• Published on Jul 20, 2017
  • Kayn Pentakill Montage League of Legends - lol Kayn Montage 2017 - Kayn Penta s7 - Kayn Plays compilation 2017 - lol kayn challenger plays - New Champ Pentakill Montage - kayn assasin penta - darkin form guide - rhaast pentakill gameplay guide - kayn pro plays - kayn pro montage
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    GRANDMASTER  2 years ago +5

    The Giveaway Winners will be announced Tomorrow!

    • Striker Plays
      Striker Plays 5 months ago

      plssssss dudeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    • Striker Plays
      Striker Plays 5 months ago


    • Striker Plays
      Striker Plays 5 months ago

      please what music in 3.40?

    • Hello_Disk
      Hello_Disk 2 years ago +1

      OP Guide | League of Legends and..the winners?

    • StonedGoku
      StonedGoku 2 years ago

      OP Guide | League of Legends i Hope i Won hehe 😏

  • Phil Swift
    Phil Swift 9 days ago

    Who are these idiots building titanic on kayn he literally has one of the best wave clears in the game

  • killfor_ Win
    killfor_ Win Month ago


  • Abo_da7em
    Abo_da7em Month ago +1

    Do you know what really breaks my heart is I am kayn main I have 1million mastery point and I never got a penta

    • Abo_da7em
      Abo_da7em 15 days ago +2

      No ser lo Lhama well in the beginning you basically behind because kayn without form is basically a minion and you gonna need your team help to set up gank you have no mobility nor reliable cc or just afk farm and secure objectives if your team doesn’t work with you or they behind if you get your form then abuse it if you choose the darkin go destroy your enemies tank and fighters and if you are assassin kill the enemy adc and there squish make them unable to farm but if you choose the darkin the more it is in your benefit if the game last if you are Assassin the longer the game last the more you falls off btw red kayn also falls off if they have so many ranged high damage enemies since he really struggle dealing with adc and range enemies

    • No ser lo Lhama
      No ser lo Lhama 15 days ago

      It's, have some tip for ganks? I'm starting playing with Kayn and i'm loving it

  • Profesor Irelia
    Profesor Irelia Year ago +4

    Kayn broken champion

    KAYN DEMONS Year ago

    пацаны что за клип 6:33

  • Marius Moisescu
    Marius Moisescu Year ago +2

    i love kayn

  • Mama Moh
    Mama Moh Year ago +1

    I wish that players in the Philippines would be humble to give me my pentas
    Everytime I got to quadrakill they would always steal the last one
    Unlike tha players in the vid they give them away lol hahaah

  • AndyBermea
    AndyBermea Year ago

    Y se emocionan por sacar penta con ese roto jajajaj

  • alex 7u7 UwU
    alex 7u7 UwU Year ago

    q se compran para poder hacer una penta yo con lo q me compro con kayn me de fuersa para 3ple kill no mas >:v

  • Gabry Uehara
    Gabry Uehara Year ago +3

    What? I am the Kayn in the 6:55

  • D4rth war
    D4rth war Year ago


  • Biel Peixe
    Biel Peixe Year ago +1

    Q W Q W Q W Q W Q W Q W Q W

    KITSUI LOL Year ago

    Hi I love the video and I love Kayn, do you want some of my pentakills? :D

  • Ivarz
    Ivarz 2 years ago

    I got a penta too #happy haha lmao

  • ÐÂÐÐÝ 1
    ÐÂÐÐÝ 1 2 years ago

    Please man for the god sake when you do awesome montages like this pleae please make a gyife with it playera like me rly want to sucide after see this awesome play 😀

    • Phuong Nam
      Phuong Nam 3 months ago

      T bt m là người việt, và làm ơn chú ý tới ngữ pháp của m đmm

  • Alex Sirbu
    Alex Sirbu 2 years ago

    Love u❤❤

  • GnarLord
    GnarLord 2 years ago +1

    Dude why i am in this video?! add me in LoL Rainbow Yordle

  • Bryan Torres
    Bryan Torres 2 years ago

    Tbh nice montages

  • Ahlam El Idrissi
    Ahlam El Idrissi 2 years ago

    Nice broo

  • IsakDoesNothing
    IsakDoesNothing 2 years ago +1

    lmao why all darkin? i have gotten 3 quadras With shadow ez

    • SkullPlays
      SkullPlays 2 years ago +2

      in theory its just easier to get a penta with a healing bruiser then an assasin

  • Perexa
    Perexa 2 years ago

    Nice Video!
    Please help me improve my channel

  • Amadeus
    Amadeus 2 years ago +5

    Thanks for using my music! 🔥🔥

  • riccardo laperuta
    riccardo laperuta 2 years ago +1

    peaple are supposed to earn pentas...

  • Talon Carries U
    Talon Carries U 2 years ago

    plz put your build for both forms in the description

  • Johan L.
    Johan L. 2 years ago


  • Barte Gaming
    Barte Gaming 2 years ago +1