The Sound of the Ladin Language (UDHR, Numbers & The Lord's Prayer)

  • Published on Jun 27, 2018
  • Special Thanks to Davide!!! :D

    Ladin is spoken by about 30,000 people in northern Italy in the Dolomite mountains in Trentino, South Tyrol and Belluno provinces. It is part of the Rhaeto-Romance branch of Romance languages and is closely related to Fruilian and Romansh.
    The Office for Ladin Language Planning (L Servisc à l'enciaria de laoré fora na forma de ladin) is developing a standard written form of Ladin (Ladin Dolomitan) for use across the Ladin-speaking region.
    Since the 1990s a number of laws have been passed which provide protection for the Ladin language and culture, and the language has official recognition in Trentino and South Tyrol, though not in Belluno. Ladin is taught in schools and appears on some street signs.
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  • Vitor de Souza
    Vitor de Souza 3 hours ago

    Sounds like catalan

  • Altai Turan
    Altai Turan Month ago

    is that terrorist usama bin ladens language ? (joke)

  • Toreno
    Toreno 2 months ago

    As a native speaker of Portuguese, this is understandable.
    Apart from the 'commonest' latin source (vocabulary and structure), the phonemes have a good resemblance to those of my language.

  • Aleksej Savodnik
    Aleksej Savodnik 3 months ago

    It is most similar to french just the prononciation is very different

  • Antonio Carlos Da Silva

    Brazilian singer Fortuna sings in Ladin (and Hebrew, I think). Check out this album:

  • Olim Zafar
    Olim Zafar 5 months ago

    Why ladin flag look like Uzbekistans flag?

  • Alejandro
    Alejandro 6 months ago

    My mother tongue is Spanish and I'm able to understand about a 60% of the speaking and a little more of writing words

  • martin kullberg
    martin kullberg 6 months ago +2

    Sounds nice, a little bit like romanian.

  • Blue Esk'Art
    Blue Esk'Art 7 months ago

    Parece muito com o Espanhol!

  • Ar Wi
    Ar Wi 8 months ago +2

    Like sce seis ladins

  • Anonymus Typewriter
    Anonymus Typewriter 9 months ago +7

    There are five diferent types of Ladin Language. And also the history about the Language would be interesting. I'm living in a ladin municipality. Nevertheless it's a nice video.

    • Davide Conedera
      Davide Conedera 9 months ago

      Anonymus Typewriter
      Ottimo, a risentirci su questo canale! Ciaoo

    • Anonymus Typewriter
      Anonymus Typewriter 9 months ago

      No no, abito qui da generazioni :) Nessun problema :)

    • Davide Conedera
      Davide Conedera 9 months ago

      Anonymus Typewriter
      Uoo bella la denominazione tedesca ahah è raro sentirla.
      Comunque grazie!
      Scusa se nei primi messaggi ti parlavo in quel modo ma pensavo tu fossi straniero e ti fossi trasferito a Kastelruth da poco ahaha

    • Anonymus Typewriter
      Anonymus Typewriter 9 months ago

      Ah, di Augarten :) Tre Frazioni di dodici sono ladini.

    • Davide Conedera
      Davide Conedera 9 months ago

      Anonymus Typewriter
      Ahh ho capito : )
      io sono di Agordo.
      Una curiosità, ma Castelrotto è in maggioranza tedesca con alcune frazioni ladine o è tedesca e ci sono dei ladini sparsi per il paese?

  • Allyson Araujo
    Allyson Araujo 9 months ago +2

    In my opinion there's another good example of artificial language that you can make a video about: Volapük ;)

    • Refg
      Refg 4 months ago


  • Darth 1970
    Darth 1970 9 months ago +10

    Ladin, to me, sounds like Italian with a bit of French. Nice video!

    • Neyou gogo
      Neyou gogo Month ago

      It's old spanish mix with turkish, hebrew, etc...

  • T Chop
    T Chop 9 months ago +8

    It sounds like French spoken by an Italian

  • Sir JEB
    Sir JEB 9 months ago +3

    Pig Latin pls
    That would be funny 😂

    • Giving Love
      Giving Love 9 months ago

      Yes! It's easy. Take first letter, put it to the end of a word and add -ay".
      Igpay atinlay (Pig Latin)

  • Azz Nifesheart
    Azz Nifesheart 9 months ago


  • Mida Midouda
    Mida Midouda 9 months ago

    I think u already did one about it

    • Davide Conedera
      Davide Conedera 9 months ago

      Mida Midouda
      Yes! It was sample phrases and here there is the version with the Declaration and the Lord's prayer in two different Ladin dialects : )

  • Alfred Estepa
    Alfred Estepa 9 months ago +1