9 American Songs That You've Heard And Don't Know The Name

  • Published on Aug 16, 2019
  • I played 9 american songs that you've heard and don't know the name. Learn their name on this video!
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  • Alcer The Demon
    Alcer The Demon 2 hours ago +2

    Number 1 should’ve been Pumped Up Kicks
    The true American song

  • Lainey Burton
    Lainey Burton 5 hours ago

    I knew most of them

  • IfICouldAnimate
    IfICouldAnimate 5 hours ago

    I have the feeling this is meant for other countries

  • TheOtherNeutrino
    TheOtherNeutrino 5 hours ago

    2:36 Circus Charlie Flashbacks

  • gagieboy 1
    gagieboy 1 5 hours ago

    you have my respect 😭

  • Blue Tube
    Blue Tube 7 hours ago +1

    Do 10 Russian songs

  • Itsa Mea
    Itsa Mea 8 hours ago

    What other cell phone ring tones do you know?

  • James Johnson
    James Johnson 8 hours ago

    I've always had the impression that it was literally impossible to grow up in America without knowing Yankee Doodle, and I'm still convinced of that. Surely that was supposed to be on the list "American songs you've definitely heard and absolutely have to know the name"

  • George Sealy
    George Sealy 11 hours ago

    Was thinking he might do Yakkety Sax.

  • Duarte Hortinha
    Duarte Hortinha 12 hours ago

    The great Scott Joplin featured multiple times! Always!

  • Rebel American
    Rebel American 19 hours ago

    If you don’t know Yankee Doodle you’re a loyalist scum

  • Flannel Boi
    Flannel Boi Day ago

    Very cool

  • Ben Kiist
    Ben Kiist Day ago

    This guy just sit here and flexes that his piano talent on us

  • Grady Moxley
    Grady Moxley Day ago +1

    You should know a decent amount of these titles

  • Mj Degens
    Mj Degens Day ago

    #4 is Solace by Scott Joplin. One of my favs.

  • classic car lover 1959

    He is starting into my soul

  • Sea Skimmer
    Sea Skimmer Day ago

    Ah the entertainer! can't help humming along to that song every time i hear it.

  • Agl
    Agl Day ago

    United States is the worst country ever

  • SibiYT
    SibiYT Day ago +4

    *Legend Says He is still Looking at the camera*

  • Powell Mountain Mike

    I knew them all except the one by Joplin you called "Mexican Serenade." I recognized the song, but I swear I have heard it entitled "Solace."

  • andrews
    andrews Day ago

    i m here just to check if indians have copied any of these into one of their songs lol.theres one tune which i heard during 4th of july parade which was copied into a bollywood song..i wonder if anyone could help me identify it

  • vipkoli
    vipkoli 2 days ago +1

    I heard most of those songs in video games.

  • Υάτε Kαςτιγιανόζ

    I know most of them as well as the names

  • Divine Sweet
    Divine Sweet 2 days ago

    I knew all the names and I’m sure my brother and sister do as well.

  • DeathmatchGaming
    DeathmatchGaming 2 days ago

    i knew 8/9

  • Matthew Elwell
    Matthew Elwell 2 days ago

    Take me out to the ball.

  • Casey Munns
    Casey Munns 2 days ago

    9 songs to play while the boogaloo starts

  • Cateto da Hipotenusa

    Toca muito !

  • Lucas Faramíglio
    Lucas Faramíglio 2 days ago

    Another very good one is "Camptown Race".

  • Llama Boi
    Llama Boi 2 days ago

    The first one was the barney them song

  • The BroGee
    The BroGee 2 days ago +1

    How dumb do you have to be to not know Yankee Doodle?

  • Colton Worley
    Colton Worley 2 days ago +1

    How can you not know the name take me out to the ball game? And jingle bells? And Yankee Doodle?

  • Kelii - kun
    Kelii - kun 2 days ago

    I know song but I don't know song name😅

  • Murat Aydın
    Murat Aydın 2 days ago

    Türkler +1

  • Melisa Dahtina
    Melisa Dahtina 2 days ago +2

    He hired assistant to watch us while he's looking at the piano. The painting looks so real tho 😂😂😂

  • raul htx
    raul htx 2 days ago

    Ice cream truck song #6

  • nadohawk
    nadohawk 2 days ago +1

    Who doesn't known the name of Yankee Doodle?

  • Jennifer Aragon
    Jennifer Aragon 2 days ago

    The captions 😂😂😂
    Also Joplin really put out some ice cream truck classics huh

  • kittylikeme Moto
    kittylikeme Moto 2 days ago

    Do you even know how play jingle bell???

  • kittylikeme Moto
    kittylikeme Moto 2 days ago +1

    My dad hes good at music hes making own music

  • Ryker_the_Reaper
    Ryker_the_Reaper 2 days ago +8

    Okay, maybe its because I am American, but who doesnt know at least half of these? I mean come on! JINGLE BELLS!?

  • Fire wall45
    Fire wall45 2 days ago +18

    Actually Yankee doodle was made by Europeans to make fun of America but ok we'll take it

  • Alstein E
    Alstein E 2 days ago +1

    Man... it's quite scary to be stared by you then, there's Mozart who constantly stared at us... damn.. it's getting creepier...

  • ItzThatOneGeminiGacha

    *okay but who doesn’t know jingle bells?*

  • Xander Swamp
    Xander Swamp 3 days ago

    Half of these literally have lyrics that are the title of the song.

  • TTG Gaming
    TTG Gaming 3 days ago +1

    Who the Hell would call themselves American and not know Take me out to the Ball Game
    Or Jingle Bells

  • Imma_Ninja
    Imma_Ninja 3 days ago

    Cooking mama be like 0:14 👩‍🍳

  • Ryan McMahon
    Ryan McMahon 3 days ago

    I know take me out to the ball game m8

  • Sydney Schmidtke
    Sydney Schmidtke 3 days ago

    Ok but I think literally everyone knows the name of Yankee Doodle and JINGLE BELLS

  • Uncaring Entertainment

    I'm surprised Dixie Land wasn't on here

  • Darin Bell
    Darin Bell 3 days ago

    Always liked Joplin's music. The Mexican Serenade - wasn't this song also used as a TV show theme?

  • kes S
    kes S 3 days ago

    Okay. I love Scott Joplin. But you can't do American songs and leave out ALL of Stephen Foster.

  • Alfie ∂³∑x²
    Alfie ∂³∑x² 3 days ago

    Who doesn't know Jingle bells?

  • 6ix9ine Karbo
    6ix9ine Karbo 3 days ago

    Fak u american vive la France et kylian mbappe cowards

  • BADshaw
    BADshaw 3 days ago

    The entertainer is giving me cup head flash backs

    Game PUNISHER 3 days ago

    THANK YOU SO MUCH for this

  • marshaangel333
    marshaangel333 3 days ago

    The second sound sounds like the theme for the game, cooking mama 🤣🤣🤣

  • Вася Пупкин

    почти всё из немых комедий

  • Micheal Halckias
    Micheal Halckias 3 days ago

    I already knew the names of 9,7 and 3

  • R douth
    R douth 3 days ago

    Do people really not know Yankee doodle or jingle bells?

    • Llama Boi
      Llama Boi 2 days ago

      R douth I knew Yankee Doodle as the barney theme song