THE GOOD AND THE BAD?! | Peek Inside My Sketchbook! | Sketchbook 20 Tour

  • Published on Dec 1, 2018
  • I can finally post this sketchbook tour! (I was waiting on my last video so that I could show you these last few pages) Hope you enjoy! Thanks for joining me on my art journey!
    ► MY SKETCHBOOKS: See all 20 of my finished sketchbooks from age 13 and up!
    ► The artist I was talking about who drew the Disney Carousels:
    Illo Sketchbook:
    Bombay India Ink:
    Copic Sketch Markers:
    Ohuhu Markers:
    Crayola Blending Markers:
    Posca Pen:
    ► Pinterest collection of my references:

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  • Koala person
    Koala person 3 hours ago

    me love the sketch book ! keep it up rin love the intro

  • •Shy Fox Girl•

    Idk i don't like to draw messy like that i like my drawings to pe perfect

  • Miranda Cary
    Miranda Cary 6 days ago

    Where do you get sketchbooks that work so well with markers?? All my stuff bleeds and soaks through! TT-TT

  • Imvu kaylene !!
    Imvu kaylene !! 6 days ago +1


  • It’s Jurn Jurn
    It’s Jurn Jurn 7 days ago

    Draw a lol doll

  • LPS Lubelle
    LPS Lubelle 9 days ago

    On day 25 you were scheduling prickly things well I was celebrating my birthday

  • Rai mellas
    Rai mellas 10 days ago


  • KIMYA cおおきえ2932
    KIMYA cおおきえ2932 13 days ago +1


  • Lauren Barros
    Lauren Barros 14 days ago

    omg i have cousins snap as roasted coffee ☕️

  • Isisnachelly Claudio
    Isisnachelly Claudio 16 days ago

    TVclip keeps removing my subscription, am I the only one with this problem?

  • emileo 42518
    emileo 42518 17 days ago

    I love your inktober finished drawings they are amazing!!

  • Crazy_fan _girl
    Crazy_fan _girl 17 days ago

    Why does she order everything from amazon..I live in pakistan and it doesn't deliver there!!!ughghghghhhh!!?!!!

  • kawaii pink_fox13
    kawaii pink_fox13 18 days ago

    How you do that waffles BTW i love your work OwO

  • Cookie_Gacha_Breanna_ Playz

    Stop moving your hand in trying to take screenshots!

  • venu Sri
    venu Sri 19 days ago


  • venu Sri
    venu Sri 19 days ago


  • Lana Banana
    Lana Banana 20 days ago

    I watch you in the mornings while I eat my wheaties

    SUNEETHA MADDALA 20 days ago

    Boi really even ur doidles are like masterpieces!!!WHY?!?!😭😭😭😁😁😁

  • Itz uke girl
    Itz uke girl 20 days ago

    do "weelz" it's a better

  • Alma Kimayong
    Alma Kimayong 20 days ago +1

    I love waffles and i like your vids

  • floatingsheep
    floatingsheep 21 day ago +1

    am I like....the only person who looks through comments while watching videos? like if you do the same.

  • Reagan Catherine
    Reagan Catherine 21 day ago

    Wheels looks better

  • Hadley Spencer
    Hadley Spencer 22 days ago +1

    Can you make a video of what supplies you use? I didn’t find a video of you showing your supplies, so I’m not sure if you already made one. I’m just wondering because I have always wanted to draw and color like you and I thought, maybe if I got some of the supplies you have I could get better. But you don’t have to if you don’t want to. I was just wondering. And whoever is reading this, please like so Drawing WiffWaffles can see this. Thank you!😃😇☺️

  • Summer Gies
    Summer Gies 23 days ago

    the exhausted inktober drawing is me currently, my new job is slowly sucking the life out of me -_-

  • Danika DJ
    Danika DJ 23 days ago

    Why am i so suprized that non of her papers blead thru because mine always did

  • Strawbubblebloom
    Strawbubblebloom 25 days ago +1

    Wait u can use colour for inktober!?!??

  • Strawbubblebloom
    Strawbubblebloom 25 days ago +1

    Personally I ...
    Wait I’m rlly late and u already named her
    HA! 2019 BOIZ!

  • XxMoon_WolfiexX X
    XxMoon_WolfiexX X 27 days ago

    When I don’t know what to draw I watch your channel for inspiration and I come up with a little bit of your art mixed with mine so thank you for the help 😊😋

  • Rainy
    Rainy 28 days ago

    Wheelz/Weelz nickname could be Z

  • Breadsticks
    Breadsticks 29 days ago

    11:06 the girl looks like Glinda from Wicked

  • Priyana Saini
    Priyana Saini Month ago

    Does anybody see the whale getting stabbed with a girl sitting on it

  • Green Bean
    Green Bean Month ago

    Do your brothers have a TVclip channel???

  • Regina Walley
    Regina Walley Month ago

    I like wheels because weelz looks like wells


    Hey! I m your biggest fan... Can you tell me which sketchbook you use?

  • Sundra Gazmin
    Sundra Gazmin Month ago

    Woah youre really cool
    Youre drawings are all cool and best
    Youre really my idol

    Keep on what you want to do

  • big oof
    big oof Month ago

    Your giggles and energy make me happy ;;

  • Tarnisha Mann
    Tarnisha Mann Month ago


  • Annihilator
    Annihilator Month ago +1

    hey rin! question, what size is your illo sketchbook? is it an 8x8 or a10x10? just curious! cuz i want one of my own

  • Zziwa Constance
    Zziwa Constance Month ago


  • •Fuzzêh- Kün•

    How are you so good!???!!!!

  • Trisha Tolentino
    Trisha Tolentino Month ago

    I need waffle’s level of self love for her drawings because i cringe everytime i finish a sketch 😭😭

  • Creative World
    Creative World Month ago

    Your drawings are not drawings, they miracle...

  • The love Wolf
    The love Wolf Month ago

    Im doing a marker review but i feel like im terrible at drawing :(

  • Petra73387772VPEMFK

    I can’t express how much I love this 💕

  • Syihan Filza
    Syihan Filza Month ago


  • Carla leal
    Carla leal Month ago

    you've such dynamic sketches i loved them all! ♥

  • Sophie J
    Sophie J Month ago

    How do you get inktober prompts

  • Ava Cahill
    Ava Cahill 2 months ago


  • 親Klara嘎查StreetWeer

    C'est beau mais t'est pas très gentille

  • ThatQuietKid
    ThatQuietKid 2 months ago

    10:20 sorry, just needed this as a time stamp. "I don't knooooowwwowow!"

  • E-dubbs ES
    E-dubbs ES 2 months ago

    Love the sound effects at the end. Lol.
    You so cool

  • Hana Shaker
    Hana Shaker 2 months ago

    16:43 And do you know a guy who heard from someone--

  • Hana Shaker
    Hana Shaker 2 months ago

    For precious I drew a photo frame with a photo of a girl who's a cancer survivor and her younger sister in an amusement park after winning a prize. It's my favorite. I like the fact it tells a story many people could empathize with.

  • Hana Shaker
    Hana Shaker 2 months ago

    5:00 The bottom left... Can relate.

  • Sydney Beukelman
    Sydney Beukelman 2 months ago

    the good and the bad and the dirty

  • NOVa
    NOVa 2 months ago

    how do u pratice drawing?

  • AG Ginny
    AG Ginny 2 months ago

    Your videos bring me such happiness and peace that I dont experience often. Your channel is sort of like my safe place, and I cant wait for your next video to come out, so thank you!
    (Btw I like Wheelz better 😊)

  • 센 파이가정 다운
    센 파이가정 다운 2 months ago +1

    Your doodles are better than my lineart drawings

  • Turtlvr 04
    Turtlvr 04 2 months ago

    When you wanna draw the cute chicken girl but you realize that you finished your sketchbook yesterday and your first illio sketchbook will be in the mail later today 😫

  • andreea's logic
    andreea's logic 2 months ago