Sticks and Stones: An Exploration of the Blair Witch Legend

  • Published on Sep 10, 2016
  • This mockumentary about the Blair Witch was recently unearthed from an archaeological site. It is believed to be a remnant of something that early humans once referred to as Blockbuster Video.

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  • Game Soldiers
    Game Soldiers 22 days ago

    biggest hoax in history...

  • Leslie Lang
    Leslie Lang Month ago

    Blair Witch Project was a movie that they didn't put a ton of money into nor have a lot of blood & gore. Proved that a horror film can be just as scary as the high budget movie with a lot of gore.

  • Tenzin 68
    Tenzin 68 2 months ago

    I've never seen this, awesome find, Ray Deathray!!

  • Jess Coy
    Jess Coy 3 months ago

    After the movie came out I saw the missing 3 on a talk show then when they said the whole movie was there was no with Michael and josh set it up to kill heather josh and heather were going out and Michael didn’t like heather and when her and josh broke up they both decided to to this .
    After hearing all this it pretty much ended for me .

  • steaktastebetterpill
    steaktastebetterpill 3 months ago +1

    That old guy is tripping. Look, you were not a boy in 1886; Even if this footage was from the early 70s, that guy clearly is not 100 years old.

    • steaktastebetterpill
      steaktastebetterpill Month ago

      @Susella You´re right. I was misinterpreting what he said.
      It was something about the way he said it that made it sound like he had talked to Robin in 1885.

    • Susella
      Susella Month ago

      I'm not sure (not being a native English speaker), but as I understand it, the lady was born in 1885 and was 50 years old when he (as a boy) spoke to her. That would make it 1935 - he could have been a boy then, couldn't he?

  • Miles Blair
    Miles Blair 3 months ago

    If its real y dont they play the tapes

  • Cap'n Crunch
    Cap'n Crunch 3 months ago +1

    Is this the one that talks about the ' witch ' ? I think it was on Sci-fi ch in '99.

  • Gary Larson
    Gary Larson 3 months ago +1

    Ok, seethe whole thing was a movie nothin in it is blair witch no dead kids nada they were actors playin the part of film students. The directors made up the whole mythos of blair...the people in the town they interviewed were actors too. Nobody died no ones missin....just a GREAT STORY

    • Gary Larson
      Gary Larson Month ago

      I know it was a movie i was just making a joke lol...was a great movie though...especially the ending

  • Maria Sotelo
    Maria Sotelo 3 months ago

    Very superstitious

  • Paul Ashton
    Paul Ashton 3 months ago +1

    Did I detect a ...... FART....must be my imagination

  • Robert H
    Robert H 3 months ago

    a very stupid movie.

  • Mike Matthews
    Mike Matthews 3 months ago +2

    I thought I saw Don Knotts with a pair pruneing shears.

  • Mike Matthews
    Mike Matthews 3 months ago +1

    click bait. 😣

  • Worley Ayers
    Worley Ayers 4 months ago

    it all fake I don't believe in it

  • Jason Blake
    Jason Blake 4 months ago


  • Marina Melinda Rivera
    Marina Melinda Rivera 4 months ago +1

    I must be having a stroke...did that old bat just lump ghosts, vampires in with communists? wtf lol

  • NevadaShadowRider
    NevadaShadowRider 4 months ago

    The actors in this "documentary" were fantastic. I thought at the time that this should have been shown in the theaters as the first of a double feature with the Blair Witch Project. The account of how the tapes and equipment were placed and found gave a "mind blown' take on the house of Rustin Parr.

  • Amber Wallace
    Amber Wallace 6 months ago

    Okay, as an archaeologist I'm kind of impressed by the effort put into the bit about excavation to make it look legit.

  • Joshua Fante
    Joshua Fante 7 months ago +1

    I don't believe in ghost, n vampires, n communist??? Um sorry but communist r certainly a real thing u can see w ur own eyes lol wtf... Plus the film's fake n nobody's missing smh it was a movie eeeeee!

  • Evil Joker4545
    Evil Joker4545 7 months ago

    I know he.......😣 DON'T GO NEAR THERE..... I saw piles of rocks and a weird stick figure idk I never saw the movie or anything.....

  • Valerie Last
    Valerie Last 7 months ago +1

    I ate 6 bean-n-cheese burritos , 6 hours ago , and now , none of my family members will come with-in 6 foot of me . one fart ? Pphhuuuleeeeeezze ! !

  • Jason Blake
    Jason Blake 7 months ago


  • Jason Blake
    Jason Blake 7 months ago


  • Jason Blake
    Jason Blake 7 months ago


  • Jason Blake
    Jason Blake 7 months ago


  • Y Tho
    Y Tho 9 months ago

    1:17 LMFAOOO

  • BMJ2008
    BMJ2008 9 months ago

    Clearly the makers of this were fooled by the movie which turns this into a comedy.

  • nuta ws
    nuta ws 9 months ago +10

    Nice story. But in fact, more people are lost without a trace every year in national parks.

    • Gobbles wells
      Gobbles wells 17 days ago

      Smoky Mountains...

    • Renee Wright
      Renee Wright 4 months ago +1

      These ppl didn't go missing at all... lol.. Duh.

    • Teri Lefevers
      Teri Lefevers 9 months ago

      So true. I warn my family often about what not to do in the woods. ✌

    • Daggi Grandt
      Daggi Grandt 9 months ago +3

      Yep... that' s a strange one....missing 411?
      Stay save.....stay home

  • Rockstar *
    Rockstar * 10 months ago

    "I don't believe in communists"

  • Nelson Aperson
    Nelson Aperson 10 months ago +2

    6:29 LUCAN JOHNSON clearly FARTS during his segment... I remember hearing it the first time i saw this years ago and thinking I imagined it BUT NOPE...he let it rip. *edit* clearly others have noticed below...LMAO!!!!

    • Jenna Walden
      Jenna Walden 3 months ago +1

      Nelson Aperson yep as clear as a bell 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • bang boom bang boom
    bang boom bang boom 11 months ago +29

    Who honestly believes in ghosts leave a thumbs up

  • SilverTounge85
    SilverTounge85 11 months ago +4

    Another "documentary", copied and pasted together from the Hexan Film guys' mockumentaries that were shown on Syfy in 1999 and 2000, as part of the promotion of the movie....

  • Bite Me
    Bite Me Year ago +3

    The wouldn't have got lost if they didn't let the chick lead the way 😂

    • cole Marie
      cole Marie 9 months ago

      Bite Me there’s some theory that there was no witch and the guys killed her. Kinda interesting, easy to find on TVclip.

  • Jan Mayo
    Jan Mayo Year ago +5

    It's no hoax those students had never been seen again

    • PreacherJimC
      PreacherJimC 6 months ago So you think this is real well tell that to the actors in these interviews. Oh wait it them, not missing.

    • TootsiesCreationz
      TootsiesCreationz 8 months ago

      Could be cause they weren't students. They ARE actors who make movies for a living. Google their names. Go on ahead. You need to know the truth

    • Kraso Hinchev
      Kraso Hinchev 9 months ago +1

      I see movies with girl

    • Keith Gomez
      Keith Gomez 11 months ago

      Heather was set up by Josh and Mike to be murdered

    • Scleris Mockrey
      Scleris Mockrey Year ago +3

      Oh my lord, go look for them then, and leave the real world alone.

  • Edward Moyers
    Edward Moyers Year ago +2

    i used to go through burkettsville a lot going up to gathland state park on south mountain.. when i did civil war reenacting.. this story here i dont know if its real or not.. but it all sound like it is apart of some kind of cult... this is the first time ive heard of any of this

    • TootsiesCreationz
      TootsiesCreationz 8 months ago

      Teri Lefevers yes! Remember them olden days! Screeeeeeeeech! You've Got Mail! I still use my AOL Email address. ROFLMAO!!
      Definitely don't miss dial-up! THANK THE LORD FOR GIVING US WI-FI and Broadband! Thinking back on those early days, makes me wonder how we ever got anything done before the Internet! I do miss the 1980's if only because things were 1000 times better with Ronald Reagan as president. The end of tensions between Russia and the rest of the world. President Reagan really brokered peace. Not only between countries, but racism was starting to end. Music was the best during the 70's & 80's. Just an all around better time. I miss those days.

    • TootsiesCreationz
      TootsiesCreationz 8 months ago

      cole Marie not quite 30 years ago. More like 25. I say this because to say 30 makes me older than I want to be. But seriously, the movie came out in the late 90's. So really closer to 20 years than 30.😏😉

    • Teri Lefevers
      Teri Lefevers 9 months ago

      @cole Marie while I agree with most of what you were right on point. However, it was not exactly pre internet. In fact, we in southeast Kentucky had dial up for for two or three years. There was a brilliant www website devoted to it. It looked so real. Brilliant. Have a great day.

    • cole Marie
      cole Marie 9 months ago +1

      how? This was a huge deal thirty years ago. The Blair Witch movie? It’s the fake documentary that went along with the movie, making it seem real. It was a pretty amazing thing at a time pre-internet, the first viral marketing you could say. It’s kinda cool that you knew nothing about it and took it as possible reality- just shows how good the filmmakers are as that was what they wanted to happen. I never knew of the documentary stuff surrounding it either.

    • chantle2000
      chantle2000 Year ago

      Edward Moyers it’s all fake. You’re welcome.

  • Peacemaker without war

    Personally ,I would never go to places like this forest .

  • George Ortiz
    George Ortiz Year ago

    Do yourself a favor and do us a favor don't do documentary especially bulshit documentary about a b******* movie

    • Ray Deathray
      Ray Deathray  Year ago +1

      George Ortiz I tried to bury it in the woods but that didn’t work. Oh well.

  • Peacemaker without war

  • Peacemaker without war

    The actors are alive .This movie is a made movie.

  • blue fae
    blue fae Year ago

    ill have to listen for that. kinda funny if they ignored it.

  • Trish Thompson
    Trish Thompson Year ago +7

    This documentary is well put together so was the movie .The director has an interesting imagination . Made it look real .

  • Arnar Aki
    Arnar Aki Year ago

    “I don’t believe in ghosts, and vampires, or communists”

  • Shaylok
    Shaylok Year ago +7

    The real joke is that this movie really was based on a true story. The Flying Spaghetti Monster told me so.

  • Chris Monvel
    Chris Monvel Year ago

    Isn't this the Curse of the Blair Witch documentary?

    • Ray Deathray
      Ray Deathray  4 months ago

      _Curse of the Blair Witch_ is available as an extra feature on _The Blair Witch Project_ DVD and Blu-ray releases. You can also watch it here on TVclip at . Some of the other rarer videos are uploaded on my channel, if you’re interested in checking them out as well.

    • SonGara
      SonGara 11 months ago

      It was occasionally sold as a bonus tape with the movie as a bundle or on it's own. I see fairly regularly at thrift stores here in. That's probably your best bet to find it for dirt cheap, other than that it should be for sell somewhere on eBay, although it have no idea what it goes for on there.

    • Chris Monvel
      Chris Monvel Year ago

      Where did you get this? Was it available as a bonus feature in one of the films? I want all these documentaries so bad in my Blair Witch collection

    • Ken Hollis
      Ken Hollis Year ago

      Chris Monvel It uses some of the same footage, but it's a different faux documentary.

  • George Larson
    George Larson Year ago +3

    flash back.the first blair witch movie the people used their real names first and last. the second blair witch movie the people used their real first names but differant last names. of course part 2 was complete trash anyway.

  • George Larson
    George Larson Year ago +21

    in the days of yor. blockbuster sold this as a bonus vhs to go with the blair witch vhs. still have both vhs tapes. r.i.p blockbuster video.

  • TheMonsterGroovy
    TheMonsterGroovy Year ago +39

    This level of marketing genius will never be duplicated today. With all the technology we have now it’s easy to look something up and tell it’s fake.

    • Confused Badger
      Confused Badger 2 months ago

      Well it was obviously fake as there's no such thing as witches, ghosts or demons . You're correct about the marketing though because the film was complete shite. If it wasnt for the ad's on the internet the film would have gone straight to the bargain bucket dvd section of Wal-Mart.

    • Stuart K
      Stuart K 3 months ago +3

      It came out at the perfect time and used the internet beautifully. Without the internet hype it wouldn't of grown so big.

    • Teri Lefevers
      Teri Lefevers 9 months ago


    • Been Savage
      Been Savage Year ago +6

      ThatHauntFreak2 im so glad im not the only one who understands this. it was 10 years ahead of its time.

  • Jennifer Larson
    Jennifer Larson Year ago +3

    BTW these are the names of the actors in the film. I found a rare video that scared the crap out of me and it may have some true facts behind this supposed legend. I heard that the true students in this case and their footage found was confiscated and kept away from the public....and their footage was found near the cabin. How did the actors get this idea from? Seems suspicious to me that it could have some truthfulness......Two of the three students names was Jane Steiner and Billy Madison..

  • michelle diaz
    michelle diaz 2 years ago +15

    does everyone know Heather is a pot-farmer on tour with her book on growing?

  • LadyVader1138
    LadyVader1138 2 years ago +4

    Thank you for I have this VHS still sealed and I never wanted to open it!

  • Manuel E. Peña
    Manuel E. Peña 2 years ago +2

    wow. full of shit fuck that movie they kept spinning stories to make yyou think it was real for money. fuck them

  • 404UserNotFound
    404UserNotFound 2 years ago +16

    "I dont believe in ghost and vampires and communists."
    .....ooook, thank you for your time...

    • :moyai:
      :moyai: Year ago +1

      I mean, all three are silly.

    • S0lzr Shinobi
      S0lzr Shinobi 2 years ago +1

      404UserNotFound Hahahaha lol 😂😂😂its 2017 I'm watching this now omgggg

  • Teddy Markov
    Teddy Markov 2 years ago +2

    But if communists actually exist, does this mean ghosts and vampires might also? That's an entthymema

  • spencer pease
    spencer pease 2 years ago +6

    "Basically it's a pack of lies. Don't believe any of it."
    "It's pretty true. A pretty factual book about what really happened here."

  • Jennifer Godfrey
    Jennifer Godfrey 2 years ago

    posted in town a new blair witch tour in early summer

    • spencer pease
      spencer pease 2 years ago

      Jennifer Godfrey are you from burkitsville?

  • Jennifer Godfrey
    Jennifer Godfrey 2 years ago


  • ADRIENNE Sanchez
    ADRIENNE Sanchez 2 years ago +1


    • Welther47
      Welther47 2 years ago +5

      brake? how fast are they moving?

  • LtTwackerSenses
    LtTwackerSenses 2 years ago +3

    Did anyone read dudes info on the video? what a smartass...

    • Teri Lefevers
      Teri Lefevers 9 months ago

      Correct...I absolutely love it. Lmao. I thought it was quite clever myself.

    • oublieux
      oublieux 9 months ago +1

      I find the descriptions on these videos to be quite amusing.

    • LtTwackerSenses
      LtTwackerSenses 2 years ago

      i just cant understand why you use the phrase early humans seems used out of context to me like in a DL smartass way just the way somehow that i cant put my finger on. the whole sentence strikes me as odd i guess. no offense at all and i love the video you made.

    • LtTwackerSenses
      LtTwackerSenses 2 years ago +1


    • Ray Deathray
      Ray Deathray  2 years ago +2

      Yeah, that guy is a total jerk.

  • Amanda Richards
    Amanda Richards 2 years ago +23

    Great fun ..." The Fart " came from the camera man ...that's my opinion. They all pretended it didn't happen! Hilarious. This is becoming " who farted?? " documentary

    • Tenzin 68
      Tenzin 68 2 months ago

      That was freaking funny!!! LOL!!

    • Carnyzzle
      Carnyzzle 5 months ago

      Blair Witch wanted to have fun with everyone involved in this documentary

    • Stephanie Mac
      Stephanie Mac 10 months ago +1

      “I’m finally finished.......taking a shit” Rustin Parr.

    • BabyNuggetHead
      BabyNuggetHead Year ago +1

      Jordon Hanlan Shitcraft

    • Jordon Hanlan
      Jordon Hanlan Year ago

      Witch craft! Lol

  • Gevorg1989
    Gevorg1989 2 years ago +5

    Many old scenes from the first mockumentary

  • adamFATE
    adamFATE 2 years ago +77

    "I don't believe in ghost and vampires.. and communist"

    • Confused Badger
      Confused Badger 2 months ago

      @Cap'n Crunch which set of 1% ? You do realise the 1% isn't static don't you ? It isn't the same bunch of people all the time. And why shouldn't there be rich people? These people work hard, invest money and take risks. Why shouldn't they be well compensated, i presume you would be happy being rich so why shouldn't they ?

    • Cap'n Crunch
      Cap'n Crunch 3 months ago +1

      @Red Triangle ~ Yes, they are called the 1%.

    • Red Triangle
      Red Triangle 9 months ago +3

      They're kinda like vampires, but they feed off of other people's money instead of blood.

    • Book Reader
      Book Reader 10 months ago +4

      And ask a supposed capitalist if he is willing to pay for the oxygen he breathes or the ground he stands on, or the sun that shines on him.

    • Daric
      Daric 11 months ago +2

      True communists don't exist. Just ask a supposed communist if he is willing to share his tooth brush or his underwear.

  • Juan A.
    Juan A. 2 years ago +9

    I haven't seen this in a long time

  • C.J. Torres
    C.J. Torres 2 years ago +23

    6:29 did that guy just farted?

    • bang boom bang boom
      bang boom bang boom 11 months ago

      Ha ha he did he let one rip

    • Jack Madrox
      Jack Madrox Year ago

      LOL I think he did!!

    • Sandrine Anterrion
      Sandrine Anterrion 2 years ago

      C.J. Torres it could just be a chair

    • EmeraldJade66
      EmeraldJade66 2 years ago +3

      Yep sure enough! Read above at the FIRST comments! :D ha!! But personally I think it was the cameraman who did it ... regardless it's too funny!

  • mahmudul hasan
    mahmudul hasan 2 years ago +3

    I watched the movie and it's pretty scary but is it based on a true story about the 3 missing filmmaker

    • Cap'n Crunch
      Cap'n Crunch 3 months ago

      @Lyn za Na...the mocumentry had me wondering but once I saw the movie....

    • TheMonsterGroovy
      TheMonsterGroovy Year ago +1

      Still, the directors didn’t make the lore up like they did with TBWP.

    • MovieHeretic
      MovieHeretic Year ago

      The least amount of research indicates "real" doesn't come into it, but have to say there are some fine snake oil salespeople out there. The Amityville "case" was invented over "a number of bottles of wine" for example as stated by one of the people present at the meeting, Ronnie's lawyer.

    • TheMonsterGroovy
      TheMonsterGroovy Year ago +1

      Annabelle and the Amityville case weren’t invented by directors. They are based on **supposedly** real events.

    • MovieHeretic
      MovieHeretic Year ago

      Uhmmm nope, original Directors invented the mythology. I suppose you also believe the Annabelle doll is real and Amityville was fair dinkum. By the way have a harbour bridge you might be interested in.

    D.J. FOXXXY D.J. FOXXXY 2 years ago +59

    Wow... At 6:29 dude farted why giving his interview!!!

    • Mitch Contreras
      Mitch Contreras 3 months ago


    • 6th ranger
      6th ranger 4 months ago

      I SHARTED, therefore, I win

    • actionguy60
      actionguy60 5 months ago

      He didn't miss a lick. just kept on like nothing happened

    • Subtractive Email
      Subtractive Email 5 months ago


    • Carnyzzle
      Carnyzzle 5 months ago +1

      He didn't fart, I blame it entirely on the Blair Witch