Hong Kong’s huge protests, explained

  • Published on Jun 22, 2019
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    Correction at 7:48: The protester says “They are not doing this for themselves, but for the future of Hong Kong.”
    Hundreds of thousands of Hongkongers have taken to the streets to protest a controversial extradition bill that could send Hong Kong residents to mainland China to be tried in court. Hong Kong’s Chief Executive, Carrie Lam, says the bill is meant to prevent Hong Kong from becoming a safe haven for fugitives. But its opponents fear that Hong Kong would be exposed to China’s flawed judicial system, which would lead to further erasure of the city’s judicial independence.
    At first Lam was determined to move forward with the bill. But after a series of massive protests, she announced she would “indefinitely suspend” the bill. But protesters aren't accepting the suspension, and have started demanding its complete withdrawal. They've also begun calling for Lam’s resignation.
    But this rise in tensions is about a lot more than a bill. To understand why this bill hits a nerve with Hongkongers, it's important to understand Hong Kong’s relationship with China - and exactly how the bill would tip the scales in China’s favor.
    Watch this video to understand the news coming out of Hong Kong and the history that led up to this moment.
    For more watch Episode one of our Vox Borders Hong Kong episodes here:
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    If you want to get real nerdy you can read Hong Kong’s Basic Law (their mini Constitution) here:
    You can also read the Sino-British Joint Declaration that defined Hong Kong when the British handed it back to China in 1997 here: www.gov.cn/english/2007-06/14/content_649468.htm
    And the extradition law introduced in Hong Kong that has sparked massive protests here:
    Here is a piece reported by the New York Times on the latest from Carrie Lam, Hong Kong's leader:
    Here are some additional resources regarding Hong Kong’s democracy and political make-up:
    And finally, you can also find our latest articles covering the most recent developments here:
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  • Vox
    Vox  Month ago +1602

    UPDATE 8/22/19: Last weekend saw the largest peaceful march in Hong Kong since the start of the protests. Organizers say roughly 1.7 million people marched on the streets of Hong Kong.

    Vox's daily podcast, Today, Explained, breaks down the situation and its most recent developments:
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    • Chichang Wu
      Chichang Wu 2 days ago

      How about you guys talk about the recent catalan protests....there is no real freedom and this is closer to your home....in europe the democtratic europe...dont judge others while the same thing is happening in europe

    • Jowella Calixtro
      Jowella Calixtro 4 days ago

      We are going to HK this coming October 18, 2019. I'm worried.

    • Mark NightWolf
      Mark NightWolf 5 days ago

      @Sharon Tate go blow xi

    • Mark NightWolf
      Mark NightWolf 5 days ago

      More like 3 million

  • Sarah Echo
    Sarah Echo Hour ago

    They are Terrorists and Rioters, hundreds of policemen got assaulted, their family are threatened, they are not protesters

  • Ali Asad Rajani
    Ali Asad Rajani 2 hours ago

    whose here in 2047?

  • Casey Zahorik
    Casey Zahorik 2 hours ago

    Something that brings a smile to my face is I am finally seeing something that both major sides of the US political system agree on.
    It almost brings a tear to my eye.

  • Vincent Sun
    Vincent Sun 4 hours ago

    2:55 people's right to Freedom of speech, Freedom of assembly, and Freedom of press are listed in the 1982 Constitution of People's Republic of China

  • Eugene Vaticinator
    Eugene Vaticinator 6 hours ago

    You're telling me..
    They want change now..
    But will accept total assimilation in 2047?
    I'm no fortune teller but regardless of the outcome of this, there's another riot waiting to happen.

  • simone
    simone 9 hours ago

    Parabéns Povo. Fuera Bolsonaro. Lula Libre. Lula Livre.

  • Samantha Sanchez
    Samantha Sanchez 10 hours ago

    Love it!! History in d making!!

  • Will Mac
    Will Mac 10 hours ago

    Xi won't last long.

  • david casner
    david casner 11 hours ago

    This would be the USA with out the 2nd Amendment. Imagine if every protester had a combat rifle. The Government would be at it's knees.

  • The Liberty
    The Liberty 13 hours ago

    china no.99, Hong kong No.1

  • Rai Ki Rum
    Rai Ki Rum 15 hours ago

    Lots of respect for honkong people's from India.

  • Reprogramming Mind
    Reprogramming Mind 15 hours ago

    Fantastic presentation, thanks for sharing.

  • Karma
    Karma 16 hours ago

    I wanna go and protest now

  • Mahnitov
    Mahnitov 18 hours ago

    Tbh im still confused , can some1 explane me this because english is not my main language and she is using a lot of "profesional" worlds which i dont understeand. Is there any other way to be explanied whats going on.

  • tminusbs 5700
    tminusbs 5700 20 hours ago

    Lebron joins chat

  • Shengwei Gao
    Shengwei Gao 20 hours ago +2

    Iraq Ukraine Syria Libya and now hongkong , usa has made the whole world into jail with their weapon called "Democracy "

  • maxdoubt
    maxdoubt 20 hours ago +1

    HK has a 'Claytons' democracy - the democracy you have when you have no democracy at all.
    They are now getting the wake up call and it obviously doesn't sit well. All thru history freedom
    had to be fought for.

  • Aozora
    Aozora 21 hour ago

    It would be amazing if some of the protesters organized the inflation of a GIANT winnie the pooh that would soar over hong kong

  • R3DLiN3
    R3DLiN3 22 hours ago

    LeBron has entered the chat.

  • Tv Confusion
    Tv Confusion 23 hours ago

    I think if Hong Kong were to have a revolution, WWIII could happen...

  • Wall Street
    Wall Street Day ago

    Hello person from 2021 👋

  • Gsvb Gdb.
    Gsvb Gdb. Day ago

    A genocide is about to happen.....

  • 张海潇
    张海潇 Day ago

    If the United States condemns the human rights of China and Hong Kong, then we stand for us to stand with the blacks who pursue racial equality. African Americans should rise up against the oppression of whites, overthrow the rule of white Americans, and subvert the American regime!

  • Javi Vasq.
    Javi Vasq. Day ago +6

    There are so many protests going on in the world right now.

  • TheLastEthanOnEarth !

    I hope Hong Kong will be peaceful a gain soon

  • John of Jesus
    John of Jesus Day ago

    WAit it says in 2043
    Are they in the future

  • Michael H
    Michael H Day ago

    And to think all of this happened because the British just wanted some tea from China.

  • King AMMO 6090RP

    Nooooooow I get it✔️

  • Chunlei Liu
    Chunlei Liu Day ago

    It is sad, no one knows anymore the real reason of all these unrest. And literally 'no one' in the west know or interested in that horrible murder story.

  • GodMode 001X
    GodMode 001X Day ago

    Isn't it exactly because the protestors are doing something outrageous that they are wearing masks in an attempt to hide their identities? If they had nothing to be afraid of (destroying buildings, lighting cars on fire, throwing molotovs, sabotaging traffics (especially since it's HK) discriminately attacking civilians and even tv reporters to half death) why do they still hide their faces through disguise?

  • Smiles
    Smiles Day ago

    So white people saved Hong Kong and now China wants to absorb it back as their own?

  • Oreo The Hamster

    At 3:54 , that’s one of the roads the school bus used to go to the school.
    it hurts to see my home country like this :(

  • Mark Beyer
    Mark Beyer Day ago

    Time to update VOX. This is 3 months old

  • Katey Henderson
    Katey Henderson Day ago

    HONG KONG!!! ✌🏼✌🏼✌🏼

  • Hongbar Kim
    Hongbar Kim Day ago

    홍콩 자유,중국 멸망

  • fernando torrera

    Can Hong Kong defect to Britain

  • S Lob
    S Lob Day ago

    Freedom of speech, lol. TVclip are deleting my comments with channels that i subscribed. What a “Freedom of speech” environment

  • cy w
    cy w Day ago

    can't believe still so many people stand with HK protesters today. you're RUNNING WITH THE DEVIL

  • Lord of End
    Lord of End Day ago

    FIght what you believe.

  • zhao gavin
    zhao gavin Day ago

    Show your face,animals.

  • Bajirao Singham
    Bajirao Singham Day ago

    Chinese government is petty much dictatorship and micromanages its people. Controls every single one of them making even smallest decisions for them.

  • Dr Gilbert
    Dr Gilbert Day ago

    Do a video about the Protests going on in Lebanon

  • JP- StandwithHongKong

    it turns our life upside down within 4 months

  • KerosTV
    KerosTV Day ago

    support from Catalonia

  • Xxplosive 202
    Xxplosive 202 Day ago

    And there are people on reddit making memes about this

  • Tiberal
    Tiberal Day ago

    free Hong Kong

  • Jigar Sescon
    Jigar Sescon Day ago

    End up it defends on the leader who is in charge leader must know when is the right thing to do and when is not particularly for his people... Must learn to respect their master piece.

  • Kuczi
    Kuczi Day ago


  • softly
    softly Day ago

    all my love to hong kong. may they get their full autonomy 💗

  • Mao Zedong
    Mao Zedong 2 days ago

    What are they protesting for? I thought Hong Kong is part of China in the same system.

  • Morpheus
    Morpheus 2 days ago +1

    Asian/Hong Kongers protest: Oh they're so passionate, I'm tearing up
    Afr. Americans protest: Thugs, lock em up! Be grateful!

    Got it...

  • jay22
    jay22 2 days ago

    Thing is a lot could change during those years a lot can happen before they are back with China . Who knows

  • Sonny Hood
    Sonny Hood 2 days ago +1

    So it's not the fact that money laundering will no longer be possible through Hong Kong for the west?

  • Michael DeSilvio
    Michael DeSilvio 2 days ago +1

    Michelle Obama murdered Joan Rivers with his barehands.

  • benito sun
    benito sun 2 days ago

    Free Japan, free Korea, free USA!

  • 彬彬猜猜
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  • Little Hayabusa
    Little Hayabusa 2 days ago

    It started with a murder??? Now I am interested!

  • Diomes
    Diomes 2 days ago

    they dont deserve the freedom

  • ce aka
    ce aka 2 days ago +1