Former Nixon Attorney: Donald Trump's Criticism Of Don McGahn 'Risky' | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

  • Published on Apr 25, 2019
  • William Jeffress, Former Nixon Attorney, talks to Rachel Maddow about the “risky” behavior he sees coming from the president and this White House since the Mueller report’s release.
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    Former Nixon Attorney: Donald Trump's Criticism Of Don McGahn 'Risky' | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

Comments • 625

  • Google Man
    Google Man 26 days ago

    Guys and gals there is only one way to stop this corrupt man spread the word to your friends and family when something comes from the news you take it seriously but when you get information straight from the mouth of someone you love and trust you take it to heart the independents will decide the next election let’s all be sure they are educated and make the right choice

  • Southern Kat
    Southern Kat 2 months ago

    This was almost 4 months ago and I'm just now seeing it. How does anyone keep up with it all? I'm not understanding as to how Trump can even block McGahn from testifying - testified to Mueller - and evidently, he can't, but he's trying. McGahn was legal counsel to the *Office* of the President - not Trump's personal attorney.

  • Steve steve
    Steve steve 2 months ago

    so why isn,t mcgahn testifying if the president is full of crap and can,t stop him?

  • William Sutcliffe
    William Sutcliffe 4 months ago +1

    Rachel , you will raise to a higher pinacle of fame if you start blab festing on the weaponizing of the DOJ , FBI , Brennan , Hillary and your lord Obama on the treasonous acts they have committed.

  • Jake Missy
    Jake Missy 5 months ago

    All these insights from previous administrations means nothing. This Trump WH are criminals. Unbelievable how our ELECTED OFFICIALS do not do their jobs. Allegiance to an orange ORANGUTAN..

  • MediaMatters IsMyCockHolster

  • Carl Parish
    Carl Parish 5 months ago

    Trump is acting like a gangsters thugs.

  • NewhamMatt
    NewhamMatt 5 months ago

    Does anyone else think there's something about Jeffress' voice - his pacing or cadence - that makes him sound like he's still being interviewed in the 1970s?

  • lizardfirefighter110
    lizardfirefighter110 5 months ago

    It is true that Trump is far from presidential, and is light years away from the true leader Americans want and need. Killary, on the other hand, should be in jail!

  • Paul Shaw
    Paul Shaw 5 months ago

    This is OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE plain & simple

  • Israel Peralta
    Israel Peralta 5 months ago

    Why is she still employed?

  • if it ain't foreign it's borin!

    Dotard just keeps digging himself in bigger trouble

  • JRG2733
    JRG2733 5 months ago

    There have been and will be frustrating, circuitous setbacks in prosecuting the traitor and criminal. It may take until his rejection in 2020, or even (God forbid!) 2024. And yet does ANYONE think the criminal, would-be tyrant will not be brought to justice? Not even his ignorant basers can think Trump will not be criminally convicted, punished, and scorned in history till the end of time. However fragile, there is still a Constitution, there are still laws, there are still decent Americans.

  • monian
    monian 5 months ago

    The man-baby is using the tool that he can use now to safeguard him for now, since once he is no longer at the White House he will be dragged into jail.

  • Quiropractico en Quito
    Quiropractico en Quito 5 months ago

    I live in S.America, the elite in the country all know he has committed treason. Just saying....

  • 18661873
    18661873 5 months ago

    Limelight wannabe William Jeffress serves up a big nothing burger and Rachel Maddow eats it up.

  • SKJEAN3107
    SKJEAN3107 5 months ago

    Omg i love trump! 😂😂😂 123k views in three days. I'm sorry Rachel😂😂 i always liked you. 💚 its ok. I will still seek out your videos from 2016 election when you said no way trump could win and laugh just the same. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Charles Brewer
    Charles Brewer 5 months ago

    Read Article 3 form the impeachment papers of Richard Nixon.
    It deals with Contempt of Congress and refusal to comply with subpeonas from Congress.

  • Jason
    Jason 5 months ago

    The kid is going to die in office. He's about to have a heart attack. The kid eats nothing but fast food.

  • 3rdworldtraveler
    3rdworldtraveler 5 months ago

    He's a one man Crime Wave

  • supernumery
    supernumery 5 months ago +1

    Blah blah blah.............we keep getting told that he cannot do one thing or another because if he does he could go to jail. Well, the truth is, the Pig just does as he wants and rubs his orange faeces over the constitution. There seems to be no end to this, will at least one Republican have the balls to stand up and say, "Enough"? Boy the National Enquirer has them all boxed in.

  • Cherie Cullum
    Cherie Cullum 5 months ago

    Impeach this mole rat, enough already...

  • Brian James
    Brian James 5 months ago

    Oh gee there's a surprise, the POTUS is breaking another law that would get the rest of us thrown in jail. Go figure.

  • Jelly Belly
    Jelly Belly 5 months ago

    Let donny diapers abuse power and obstruct more, just more reasons to impeach. Join the Republican party to vote in the primary and vote for Bill Weld.

  • malenotyalc
    malenotyalc 5 months ago +1

    Trump responds to a report full of evidence on him obstructing justice, by obstructing more justice...

  • David Smith
    David Smith 5 months ago

    Trumps a bully. Why do we allow this to happen ? WHY

  • wire shark
    wire shark 5 months ago


  • N S
    N S 5 months ago

    Hold Trump accountable. Arrest Agolf Twittler for obstruction after he leaves office and send him to prison.

  • Hona Wikeepa
    Hona Wikeepa 5 months ago

    Rachel Maddow is an ugly man.

  • Linda Burger
    Linda Burger 5 months ago

    I'm half tempted to join twitter but I quit facebook so what's the point? lol... TVclip, I love you!!!

  • Linda Burger
    Linda Burger 5 months ago


  • ozwzrd
    ozwzrd 5 months ago

    This would seem to be yet another attempt to obstruct justice.

  • Brock Madigan
    Brock Madigan 5 months ago

    Maddow, you having this gig where you are broadcast to the country will go down in history as a WTF moment and we will blackball those who put you up to it.

  • Patriotic Justice
    Patriotic Justice 5 months ago

    At this point, whenever Madcow speaks, all I hear is the words "Spider-Man" and "Menace."

  • Mary Halverson
    Mary Halverson 5 months ago

    Why all the fuss? Trump's days are numbered if the DNC doesn't cheat Sanders again.

  • Roxane Reddy
    Roxane Reddy 5 months ago

    I have writing to the representative of my state, asking for the removal of the Persident and his Adminstration. He and his Adminstration have and continue to commit crimes . Lets us support the Senate and Congressmen, Chairman committees by given them our approvel, so they can move forward. The Senate and Congressmen work for us, let our voice be heard. It's time

  • Marian Lim
    Marian Lim 5 months ago

    With what Trump is doing to himself, obstructing calls for people to testify, no need to wonder wyy P_elosi is taking her time. Trump may do the democrats job for them.

  • athena icaria
    athena icaria 5 months ago

    Do Trump and his criminal associates have to pay taxes on the cash they are taking from the 2020 campaign fundraising enterprises? Did Kushner just get his $100;000 share of Trump’s campaign treasure chest TAX FREE? How about Don Jr.’s share for criminal defense? Hope Hicks’s share? Tax free?

  • Maria Jimenez
    Maria Jimenez 5 months ago

    Good luck with Don McGan, he is a civilian now, he can go if he wants to. Unless you say “executive privilege “ which you can’t do after the fact. So it will be interesting to watch.

  • Nameless One Wanderland

    We'd rather pick Andrew Yang and Tusli Gabbard in 2020 because they are not establishment.

  • curandero verde
    curandero verde 5 months ago

    Wonder when tRump is going to defect to Russia...

    The BOOKKEEPER 5 months ago

    WOW! on Utube - The MUELLER REPORT REVEALED - // MalcolmNance AT theHammerMuseum MSNBC -WOWEE - you definitely want to watch this - MORE THAN ONCE!!!!

    The BOOKKEEPER 5 months ago


    “NO smoking gun? THERE’S A SMOKING ARTILLERY RANGE !” Jonathan Alter.

  • l maille
    l maille 5 months ago

    Somebody has to step up and indict this criminal because it is only right and honest. He is guilty and needs to be held accountable for obstructing justice. End of.

  • Robert Bottoms
    Robert Bottoms 5 months ago

    The food network has higher ratings than this broad ???

  • Ph0m Loj
    Ph0m Loj 5 months ago

    Traitor trumpanzee loves jail so much now.... lock him up.. is the right way to do...

  • Richard Bambenek
    Richard Bambenek 5 months ago

    This is how a person talks and thinks when totally ignorant of the laws of our country. Trump became president with zero political experience. We should not be surprised by the results.

  • news now philly
    news now philly 5 months ago


  • dutchpy dutchpy
    dutchpy dutchpy 5 months ago

    The WH is full of lawless people. Even people who know, can't stop the lunacy.

  • Cliff Allen
    Cliff Allen 5 months ago

    What happened to the guarantee of “Russian Conspiracy”? Now we are to believe “Obstruction”? What is the next globalist hoax that will somehow vindicate the rejection of Trump? Hmm. Nothing. Trump will win 2020 because you are lost.

  • Rosita Huff
    Rosita Huff 5 months ago

    Trump = Confidence without Knowledge! A dumb clown ...not even funny!

    BLACK NIGHT 5 months ago +1


  • Shawn Mancey
    Shawn Mancey 5 months ago

    Donald Trump wants Ivanka and Jared to be the new president

  • keith fields
    keith fields 5 months ago +3

    psssst. don't tell him sh--. let ole brainiac try all the low level mobster moves he made in NY
    see where that gets him in DC

  • Uintabri
    Uintabri 5 months ago

    Mad cow is a liar and you fools believe him. Liberalism is a mental disorder but there is help and meds.

  • Matthew McDermit
    Matthew McDermit 5 months ago +3

    Does a leopard change its spots? The point is it has become evident that Trump has long had contempt and disdain for the law. Do we now expect him to heed William Jeffress' words of caution? Trump and his family and much of his administration is about doing whatever you want even if it is against the law, and force someone to catch you. Then, once caught, you fight and obfuscate and delude the masses. It is corruption at the very core.

  • Walt Schmidt
    Walt Schmidt 5 months ago

    Toilet news for turds

  • Andrew Garcia
    Andrew Garcia 5 months ago +1


  • Kevin K.
    Kevin K. 5 months ago +3

    Cadet Bone-Spurs has nothing to hide? But... he's fighting on every front to keep everything hidden.

  • Ms Fisher D
    Ms Fisher D 5 months ago +2

    I like it when lawyers are elected because they know the law. I like it when Representatives and Senators are elected to higher office because they understand the Constitution. tRump knows none of these things, thinking he is above all laws. It's a shame it takes so much time and so much energy to get rid of him. It's unbelievable that he still has a following.