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Alan Walker - All Falls Down (feat. Noah Cyrus with Digital Farm Animals)

  • Published on Oct 27, 2017
  • I’m extremely excited to finally release the music video for my new single All Falls Down. Let me know what you think - like, share and leave a comment in the section below!
    - Alan
    Listen to the single here:
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    Director: Kristian Berg (
    Concept: Kristian Berg & MER (
    Produced by: Synne Seltveit - Viper Film (
    Produced by: Niklas Røseth - iProduksjon (
    Produced by: Ana Sikavica - Red Production (
    D.O.P: Jakob Ingimundarson (
    Editor: Jonas Aarø
    VFX: Wirat Johannessen (Knowit Experience)
    Additional flag design: Audun Notevarp
    Grade: Julien Alary
    Sound design: Fredrik Borch Olsen (
    Costume Designer: Elise N. Nystad
    Set Designer: Krešo Glavinić
    Gaffer: Vladimir Slijepčević
    1st AC: Espen Olsen
    Drone operator: Roger Fosaas
    Shot on location in Croatia, Montenegro and Bosnia & Herzegovina
    A special thanks to everyone involved!
    What's the trick I wish I knew
    I'm so done with thinking through
    All the things I could've been
    And I know you wonder too,
    All it takes is that one look you do
    and I run right back to you
    u crossed the line
    & it's time to say f-u!
    What’s the point in saying that
    when u know how I’ll react
    U think u can just take it back
    but shit just don’t work like that
    you’re the drug that I’m addicted to
    And I want you so bad
    Guess I’m stuck
    with you
    and that’s that
    Cus when it all falls down, then whatever
    When it don’t work out for the better
    If we just ain’t right and it’s time to say goodbye
    when it all falls down,
    when it all falls down
    I’ll be fine
    I’ll be fine
    I’ll be fine
    You’re the drug that I’m addicted to
    And I want you so bad
    But I’ll be fine
    Why we fight, I don’t know
    We say what hurts the most
    Oh, I try
    staying cold,
    But you take it personal,
    All this firing shots,
    and making grounder
    It’s way too hard to cope
    But I still
    Can’t let
    You go
    All Falls Down,
    All Falls Down,
    All Falls Down,
    All Falls Down.
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  • Alan Walker
    Alan Walker  Year ago +44758

    THANK YOU, WALKERS! I really appreciate all of your feedback on both the single and the video, it means alot😍 Also super excited to show you episode 2 of the #WorldOfWalker campaign😁 Until then, keep sharing #AllFallsDown with your friends✌🏻

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  • Carlos Hugo Soplin Ordoñez


    EDUARDO BERMUDEZ 7 hours ago

    Me encanta esa canción , dale like si también te encanta

  • Owieczka Timmy
    Owieczka Timmy 8 hours ago +1

    Walker and Marshmello are the best

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    프르스크frisk 15 hours ago

    F you 이게 진짜 가사인가?
    F you this is real lyrics?

    MIRACLE MUSIC CHANNEL 15 hours ago +1

    11 - 20 - 2018?😌💙

  • Cooper Sadhayu Suthiwana

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    11 20 2018

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    the best song ever

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    3:12 looks like halo sentinals. hehe

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    Baoyen Phamthi 20 hours ago

    I love alan walker and I love Viet Nam.

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    tram nguyen ngoc 20 hours ago

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  • Djie Walupat
    Djie Walupat 21 hour ago

    World of Walker trilogy
    1. All Falls Down
    2. Darkside
    3. Diamond heart

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    Collin Rodgers Day ago

    The girl sounds a little like my teacher

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    Fut MemesDLT Day ago

    Yo no hablo o idioma de vocês não Mano '-')

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    It's a good song

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    Nov 2018??

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    BurgerUnicorn Day ago +1

    Did you know? You are my favorite artist Alan! My new favorite song is this! I love your music videos! I’m about to share this with my BFF! I’m gonna song this All day now... love you! 😘

  • oana maria valentin

    i love this song i love Alan Walker

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    Jhony Hung Day ago

    I wanna buy at least one ticket for one show for the tour but I can't ;-; But listening to Alan's music will be a plan number two.

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    We are Vietnamese

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    Who loves Alan Walker Comment:👍
    Who hates Alan Walker Comment:👎

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    Fire Nation Files Day ago +4

    Alan Walker - All Falls Down (feat. Noah Cyrus with Digital Farm Animals)
    0:00​ ●━━━━━━─────── 3:40

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  • Patch
    Patch 2 days ago +89

    Can I get Alan's like?
    Okay so this is actually a movie made from 7 songs and not just a Triology. Here is what I think:-
    Part 1:-
    1.Sing me to Sleep: Some person or entity guides a Group of people together. They form a group called Walkers. They carry an object in their backpack that when united projects a pattern on the ceiling.
    Alone: All Walkers feel lonely so the main Walker ( we will call him Alan) puts out a call on the internet to Walkers from all around the World to Unite and see that they are not alone.
    Tired: Many years after the forming of the Walkers, a Solar Flare approaches fast. Groups of Walkers form devices that would scan ruins and once united construct a Utopia for Survivors of Flare. They bury them underground where they will be safe and wait for the Flare to hit and them Presumable die.
    End of Part one.
    Part 2:-
    Faded: One of the Walkers who survives is trying to cope up with the new world after the Flare. He's completely alone and trying to find a place that's not in ruins because of the Flare, guided by the picture of a lovely rural house. He travels a long way hoping that this house would be his salvation. But when he gets there he is disappointed to see that it is destroyed like everything else.
    End of Part Two
    Part 3:-
    All Falls Down: An unknown amount of time later a group of teenagers, who presumably grew up in the post apocalyptic world, dig up one of the safes with the scanners, but don't know what to do with it. In night a Group of older people, Presumabley some of the Walkers who buried the scanners in the first place, come and set up something that shows them how to use the scanners.
    Darkside: The group of older Walkers are scanning a monument of some sort and the teenagers watch them doing it afar. They are inspired and after fiddling with the scanners a bit, go and scan other monuments. Finally both the groups of Walkers meet on the Mountain top.
    Diamond Heart: Different groups of Walkers discover these Scanners and their use, and soon the sheild starts showing what the other Walkers are scanning. The scanners proceed to guide the Walkers together and finally they build their Utopia.
    Maybe right maybe wrong but I wrote what I thought. Yeah I typed this whole in one go. No copy paste nothing. Let's see if I can get likes.

    • Collin Rodgers
      Collin Rodgers 15 hours ago +2

      New York Times bring this guy up

    • Gaming With Sanyam garg
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    • XVoiidz
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      +Jahbari Spencer ignite was made by k-391

    • Jahbari Spencer
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    • MD ULLAH
      MD ULLAH Day ago +2

      The coincidence is that the're is someone named Alan in my class but his last name is not Walker. If it was, I'd be like oh my gosh Alan walker is in my class. 😂😋😉🙂

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