Why Marvel is WINNING - Analysis


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  • Knights of Camelot
    Knights of Camelot 3 days ago

    Why does it always have to be a fight...i love both of their movies

  • jessineizzloi
    jessineizzloi 14 days ago

    Thor 2 is considered bad just because there are too many good movies in MARVEL. Why Suicide Squad can be seen as a good movie is because DCEU has so many bad movies

  • Hasib Siddque
    Hasib Siddque 14 days ago

    I think the 3rd world will start between marvel and dc fans

  • Rifki AMDANI
    Rifki AMDANI 16 days ago

    I really really love DC COMIC. Especially Superman.
    And i want to love DCEU too. But they fucked superman, into some emotionless figure, and didn't care about his surroundings when he's fighting.
    So now, i prefer watch MCU, and Read DC comic, or Animated Series/Movies

  • Nick The First
    Nick The First 17 days ago


  • Jared Silvestre
    Jared Silvestre 18 days ago +1

    um.. what about guardians of the galaxy? they didn't have any solo movies yet people came to like them?

  • 5Hyprsuit Gaming
    5Hyprsuit Gaming 19 days ago

    d.c is trash

  • Gabriyel Mastrianna
    Gabriyel Mastrianna 20 days ago

    I don't know why, but I didn't like captain America civil war

    ALPHA 21 day ago

    You're a really blind Marvel fanboy

  • Jesus Jimenez
    Jesus Jimenez 22 days ago

    WHO CARES i love dc and marvel there movies are great soo who cares bc i dont

  • Jonathan Rodriguez
    Jonathan Rodriguez 22 days ago +2

    The problem with DC is they fundementally changed the chatacters and made generic and poorly written movies with them. Supes is dark and depressed, more like Batman, and Batman is a fool who thinks a 1% chance is a 95% chance that kills people

  • Kats Cagurangan
    Kats Cagurangan 25 days ago

    Am i the only one who enjoyed both marvel and dc?

  • elasha12
    elasha12 25 days ago

    What's the music in 11:38 to 12:40

  • Bilal Sheikh
    Bilal Sheikh 26 days ago

    To be fair, Man of Steel was better than Thor 2 and Iron Man 2

  • Shahid Zaman
    Shahid Zaman 26 days ago

    i want to love DC movies but i am still figuring out whats the problem of DC with sun 🌞🌞 yah i mean i know DC is interested in showing darkness but show darkness with characters not with disappearing sun from your universe

  • Sorin Ruga
    Sorin Ruga 28 days ago


  • Sunil Kumarai
    Sunil Kumarai Month ago

    DC justice league is cool super man vs batman don't understanding story much also MCU created all characters movie the similar condition for hawkaye and cyborg not have a movie

  • UvveOcolypse
    UvveOcolypse Month ago

    *be me*
    *Dc movie fan*
    *looks at comments insulting dc fans*
    *my self-esteem as a dc fan lowers to literally 21%*

  • Znj JnJ
    Znj JnJ Month ago

    I'm a hardcore darkness fans,, these type of review is the reason why all these studio stop making dark Gore movies, because they are losing audience for this type of asshole reviewer,, now everyone making family friendly cartoony shit for kids and we got nothing,, hey asshole,, why don't you stop your shit review and watch your own cartoons

    • Znj JnJ
      Znj JnJ 25 days ago

      +PieInYourFace #StreaX yes ,, he's saying that every DC movies are flop ,, so I'm not agree with it.. I don't hate marvel,, I just don't like soo colorful everywhere and making jokes about everything

    • PieInYourFace #StreaX
      PieInYourFace #StreaX 25 days ago

      +Znj JnJ Stay on topic, douche. He was talking about movies and you're deviating from the topic

    • Znj JnJ
      Znj JnJ 29 days ago

      DC flop? When? Without that Green Lantern movie,,,they profits from every movie,,, even that Joss Whedon's JL movie got a little,, DC already made more money than marvel by their comics sell, video games, animated movies,,toys,,While marvel stick with Movies

    • panda in a bambo
      panda in a bambo 29 days ago

      Dc movies are just shit they like the pretend they are dark but they are more stupid than marvel.marvel understand that are comicbook and they embrace it. while dc fans think they are big boys there movies are just for the heighest of iq .maybe you should see beyond gore that the story of the movie is stupid that's why they flop

  • bentley Jordan
    bentley Jordan Month ago

    I definitely like the marvel movies better than DC but I do like some DC movies. But the DC series are better than the marvel series. I’m completely bias on which is better I love marvel and DC

  • Veronika Vartanova
    Veronika Vartanova Month ago +1

    Thor 2 is probably the most boring of all marvel movies. With the added bonus of the most forgettable villain.

  • princessnahema
    princessnahema Month ago

    we have a loki. nuff said.

  • MightyxPenguin2
    MightyxPenguin2 Month ago +1

    I personally loved Batman v Superman, i am a Batman fanboy, but i tried to watch the movie with an open mind, and I liked it. Although, I see why some people didn’t like it.
    I like the vid tho

    • PieInYourFace #StreaX
      PieInYourFace #StreaX 25 days ago

      i liked it, its not as terrible as they say, but there are some bad points about it. Ben Affleck however, was not one of them.

  • SubscribeItWontHURT

    WB what the fuck are they thinking. Why not the Ultimate Edition that was showed on the theather

  • SubscribeItWontHURT

    DCEU except Man of Steel and perhaps WW. Is just liveless. Their character don’t have anything for the audience to relate

  • veer singh
    veer singh Month ago

    Just say that u hate DC....basically civil war has same plot of BVS with more loose ends and deadpool is good movie seriously....well if DC lovers are idiots then u are bigger idiot coz u are trying to explain them...they just want that every time there is a fight , batman and sups to crack joke for them..

    • panda in a bambo
      panda in a bambo 29 days ago

      Civil is basically if it had a better setup better character interactions and better action overall a better execution

  • Kaushik Talukdar
    Kaushik Talukdar Month ago

    Yeh Baasturd !!

  • MiniMatrix27
    MiniMatrix27 Month ago

    Even comparably bad marvel movies are enjoyable because we know and love the characters! DC hasn’t taken time to make the audience like the characters and just expect audiences to love them because they’re hero’s.

  • Dovi The Wolfie Warrior

    Did anyone think that Suicide Squad's rival is somehow Venom? In which Venom KICKS ASS

    Il JELLISON lI Month ago +1

    Its like dc fans are feminist this guy is ben Shapiro snd marvel are normal people

  • O. G.
    O. G. Month ago

    MOS, BvS, WW were great.
    WB is a fucking shitshow....
    JL couldve been....but like Star Wars a new hope is coming in Aquaman and Shazam.

  • zakizek
    zakizek Month ago

    Starts at 3:20

  • James Wood
    James Wood Month ago

    Bvs was a work of art

  • Samuel Maier
    Samuel Maier Month ago

    Eh. X-men acopalypse was shitty on a whole other level compared to suicide squad.
    I enjoyed it.
    And thats from someone who has a big collection of marvel Blu-rays and only the dark knight trilogy from DC.
    Batman V Superman though... Yeah no.

  • scoundrel gaming super heroes are my life

    personally I love all of the dceu so. please don't be to hars I'm not that hard to please hey I'm a marvel fan as well but I do love dc as well if your able to feed. your self even in apoopy. movie but at least you will be able to keep living you know

    • Sebastian Rašl
      Sebastian Rašl Month ago +1

      Excuse me, could you translate into an actual language, please?

  • The Hated One
    The Hated One Month ago

    Marvel movies are overated razzie-awarded garbage.

  • Sonn Hoangg
    Sonn Hoangg Month ago

    11:34 ur welcomed

  • Sane Vlogs
    Sane Vlogs Month ago

    Pa Kent was a dick because he wanted to protect clerk?
    other than that agree to everything else.

  • Kim Reid
    Kim Reid Month ago

    What was the main plot of Suicide Squad.. When it finished I was like soooo what was that about

  • ALLmasked
    ALLmasked Month ago

    iron man 3 having a fresh score does seem suspicious. that sucked balls

  • La Nostromo
    La Nostromo Month ago

    Hahahaha, we can´t say "Thor Two" in my country, it would be "Thor Dos", and a "Tordo" is a bird xD

  • Josh
    Josh Month ago

    I thought bumble bee was a shy transformer

  • dilan bonnie
    dilan bonnie Month ago

    i dont hate the DCU the cartoons n comics are much better than the movies like batman young justice and the constantine.i never thot tht man of steel could get this funny

  • Just some British guy
    Just some British guy Month ago +2

    Yes, GRADE A UNDER A ya bastard

  • B E R S E R K
    B E R S E R K Month ago

    Thanos kills half of the universe, but you complain for Zod .... ok

    • Sebastian Rašl
      Sebastian Rašl Month ago

      God, you're an annoying little shit, aren't ya? Let this man show his opinion and stop being so harsh on people with a different movie prefference!!

  • B E R S E R K
    B E R S E R K Month ago

    save shit? just the whole world, kid...

  • D Peg
    D Peg Month ago

    11:18, 13:16 GRADEAUNDERA REFERENCE!! If you don’t know that TVclip go fuck yourself

  • B E R S E R K
    B E R S E R K Month ago

    Man of steel, get getter every viewing, not to mention the pivotal moment of Martha in BvS where Bruce realizes he has become the bad guy, but ... it´s on you to figure this out...

  • B E R S E R K
    B E R S E R K Month ago

    Iron Man 2 and 3, and Thor? complete garbage, nobody recalls those movies

  • B E R S E R K
    B E R S E R K Month ago

    fuck Mavel heheheheheh, really, I see more power in DC than Marvel, anytime BvS than anything in the so call Marvel cinematic Universe...

  • TacoTung
    TacoTung Month ago

    1.1 k DC fans disliked the truth.

  • Ernest P worrell
    Ernest P worrell Month ago

    oh, it's 2016

  • deicidemaul
    deicidemaul Month ago +3

    DC fan here, Suicide Squad is the worst superhero movie I have ever seen, period. I did like MoS and BvS though, cause I love those characters, I don't care if they are master pieces or not, I get to see the comicbook characters I like on the big screen, that makes me happy. I'm just gonna pretend JL didn't happen though. I do enjoy Marvel movies as well, Infinity war is probably the best superhero movie I've ever seen so far

  • Jenny Abarquez
    Jenny Abarquez Month ago

    marvel always have that good background music

  • Kevin D. Najera
    Kevin D. Najera Month ago

    To be honest, the only crappy thing about the Superman vs Zod fight was that they didn't seem to be taking any damage. So I was excited at first but at the end I was like "where is the damage? Not even a scratch!? How am I supposed to be worried about Superman if they seem to be freaking immortals!!?"

  • Swastik Swarup Das
    Swastik Swarup Das Month ago


  • Toxic Gamer777
    Toxic Gamer777 Month ago

    This video contradicts it self

  • Omega Tachi
    Omega Tachi Month ago

    Can't blame DC for BvS WB completely ruined the movie, the ultimate edition good imp

  • Loki
    Loki Month ago

    I just realized: The standard for DC is so HIGH. I can't keep up-

  • Michael Charnock
    Michael Charnock Month ago

    I genuinely love marvel video essays

  • nuan king
    nuan king Month ago

    Super bad..hero...

  • abel sanchez
    abel sanchez Month ago

    11:36 😂😂😂

  • suBreme.mp4
    suBreme.mp4 Month ago

    SuperMan is a criminal

    change my mind

  • InsertFacepalmEmoji

    12:10 now goku looks better isn't he?

  • Nayo Torres
    Nayo Torres Month ago

    If the DCEU had started off slowly with only solo character movies that lead up to Justice League and BvS I might have been more invested in the heroes and their universe, but instead they rushed it to shit. I'll stick with the MCU until Warner Bros gets it right.

  • Striker Playz
    Striker Playz Month ago

    And if rotten tomatoes hates DC what about the dark Knight trilogy

    • Sebastian Rašl
      Sebastian Rašl Month ago

      +furviu's child Everyone has their own opinion, If a few critics don't like a movie, it doesn't mean EVERYONE has to hate it and vice versa!
      If they hate Justice League, you can still love it. If they don't like the Transformers movies, I can still like them, because everyone has an opinion.

    • Striker Playz
      Striker Playz Month ago

      Finally someone who freaking understands me

    • furviu's child
      furviu's child Month ago

      That's why people who think rotten tomatoes is wrong are just stupid

  • MINK
    MINK Month ago

    To say Batman V Superman has one good scene is just absurd and I’m a Marvel fan.... That Batman Warehouse Scene is one of the best and most accurate action scenes in comic book film history.... Along with Wonder Woman joining Batman and Superman I’m the third act... Batman and Superman meeting face to face is also a great scene.... Also Man Of Steel is better than Iron Man 2 and clearly better than Thor The Dark World.. Mcu is obviously better overall but this video is definitely biased

  • Horror Dash
    Horror Dash Month ago

    Also, Marvel is doing better in comics with some of their recent stories, like Spider-Verse, and Black Panther: A Nation Under Our Feet.

  • Bucky Barnes is my bitch

    Marvel has always been winning

    TIITAN Month ago

    I hate it when people act like DC and MARVEL are super competitors or something. They're really not, they have crossover comics all the time, and Captain Marvel started as DC character, for fucks sake.

  • Dangelo Lott
    Dangelo Lott Month ago

    The reason Marvel is winning is because they focus on more than just how they got their powers. that's all DC has been lately, either how they learned to control their powers, or how sad they are that they have them. Marvel actual gives a their characters a life regarding their personal problems that don't actually relate to the story's problems, giving you something to relate with. DC movies are in no way relatable. Suicide Squad is a bunch of psychos who caused more damage than they did saving. Batman V Superman is just two sad guys who have a strange hate towards one another and only get along cuz their moms share a name. Wonder Woman was just a bunch of quick thoughts thrown on paper: they make u think a guy who needs chemicals is a god, when in reality its the nerd that should have killed her in the beginning. No one cares about Aquaman. Man of Steel turned Superman from a easy going, simple mided hero to a sad robot who spends half the movie yelling over how sad he is that he didnt save his dad from the tornado, which he could've done because he is SUPERMAN. Aside from not being relatable, DC heros are incompetent in movies.

  • Josef Uzo
    Josef Uzo Month ago +1

    DC Fans: *breathes heavily*

  • Prsn Cwakoti
    Prsn Cwakoti Month ago

    C'mon man, Man of Steel is one of the best CBM of all time. And, if you think the critics doesn't hate DC, then just know that Thor 1&2 has higher rating than MoS. Let's not even talk about the hate toward Zack Snyder, some Marvel fans were making fun about his dead daughter, Same about the critics too. I've so many proofs for this too if you actually want them.

  • The Chuck
    The Chuck Month ago

    *Superman:The meme of steel*

  • Jenny Berger
    Jenny Berger Month ago

    9:25 Thor...I don’t feel so good

  • Cindy S
    Cindy S Month ago

    They’re doing too much too fast. You’re right they’re not allowing themselves build their movies and characters up. It got so much worse with Justice League. Only two of their hero’s out of 6 had solo films and their villain was no where near built enough to warrant a massive team up like this. Especially not when Superman (I honestly found this hilarious and not in a way it should be) literally beat the villain up in 10 seconds. What was the point of the other 5 when they were getting their asses handed to them only for Superman to beat the guy in 10 seconds? Anyways. Yeah. Dc needed to slow down but it’s clear they’re not going to. Not with Cavill and possibly Afflect leaving I wonder how it’s going to effect them.

  • nigel spencer
    nigel spencer Month ago

    I think it would be better if man of steel was not a hero movie but rather a family feud. Batman v superman should have been about superman's redemtion.

  • Adam Welker
    Adam Welker Month ago +1

    I still, to this day, haven't seen Suicide Squad. Mainly because people say it's really bad.

    • Cindy S
      Cindy S Month ago

      It’s a fun movie. Horrible movie-making but if you’re into chaos it’s a fun movie. Just one to not look into seriously.

  • Saif Sufian Otoum
    Saif Sufian Otoum Month ago +1

    Iron Man 2 Wasn't Good. But It's WAAAAAAAAY Better Then Boring Man VS Superboring

  • Toby Case
    Toby Case Month ago

    gradeAunderA's voice was in this

  • Niranjan Bhombe
    Niranjan Bhombe Month ago

    The worst part about DCEU is that, I grew up watching Justice League animated series on TV, and it wasn't great, but it was definitely better than these movies.....

  • Techion
    Techion Month ago

    DC is in a big planning , They will probably win in the future

  • cody roy
    cody roy Month ago

    Mentions marvel to dc fans


  • wave the wolf
    wave the wolf Month ago

    Marvel Always will be better than DC hands down

  • spb koon
    spb koon 2 months ago

    I have a problem with your attitude. Enjoy bad films, are you mad? If we let them make bad movies because we enjoyed them in theatre, that's what they'll contunue to do, bad movies! And this is exactly what is happening! We are drowning in awful movies!

  • foop
    foop 2 months ago

    Hey Browntable... I'm pretty sure that Rotten Tomatoes is partially owned by Warner Brothers, and so, if they are to be biased, they would be to DC movies, not Marvel

  • Kaylandra Baltasar
    Kaylandra Baltasar 2 months ago +1


  • Bijinius Cross
    Bijinius Cross 2 months ago

    Because they make good movies.

  • Nightmare Fuel
    Nightmare Fuel 2 months ago +1

    ya basterd

  • Camil Mak Duliman
    Camil Mak Duliman 2 months ago

    That is you bitch

  • Onion Interface
    Onion Interface 2 months ago

    So the critics don’t like it because it’s not the Dark Knight? Okay... None of the Marvel movies are anything like the Dark Knight and they’re well received. Besides, the Dark Knight is overrated.

  • Billy The Kid
    Billy The Kid 2 months ago

    The dceu is just a mess and I hope they had enough time to sort their shit out. Aquaman looks amazing and Shazam looks great and I hope they can at least continue to make good solo films

  • alvaro alas
    alvaro alas 2 months ago

    dc is shit it stands for dick cunt

  • John Caius Tinio
    John Caius Tinio 2 months ago

    We all know the person who ruined the DCEU😐😐😐😐😐😐😐

  • KAS
    KAS 2 months ago

    Darude sandstorm is the best

  • Leper Messiah
    Leper Messiah 2 months ago

    Marvel hasn't won anything yet!....it's not over!

  • Sareye
    Sareye 2 months ago

    I actually don't think all the DCEU movies are horrible, my personal opinion:
    5. Suicide Squad 2/10
    4. Justice League 7/10
    3. Batman v Superman 8/10
    2. Man of Steel 8.5/10
    1. Wonder Woman 9/10
    Yeah Suicide Squad sucks, but I did like the other movies

    • Mike Dasik
      Mike Dasik 2 months ago

      I'd actually put Justice League the 2nd place after WW.
      WW > JL > SS > MoS > BvS.
      SS was at least fun movie.
      JL was step in right direction for DCEU. Flash was fun and Superman was Superman for the first time in entire DCEU.
      MoS and BvS totally destroyed Superman's character. He wasn't Superman at all and in BvS he was even stupid.

  • Lucy Gu
    Lucy Gu 2 months ago +13

    I saw this comment from under another youtube video. Saved it cuz it's so damned good and just thought I should post it.
    Rachel Espiritu :
    It's just not said enough... Marvel created this franchise in a cave with a box of scraps. They were coming out of bankruptcy and working with the B-list characters they had left over after selling off all the ones people actually like. Meanwhile Warner Brothers is the real-world Obadiah Stane, rushing employees to create something bigger and badder, with limitless resources but zero heart.
    Rachel Espiritu Ok. If Warner Brothers is Obidiah Stand and other hopeful companies are Justin Hammers trying to create a cinematic universe/Iron Man suit, what's the Arc Reactor their team can't build?

    NRimage Creative Hub:
    Character development. That's the art reactor they are trying to build.
    There you go.

  • king tyeshaka
    king tyeshaka 3 months ago

    but was there really a competition in the first place? thought it was just marvel sitting up there