2018 Volvo XC60 Crash Testing

  • Published on Mar 7, 2017
  • The new XC60, one of the safest cars ever made, is fully-loaded with new technology. Steer Assist has been added to the ground-breaking City Safety system. A new safety system called Oncoming Lane Mitigation uses steer assist to help mitigate head-on collisions, while Volvo’s Blind Spot Indication System (BLIS) now uses Steer Assist functionality to reduce the risk of lane-changing collisions.
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    “We have focused on building a car that can deliver pleasure to all of your senses - from a commanding view of the road ahead in a beautifully appointed and calm cabin, to a safe, inspired and confident ride,” said Henrik Green, Senior Vice President Product & Quality at Volvo Car Group. “We’ve paid particular attention to making life easier for our customers by providing them with the creature comforts and services that take the hassle out of everyday life.”

    Pilot Assist, Volvo’s advanced semi-autonomous driver assistance system, which takes care of steering, acceleration and braking on well-marked roads up to 130 km/h, is available in the new XC60 as an option.
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  • KangHendraa Vlogs
    KangHendraa Vlogs 2 days ago

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  • Abel Dan
    Abel Dan 4 days ago

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  • myrjam jansma
    myrjam jansma 7 days ago

    Its a xc90

  • wolf 5674
    wolf 5674 8 days ago


  • bsbr piskopat adam
    bsbr piskopat adam 8 days ago

    Türkler +1

    GMA BLOX 12 days ago

    can someone explain to me why tere is something exploding on the top of the car, is that line censors? or.... Idk,

  • Juan Rauda
    Juan Rauda 14 days ago

    directed by Michael Bay

  • روح الامل
    روح الامل 15 days ago

    مره انا انقلبت ولحمد الله 😭😭

  • Zed Shuriken
    Zed Shuriken 18 days ago

    Some say that the volvo drove away no problem

  • twa2471
    twa2471 20 days ago

    Being a body man for well >25 years I can attest to the strength of the Volvo line. They are indeed a very fine car. Some models I've found bit spartan for my taste in the past but none the less my 240 served me well for many many years and miles!

  • AlexanderХайп
    AlexanderХайп 22 days ago

    Кто русский ставь лук!!!

  • Клауд Страйф

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  • Kentucky
    Kentucky 23 days ago

    Very tough

  • Rajvardhan Patil
    Rajvardhan Patil 24 days ago +1

    ✔️Legends say Captain America's shield was made from the material used in volvo!!!

  • rimi pei
    rimi pei 25 days ago

    Why don't they put a panorama sunroof for the roll over test?

  • DinoRex
    DinoRex 26 days ago


  • LUXI youtube
    LUXI youtube 29 days ago

    I have volvo car and truck

    DAKSH NIKHIL 29 days ago

    amazing how the swedes went front vikings to volvo

    DAKSH NIKHIL 29 days ago

    lets have donald trump instead of the dummy and make another legend

    VOKZEL Month ago

    This is the most protective shit I've ever seen.

  • caloi de corrida rdd

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  • stimerstimer
    stimerstimer Month ago

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  • Thembelihle Ngesi
    Thembelihle Ngesi Month ago

    I am definitely prawd of volvo , I believe that it will be perfect for my mother

  • 하명준
    하명준 Month ago

    VOLVO save your life

  • Артём Бизнигаев

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  • mine clash of roket Argudo

    Volvo XC90 is the best car ever 😎😎

  • Chris Jacobs
    Chris Jacobs Month ago

    3:10 Took the door right off. Junk!

  • Chris Jacobs
    Chris Jacobs Month ago

    1:40 Rear occupant is dead.

  • Chris Jacobs
    Chris Jacobs Month ago

    Absolute garbage. One of the most unsafe manufacturers out there. Most people are too stupid to see past the myths.

  • Vinod Tynan Greig
    Vinod Tynan Greig Month ago

    521 people who disliked this video must be feeling rather sore that their vehicle will never be as safe as a Volvo.
    Proud to be a Volvo owner :)

  • Dimas Hadi
    Dimas Hadi Month ago

    Try test with human

  • Muhammad Anas Syahmi

    luckiest dummies ever

  • Chuttlely
    Chuttlely Month ago

    Watch at 3:11 the little sign saying "Airbag" flys away, never to be seen again...

  • Mr. Satan
    Mr. Satan Month ago

    AKA nokia car

  • فلسطيني والنعم

    ولا عربي هون ؟

  • spencerc6
    spencerc6 Month ago

    Do all seat belts do that, tighten up a little, on impact?

  • Mastur Akbar
    Mastur Akbar Month ago

    this is good

  • fariba moradi
    fariba moradi Month ago


  • Charles Robyn
    Charles Robyn Month ago


  • Juggernaut13565
    Juggernaut13565 Month ago

    They need to test a Prius like this

  • seenivasan k
    seenivasan k Month ago +1

    extreme&safety are called volvo

  • Amogh Rao
    Amogh Rao Month ago

    air bags didnt trigger

  • Serge Vivier
    Serge Vivier Month ago

    The XC 90 no longer has the IIHS "Top Safety plus" award due to poor headlights. The XC 60 has the "Top Safety Plus" award

  • Bruno Lobo
    Bruno Lobo Month ago

    What are those explosions on the car?

  • Large penis
    Large penis Month ago

    If you flip a car going 30 mph, you probably deserve to die

  • Sergey Senkov
    Sergey Senkov Month ago

    1:27 Why smoke on the roof?

  • Adam Shalabi
    Adam Shalabi Month ago

    Dude that is a beast

  • king Lift
    king Lift Month ago +1

    My neck would break and I would’ve die

  • Johan Thunberg
    Johan Thunberg 2 months ago

    5:55 Volvo personel uses Internet Explorer. Whatttttttt!?

  • Mr. Voicecrack
    Mr. Voicecrack 2 months ago +1

    It sucks that the high quality Swedish Volvo is now owned by Chinese dudes :(

  • Esketit
    Esketit 2 months ago

    Lol I feel bad for the cars that were being crashed

  • RuskeaKettu
    RuskeaKettu 2 months ago


  • Ilya Mezencev
    Ilya Mezencev 2 months ago

    Молодцы создатели этого автомобиля Вольвы всё танки просто

  • rumpjohan
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  • Vergissmeinnicht
    Vergissmeinnicht 2 months ago

    The dummies flipped it over and drove off into the sunset

  • adrian salilin
    adrian salilin 2 months ago

    the people in the front has airbag but in the bag it doesnt

  • adrian salilin
    adrian salilin 2 months ago +1

    they just waste money well althought they are rich maybe?

  • Zion Joseph Perez
    Zion Joseph Perez 2 months ago

    I thought it was a toy

  • Harry Raynor
    Harry Raynor 2 months ago

    0:42 where da f :-) r all da airbags

  • Quattro
    Quattro 2 months ago

    Takla testinde Hile yapmıslar.arac neden direk olarak tavan üstü düşmüyor nerdeyse.tavan takla esnasında yere hiç değmiyor.hangı aracı o sekıl atarsan at saglam çıkar

  • Ghibin Kim
    Ghibin Kim 2 months ago

    Volvo for sale minor scratches and dents.

  • Ghibin Kim
    Ghibin Kim 2 months ago

    That's one hard nut

  • John Paterson
    John Paterson 2 months ago

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  • Youssef Issa
    Youssef Issa 2 months ago

    Flip the car challenge

  • Nolween Titi
    Nolween Titi 2 months ago

    Aie ... le retro interieur dans la gueule. Ca fait mal !

  • randomrazr
    randomrazr 2 months ago

    is toyota good brad for safety? volve is a bit much $$ :(

  • عزام جميل القربان

    كأنها لعبه والله

  • Ricardo Rodriguez
    Ricardo Rodriguez 2 months ago

    Built like a tank.

  • John Roberts
    John Roberts 2 months ago

    The Volvo was the very first car manufacturer to actually make cars safer. In the 60's, when involved in a car crash, the engine will always go out into the interior, either killing the driver, front passenger or both. Then, in the mid 60's Volvo made rearrangements on their cars so that when involved in a crash, the engine would slide right down the car. Soon, other manufacturers such as Chevrolet, BMW, etc decides to follow Volvo. We thank Volvo for it's reliability and durability.
    Don't believe that even old Volvo's suck? They don't suck, check the 1982 Volvo 240 Crash Test. Went at around 40-50 miles or so. If you believe me, then you have great knowledge on cars just like me, John

  • Jhow Jhow
    Jhow Jhow 2 months ago +2

    do not break, give it to me! 😭😭😭

  • Daniel Del Sent
    Daniel Del Sent 2 months ago

    Very good segurance car,bus, eis truck

  • Mert _TV
    Mert _TV 2 months ago

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  • Christian W
    Christian W 2 months ago

    Volvo comes from Sweden

  • Benjamin Vargas
    Benjamin Vargas 2 months ago +2

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  • Jude Abijah
    Jude Abijah 2 months ago

    The only explanation is that Volvos and Nokias are made from the same material

  • fabian acevedo
    fabian acevedo 2 months ago

    Is very resistent

  • Melike TAŞKIRAN
    Melike TAŞKIRAN 2 months ago

    Wow its amazing

  • Logan Allred Does everything

    U should be helping other cr companies

  • Herbert Trapp
    Herbert Trapp 2 months ago

    Thank you for protecting the innocent

  • Herbert Trapp
    Herbert Trapp 2 months ago

    Thank you for your Work.

  • Armoricalex
    Armoricalex 2 months ago

    Funny way europeans don't like to use cars bought randomly from the consumer market in their crash tests.

    SIM SON 2 months ago

    So fucking Save, the Perfect Family car

  • Amir Gamer YT
    Amir Gamer YT 2 months ago

    well i thought it was electric

  • lanpard land
    lanpard land 2 months ago


  • David Hoffman
    David Hoffman 2 months ago

    I liked that going off the road into the dirt test.

  • uğur özcan
    uğur özcan 2 months ago


  • Altus
    Altus 2 months ago

    Dude, leg air-bags!

  • Giuseppe Gabellone
    Giuseppe Gabellone 2 months ago

    Excellent video.

  • 匚卄丹れ匕工匚口 YT

    am glad my drift car is an volvo

  • Simoni0 Simoni0
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  • Captain Underhill
    Captain Underhill 2 months ago

    Made in China

    • FsAviX
      FsAviX Month ago

      696,969 views no its not lmao

  • jordan k
    jordan k 3 months ago

    I don’t even see a dint on that car like. That’s good

  • Meow ;3 Körvson
    Meow ;3 Körvson 3 months ago

    Any one else here from sweden to?

  • Revome Brine
    Revome Brine 3 months ago

    [*] Volvo XC60

  • Charlie Rodriguez
    Charlie Rodriguez 3 months ago

    So sad

  • Maxwell Roeland
    Maxwell Roeland 3 months ago

    If everyone could afford a volvo we would have it made

  • Henri Aho
    Henri Aho 3 months ago

    Alkaa tekemään mieli ajaa autolla IKEA:n seinään kun katsoo tätä videota 🤔

    S N SIVAKUMAR 3 months ago