over by the cars tire graphic to point where it took me days to get over it.

  • .
    . 7 months ago


  • A very legit Person
    A very legit Person 7 months ago

    Death proof for life

  • heinz math
    heinz math 7 months ago

    A morte do Bill em 9°?! Viajou!!!

  • Toxik_ash_main
    Toxik_ash_main 7 months ago

    Kriss Vector 45. ACP

  • Marv W
    Marv W 7 months ago

    The cop tortured/killed by Mr Blond in Reservoir Dogs was also named Marvin. Since a character named Marvin met a violent death in QT's first two movies, it makes me wonder if some other kid named Marvin used to pick on QT when he was a kid himself. Give him atomic wedgies or some such.

  • Josh Luedtke
    Josh Luedtke 7 months ago

    No Marco the Mexican