Marvel Studios' Avengers: Infinity War Official Trailer


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  • jeremye02
    jeremye02 4 hours ago

    Watched the movie 10+ times, yet I still get goosbumps and teary eyed when I watch this trailer. I think it's the music.

  • Noah D Gaming
    Noah D Gaming 4 hours ago

    I hope they remember you

  • Steven Barry
    Steven Barry 4 hours ago

    *Why is Gamora*

  • bloodreaper4577 7
    bloodreaper4577 7 4 hours ago +1

    I cant stop watching this trailer am i the only one

    MARVEL FACTS 4 hours ago


  • SebaRex
    SebaRex 5 hours ago


  • Kelsey’s Galaxy
    Kelsey’s Galaxy 5 hours ago

    2:00 Hulk is there... How wierd!

  • Juan Lopez
    Juan Lopez 5 hours ago

    I still watch this trailer to this day

  • Iron Man
    Iron Man 5 hours ago +1

    This is what happens in avengers 4...opening scene is tomy start on titan talking to nebula then woosh captain marvel comes in and transfers them to earth iron man finaly phones captain america to meet then captain marvel has a vision of ant man stuck in the quantum realm then she gets him out and ant man gives these watces to the remains avengers then basiclay the movie goes on collecting the infinity stones then hulk wields the stark gauntlet against thanos loosing his arm in the procces...P:S cap and iron man both die dont know anyhing else from here if you don’t believe me check this post in 8 months :) and yes my friend does work on the set of averages 4 and some of its scenes he knows

  • P-Star 7
    P-Star 7 7 hours ago +1

    Me before the movie:,,I know it will be sad, spoilers were everywhere, but this is one of the greatest movies I will ever see and I am ready to sacrifice my tears for it."
    Me after the movie:,,That felt like someone pulled my heart out of my chest, completely destroyed it and throwed onions in my eyes... But it was worth it! I am so ready for the next one!"

  • Ada Valdez
    Ada Valdez 7 hours ago +1

    Hulk was not the hulk it was just bruse

  • taelem upshaw
    taelem upshaw 8 hours ago

    Is this the most viewed movie trailer?

  • Awais Cheema
    Awais Cheema 8 hours ago

    Too many superheros failed to kill thanos

  • Torbero
    Torbero 8 hours ago

    great to know I'm not the only one who still watches this trailer...

  • Starstorm 101
    Starstorm 101 8 hours ago


  • Isai Perez
    Isai Perez 9 hours ago +2

    80k Dislikes?!! *Cough* DC Lovers i assume

  • Waylon Jones
    Waylon Jones 9 hours ago +1

    Bring me Thanos!!!

    NICKOLAS GAMER 9 hours ago


    • Rodolfo Cornejo
      Rodolfo Cornejo 3 hours ago

      To bring together a group of remarkable people

  • Kayla Allison
    Kayla Allison 9 hours ago

    I love this trailer so much!!! This movie is awesome!!😁😁😍😍

  • Pain Iron
    Pain Iron 9 hours ago +1

    Such a good movie!

  • A GDragon stan VIP88
    A GDragon stan VIP88 10 hours ago +2

    Why i'm still watching the trailer???😃😄

  • Leroy Williams
    Leroy Williams 10 hours ago

    Thor: The rabbit has a point lmbo

  • Cecily Vandiver
    Cecily Vandiver 10 hours ago

    Who is ready for avengers 4

  • KarpTheMagikarp
    KarpTheMagikarp 10 hours ago +2

    If hulk was in this trailer and not in the movie
    Does that mean we’ve been clickbaited
    By Marvel?

    I know he’s been cut but still.

  • Nosknut
    Nosknut 10 hours ago

    Why did 80k people dislike this trailer? PLZ TELL ME!

  • Las Chicas Mas Calientes

    Thanos RULES !!

  • Androo G
    Androo G 10 hours ago

    Is anyone else watching this from Asgard?

  • rahik rahman
    rahik rahman 11 hours ago

    Can't decide if movie was better or this trailer:3

  • Jeremy Sgro
    Jeremy Sgro 11 hours ago +2

    Anyone here after the Blu Ray release??

  • Hana Jackson
    Hana Jackson 11 hours ago

    Am I the only person who constantly watches this and has tears in the eyes? PS. I haven't watched the movie and can someone explain to me what happened to Captain America?

  • Patron Clips
    Patron Clips 11 hours ago

    Hawkeye was off playing Tag

  • Aura Rich
    Aura Rich 11 hours ago

    2.02 hulk over there? Haha.. realy?..

    JOSHUA 12 hours ago

    The real reason Thanos did this is because he was making cupcakes but he needed more flour

  • Fifficult
    Fifficult 13 hours ago +1

    1:58 hulk was never in this movie ._.

  • Gucc
    Gucc 14 hours ago

    I just realized the shot in 1:30 isn’t even in the movie

  • Arif Khan
    Arif Khan 14 hours ago +1

    world best movie

  • Denagharan S
    Denagharan S 14 hours ago

    Way before avengers and mission impossible.... There was Tropic Thunder. Lmao!!!

  • Emrullah Yıldırım
    Emrullah Yıldırım 14 hours ago

    let me give you spoiler xd Thanos winning

  • Luis Domacena
    Luis Domacena 15 hours ago

    I really hope that ALL of the heroes in the MCU (including the dead ones) can be together and fight Thanos once and for all.

  • Saikiran Banoth
    Saikiran Banoth 15 hours ago

    August Anybody

  • rosie 123
    rosie 123 15 hours ago

    Wooooh... what a ride !!!! Best Avengers movie for me !!! Just finished it!

  • ig33ku
    ig33ku 15 hours ago

    1:58 Oh look HULK did decide to show.

  • Serverdaniel Daniel
    Serverdaniel Daniel 15 hours ago

    Why the hell is hulk at the Trailer and Not on the Movie

  • Jayendra Gohil
    Jayendra Gohil 15 hours ago +1

    superb trailer 😎😎. superb movie 💀.

  • Sufyan Nadeem
    Sufyan Nadeem 17 hours ago

    marvel your the best company in the universe thx i love chris pratt guardian of galaxy

  • Chazey Lenard Valencia
    Chazey Lenard Valencia 17 hours ago

    Why? When i watch avengers infinty war hulk didnt become hulk

  • Arif Khan
    Arif Khan 18 hours ago


  • Arif Khan
    Arif Khan 18 hours ago

    ??????? 2019

  • Rocket raccoon
    Rocket raccoon 18 hours ago

    I watch for the cool music at the end

  • Sombith Sen
    Sombith Sen 18 hours ago

    Still the best trailer ever made🔥🔥❤❤

  • F dL
    F dL 18 hours ago

    One of the most expensive films ever made. And it's worth it!

  • Rajesh Allu
    Rajesh Allu 19 hours ago

    Anyone today

  • Eric Ong
    Eric Ong 19 hours ago +1

    I love this movie so much

  • omega
    omega 20 hours ago

    I will admit scarlet witch is OP

  • Ahmad Aslam
    Ahmad Aslam 20 hours ago

    In this trailer hulk is with Capitan America and other's. But in movie he didn't show. What is this

  • Star Lord
    Star Lord 20 hours ago +1

    This Movie Became Famous Because of Me

  • Yashpal Surjewala
    Yashpal Surjewala 21 hour ago

    But the release date has gone how?

  • Yashpal Surjewala
    Yashpal Surjewala 21 hour ago

    Yes it came today. Am I right?

  • kaduzy
    kaduzy 21 hour ago

    Damn they faked us out so hard with that shot of everyone (including Hulk) racing towards the camera in Wakanda.

  • Lil Cheesestick
    Lil Cheesestick 21 hour ago

    I'm sort of pissed that Starlord literally ruined the one chance of humanity being saved. When Mantis, Tony Stark, Spiderman, and those few other superheroes were keeping Thanos to the ground with Mantis making his mind in a numbified state, he clearly didn't listen to everyone when they said to not do anything to him. Sure, I get that he loved her, but you're risking half of the universe here.

  • Firehawk1927
    Firehawk1927 21 hour ago

    Fun isn't something one considers when watching a trailer multiple times after the film's release...hehehe...but, this does put a *smile* on my face.

  • Pham Khanh Vi
    Pham Khanh Vi 22 hours ago

    This. Is the content I have been looking for 😭 ❤️
    Goosebumps every time I watch this 😤

  • RGB times
    RGB times 22 hours ago

    greatest movie ever

  • Dingo Boy21
    Dingo Boy21 22 hours ago

    bruh hulk in the trailer but not in movie lmao (dont worry, i get why)

  • IMAD wasim
    IMAD wasim 23 hours ago +6

    Who is watching it today?

  • i am hungry
    i am hungry 23 hours ago +1


  • Jarir Jakwan
    Jarir Jakwan 23 hours ago

    Why the hulk is in the trailer,but bruce in the movie?
    Pls reply *Marvel Entertainment*

    • Lil Cheesestick
      Lil Cheesestick 21 hour ago

      Because in the beginning of the movie, Hulk literally got his ass beat by Thanos. Bruce tried to summon Hulk multiple times, but Hulk just won't come out.

  • Jarir Jakwan
    Jarir Jakwan 23 hours ago

    MARVEL pls reply
    Hulk at 1:39 in the trailer of battle wakanda but why not in movie?

  • Pratyush Gandhi
    Pratyush Gandhi Day ago

    Those people who have disliked this i m sure that they are dc fans and they are jealous of marvel s big success

  • Kalashn1k0v
    Kalashn1k0v Day ago

    1:01 time is freezing behind Iron Man ??????!!!!!! i think time stone do this in Avenger 4 !!!!! Dr Strange sent time stone to other reality ???

  • AJ Zavala
    AJ Zavala Day ago

    I just bought the movie and I’m still watching the trailer! That’s how amazing it is!! Thank you Marvel!!

  • Armaan Sandhu
    Armaan Sandhu Day ago

    Biggest mistake in the movie was that if doctor strange saw the so many times didn’t he see star lord punching thanos

    • xavier jaramillo
      xavier jaramillo 7 hours ago

      He clearly saw that and thats why he dont stop star lord.

  • Djie Walupat
    Djie Walupat Day ago

    im going to cry :'((

  • YeEz y
    YeEz y Day ago +5

    2:00 when she’s home alone

  • Green Screen Man Jr

    This has to get all the Grammy awards

  • M3HR4B 24
    M3HR4B 24 Day ago

    Guys we r more powerful than these marvel heroes it’s because we killed Thanos in Fortnite million times so its proved that we r better than these marvel heroes

  • Ahrix115 Gamer20

    My g i see hulk but no hulk during the big fight in the actual movie

  • Siti Jakarta
    Siti Jakarta Day ago

    Why RJ from over the hedge, didn't appear in infinity war?

  • Kawhi Leonard
    Kawhi Leonard Day ago

    Man time flies.

  • Kawasaki HD
    Kawasaki HD Day ago +3

    Who else has just bought the 4K version and watching the trailer? :D

  • arell figuracion

    and gives me chills

    • Matt Dav
      Matt Dav Day ago

      36 weeks until part 2... :(

  • arell figuracion

    this is so emotional

  • Prem Vati
    Prem Vati Day ago

    I don't like this

  • Izzy T
    Izzy T Day ago +1

    Say what you want about how much sense it didn't make, but Black Widow was putting in that work 😭🤷🏾‍♂️

  • OD CR
    OD CR Day ago

    "There was an idea..."

  • Cassidy Anne
    Cassidy Anne Day ago

    My only question for this movie that I will choose to ask out of many is

    WHY THE BEARD!??!??!?!!???!??? 🧔🏼

  • Jigsaw_Killer 79
    Jigsaw_Killer 79 Day ago +1

    Next year, Captain Marvel will kick the crap out of thanos

  • Daniel Brady
    Daniel Brady Day ago +2

    I thought the trailer was good,then I watched the movie,and in the space of two and half hours,I changed forever

  • SpyccyPepper
    SpyccyPepper Day ago

    (Im not telling you too but its way worth it)

  • Retro Gaming
    Retro Gaming Day ago +2

    Hey. You fund 80k dc fans

  • Toph
    Toph Day ago

    Yo they made a movie out of a fortnite character

    • Toph
      Toph 12 hours ago

      MidnightWingz ok this is epic

    • MidnightWingz
      MidnightWingz 12 hours ago

      Toph Don't be dumb kid

    • MidnightWingz
      MidnightWingz 12 hours ago

      Toph Thanos was created in the 1970's

    • MidnightWingz
      MidnightWingz 12 hours ago

      Toph That's not the point. Thanos isn't a Fortnite original character.

  • quacksonholls
    quacksonholls Day ago +1


  • The_pro_ memer-_-

    Ok who still gets the chills here watching the trailer even tho we watched it over and over again? 😂😅

  • Ta_sha
    Ta_sha Day ago +1

    Still watching the trailer

  • T -Money
    T -Money Day ago

    When this reaches 1b views avengers 4 will hav com out 🙁

  • Cason Films
    Cason Films Day ago


  • aphilixe.edits
    aphilixe.edits Day ago

    This bitch made me cry.

  • megaman bombfire
    megaman bombfire Day ago +1

    Even tho I've seen this trailer about a thousand times, every time I c thanos step out the portal and the music gets higher gives me chills every time 1:08

  • Amos Zarfran
    Amos Zarfran Day ago

    Best movies hands down