TERMINATOR: DARK FATE (Explained + Review)

  • Published on Nov 5, 2019
  • Set 25 years after the events of Terminator 2, the film sees the machines sending an advanced Terminator, designated Rev-9, back in time to 2020 to eliminate Dani Ramos, the leader of the resistance in an alternate future.
    The Terminator series is an American science-fiction franchise created by James Cameron. It encompasses a series of films, comics, novels, and additional media concerning battles between Skynet's synthetic intelligent machine network, and John Connor's Resistance forces.
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  • Mr Shelton
    Mr Shelton 3 days ago

    This movie is bullshit

  • Aaron
    Aaron 6 days ago

    I loved it so much I pooped in my socks.

  • Jonas Penner
    Jonas Penner 9 days ago

    My biggest issue was that I saw 90 percent of what happened in the previews and it felt like a weak attempt to use the terminator name to sell more tickets.

  • Err Yabut
    Err Yabut 9 days ago

    Of all the Terminators movies, the Dark Fate is the one I've found to have no sense at all. It was just a desperate move to reset everything just to run the franchise into the ground.

  • Jamie Wilson
    Jamie Wilson 13 days ago +4

    Shoving ‘girl power’ down everyone’s throat once again

    • Ice_cold1555 Gaming
      Ice_cold1555 Gaming 11 days ago

      Jamie Wilson idk I play female characters in games and stuff so that’s maybe why I don’t see a problem

    • Jamie Wilson
      Jamie Wilson 11 days ago +1

      Ice_cold1555 Gaming feels unnaturally forced if you ask me!

    • Ice_cold1555 Gaming
      Ice_cold1555 Gaming 11 days ago +1

      Jamie Wilson that wrong? I think it’s badass.

  • Lord 445
    Lord 445 13 days ago

    I saw this movie today and I honestly enjoyed it. It's not the best, and not as great as T1 and T2 but it is really decent movie and I think that it could be better but it's not that bad.
    P.S In case of any mistake I'm sorry I don't speak english so good.

  • Nunya Biz
    Nunya Biz 13 days ago +3

    I'd rather fight the Machine War than see THIS future

  • FamusFace
    FamusFace 14 days ago

    Yeah I just seen it today cuz I didn't trust all the critics saying it was bad and yeah they didn't go far enough. So many plot devices and unexplained dimensions of this movie it's unreal how bad it is. The mid air fight was excellent, that enhanced human played her part well. Sarah and Danni I thought were abismal and even the ending was lame. Waste of my Saturday night. I should have seen frozen 2

  • Michael Brown
    Michael Brown 15 days ago

    Okay. So I as we all know, stories aboit time travle are touchy as hell. But... Terminator up to salvation did good. Ive not seen genesis, but the idea of John becoming a terminator sounds inyeresting at least. With that being said... Skynet doesnt exist... So it would have made more sense if you know, skynet sent older model terminators after them cause it had to act before its destruction instead of another random AI just doing the exact same thing.... Thats just lazy as fuck, and do,t get me started on the fact that we have a T-800 that succeeded in killing John which means, if I'm following the time like right, skynet wouldnt have been destroyed and the machine take over would have still happened, okay, thats fine...ish. But how the fuck do you even come up with the terminator, for absolutely no reason, feeling bad about carrying out its ONLY objective... Especially since T-800 couldnt feel a damn thing, period. Give me the screen play to this movie and I have no doubt I could adjust it to be much better all around. This is very disappointing, especially when you consider how much these people are getting paid. This is pretty much the same bull shit that happend to Star Wars...
    P.S. Revenge of the with was the last legit Star Wars film. Cause this new trilogy is just garbage, but we aint here for that topic.

    TONY GREY 15 days ago

    Nxt thing they'll do is make the terminator black 😂😂😂

  • HankDCFC
    HankDCFC 16 days ago

    As soon as I saw the trailer for the film I could smell the PC Bullsh$$ and knew I could never bring myself to watch it, even though I love the Terminator franchise.

  • Kati Kazy
    Kati Kazy 17 days ago

    I'm sorry but I have to disagree with literally everything you said in that review. While T2 is my most favorite movie of all time and the Terminator movies are all dear and close to my heart I really loved this movie and in my opinion it's the best one after T1 and T2. The action kept me in the edge of the seat the whole time, there was great chemistry between the main characters, Dany while a new character reminded me of T1 Sarah who was caught up in events she did not understand or even felt a part of. Sure it was no T2 but T2 was way beyond anything for the time it was made in anyway so I doubt any movie can actually do the same thing or beat it. Also the whole thing with Grace only able to function for a short burst of time as it was believed that you needed to take out a Terminator right away, well duh it makes sense the Terminators in her time are like twice worse than T800, did we both watch the same movie? It's because it's a different AI that stuff has changed a lot too, different more harder to kill Terminators now roam the futuristic landscape and the survivors had to adapt to this environment in a different way too or it won't make much sense at all in that context. The only thing I personally found lacking is I would have preferred Grace to have given the Rev 9 a bit more context and story, then again it was the first movie in a three part series so it may have been expended on in the other three movies which would likely not happen because people now prefer to go see the Joker for the millionth time then to go see a very awesome in my opinion Terminator movie. Yes I am salty af because I am a huge fan of these movies and seeing others not give a crap is just painful for me.

  • Famous Jones
    Famous Jones 18 days ago

    I am sick and tired of the woman strong movement in hollywood destroying male characters so that a female can take over the lead role. What is wrong with a man and woman starring in the movie together? This movie is a worse female version of the first 2 Terminator movie.

  • Isaiah Bahe
    Isaiah Bahe 18 days ago

    The femininator was a little confusing movie

  • The Jazz King
    The Jazz King 18 days ago

    Do Calvin from Life.

  • The Jazz King
    The Jazz King 18 days ago

    Do The Ancient Enemy from The Phantoms.

  • Jackie Anderson
    Jackie Anderson 19 days ago

    I just saw the movie. I liked it.

  • Kevin Wiltshire
    Kevin Wiltshire 19 days ago

    Sad and disappointed

  • Alex Wong
    Alex Wong 19 days ago

    I glad this bombed..

  • OmegaWolf747
    OmegaWolf747 19 days ago

    The post-2000 Terminator films reflect the pessimism and fatalism our country has slipped into since Littleton, Columbine, 9/11, and all the mass shootings that have happened over the past 25 or so years.

  • Tyler Strickland
    Tyler Strickland 20 days ago

    This movie actually did explain a lot, the reason why more terminators popped up after the destruction of skynet is because skynet sent them to different points in time, thus the terminators will still appear, carl knew where they were because he could track the entry points of the portals, the world in the future became cyberized more and drone warfare was more common, so they needed a program to run it which became self aware, the t-800 found value in human life through time and wouldn't kill more because it had one objective which it completed, with the new girl dany as a leader is because sarah and john conner fucked with time and changed the future, when you mess with time it tends to mess back, so a new timeline was started just like the story of genesis almost, I'll agree that dany didn't have much development but it gave a good story that explained a lot and answered some questions that most people probably had

  • Tropolate
    Tropolate 20 days ago

    The next terminator movie be before the first terminator movie and wipes out the rest of the movie and it will be alien robots

  • Nihaal Sandim
    Nihaal Sandim 20 days ago

    I like how its the first video i have seen u sound disgusted by the decisions in the movie

  • Dewayne Smith
    Dewayne Smith 21 day ago

    I liked the movie. If you don’t hold on to what was you can enjoy this movie.

  • Dom Sim
    Dom Sim 21 day ago

    I want a 2 hours of the future war, imagine 2 hours of the opening scene from judgement day and the bunker and battle scenes from the first movie

  • MJ Jones
    MJ Jones 21 day ago

    I rewatched the first two terminator films, and I had absolutely NO INTEREST in Terminator: Dark Fate. I’m a fan of good stories and buildup, NOT movies aiming for SJW BS. Don’t say this film is going to piss off “misogynists” but try to lure in fans with saying Arnold Schwarzzeneger and Edward Furlong.

  • flamencoMensch
    flamencoMensch 21 day ago

    Nope. Sarah says quite clearly she DOESN'T know the proper dose of meds for Grace. Just one example of careless, glib critique of a "carelessly" written movie. 😆
    No, it wasn't great, but it beats all the others that followed the first two films - except for the underrated _Terminator: Salvation._

  • Maria
    Maria 21 day ago

    I saw the movie last night. I love it. All the special effects. Yep there's some gaps like how did Arnold get information from events in the future and send it to Sarah Conor who's off the grid. But I do love seeing them both in a Terminator movie again. In Terminator 2, I hated that quick silver Robert Patrick. I see they tried to bring him back again. I sat at the edge of my seat for this movie and wished, I took my pressure meds before watching it. It's that good.

  • dennis akoglu
    dennis akoglu 21 day ago

    First time i heard terminator says “im sorry”

  • Jony Cruz
    Jony Cruz 22 days ago

    The Savior is a mexican girl trying to cross the border
    Bad guy is a border portal agent
    Connor white male dies within seconds replaced by mexican female
    The protector girl looks trans/androgynous
    Arnold- is a toxic male who change and gets in a relationship where its not physical, all emotional
    to slave for a woman he cares about for 30years. and take care of a kid who isn't his. (glad I didn't watch it in theaters)

  • clipside
    clipside 22 days ago

    you know your film is shit when FilmComicsExplained cant even explain your plot

  • noisefuzz
    noisefuzz 22 days ago

    For John

  • Righteous Evil
    Righteous Evil 22 days ago

    The gd jews want to ruin everything.

  • mobious01
    mobious01 23 days ago

    Yeah i was confused about the whole sarah killing terminators when sky net was destroyed i mean wut!!!

  • KaiHatori
    KaiHatori 23 days ago

    I actually hated Grace, there's just very little about her to like as a character. She will trust a terminator straight away but she gives someone who kills them and saves her life a hard time? I also disagree with on the "Carl" concept, I always wondered what happens to a terminator once it completes it's mission. At the end of T2 it appears as though the terminator is beginning to understand human emotion, so we know they don't just shut down where they stand.

  • Scapes Playz
    Scapes Playz 24 days ago

    Spoiler alert |

    Sarah Got The time place from pops he probably know what legion wanted to Do bc he was sent from legion

    But other than that i would say that its The movie was The Best since t2

  • Andro Tammik
    Andro Tammik 24 days ago

    I actually liked the movie a lot. It has its weaknesses but overall it is very entertaining and good direction for the franchise

  • Sol Invictus
    Sol Invictus 24 days ago

    It feels like Hollywood has become Skynet, pushing out souless SJW garbage like a machine but instead of trying to wipe out humanity, it is trying to wipe out human culture

  • mineofilms
    mineofilms 24 days ago +1

    I did like the movie. I do have reservations about the plot and characterization. I sort of have a feeling of I will have to watch the next one to judge this one but I guess we'll see

  • Jack Newell
    Jack Newell 24 days ago

    oh god, why didnt they just stop with T 2?
    1. i am all for equality, but adding females to a movie and nothing else doesn't automatically make it better. it ruined ghostbusters, it ruined terminator.
    2. stop. just stop. terminator was perfect, it doesnt NEED anything else. you just made 4 unneeded sequels, just stop

  • Bosco
    Bosco 24 days ago

    We need strong women in movies. It doesn't need to make sense to the story plot, just put them in.

  • LandOfSand
    LandOfSand 24 days ago

    Sooo what about genesis??? We are just gonna ignore that movie never excited

    • X Scythe
      X Scythe 23 days ago

      This, along with Genesys, are both alternate timelines.

  • Bloo Juegy
    Bloo Juegy 24 days ago

    Terminator Salvation would have been x10 better if they didn't spoil the fact that Marcus was a terminator in the stupid trailers.

    METAL1ON 24 days ago +1

    Im so glad I can walk into a film and just enjoy it at face value and not ruin the whole thing by being so critical. Great film cant wait to get it on home release.

  • PerryRyan Aganad
    PerryRyan Aganad 24 days ago +1

    I dont understand why people arent liking this film. I think its a good continuation of the original 2. Also, the plotholes brought up arent valid to me, because carl does explain how he gets the coordinates for incoming terminators disrupting the time flow and its easy to believe that those terminators being sent back in time all came from the time line where carl came from before sarah and john prevented skynet from starting

  • DaringSpino 34
    DaringSpino 34 24 days ago

    T-X will kick Rev-9's ass.
    Who agrees?

  • Nguyễn Minh
    Nguyễn Minh 25 days ago

    I present to you...Ferminator

  • Crankdoughpain
    Crankdoughpain 25 days ago +3

    Terminator: Legion "Let's make 'Rev 9' the new protector"

  • Dylan Mijer
    Dylan Mijer 25 days ago +1

    They should have just stoped at salvation.

  • Ben Hatton
    Ben Hatton 25 days ago

    Glad to hear some love for Salvation!

  • Javlin Gaming
    Javlin Gaming 25 days ago

    I think if they had taken a different route and said that the REV 9 had been by a fragment of Skynet that survived the resistance and become Legion that would’ve been better and would explain why John was killed

  • Yigitalp Kiic
    Yigitalp Kiic 25 days ago

    The question I would like to get answered is that if they stopped the judgment they and there is no longer skynet how is possible we have seen t-800 programmed to kill John.. so if you ask me I would tell they couldn’t stop the judgment day and if John Connor was not dead probably skynet would be created by people in the future caused by John Connor’s mistake .. so that’s why when originally John was killed skynet is no longer exist .. weirdly t-800 stopped judgment day by skynet by killing John .. am I the only person think like that?? damn!! That’s crazy ..

  • funncubesde
    funncubesde 25 days ago

    i mean i can get why there are still terminators being sent back.... it was legion, attempting to kill danny's pearents and her, but sarah was just wrecking them. since grace's supperiors knew about karl, they knew about when sarah would not find the time travelers in time and send grace back to hold the rev9 off long enough for sarah to arrive and wreck him...
    only grace stole sarah'S car and sarah didnt kill the rev9 for some reason, even though she was able and about to.
    dont get me wrong. it's bad, but that is not a plot hole.

  • Evan Lawrence
    Evan Lawrence 25 days ago +3

    I feel like this movie would've been more enjoyable had it not had the terminator name

  • jayson samuel
    jayson samuel 25 days ago

    I liked the movie even though it messed up the whole time line smh 🤦🏿‍♂️

  • ebere kewulezi
    ebere kewulezi 25 days ago

    Seriously,to me it was like re-watching Terminator 1 and 2 but with different actors. The same story line, it was more like we the audience knew what to expect during the movie. I am not impressed.

  • crusader one
    crusader one 26 days ago

    It seems like this movie tales place after the Sarah connor chronicles. But also the movie can change because the timeline changed when skynet was destroyed. I thought it was good.

  • John Pilgrim
    John Pilgrim 26 days ago

    I will not watch this SJW agenda pushing abomination. John Conner was the center of the Terminator universe and they killed him off like he was a nobody just to insert a female minority as the protagonist. The Terminator franchise has been Terminated!!

  • Robert Cypress
    Robert Cypress 26 days ago

    I hate temporal mechanics.

  • Ken Xiong
    Ken Xiong 26 days ago

    This movie was made for Antifa and girl