9 American Songs That You've Heard And Don't Know The Name

  • Published on Aug 16, 2019
  • I played 9 american songs that you've heard and don't know the name. Learn their name on this video!
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  • Anna-Maria Ciccone
    Anna-Maria Ciccone 5 hours ago

    Would love to hear you play Gotschalk (sp?)

  • Fernando Rodrigues
    Fernando Rodrigues 7 hours ago

    I was waiting for Liberty Bell March (or Monty Python's theme)

  • Charles Stuettgen
    Charles Stuettgen 10 hours ago

    No Gershwin?

  • jlb66066
    jlb66066 11 hours ago

    Title should be changed to: 10 Disneyland Main Street Songs You Don’t Know The Title To.

  • Morgan Brooke-deBock
    Morgan Brooke-deBock 13 hours ago


  • Adriana Flair
    Adriana Flair 14 hours ago

    Proud to be American squad, where you at home bois!?

  • alex garcia
    alex garcia 15 hours ago

    I think I've heard most of these in Looney Tunes or from ice cream trucks.

  • GBatT
    GBatT 15 hours ago

    Maple Leaf Rag must be your favourite song. It just must be.

  • Kanji Story
    Kanji Story 15 hours ago

    is he really a lord?

  • Jackie Westberg
    Jackie Westberg 17 hours ago

    me who plays piano tiles: tHe ExPeRt

  • Slender -
    Slender - 18 hours ago

    i like toilets

  • Hana Wish
    Hana Wish 20 hours ago

    I'm an American music student, the only ones I couldn't name were the ones by Joplin... However I did know they were Joplin.

  • Zahkara
    Zahkara 20 hours ago

    All I hear is that circus game on the gameboy

  • Trevin Sulentich
    Trevin Sulentich 21 hour ago

    How about the colonel bogie march

  • Uigeun Park
    Uigeun Park Day ago

    I've been listening to The Entertainer for 24 years, but now I know the name...

  • Randy Rogers
    Randy Rogers Day ago

    Knew them all and their names, except Mexican Sonata and Pineapple Rag which I never heard in my life.

  • Madeleine Heath
    Madeleine Heath Day ago

    Loved the rendition of Take me Out To the Ballgame

  • Kelley Vinal
    Kelley Vinal Day ago

    American music is so jovial. What a delight

  • TB Goaltending
    TB Goaltending Day ago

    Everybody Gucci until maple rag drops

  • Derick Hammond
    Derick Hammond Day ago

    Yep, now I’m going to go watch Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies thanks to these videos....lol

  • Cory Mc
    Cory Mc Day ago

    6. The ice cream truck is coming!

  • Minty chip
    Minty chip Day ago

    Whenever I hear The Entertainer I think of

    omg it’s the ice cream song

  • mesamaniegov
    mesamaniegov Day ago

    1:10 Homer goes to New York

  • Sugimation
    Sugimation Day ago

    Is he watching live feed of fingers....?

  • Melesniannon
    Melesniannon Day ago

    Anyone else notice that every Scott Joplin song he looks at the piano? I think we've found his kryptonite.

  • Gabriel LaVedier
    Gabriel LaVedier Day ago +1

    Basically Scott Joplin and John Phillip Sousa wrote the soundtrack to America.

  • Paneco 2260
    Paneco 2260 Day ago

    American songs or cooking mama songs?
    Nobody knows

  • TylerPlays123 Game

    I knew all of these and I’m Irish

  • FNZ Switch
    FNZ Switch Day ago +2

    Is there that many people that dont know the name of jingle bells for him to put it in his video?

  • FallenTrinty1991

    I see a lot of comments saying that it must be a difficult song for him when he looks down at the keys....but at the same time it seemed that the majority of the songs that require him to hop around the keyboard are the ones he has to look down at to place his fingers in the right place, while the songs where his fingers are more grounded he can just stare at the camera. Also in earnest I might just be stating the obvious.

  • *Tom Universe*
    *Tom Universe* Day ago +1

    I knew the names of...
    before this video.

  • YH Tam
    YH Tam Day ago

    I know yankee doodle and stars and stripes

  • James Ashford
    James Ashford Day ago

    Wild West bar pianoists, were pretty talented to be able to do this kind of stuff....

  • Laura Brus
    Laura Brus Day ago

    Scott Joplin is an American treasure and institution! Or he was. He is now dead. But his WORK is an American Treasure and institution.

  • velocibadgery
    velocibadgery 2 days ago

    Knew everything except the last one.

  • Mustlovebooks15
    Mustlovebooks15 2 days ago

    Even my dog could tell you the name Yankee Doodle and Take my to the ball game

  • keco185
    keco185 2 days ago +1

    Most of these songs have fairly well known names though...

  • Vanalovan
    Vanalovan 2 days ago


  • Elwood Blues
    Elwood Blues 2 days ago

    I like the ragtime songs he played, because they require him to move his left (bass) hand a lot, so he needs to look at the keys and not stare at the camera!

  • Michael Vides
    Michael Vides 2 days ago

    I knew all the names of the songs so ha

  • Mikel Arrillaga
    Mikel Arrillaga 2 days ago

    Number 5 is called "Indurain, Indurain" in Spain

  • Captain Fantastic
    Captain Fantastic 2 days ago

    I don't know any of these.You got triggered

  • Сёма Рыжий
    Сёма Рыжий 2 days ago

    Scott Joplin. Now I know )

  • Murrell Summers
    Murrell Summers 3 days ago

    I remember hearing several of these songs in The Sting. Great movie.

  • Kyle Opp
    Kyle Opp 3 days ago

    This dude is beast mode all day when "ticklin' the ivories"

  • md65000
    md65000 3 days ago

    "...if you grew up in a f***ing cave" (my edit to the title of the video).

  • Milo Wolf
    Milo Wolf 3 days ago

    "American songs that this younger generation doesn't know the names of"

  • Whoever Whoever
    Whoever Whoever 3 days ago

    how long will it take to get to the level like you?

  • lrmclinn
    lrmclinn 3 days ago

    When you knew the names of 2 of the first 3 so you stop watching because of liiiies!

  • AJ Olesen
    AJ Olesen 3 days ago

    9 song take you don’t know
    Aw yes no one knows jingle bells

  • Trevman0916
    Trevman0916 3 days ago

    I know all the songs

  • BT Rulez
    BT Rulez 3 days ago

    I went 3 for 4. And seriously???? Who doesn’t know jingle bells, take me out to the ball game, and ya lie doodle? Otherwise, love watching you play. The one I missed was the Stars and Stripes ones

  • Hamtaro Biji Bunga Matahari

    Yang dari indonesia mampir kesini..

  • Mr. Boons
    Mr. Boons 3 days ago

    Everyone knows jingle bells

  • David Hidalgo
    David Hidalgo 3 days ago


  • cyber elf
    cyber elf 3 days ago

    I knew all except last one.

  • thomas red
    thomas red 3 days ago

    Mexican serenade? Never heard that one.

  • cuh33
    cuh33 3 days ago

    Музыка из маски шоу.

  • Nonnobaffi Gaming
    Nonnobaffi Gaming 3 days ago

    This top is
    9 songs that you’ve heard, most of all you know the name but you don’t know they were americans

  • Гордей Васильев

    Ахуенный музон из рекламы вискаса