10 Marvel Villains Still Lurking Around The MCU

  • Published on Dec 21, 2018
  • Marvel Villains that can still show up in future MCU movies
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    Villains come and go, but some of them have more of an impact than others. Some can get overshadowed by bigger villains and sometimes the heroes never realize that the villain even exists. In the confusion, as the dust starts to settle, there are villains that sneak off, break free or otherwise escape the hero’s grasp, free to lurk around and plot their eventual revenge. Sooner or later they pop back up again, ready to challenge the hero anew, especially in the comics.
    Now that comic universes are movie universes, there are some villains waiting in the shadows ready to challenge the heroes again. Some of them were former allies, some of them were sidekicks of some other villain and sometimes they were just plain ol’ bystanders. Either way, they’re potential threats, so here’s some villains still messing about in the MCU.
    Entry 1 - SURTUR
    Entry 2 - THE LEADER
    Entry 3 - ABOMINATION
    Entry 4 - MORDO
    Entry 5 - THE TINKERER
    Entry 6 - MANDARIN
    Entry 7 - ZEMO
    Entry 8 - RED SKULL
    Entry 9 - DORMAMMU
    Entry 10 - THE ELDERS
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Comments • 4 009

  • Diamond Beck
    Diamond Beck 7 months ago +5074

    Please like I am desperate and alone

  • SuperF4n Brend4n The Legendary IceMan

    Who hopes and is excited to see Galactus In the MCU? Like if so

  • Daniel Rhoades
    Daniel Rhoades 4 hours ago

    penis @5:46

  • Daniel Rhoades
    Daniel Rhoades 4 hours ago


  • ツTwitch Brickkid
    ツTwitch Brickkid 9 hours ago

    Red skull is now cursed to guard the soul stone

  • Cody Maris
    Cody Maris 16 hours ago

    If Thor beats surtur all by himself in the first place wouldn't be much of an enemy for all the avengers put together so scrap him unless the eternal flame Grand some some kind of super powers

  • Junedel Buhat
    Junedel Buhat 17 hours ago

    Hela should be there it's impossible to kill the goddess of death duh

  • almond potato
    almond potato Day ago +1

    All the villains on this list are following Thanos's lead: It is not my time.

  • Dominic Sadowy
    Dominic Sadowy Day ago

    The vulture

  • sandra schoof
    sandra schoof Day ago

    Cbr surtur said he can only die after ragnarok

  • pider man
    pider man Day ago

    Spider has doctor Octavius

  • Nicky Mejias
    Nicky Mejias 2 days ago

    red skull is the the new avcenagers movie.

  • -Anzaro- -17-
    -Anzaro- -17- 3 days ago

    Justin Hammer: Am I a joke to you?

  • Floome
    Floome 3 days ago

    Didn’t Sutur kill himself destroying Asgard to fulfill the prophecy

  • Boop
    Boop 3 days ago

    Everyone knows that there is going to be a sequel of almost every single Marvel movie including Dr.Strange which means that can be time for Mordo revenge.

  • Spazmic Paradox
    Spazmic Paradox 4 days ago

    Surtur Icannot Die Till I Lau waste To your home” Surtur Dusted into A blast When He burnt up

  • Spazmic Paradox
    Spazmic Paradox 4 days ago

    5:46 TVclip Help Lol 😂

  • Spazmic Paradox
    Spazmic Paradox 4 days ago

    If you watecjed Ragnarok Surtir says “My time has come And lay waste to your home”.

  • Ivita sproge
    Ivita sproge 4 days ago

    Surtour you mean surtur

  • GymShorties TV
    GymShorties TV 5 days ago

    Vulture... He's only in prison
    Hela... is she really dead?
    Ultron...was there still another bot crawling around Sacovia?
    William Riva ... (from Iron man and Spider-Man far from home)... he got away again.
    AND... Loki! not dead now... somewhere with an Infinity Stone

  • burkettbrody
    burkettbrody 5 days ago

    Nobody cares about the MCU villains until Dr. Doom arrives

  • Max Foss
    Max Foss 6 days ago


  • Muhammad Shabbar Bukhari

    Surtur is dead, check the marvel fandom...

  • itachi uchia
    itachi uchia 7 days ago


  • Matthew Spangler
    Matthew Spangler 7 days ago

    You should add Adrian Tombs, he won’t be in jail forever! And should I of mentioned Hammer

  • Tristan Ellis
    Tristan Ellis 7 days ago

    Doctor Doom

  • Innis Maclarty
    Innis Maclarty 8 days ago

    Well... Saurtur dies when he takes out asgard

  • xlilqu1cky YT
    xlilqu1cky YT 10 days ago

    Where’s Hela she survived she used a portal

  • TM Entertainment
    TM Entertainment 10 days ago

    CBR: Abomination will be brought back to stop hulk, ha ha!
    Hulkbuster: Am I a joke to you?

  • jcllings
    jcllings 10 days ago

    Imagine Surtur being disappointed, feeling that his ultimate triumph over Asgard was handed to him by Thor. ...of course Hela and Surtur could still be fighting for all we know.

  • Michael Dennis
    Michael Dennis 10 days ago

    I agree

  • Katie Buchholz
    Katie Buchholz 11 days ago

    surtur killed himself emphasis on killed

  • KR/Legos
    KR/Legos 11 days ago +1

    I still pray every night that we will see the leader once again.

  • Kimberly Wildman
    Kimberly Wildman 11 days ago +1

    Infinity Stone has been bowling for thanos friends Tony stark villains reality one wait a couple
    Marvel at time travel Iron man barson zemo explained cheese to a red skull Questions soul stone

  • Kimberly Wildman
    Kimberly Wildman 11 days ago +1

    Lucky calls asguard will arthur be the leader silence Steve rogers baseball 9:35 try movie

  • J Squad
    J Squad 11 days ago

    Red Skull is not a villain anymore technically

  • Markel Owens
    Markel Owens 11 days ago

    Who’s the girl on the right side of him?

  • Poo Bear
    Poo Bear 11 days ago +1

    Surter died when asgard was destroyed

  • Pixelated _212
    Pixelated _212 12 days ago

    Pause at 5:45 and look at his chest

  • Xavery Smyk
    Xavery Smyk 15 days ago

    Ultron is still in the net so yeah he should be back

  • workout boi
    workout boi 16 days ago

    Am I the only one that saw a pickle at 5:40

  • Harwinder Bains
    Harwinder Bains 16 days ago

    What about Hela ?

  • Kayode Ransome
    Kayode Ransome 18 days ago

    Surtur is dead. He fulfilled his destiny in destroying Asgard.

  • Wild Side
    Wild Side 20 days ago

    Zemo will be coming back in the winter soldier/falcon show. My theory but could be wrong is Spiderman/Peter Parker supposedly has one film left but no word on Tom Hollands cotract being renewed but will pass the torch onto Miles Morales. Sony announced recently that they have big plans for Holland and with Carnage in the venom sequel mixed with Sony's Kraven the hunter only makes sense. That way MCU has a Spiderman but so does Sony while keeping the franchises separate but also loosely connected.

  • Asir Joshua
    Asir Joshua 21 day ago


  • Richard Page
    Richard Page 22 days ago

    Surtur said he will only die when he fulfills his destiny which is destroying Asgard so I think he's dead.

  • Ocean Woman
    Ocean Woman 22 days ago

    I bet the avengers could kill every villain with a three year old and 1 googolplex legos

  • Dat 1 Song
    Dat 1 Song 22 days ago


  • Kim Wilson
    Kim Wilson 23 days ago


  • Quacketh 69
    Quacketh 69 23 days ago

    60% of comments: Mandorin has a penis in his chest 30% of comments:Surtur is dead 10%: Noobmaster69 is the next villain of the marvel universe

  • Busken :D
    Busken :D 24 days ago

    how the heck u u say his name? 0:18 i bet u did not even watch u movieeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • Jaaa Beee
    Jaaa Beee 24 days ago

    Um. Blade. Please.

  • Kaz Guinid
    Kaz Guinid 26 days ago

    Some says that Surtur can defeat Thanos but no one says that Odin can defeat Thanos
    How did I say this?
    Look in Ragnarok Thor said that Odin defeated him half a thousand years ago then if Odin can defeat Surtur and Surtur can Defeat Thanos then Odin can defeat him too

  • UkuleleCovers
    UkuleleCovers 27 days ago +5

    Loki is Noobmaster69, just think about it...

  • Jeff Fisher
    Jeff Fisher 27 days ago


  • Steven Rollason
    Steven Rollason 28 days ago

    The abomination we have seen so far is definitely not the Abomination we know and love. So poorly rendered in the Hulk movie.

  • Brantley Harbison
    Brantley Harbison 28 days ago

    Black hulk

  • Supremicide squad
    Supremicide squad 29 days ago

    The abomination is most likely gonna be used in the thunder bolts

  • Big Shod
    Big Shod Month ago

    There is no way I'm takin mandarin seriously wit that dick on his chest smh. 5:47

  • Maximums BLUE
    Maximums BLUE Month ago +1

    10:14 he is also the elder aka creator of JURASSIC WORLD

  • Henry Wallace
    Henry Wallace Month ago

    Surtur was destroyed along with asgard idiot

  • Emzee Three
    Emzee Three Month ago

    thanks could be lurking around

  • Ransel Rodriguez
    Ransel Rodriguez Month ago


  • Arjan Unleashed
    Arjan Unleashed Month ago +1

    You forgot the most powerful villain...


    • 5utplaysgames
      5utplaysgames 27 days ago

      *no it’s nubneb but he is
      Good at mad city*

  • Ishaan Upadhyaya
    Ishaan Upadhyaya Month ago

    Iron man 3 is. Litterly the incredibles

  • Eduards Robežnieks

    1:30 hulk and the boys exposed!!!

  • Black Ibis
    Black Ibis Month ago +1

    His name is spelled Surtr.

  • Richard Zoto
    Richard Zoto Month ago

    Look at 6:10 look at the middle or chest of | that dude

  • Kannon Waggoner
    Kannon Waggoner Month ago

    Surtr gets destroyed in tr

  • TheXlen
    TheXlen Month ago

    If they want to step up the game they will throw in doctor Doom