The Making of Hela's Headdress from Thor: Ragnarok

  • Published on Nov 12, 2017
  • At this year's DesignerCon, we meet up with Ironhead Studio, the costume and prop fabricators who made Hela's jaw-dropping costume from Thor: Ragnarok. Jose Fernandez walks us through how his team made Hela's iconic headdress for Cate Blanchett to wear in the film, explaining how the helmet's pieces hold together and what goes into its brilliant finish.
    Find more of Ironhead Studio's work here:
    Shot and edited by Norman Chan
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  • Amanda Stevens
    Amanda Stevens 29 minutes ago

    The original reindeer games.

  • ShawN TyleR
    ShawN TyleR 6 hours ago


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  • Jean
    Jean 14 hours ago

    PERFECTION. Just like GODDESS DEATH herself

  • The Line Of Characters
    The Line Of Characters 17 hours ago

    Wait, did I hear black manta!!!! I'm 'hella' hyped!

  • Juan Quispe
    Juan Quispe 2 days ago

    Plot twist: that's Cate Blanchett's real head

  • Ayakhula Mpofana
    Ayakhula Mpofana 2 days ago +1

    That head looks more like Cara Delevingne than Cate Blanchett.

  • Lora O'Connel
    Lora O'Connel 2 days ago

    Could be great Halloween mask, huh? Btw, does anyone knows where to watch Thor: Ragnarok in HQ? I found just average quality on yify123 com and some other even doesn't have it. Any ideas?

  • Andy Saenz
    Andy Saenz 3 days ago

    What the offspring of a buck and a woman would look like.

  • Andrew Grayson
    Andrew Grayson 3 days ago

    What kind of 3D scanner was used?

  • 杰克罗宁
    杰克罗宁 3 days ago

    so cool

  • Becca
    Becca 3 days ago

    I can’t believe they decapitated Cate Blanchett just for this segment.

  • dipsomania0
    dipsomania0 3 days ago

    Disturbing somehow

  • umm eli nerd
    umm eli nerd 3 days ago

    All they need is a bullet proof door go in and she cant get you

  • cartoon80s90s
    cartoon80s90s 3 days ago +1

    Hela looked amazing when she was wearing it. I was surprised by how light it is and in the movie it looked more black. Seeing it up close it is the most impressive piece or clothing/weapon/item I have seen in any of the superhero shows.

  • Darth Magnusei
    Darth Magnusei 3 days ago

    Am I the only one that hates her headress?

  • BeastFromThEast
    BeastFromThEast 3 days ago

    This headpiece is a copy from Malificiant

  • AsianGlow
    AsianGlow 3 days ago

    I wonder how much they spent on it... like how much does SLS run for, and 10-layers of paint? We made ours for only $3!

    ... and totally got what we paid for LOL.

  • Ravi Keshav
    Ravi Keshav 3 days ago

    By the way She didn't used this for fighting like bulls do.

  • argiletonne
    argiletonne 3 days ago

    I watched a documentary about boston, ohio helltown where a cult did some really freaky shit and their main costume was with a headdress like this so you probably rip it from them and it takes what they did for you using to a whole other level of creepy .

  • Majin Kid buu
    Majin Kid buu 3 days ago

    Overrated ass movie

  • Trush Tucker
    Trush Tucker 3 days ago


  • Stefan Ackermann
    Stefan Ackermann 3 days ago

    I love Cate Blanchett. I think she’s beautiful and a very talented actress, but she looks ridiculous in this costume. The whole thing is just a mess. They could’ve come up with something better.

  • Red Hood
    Red Hood 3 days ago


  • Gianni Salvatore
    Gianni Salvatore 3 days ago

    Damn son, that thumbnail freaked me out. Thought she got decapitated n shiiii

  • wonder mom
    wonder mom 3 days ago

    If you close a little bit you're eyes, she looks like she's sleeping

  • Eyeless Jack
    Eyeless Jack 3 days ago

    has anyone notice this item was on roblox

  • Samuel John Tabligan

    The whole time I'm watching this, my eyes are locked-in to the headdress. HAHAHAHA

  • Sirkilalot66 X
    Sirkilalot66 X 3 days ago

    I swear to the universe, when I’m finally considered rich I will have that as a art piece in my house

  • FiddleDD
    FiddleDD 3 days ago

    Jose: "Marvel was involved heavily in the minutiae..." Translation: "Some cocksucker with no talent making 10 times what I do was constantly up my ass, second guessing me."

  • tpamel
    tpamel 3 days ago

    Alien Maleficent

  • Nathan  Usi
    Nathan Usi 3 days ago

    Hela Headass

  • Howard Kim
    Howard Kim 3 days ago

    Cool stuff

  • Francisco Jose Albuquerque Marques Filho

    He's so bored. "Yeah, we just made this, whatever, i like Star Trek anyways".

  • Flora Lam
    Flora Lam 3 days ago

    lol does that mean she has to walk through doors sideways.?

    • Jared Devan
      Jared Devan 3 days ago

      I'm guessing you didn't see the movie. She can make the helmet appear or disappear from thin air, just like she can make weapons out of nothing.

  • Zahir Sookoor
    Zahir Sookoor 3 days ago

    OMG but did he spoil the villain of Aquaman being Black Manta???.........

    I believe he did

  • Geekto Studios
    Geekto Studios 3 days ago

    i always needed a 3d printer, but now i really need one for my hela cosplay dreams

  • Original Sin
    Original Sin 3 days ago

    I'll take 20!

  • Pimp Grandpa
    Pimp Grandpa 3 days ago

    I have this on roblox

  • Stefinatrix
    Stefinatrix 3 days ago

    "Making of"? No, not so much.

  • Komninos Maraslidis
    Komninos Maraslidis 3 days ago +2

    Who gave Galadriel the One Ring?
    Come on guys...

  • kawaii pig
    kawaii pig 3 days ago

    I love that movie

  • pizzagateisreal504
    pizzagateisreal504 3 days ago

    how a jewess looks in the morning

  • Dragon_of_Tragedy
    Dragon_of_Tragedy 3 days ago

    That would be really hard to shove in between my matress.

  • Miss Vee
    Miss Vee 3 days ago

    Reminds me of Aku in Samurai Jack.

  • Littlemorte
    Littlemorte 3 days ago

    antlers? I think you mean horns... Loki has horns not antlers, they aren't branched

  • Havoc Bringer
    Havoc Bringer 3 days ago

    0:47 When is Thor gonna wear that helmet??

  • Calida
    Calida 3 days ago


  • arnold jayeola
    arnold jayeola 3 days ago

    If any of you guys have paid attention to Norse mythology, Loki had every right to fuck everyone over. After what they did to him

  • Paul Aguirre
    Paul Aguirre 3 days ago

    cholo cars lol

  • Phil M
    Phil M 3 days ago


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  • Bae Claus
    Bae Claus 3 days ago

    Fukin wow! Amazing!

  • Duane Duty
    Duane Duty 3 days ago

    3:40 modeled after those cholo cars? What does that mean???

  • Julian Harden
    Julian Harden 4 days ago

    FOX would've been too scared to do this if Thor was in their hands.

  • Ana Thao
    Ana Thao 4 days ago

    The first thing I thought was Aku

  • Toxicrafa
    Toxicrafa 4 days ago

    easy to fap to.

  • Joshua Ch.
    Joshua Ch. 4 days ago +2

    Is she Maleficient’s cousin?

  • Calvinandsnobs
    Calvinandsnobs 4 days ago

    hella dope

  • Anjin
    Anjin 4 days ago

    This is deadass just a ripoff of Aku. Plus, the movie was subpar, at best.

  • chad johnson
    chad johnson 4 days ago

    Thanks for the video, its a great head piece. Although a little bit of click bait with the "Making of" compared to your usual content.

  • Fhantom99
    Fhantom99 4 days ago


  • CaptainRidley
    CaptainRidley 4 days ago

    >Make a practical helmet
    >It looks like complete dogshit in the movie

  • SentinelGhost
    SentinelGhost 4 days ago

    Interesting that most of the time it was CGI. Almost every scene where she was wearing it I couldn't help but think how much stress it had to be on her neck to wear it and move around.

  • Seán Cronin
    Seán Cronin 4 days ago +1

    That helmet is utterly incredible

  • robert wong
    robert wong 4 days ago

    If its made of foam and fibreglassed to reinforce it, it would be light and strong.

  • Mububban23
    Mububban23 4 days ago

    This helmet could so easily have looked utterly ridiculous, but the quality of construction is amazing. And Cate Blanchett looks totally badass in the full Hela costume.

  • Eto Hige Gamer Culture

    bowling ball paint job

  • Stona Raptor
    Stona Raptor 4 days ago

    omg, we live in a time where even parts of actors costumes are CGI... Sad stuff.

  • JollyGoodFellow
    JollyGoodFellow 4 days ago

    Thumbnail looks a bit gory lol.

  • TheJane7979
    TheJane7979 4 days ago

    I want this in my room omg..

  • Πρ0τοτ7πε
    Πρ0τοτ7πε 4 days ago

    im more excited for black manta

  • Schatten Land
    Schatten Land 4 days ago

    Untertitel ?? Ist das so schwer so etwas dazu zu Fügen ?

  • boxhead6177
    boxhead6177 4 days ago +1

    How is it for the actor to walk into for say a fitting and seeing their head ON A PIKE!!! That would creep me out if I saw my own head like that.

  • Purefoldnz
    Purefoldnz 4 days ago

    The question how does she walk through door frames?

  • Danny SJ
    Danny SJ 4 days ago

    Aku Rip Off

  • Mulder Scully
    Mulder Scully 4 days ago

    I sure bet Bottin would have loved to have a 3D printer when he created the horns for "Darkness" in Legend over 30 years ago.

  • Zatana 1878
    Zatana 1878 4 days ago

    At 1st I thought I’d get tired of her slicking her hair back for the headdress but it gave me life every time 😍

  • Anthony Carrillo
    Anthony Carrillo 4 days ago

    @00:16 the Apocalypse we should've had.

  • Mouse Trapping Videos

    I haven't seen the movie yet, was it good? Is it the best in the Thor series?

  • Lord DuckingTon
    Lord DuckingTon 4 days ago

    *How to make Aku's head antlers from adult swim classics Samurai Jack*

  • Jacob Bond
    Jacob Bond 4 days ago

    Samurai Jack

  • Jüdäs
    Jüdäs 4 days ago

    The excitement levels of these 2 are so contradictory lol...

  • jsjk
    jsjk 4 days ago

    Am I the only one getting creeped out about how the doll head actually looks like the actress ?

  • SocialDoc: TryYourMedicine

    I feel like having venison for dinner.

    • SocialDoc: TryYourMedicine
      SocialDoc: TryYourMedicine 4 days ago

      Oh my that sounds delicious..I make a pot roast. I season and sear first on my Le Creuset cast iron pan, toss in some pepper corn, garlic and deglaze with some wine. Meanwhile I sauté mushrooms in the Le Creuset pot, add the mirepoix as the mushrooms begin browning. Then I transfer the venison to the pot with the glaze and add the vegetables along with rosemary and thyme. I let it slow cook for at least 2 hours and then scarf it down. I'd like to have Hela over for dinner next time i prepare this.

    • A suspect black cat
      A suspect black cat 4 days ago

      SocialDoc: TryYourMedicine How do you make yours? I slow cook mine after making a homemade marinade for it. Let those juices simmer while I make a balsamic glaze to go on the side. Yum!

  • HailAnts
    HailAnts 4 days ago +2

    All I can think of is a line from an old MST3K from the early 90s, _”You know, that hat has a slimming effect on you!”_

  • Zetoz
    Zetoz 4 days ago +7

    That helmet is hela big.

  • Hello Person
    Hello Person 4 days ago +2

    How is this trending

  • Lord-Commander Savage
    Lord-Commander Savage 4 days ago +4

    Holy fuck i thought they decapitated Cate Blanchett

  • JgL_07
    JgL_07 4 days ago +1

    Wasnt the helment cgi?

  • BladeWingPacifica
    BladeWingPacifica 4 days ago +1

    This is a really lame interview.

  • AjPaintz !
    AjPaintz ! 4 days ago +1

    Lol I thought helas name was Ragnorak

  • Michael Stuart
    Michael Stuart 4 days ago

    The framing in this video is really triggering me! move the damn camera to the right a metre!

  • luvgzus4ever
    luvgzus4ever 4 days ago

    I think I'm more impressed by head sculpt, wow! Hardly any uncanny valley there even with the close-ups

  • Michael Rafales
    Michael Rafales 4 days ago +3

    This is not a making of video

  • shocklett
    shocklett 4 days ago

    I want to dump a bag of apples on her

  • Sean C
    Sean C 4 days ago

    The name is Velata, Hela Velata.

  • naihanchin Kempo
    naihanchin Kempo 4 days ago

    spoiler alert Black manta

  • HeyIt'sBaert
    HeyIt'sBaert 4 days ago

    Are they supposed to look like elk antlers? Because that's all I can see and that makes it look ridiculous.

  • Hunter Marten
    Hunter Marten 4 days ago

    how is there no comment yet about how this guys name is jose fernandez like the pitcher