Marvel Studios' Avengers: Infinity War Official Trailer


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  • Doctor Doc
    Doctor Doc 6 hours ago

    I have watched this many times!

  • black panther marvel forever

    Still one of the greatest trailer ever made 6 billion dollers made

  • A Kay
    A Kay 7 hours ago

    That's not Thanos,...that's Phil Anselmo

  • Poop Fruit
    Poop Fruit 9 hours ago

    Who else had to pee so bad but didnt go cause they didnt want to go so they didnt miss anything

  • be ur self
    be ur self 9 hours ago +1

    Need A4 trailer plzzzz

  • Ismail Sarwar
    Ismail Sarwar 9 hours ago +2

    How this has 200 million views and Despacito has over 5 billion still frustates and confuses me

  • carlos hidalgo
    carlos hidalgo 10 hours ago +2


  • Creativity
    Creativity 10 hours ago +3

    Best scene- Thor arriving in Wakanda
    Best entrance-Captain America
    Best dialogue- Black Panther_Evacuate the city.......Engage all defenses.......And get this man a shield

  • Integral Thinking
    Integral Thinking 10 hours ago +2

    I watch this once a day for good health.

  • Mins Outla
    Mins Outla 10 hours ago

    es hermoso

  • Esaie Prince
    Esaie Prince 11 hours ago

    Esaie Prince
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  • Gabriel Rodriguez Ivan
    Gabriel Rodriguez Ivan 12 hours ago +1

    I dont want to go Sr stark

  • Irrfan Ahmed
    Irrfan Ahmed 12 hours ago

    I can't wait Avengers 4

  • Nabil Khalil
    Nabil Khalil 12 hours ago

    Nearly been a year Avengers 4 trailer will be here soon.

  • Mohammad Sudais
    Mohammad Sudais 12 hours ago

    Annihilation or the end game 😐😐

  • 殺Gůmmi
    殺Gůmmi 12 hours ago +1

    After the movie watching this is just...horrible.
    But in a good way.

    ROSHAN T 13 hours ago


  • ExVapid
    ExVapid 13 hours ago

    Even now I love trailer!!

  • Ulfat Singh
    Ulfat Singh 14 hours ago +1

    Assemble the City
    Switch on the Loudspeakers
    And get these men the Avengers 4 title.

  • good as hell
    good as hell 14 hours ago +1

    Im hyped for A4 trailer !

  • Eline V B
    Eline V B 15 hours ago +1

    Still the best trailer, but we'll see until the Avengers 4 trailer

  • diesel max
    diesel max 15 hours ago

    1:59 Hulk is there

  • Sajid Quraeshi
    Sajid Quraeshi 15 hours ago +1

    wHo'S wAtChInG tHiS iN oCtObEr 2018

  • Tahsin PlayZ
    Tahsin PlayZ 15 hours ago +1

    211MILLION F****** VIEWS

  • Priyanshu Singh
    Priyanshu Singh 15 hours ago

    Still here 🙅🙅

  • jeevan kumar
    jeevan kumar 15 hours ago

    2:0. Hulk running behind natasha

  • john silcox
    john silcox 16 hours ago

    How does anyone think this is a good film .

  • cail ys
    cail ys 16 hours ago

    Thu, OCT 18, 2018
    dread it, run from it, destiny still arrives

  • Александр Противцкий

    This trailer a epic

  • Family Joe
    Family Joe 19 hours ago +1

    Better than trash captain marvel trailer

  • Jett Scicluna
    Jett Scicluna 19 hours ago

    Venom venom venom

    Make it happen

  • Lemme Clone
    Lemme Clone 19 hours ago +1

    1:59 . Seriously ? Hulk ? Lol .

  • papajones pizza
    papajones pizza 19 hours ago

    The gist of the movie is that thanos is going to win

  • karteek krishna
    karteek krishna 20 hours ago

    I'm here just for the likes lol

  • Blake Fulton
    Blake Fulton 20 hours ago +1

    Hulk is running in the trailer but only in the movie at the start.

    • Seth Walker
      Seth Walker 20 hours ago

      Yea Blake because the scene was shot strictly for the trailer

  • john ford
    john ford 21 hour ago +1

    Waiting for avengers 4 trailer....

  • gocrot010
    gocrot010 21 hour ago


  • Mr.Funny Guy283
    Mr.Funny Guy283 21 hour ago +2

    211M!? Holy Fucksicles!

  • DG15
    DG15 21 hour ago

    Who is here on October 2018

  • Pokemongiri 2005
    Pokemongiri 2005 22 hours ago

    In the trailer there is hulk and in movie only banner

  • Chris Redfield
    Chris Redfield 22 hours ago

    Fcuking goosebumps from 0:30 onwards!!!

  • Oskar Jarzyna
    Oskar Jarzyna 22 hours ago

    Who is still hyped when watching the trailer?

  • Jeflin W
    Jeflin W 22 hours ago +1

    Trailer is fake, come on like me if you agree this

  • Archana Devi
    Archana Devi 23 hours ago

    No wait to watch avengers 4 trailer....

  • Natty Fatty
    Natty Fatty 23 hours ago

    Snitches end up in ditches! 😭😪

  • usha murthy
    usha murthy 23 hours ago +1

    Can they defeat thanos

  • Jivaansh Bhatia
    Jivaansh Bhatia 23 hours ago +2

    Last scene of the trailer is of avengers 4

  • Fox
    Fox 23 hours ago

    Nobody cares when your watching.

  • Nitin Ghadge
    Nitin Ghadge Day ago

    Twice in a day..

  • muralidhar. P.V
    muralidhar. P.V Day ago

    Where is hulk

  • JaseValle
    JaseValle Day ago

    0:05 sam smith lmao

  • Laura Andrea Rosales

    Have you guys watched Teen Wolf season 6A? I think it's pretty similar

  • avenger JÀÿ
    avenger JÀÿ Day ago

    Who's still here! Waiting for A4 rematch for hulk and Tony with thanos

  • Venom lego maker custom

    Can’t we get avenger 4 trailer now

  • Spine Breaker
    Spine Breaker Day ago


  • Sam Zylstra
    Sam Zylstra Day ago +2

    Even after seeing the movie, this is the best trailer ever to exist for any movie ever it is absolutely phenomenal

  • Philip McClelland

    I hate that Marvel felt the need to edit their trailers, like adding in Hulk and Thor’s eye. They could’ve left them the way they were and it would’ve been fine.

  • Mad Sharkz
    Mad Sharkz Day ago

    I wonder how much money marvel lost after being sued from people with brain damages after seeing this movie 😂

  • ด.ช.กะโปก หําทรงพลัง

    *Avengers:Infinity War (2018)*
    *•Rating Trailer:11/10.*
    *Godzilla:King of the Monsters (2019)*
    *•Rating Trailer:10/10.*

  • Samir Biswas
    Samir Biswas Day ago

    Hulk is not in movie

  • Nassir Nassor
    Nassir Nassor Day ago

    You guys better have a good come back coz that was a messed up ending

    • Seth Walker
      Seth Walker Day ago

      Wdym? It was a fantastic ending. The Great Titan Won.

  • Gregory Kinard
    Gregory Kinard Day ago +3

    One of the best trailers ever. Yes I still watch it. I think at this moment everyone has alittle thanos in them. Dont you agree people

  • Gamer Blazer
    Gamer Blazer Day ago +2

    Nah...i rather choose PEWDIEPIE fighting agaist T series

  • Cool Dude
    Cool Dude Day ago +1

    Cannot stop watching this trailer although I have already seen the movie

  • Neske Nizlan
    Neske Nizlan Day ago

    Cap fans Hit Like 💔

  • Protostar
    Protostar Day ago +2

    81K people didn't feel so good. xD

  • Ishmehar Singh
    Ishmehar Singh Day ago +1

    "Now is not time to mourn
    Now is no time at all"

  • Marul
    Marul Day ago

    Yaw hiçbir yorumda TÜRK yok hadi türkler likenizi görim

  • Giants Pride
    Giants Pride Day ago +3

    This movie reminds me of Thano car.

  • Soham Brahme
    Soham Brahme Day ago

    This movie was totally opposite what it is shown in trailer don't get fooled guys. Wait a sec everyones watched the movie 😂😂😂

  • James Haughty
    James Haughty Day ago +4

    Still get chills watching this 😍

  • Niraj R
    Niraj R Day ago

    Forget infinity it's a venom trend

  • Finger Dance
    Finger Dance Day ago


  • David Rezende
    David Rezende Day ago +1

    Alguém 18 de outubro de 2018?

  • RYN club
    RYN club Day ago +1

    17 October 2018 ❤️❤️

  • Ragnar Klavan
    Ragnar Klavan Day ago +12

    Evacuate the city
    Engage Ur defenses

    And get this man a contract

  • hasala dananjaya
    hasala dananjaya Day ago +2

    Still watching everyday

  • OriginalSenpai
    OriginalSenpai Day ago +2

    I am getting big chills even though I’ve seen the movie already

  • sk 18
    sk 18 Day ago +1

    them chills at 1:33

  • akrem boukhatm
    akrem boukhatm Day ago +1

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    • akrem boukhatm
      akrem boukhatm Day ago

      Juste go to my compte and you watch Avengers infinity war and ant Man and the wasp

    • akrem boukhatm
      akrem boukhatm Day ago

      I am not from America l am from algeria l cannot speak englesh good

    • akrem boukhatm
      akrem boukhatm Day ago


    • Seth Walker
      Seth Walker Day ago

      I lost brain cells reading this

  • sk 18
    sk 18 Day ago +2

    211M views...for a trailer. Wow.

  • Rahul Sakthi
    Rahul Sakthi Day ago +1

    When release avengers 4 trailer
    I am waiting

  • Tan de xun
    Tan de xun Day ago +1

    whos here from infinity war 2 trailer?

  • Tso Yat Ching
    Tso Yat Ching Day ago +1

    1:17 "I feel so good"

  • Mister Awesome
    Mister Awesome Day ago +2

    There was an idea... *To bring comics to movies*

  • Krronix
    Krronix Day ago +1

    Spider-Man, Quill, Mantis, Groot, Bucky, Black Panther, Dr. Strange, Falcon, War Machine, Scarlet Which all ash from the snap

  • Troy Domio
    Troy Domio Day ago +1

    Thor you should have gone for the head Thor your second dumbest person in the avenger next to hulk

  • Dhanush Pekala
    Dhanush Pekala Day ago +2

    anybody 2018?🤔

  • GigiDi
    GigiDi Day ago +2

    I'm ready and at the same time not ready for the A4 trailer 😭😨

  • Hasyeera Hazeeqah

    The best trailer to all the movies

  • shugahtitz
    shugahtitz Day ago +1

    Has nobody realized that the Hulk is in this trailer but not in the actual movie??

    • Marvel Lous
      Marvel Lous Day ago

      shugahtitz everyone knows that last scene was just for marketing.

  • Connor Reyes
    Connor Reyes Day ago +4

    Time to Annihilate.

  • TheMultiverse Plays

    Time to Annihilate.

  • 3WOD
    3WOD Day ago +3

    Time to Annihilate.

  • Christian De Haven
    Christian De Haven 2 days ago

    i love this movie

  • Hurry Before it's deleted

    Still one of the few moments when the movie was as good as this trailer!

  • spidergeek12
    spidergeek12 2 days ago

    I watched the movie and I loved it

  • prince well
    prince well 2 days ago

    They way Wanda says " I can't" before she is forced to kill Vision is heartbreaking😢

  • prince well
    prince well 2 days ago

    we dont trade lives captain.....😢

  • frozone fan 2006
    frozone fan 2006 2 days ago

    This movie does put a smile on my face