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  • Published on Jul 15, 2019
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  • Carl Cowin
    Carl Cowin 2 hours ago

    Other fun hospital shenanigans is some random doctor unconnected to your care showing up at your recovery room to ask you a few questions. Congratulations! You've just been consulted! And that doctor will add his or her fee to your bill. Yes, this is a thing. It happened to my wife. If it happens to you, have fun fighting it. Along with the rest of the B.S. the hospital and insurance company tries to pull.

  • Chicken Nuggets
    Chicken Nuggets 7 hours ago +1

    8:11 That’s when you break out some white out

  • Oxikron
    Oxikron 9 hours ago

    Epic Games can do that if they so want I have the mails from them on autodelete

  • Viper Spike
    Viper Spike Day ago

    The android one it actually a video wallpaper app were you can put any video to play in your home and lockscreen but sometimes they will just smack adds straight on the screen i know this because i used to have an app like this

  • Luck Von BonBon
    Luck Von BonBon Day ago

    Watching these just makes me depressed because there’s no way around them 😔

  • Vince My Dog Vince

    Add outro

  • Mr. Jellysquid
    Mr. Jellysquid 2 days ago

    US Office > UK Office

  • badinternetrapper
    badinternetrapper 2 days ago

    the firework thing is that they just stuck a normal firecracker in a big container and called it a more powerful one its pretty normal

  • Infantry Gaming
    Infantry Gaming 3 days ago +1

    I'm Pretty sure that epic games one violates marketing laws as it forces you into agreeing to recieve marketing emails even if you do not want it. at least in the US it does.

  • T&GEpic
    T&GEpic 3 days ago

    5:25 you can clearly see that there is a tinshit fire cracker in the big package, unless you're a bumbling moron you should get why it's asshole design

  • - RPJM -
    - RPJM - 3 days ago

    I still get mad when Damien doesn’t get something really obvious

  • Doctor Doubt
    Doctor Doubt 4 days ago

    There's a simple solution to not being able to unsubscribe from email newsletters.
    Just block the sender.

  • Galaxy _Gamers
    Galaxy _Gamers 4 days ago

    I almost always get the make and manage call thing

  • Borys Ej
    Borys Ej 4 days ago

    There was multiple pepperonis in the pizza they were just hidden

    • Khiilbits
      Khiilbits 3 days ago

      Borys Ej yeah I work there it’s cause we have to put cheese on top of the toppings to keep it all “together” ig

  • hoop boop
    hoop boop 4 days ago

    5:09 usually you don’t take the top off and you just light it and run away/ chuck it somewhere, the firework is suppose to be as big as the cardboard thing it’s in and since it’s not as big as it should be there will be a quieter/ smaller firework or somethin

  • Kira Aisling
    Kira Aisling 4 days ago +1


  • Out of The Hat
    Out of The Hat 5 days ago

    Not letting you unsubscribe from emails is actually illegal in the US.

  • Dominick
    Dominick 6 days ago

    norton "antivirus" is fucking spyware if you have it remove it or disable it as much as is physically possible

  • Slyfur Gospel
    Slyfur Gospel 7 days ago +1

    Ha! And people says that epic game store is FINE

  • Tacolizard
    Tacolizard 7 days ago

    The tinny firecracker had no gun powder so it wouldn’t explode

  • Marykate DeBonis
    Marykate DeBonis 8 days ago

    Ok so natural birth is more expensive then c section cuz I had a natural birth and my bill was fucking over 25,000 dollars since my insurance didn't cover anything now that ain't fair

  • Daniel McDonald
    Daniel McDonald 8 days ago

    There is another firecracker in the firecracker

  • Echo
    Echo 8 days ago

    my Samsung galaxy note8 did the same thing with ads on the lockscreen... had to factory reset my phone to fix it

  • Mycemie
    Mycemie 8 days ago +2

    Petition to remove copyright ©


  • high quality huns
    high quality huns 8 days ago

    Dude bought an m-80 and got a small popper

  • cyanide smile
    cyanide smile 8 days ago

    10:56 if anyone was curious, it was a tumor.

  • Wolfang Studios
    Wolfang Studios 8 days ago

    This entire video:
    Me: a bitch 'bout to die

  • M1lky cat
    M1lky cat 9 days ago

    9:12 I love Canada!

  • carson foster
    carson foster 9 days ago

    i was eating a quicktrip pizza while watching this (it was pepperoni to)

  • Ava noodle
    Ava noodle 9 days ago

    My moms phone was one of those deals were you buy one and get a free extra.the catch is she had ads on her lock screen

  • Nothin to See here
    Nothin to See here 9 days ago

    i was researching things at my school on a site and i porn game pop up :/

  • astr0n
    astr0n 9 days ago

    Imagine having to pay for health care

  • kalibra gamer
    kalibra gamer 9 days ago +1

    The firecracker should be filled with gunpowder but instead there was a small firecracker inside the big one

  • Scumbag Survivor
    Scumbag Survivor 9 days ago

    To answer what's going on at 5:25 the outside of that firecracker makes you think it's actually huge one, but inside the cheap case is a small normal sized firecracker to disappoint everyone on the 4th of July, or other holidays celebrating with fireworks.

  • Michael walsh
    Michael walsh 9 days ago

    11:43 there is worse. Penney's boxers look like they have flies, they have the buttons and everything, but it's literally seamed shut.

  • UniverseKeeper2
    UniverseKeeper2 9 days ago

    I use kiwi for TVclip on my phone and it allows background play *gasp*

  • --
    -- 10 days ago

    Who watches "The office U.K"??

  • vendetta807
    vendetta807 10 days ago

    Epic games are a bunch of fucking scammers

  • Jayden Garrett
    Jayden Garrett 10 days ago

    The firework one was a bigger firecracker with a smaller firecracker inside of the big one instead of what actually goes into firecrackers.

  • Chris Cary
    Chris Cary 11 days ago

    5:08 he takes the top off of a firecracker, to reveal a much smaller firecracker

  • furries are superior to weebs

    wait what the frick? background play isn't available for every video?!! ok time to cancel my premium membership

  • Ninja Baiano
    Ninja Baiano 12 days ago

    5:40 also Its sample,it means you have to pay for the whole book as youre only buying a small sample lol

  • Vemron Slice
    Vemron Slice 12 days ago

    Stuff like this temts me more and more to burn all Corpate ceos alive!

  • landon 843
    landon 843 13 days ago

    So the fire work one it won't be as big as they make it look

  • Gameknight 995
    Gameknight 995 13 days ago

    8:43 I remember that

  • Fresh Mint
    Fresh Mint 14 days ago

    Hulu is a a hole design already

    Pay 6.99 with ads

    11.99 without ads

  • kettenschloss
    kettenschloss 14 days ago

    for everyone who wants background play, even for apps that are not youtube and videos that are restricted like the colbert one: use the firefox browser. It used to have background play for everything until they bowed to youtube, who wanted to sell it as a premium feature. there is however still an addon for firefox that takes 30 secs to download and restores this functionality. Who needs an app for podcasts and audiobooks?

  • Ashley Sparks
    Ashley Sparks 14 days ago

    5:21 the entire piece is supposed to be a firecracker, but instead the guy got a tiny one in a plastic package meant to look like a large firecracker.

  • derp j
    derp j 14 days ago

    Wait one minute how the hell do you make someone pay to delete there own account? The flip

  • Jaime Vidrio
    Jaime Vidrio 14 days ago

    Allow *blues clues* to rediscover missing clues
    Allow *blues clues* access to 911 and acces to your personal information.
    Allow *blues clues* to generate a testimony?

  • zanker
    zanker 15 days ago

    OMG in the pic, pls tell me thats edited, i ACTUALLY play arrow.io and never saw that

  • sombertownDS 1
    sombertownDS 1 15 days ago

    3:31 angry Stalin “i told you so” noises

  • JordanViknar
    JordanViknar 15 days ago +1

    10:07 is a good reminder of why TVclip Vanced exists...

  • JordanViknar
    JordanViknar 15 days ago +2

    8:42 I can't begin to think how this happened, especially with free DVD softwares like VLC, Windows Media Player, or others... Why even pay for a DVD Software in the first place?!

  • JordanViknar
    JordanViknar 15 days ago +1

    7:45 I heard that Xiaomi does this, but first, that doesn't look like MIUI, and second, Xiaomi shows ads in the stock phone itself only in very few countries (like India for example)...
    Not mine, luckily...

  • Andrew Alsid
    Andrew Alsid 16 days ago

    Background play is built into my phone already

  • Demented Mallard
    Demented Mallard 16 days ago

    okay.... so the whole thing with ads on phones is ridiculous, fuck it, just load a custom rom and you'll thank yourself for doing it, it's not too hard and can help improve the performance of a phone and if you need to, have it serve you for longer

  • LentoturmaHub
    LentoturmaHub 17 days ago

    That hospital bill made me so extremely glad for Socialized Healthcare.

  • StellarGames
    StellarGames 18 days ago

    12:48 And that is why I fucking hate Epic Games. 99.9% of the stuff they do is anti-consumer asshole design. And if anyone goes after me for thinking this, go fuck yourself, and go play your fortnite, spending hundreds of dollars in game for nothing but cosmetic bs.

  • MonkeyApe Gamer
    MonkeyApe Gamer 18 days ago +5

    6:49 that got to be heart breaking losing your $1000 laptop and having to pay 30 bucks