Annihilation - Movie Review


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  • Koba Kareli
    Koba Kareli 4 hours ago

    Just watched it and yeah, it's a slow burn, it was slowly burning my mind the entire time. I had no idea what the movie was, I was expecting an action movie, I just liked the title and decided to watch it before going to sleep. I really was not in a mood for a psychological horror but by the time I realized what it was I was so gripped I could not turn it off. I'm still in shock and I want to watch it again.

  • Thuthuka Qoza
    Thuthuka Qoza 2 days ago

    I really really liked this movie. A lot . Just the last 15 mins threw me off.

  • abduri X
    abduri X 3 days ago


  • First Chapter
    First Chapter 4 days ago

    Just another femtard film. This agenda from Hollywood is actually putting viewers off.

  • gerry o sullivan
    gerry o sullivan 7 days ago

    Yep it’s trying to be a kind of 2001 but fails badly

  • change023
    change023 8 days ago

    I enjoyed the hell out of this movie.

  • dracon raido
    dracon raido 11 days ago

    This movie unsettled me in a way a movie house hasn't done to me in a long time

  • asifur rahman
    asifur rahman 12 days ago

    All characters r so unlikable. The character n how it try to show made no sense. Why they act n do the stuff like that. Took me out if the pic so many time.

  • Frederick X.
    Frederick X. 12 days ago

    The fuck was thaaaaaaaaat? Its like they tried to meld 9 different movies together. It didn't work at all, imo. The artistic direction, sure. The acting, fine. Everything else was a cobbled together mess without direction, much like the entire mindset of the characters and their world.

    • gerry o sullivan
      gerry o sullivan 7 days ago +1

      Frederick X. Yea I was thinking Avatar,Alien,2001,Predator,Arrival.Its a film stew that tastes shit

  • theflywho
    theflywho 14 days ago

    "Hybrid" ahah!
    "Terrible beauty " is how I'd describe the environment, which is nature.
    Unreliable narrator, okay, check.
    My major beef is the science. Refracting DNA so it mixes at cellular levels, cool! But in developed organisms, no. Just no. At that speed? No.
    Major major beef? The perpetuation of the equating species with genus. Hybrids are totally made from crossing species. Within a genus. There is even hybridization between genera. Digiplexis, look it up. Within families, sure, between families, eh. But it all happens at baby level.
    Okay, I'm speaking out of my ass, maybe Paul Parent is right and pollinators can taken pollen from a wild orange daylily and make a frilly purple hybrid daylilly turn orange , but my gut says he's full of it.

  • chris berg
    chris berg 15 days ago

    I thought this was gonna be like a thriller/darker version of the Martian

  • Michael Espeland
    Michael Espeland 21 day ago

    I think this film was a bit too smart for you this time

  • G J G
    G J G 21 day ago

    It was complete trash. Wasted my money.

    • G J G
      G J G 21 day ago

      And I rented it on red box.

  • Danny Zuko
    Danny Zuko 22 days ago

    To answer your question at the end. The Prometheus movies! I swear those movies hit my soul and my mind big time!

  • Keith Vulgamott
    Keith Vulgamott 23 days ago

    thumbs down for your leather jacket. try being less of a tool. side note, annihilation sucked big time.

  • Rusty Shackleford
    Rusty Shackleford 25 days ago

    Did anyone forget she slept with a black man from work less than a year after he was gone her husband was gone guess not

  • Marko Mihajlovic
    Marko Mihajlovic 26 days ago

    Awful Stalker ripoff

  • Vivek Acharya
    Vivek Acharya 27 days ago

    I have not seen this movie but I am sure I am going to love it.

  • MyName
    MyName Month ago

    sorry but this movie fucking amazing .

  • bscutajar
    bscutajar Month ago

    The concept was great, the music was terrific, that one creepy ass scene was well... creepy. However while I'm aware that this is science fiction, it stretches my treshold of what's believable a little too much. Was worth seeing just for that creepy ass scene.

  • George Papageorgiou

    Everyone loves this movie but Jeremy LOL stick to transformers dude or other stupid popcorn movies

  • Doug A
    Doug A Month ago

    Memba taking mushrooms? Oh yeah...I memba

  • Tommy Tomato
    Tommy Tomato Month ago

    Totally agree, slow walking, slow story.

  • Benji Benquer
    Benji Benquer Month ago

    Your review makes me think of the movie very confusing

  • Ad N
    Ad N Month ago

    The movie is fckin awesome up till the bear with woman voice, hell, up to that scene where the alien mirrored lena, but the ending really sucks, like really???? Using a phosphorus grenade? Why didn't the alien die when kane blew himself up or the other grenades didn't blow at that time, what a way to end lol, overall cool movie destroyed by the ending. And talk about the "experts" team melting down in no time, a psychologist that went nuts, paramedic with no chill, geologist that went high, the team is destined to be fcked up. It's clearly there are soldiers left outside the shimmer, why not go with numbers of them, feminist much?? Anyway im hyped till 2/3 of the movie only to be dissapointed.

  • Joseph Vegas
    Joseph Vegas Month ago

    If you wanna be intrigued by the deepness of thought... Read the Bible from cover to cover which reveals the mind of your Creator. THE answers are ALL THERE PEOPLE.

  • Monkey King
    Monkey King Month ago

    Has anybody here read the book?

  • Luis Cervantes
    Luis Cervantes Month ago

    I just saw this movie last night and Mother! Right after i don’t recommend that it mind fucks you hard

  • 1948 19451
    1948 19451 Month ago

    Gives poorly thought out shit like the TFA an awesometacular.
    Gives a movie that was extremely thought out and done very well a bad score.

  • 5k subs with no vids?

    The Movie as a plain plot is good but when you think about all the things in the movie and what they ment it really does blow your mind of how deep this is. Just search up on youtube the ending explanation and click on the most viewed one (not for the ending itself it explains about the whole movie) i was amazed.

  • Vmt16
    Vmt16 Month ago

    I have to agree with Jeremy on this one, the movie lands right fucking flat on its ass. I have no fucking idea what the premise of the movie is and what they were trying to say. And I'm honestly not going to bother with watching the movie again to find out, I'm just not going to watch it ever again. I really don't think its a good movie. The dialogue sucks, the character arcs are terrible and the ending is just plain shit.

  • Zach Banasiak
    Zach Banasiak Month ago

    Just watched it and something that really bothered me that I couldn’t get past was why did they all go in with literally no like hazmat suit protection? Especially after her husband fell ill? But they’re all hazmatted up when she’s back? Like wtf, really ruined the movie for me

  • nate.t17
    nate.t17 Month ago

    Annihilation is awesome. Must see. It's original and thought provoking

  • JayBourne84
    JayBourne84 Month ago

    Jeremy, sometimes, in films, the journey is more important than the destination.

  • Ishtiaque Hossain
    Ishtiaque Hossain Month ago

    I have just seen it and I give it 10 out of 10, yes I was that much impressed and it was not a drag.

  • Max Salgado
    Max Salgado Month ago

    You suck! Annihilation was great! 😏

  • Mesophobia
    Mesophobia Month ago

    The Matrix.

  • Dawson Productions
    Dawson Productions Month ago

    May I speak for all intellectuales everywhere when I say, "poop!"

  • Cesar Ibarra
    Cesar Ibarra Month ago

    you suck

  • JC Visuals
    JC Visuals Month ago

    I've only watched it 3 times. Loved it my first time and still do. But there something about it that didn't stick the landing. I loved the deep thinking it made the view leave with, tripped me in some parts but in some places it did felt like it dragged. Maybe it was the way it was intercut with the flashbacks

  • Jiomani Talukdar
    Jiomani Talukdar Month ago

    This review should be annihilated

  • Stanlos
    Stanlos Month ago

    This movie was freaking OUTSTANDING! It really held my interest and I am still pondering some of the questions it poses months later. It made me superuncomfortable and I loved every moment

  • Chuby Barriocanal
    Chuby Barriocanal Month ago

    totally agree about the characters. its just as big of a piece of a movie as the cinematography or plot. hate this new thing about giving unreasonable praise to movies without characters. Great, it does stuff incredibly well, but the characterization is just as important. it should be commented on.

  • RJ_AY
    RJ_AY Month ago

    This was one scary effing movie

  • LadyDeVonne33
    LadyDeVonne33 Month ago

    The Mother

  • bdusa
    bdusa Month ago

    The all female group nonsense, boring action scenes, the vision of alienated world as the 50s vietnam jungle. This movie is an expensive popcorn tv movie.

  • Kington VLOGSPOP
    Kington VLOGSPOP 2 months ago +1

    Did anyone else think there was something between, Lena & Cass? For some reason I felt like there was something between the two.... but maybe that's just me.

  • Crystalian 9000
    Crystalian 9000 2 months ago

    *thought it was an adventure movie*
    might accedentaly spoil something here.

    I was just watching this and I stopped when the jaw of the black woman was ripped off (I regret watching this, it's been a long time sense I was actually scared)

  • Specter
    Specter 2 months ago +1

    The movie was aimless dog shit 💩

  • Brenda V.
    Brenda V. 2 months ago

    i loved the pace, thats what i expect from most thrillers, i loved everything up until the ending. it was bad :(

  • Eric Stainforth
    Eric Stainforth 2 months ago

    Sounds like a similar final product to "Prometheus". Beautiful. Big questions with no answers. Indulgent. But, I did like Prometheus.

  • JP Alpha
    JP Alpha 2 months ago

    The bear scene

  • idontcare7t6
    idontcare7t6 2 months ago

    And ofcourse they cancel my fav serie marco polo. Grrrrr

  • idontcare7t6
    idontcare7t6 2 months ago

    No disrespect but this movie is the reason why i stop netflix.

  • Daniel Symes
    Daniel Symes 2 months ago

    Swing and a miss actually does sum it up for me

  • Nikola Ban
    Nikola Ban 2 months ago

    Mute movie review

  • Kool Keith Productions
    Kool Keith Productions 2 months ago

    All the sci-fi stuff was really great, but the side-plot about her being a cheater was just AWFUL to sit through. Every time they would cut back to her and that professor knockin' boots, I would be like "GET BACK TO THE DAMN SHIMMER!!!" This movie could have been so great if they cut all that stuff out -_-

  • Nick Hadlick
    Nick Hadlick 2 months ago +1

    😲The final act aka "The Lighthouse" was magnificent, but the rest of the entire movie wasn't engaging and rational, especially considering it's mind blowing concept and potential. What a great idea that was poorly executed. I was CONSTANTLY screaming "WHY?!?!" because these characters are so oblivious and absent to the unknown severity and magnitude of their surroundings and expedition. The movie portrayed terror in certain situations, but the characters disregarded those moments as one-offs. It's as if they only had to feel that emotion at that time as opposed to constantly, especially considering that they know they are in a place that is infinitely precarious, potentially deadly, and literally NOBODY has ever returned!?!?😤💯🍻

  • Mike Molcule
    Mike Molcule 2 months ago


  • Mikhail Ivanov
    Mikhail Ivanov 2 months ago

    Stuckman gave this movie an A

  • Dustin Ortiz
    Dustin Ortiz 2 months ago

    I thought this movie was stupid but it did look good

  • Jessica Liktria
    Jessica Liktria 3 months ago

    i read the book. 95% of the movie didn't happen in the book and likewise. though in the movie's defense, the plotholes and cliffhangers are because this is 1/3 in a trilogy

  • Maximiliano Ríos Vera
    Maximiliano Ríos Vera 3 months ago


  • matthew anderson
    matthew anderson 3 months ago

    Wondering why Jeremy doesn't do den of thieves

  • Mario Arias
    Mario Arias 3 months ago

    Every once in a while Jeremy misses a review, this is one of the cases, Annihilation is a fucking amazing movie. It's brilliant, it's sublime, the performances are incredible, the science is on point, the cinematography was beautiful as well as the music. I think this movie is amazing and definitely at least a Blu Ray if not Awesometacular

  • Jadra Sibenik
    Jadra Sibenik 3 months ago

    Really? 15$ for a ticket?

  • David Wrongway
    David Wrongway 3 months ago

    I Guess you didn't even understand
    what the movie was trying to say.

  • cruzgallardo99
    cruzgallardo99 3 months ago

    Chris Stuckman is far better than you.

  • Anime Play
    Anime Play 3 months ago

    what dreams my come ....does it for me

  • Callahaine
    Callahaine 3 months ago

    Maybe it's Garland style, like Denis Villeneuve. Ex Machina was very slow too, but very good nonetheless

  • starwarsfanboy101
    starwarsfanboy101 3 months ago

    I felt it was quite pretentious really . I think I agree with Jeremy. Loved ex machina, But this felt overly complicated for the sake of being "deep". I thought it was an interesting and well directed film though and I'm glad its been made. Definitely a film that starts conversations.

  • Vercilla Salvia
    Vercilla Salvia 3 months ago

    You should review korean movies and tv shows please watch Goblin!!!

  • Bobby C
    Bobby C 3 months ago

    This movie is not an intellectual movie lmao. You become smart by questioning everything and learning the truth. Not by watching a movie lmao. This just shows how dumb these people are who actually enjoyed this movie.

  • Bobby C
    Bobby C 3 months ago

    A really shitty movie. Don't watch. It does not have a plot. However, if you like special effects and not really think when you watch movies. This is for you.

  • whosdad
    whosdad 3 months ago

    my favorate thinking would be Prometheus

  • Gangi Films
    Gangi Films 3 months ago

    Donnie Darko is the original mind fuck film.

  • shashank sagar
    shashank sagar 3 months ago

    stick to superhero movies... this is above you

  • Assh GT
    Assh GT 3 months ago

    l love this movie. it' s so original.

  • freeman239
    freeman239 3 months ago

    This movie had promise, girl power narrative and incompetence of the characters ruined it.

  • Gabriel Arredondo
    Gabriel Arredondo 3 months ago

    I'm surprised Jeremy didn't make a joke about the fact that Jennifer Jason Leigh's character's name is Dr. Ventress.

  • Gobesh Arumugam
    Gobesh Arumugam 3 months ago

    Arrival - 2016

  • G G
    G G 3 months ago

    Annihilation is the best film of the year so far. I loved it

  • Maruchan Chiken
    Maruchan Chiken 3 months ago

    It’s a review not a rant tone it down

  • Luke Ormsby
    Luke Ormsby 3 months ago

    I completely agree with your thoughts. I think it felt like a rip off of so many sci fi films I love but shoved together into a thematically incoherent story, where it thinks it's being deep and philosophical but instead incredibly predictable and unsatisfying.

  • JP Alpha
    JP Alpha 3 months ago

    Bear scene anyone?

  • Connor McCartney
    Connor McCartney 3 months ago

    Don't think he likes things that are slow or artsy.

  • Jabba's Palace
    Jabba's Palace 3 months ago


  • The Artist
    The Artist 3 months ago

    Yeah, you can just say it's garbage, Jeremy, haha. Visuals are no longer enough reason to watch a movie. Almost any highly produced film will look good these days... I literally fell out of my chair in boredom and found myself reaching for a drink after 30 minutes... alas, there was only one beer left in the fridge... I needed whisky. Like you said though, I kept hoping for a payoff, but just got a waste of time. Yeesh! Let's hope they don't try to make the other two books into more art-fluffed dog crap with a "strong female cast", haha :( As an artist, animator, and film-lover, I think this movie makes the whole industry look bad - overreaching, shallow, self-inflated, insular, and meaningless. [facepalm]

  • Kin Caid
    Kin Caid 3 months ago

    It is a good thing I watched the movie before I saw this review. The movie was great. Come to think of it I usually watch Jeremy review after watching a movie. He always ruins it even if he gives it a good rating. He messes with my expectations.

  • John Stanley
    John Stanley 3 months ago

    Helplessly hoping you give it a good review. See what I did there? Eh?

  • MrMystery99
    MrMystery99 3 months ago +1

    You found the ending boring but were you bored throughout the whole film? Can’t lie I hate it when reviewers start with “It looked great” as their opening positive. It’s a 2018 studio film, kinda unoriginal. You say there are loads of loose threads but don’t expand on what they are and just say that the director failed. Indulgent isn’t really the word to describe the film at all, can’t respect this review tbh.

  • David Williams
    David Williams 3 months ago

    Jeremy's one of those guys I can absolutely disagree with and still like the video. I loved this movie. I also get where he's coming from. From my P.O.V, I was entertained because it got me thinking, horrified by it when I thought about it too much, and I have every intention of seeing it again in theaters. It's one of my favorites so far this year. I will agree with Jeremy on this, though, that I fell in love with the concept more than I did with the characters and the story. I wish I'd loved them both equally.

  • Sukhbir Sekhon
    Sukhbir Sekhon 3 months ago

    I think 'indulgent ' is the key word here for Jahns. I wish I had a large sock of horse manure.
    Geddit? Was this intentional reference to a previous film?

  • DADDYPLAYS Daddydoes
    DADDYPLAYS Daddydoes 3 months ago

    That bear thing scared the life out of me lol

  • Malley Able
    Malley Able 3 months ago

    Favorite Cerebral movie? Super Easy and one that should be the standard because it was done to perfection.....Jacobs Ladder.

  • nosuchthing8
    nosuchthing8 3 months ago

    I'm posting this because critics are ignoring the facts. The movie seemed light because it was ultimately based on a lovecraft story, color out of space.

  • Chirag D G
    Chirag D G 3 months ago

    It was a great out of the box movie. But did not reach Ex machina level.

  • Souciance Eqdam Rashti
    Souciance Eqdam Rashti 3 months ago

    Dude, probably the worst review of yours I have seen so far. In anything, this will be one of the best films of the year!

  • Gustav Bahler
    Gustav Bahler 3 months ago

    Too bad LSD isn’t legal

  • Jimbo
    Jimbo 3 months ago +1

    Couldn't agree more on this one. I usually love "deep concept movies" but this one just felt so hollow to me. It was completely void of any actual substance.