• Published on Nov 12, 2018
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    Balenciaga socks:
    Balenciaga bag:
    Off White blazer:
    Off white belt:
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  • Jdndbsnc shehd
    Jdndbsnc shehd 8 hours ago

    the way you pronounced hummus was so cute😂 “HOOMOOSE”

  • nobody's business

    All these comments about people complaining about plastic but can see a single one 🤔🤔

  • Alex Undiscovery
    Alex Undiscovery 2 days ago

    I respect the boyfriend, he is very strong guy (mentally)

  • andthenifellinlove
    andthenifellinlove 5 days ago

    You inspire me to eat more healthy foods and to work out more consistently.

  • riza deleon
    riza deleon 10 days ago

    She and sanne vloet...look so much alike

  • no one important
    no one important 11 days ago +4

    Omg it's my dream to be a VS angel one day, I'm still only 13 but you can never be to young to start working towards your dream 🤩 I one day hope to be as beautiful as you!!!

    • jupiter skies
      jupiter skies 6 days ago

      no one important me too! except i’m 14 so i don’t have to wait quite as long. maybe if we both get in we’ll walk in the same show? i really hope we both get in x

  • Matilde Tortorella
    Matilde Tortorella 17 days ago

    Where she bought that sunglasses?😍

  • Myriam Guyierrez
    Myriam Guyierrez 18 days ago

    Love your videos but for meal prepping you should try glass containers, it is an easy way to help the environment

  • יהודה הללי
    יהודה הללי 18 days ago

    יהוה אלהים כך לא מכבד נביא מלך ועכשיו תמצא חדש

  • Verunqa
    Verunqa 20 days ago

    volcano not folcano :))))

  • Verunqa
    Verunqa 20 days ago

    IT IS "BALENCIAGA" not "BALENTSHIAGA".... :)))))

  • Virginsuicde
    Virginsuicde 21 day ago

    her smile!!

  • Mohamed Najib Seghillar

    So much plástic...

  • Ginny
    Ginny 22 days ago +1

    “ it’s too short” lol I wish I had that problem. I’m 5’1 and everything is huge on me

  • Neringa
    Neringa 25 days ago

    Okay I may be a crazy Blink but I can't be the only one that heard Kiss and Makeup in the background at 16:07?

  • Haylie R. Wilson
    Haylie R. Wilson 25 days ago +2

    And then she put on those amazing glasses... just found out I may be gay

  • Haylie R. Wilson
    Haylie R. Wilson 25 days ago

    Those dresses are for a goddess omg

  • Alanna Holtke
    Alanna Holtke 29 days ago

    Does anybody know what peanut butter she eats? Just wondering cause I love Peanut Butter and I want to get some. 🤷‍♀️

    • Caroline
      Caroline 26 days ago

      Alanna Holtke it’s North Shore Goodies coconut peanut butter! It’s pricey but sooooo good. I don’t like peanut butter like that but this stuff is bomb

  • sofia terrible
    sofia terrible Month ago

    Love you baby 😍

  • Izabel N
    Izabel N Month ago

    Editing is amazing !! Love your vids xoxo

  • Megan Hays
    Megan Hays Month ago

    Where are your glasses from that you are wearing when you are unboxing the sunglasses? they are so cute and i am looking for some new frames! xoxo

  • gregoryw9
    gregoryw9 Month ago +1

    Anyone know what multivitamin Romee takes? 5:22

  • Evelyn Leak
    Evelyn Leak Month ago

    Amsterdam is so pretty I loved it

  • Floatinq Spirit
    Floatinq Spirit Month ago +1


    It's ridiculous to see people saying "I wish I had her eyes, her hair, her body, etc". Everybody is just wasting their own lives with all this stupid and obsessive thinking over how models look and how they don't look like them. Accept your damn life and go on with it, and stop comparing yourself with everyone on earth, cause it's a big big world! You're wasting your damn life, ffsake!!
    Her job is literally to be pretty, so that is what she is doing at her best. Everyone has qualities, find your own. And stop with these self-deprecating comments! It is just shameful!
    The woman's insecurities with their own bodies are giving the big bucks to all the "make yourself look like a model" industry that is making everybody believe that we need to look "perfect".
    Wake up people, start loving yourselves!

  • Christina Gee
    Christina Gee Month ago

    You are LITERALLY PERFECT! You seem so sweet as well. I see these mean and
    Hateful comments people are leaving and I am so sorry for that. You keep doing you girl and kicking ass! Trust me, if ANY WOMAN had the opportunity and looks to be a VS MODEL then we would! So good for you boo! AGAIN, so sorry for the mean comments from other, you just ignore that ignorant shit and keep doing you! BTW, you and your man are ADORABLE together😊 Good job keeping us the motivation! You are definitely giving me motivation to workout this morning😉

  • Max Liechty
    Max Liechty Month ago

    You should do a Q&A with Bee, Lily, or Candice

  • Patricia Hoft-kammeron

    I speak Dutch love this video😫😍

  • nunitcha gucci
    nunitcha gucci Month ago


  • Lilman Yellow
    Lilman Yellow Month ago

    another fun video! Thank you romee for putting these up! I like all of them! great job

  • Monika Kvapil
    Monika Kvapil Month ago

    Plastic... plastic...a lot of plastic ...

  • Hatsune ღ
    Hatsune ღ Month ago +1


  • Philip Greener
    Philip Greener Month ago

    Nice teeth :D

  • Joanna Li
    Joanna Li Month ago

    where are my fellow blinks at??

  • Josephine G.
    Josephine G. Month ago

    every single grocery is unnecessarily packed in plastic

  • Justine Folk
    Justine Folk Month ago

    Also the first dress was pretty but second was absolutely stunning. Made you look 10 feet tall

  • Justine Folk
    Justine Folk Month ago

    Awww was so cute when he was hugging her while walking. You guys are so cute.

  • Matilde Reig
    Matilde Reig 2 months ago

    15:58 BLACKPINK on te background ! 😍
    Love your videos you seem such a natural and humble person you deserve everything you own ❤️

  • Helen AllBuisnessLike
    Helen AllBuisnessLike 2 months ago

    Literally so much plastic! Other than that you go gurl, you stunning goddess you!

  • Djourdan Kotta
    Djourdan Kotta 2 months ago

    One of my fav couples... Such an inspirational. God bless u both ❤️

  • Pamela Maria
    Pamela Maria 2 months ago

    The amount of plastic is ridiculous. Why do they pack everything in it??

  • Zoe Rosenboom
    Zoe Rosenboom 2 months ago

    Am I the only one who thinks that this is a lot plastic

  • Lianne van den Broek
    Lianne van den Broek 2 months ago +1

    Soooo if I were to eat like this, would I lose weight? I'm 177 cm btw

    • Lisa Cusimano
      Lisa Cusimano Month ago

      She never has injected her lips at all. Romee's bottom lip is naturally that way. She is gorgeous. Stop being a hater!!!😙

    • ToppAunty
      ToppAunty 2 months ago +1

      Lianne van den Broek it depends.. she also has a very active lifestyle and works out a lot. what works for one person wont always work for another. aaannnddd it also depends what your goal is.

  • R J
    R J 2 months ago +1

    not another tranny parading around in make up and dress up

  • Samya Alvarez Jimenez
    Samya Alvarez Jimenez 2 months ago +2

    I know this is a little older but it reeeeally bugs me how she butchered the brands names over and over again 😂 I love you but giirl. Manola Blahnik? The way she says Balenciaga? I am in pain.

  • Andrea Esquiel
    Andrea Esquiel 2 months ago

    You’re my fav blonde

  • lissa bean
    lissa bean 2 months ago +3

    i’m pretty sure everyone in the comments want to be skinny like victoria secret models

  • Dani T
    Dani T 2 months ago

    May I ask what frames you are wearing around the 9:06 mark? I need them in my life.

  • Ilona Mwai
    Ilona Mwai 2 months ago

    she's so prettyy! 💛✨

  • Ali Jenkins
    Ali Jenkins 2 months ago

    Can you do a cooking video?

  • Lora Smith
    Lora Smith 2 months ago +2

    anyone catch the name of the chocolate protein powder she uses?

  • Monika Wislocki
    Monika Wislocki 2 months ago

    What eyeglasses does Rome’s wear here???

  • Ivra Radoman
    Ivra Radoman 2 months ago

    Does Romee Strijd smoke weed haha?

  • Ocean Davies
    Ocean Davies 2 months ago

    Is it just me but when she was in Amsterdam she had a stronger accent and then when she was in New York she had more of a american accent 😂

  • Purple Gold
    Purple Gold 2 months ago

    Will you go to the prom with me

  • Alan Blazek
    Alan Blazek 2 months ago

    ....two, three roasted garlic cloves in those meals might also be nice. Roasted garlic is not least bit overwhelming. Chiou

  • Alan Blazek
    Alan Blazek 2 months ago

    ....why not cut squash and brown rice 3/5 s each replaced with kale, spinach, olives, seeds: pumpkin and sunflower. Presoak these w couple of almonds. How about two tablespoons of chia seed pudding garnished w melted dark choc? Some berries would be nice. As far as carrots and humus, how about bell pepper and or celery spears? Laurens is a way lucky man!! Good week to you both!

  • Tatum Miller
    Tatum Miller 2 months ago +1

    Of course she’s gorgeous, but she’s a little self centered and not very bright

  • Harry's wand
    Harry's wand 2 months ago +1

    Wtf why are all ypur shoppings unnecessarily individually wrapped? So much Plastic...

  • Gustavo Ocampo
    Gustavo Ocampo 2 months ago +7

    If Candice Swanepoel and Gigi Hadid had a daughter it would be Romee Strijd

  • Allison Long
    Allison Long 2 months ago

    did anyone else get nervous when she opened the boxes??

  • Hannah Levin
    Hannah Levin 2 months ago

    You're gorgeous! I take it as a big compliment to be told that I look kind of like you! You are one on my favorite models! You should be more popular than the Hadids and ABSOLUTELY more than the Jenners! Blessings to you and your family! xoxo!

  • Janhavi Parab
    Janhavi Parab 2 months ago


  • Summer Koegel
    Summer Koegel 2 months ago

    I live in new York what oil do you put on your hair?

  • venera melikopoulou
    venera melikopoulou 2 months ago

    I like to watch her sometimes, she is a good pro for her job but I wouldn’t be her close friend or man if I would be a man because she’d drives me nuts with her routine and life style.... 🤦🏼‍♀️🤗

  • J U U L S T O U T
    J U U L S T O U T 2 months ago

    Ik zie Laurens zo vaak in Zoetermeer!!😀

  • julia
    julia 2 months ago

    15:56 kiss and makeup 💗

  • mabisha kc
    mabisha kc 2 months ago

    Why everyone are talking about. "Plastics "..
    I knw. I'm doing too..😂😂

  • Eva Salling
    Eva Salling 2 months ago

    you are so goals!!

  • Laura James
    Laura James 2 months ago +180

    I see all the comments defending her for the plastic thing and haven’t actually seen a mean comment talking about it lol

    • Vinnie Olive
      Vinnie Olive 20 days ago +1

      monica e stfu I was explaining something. If you want to get all bent out of shape over it, do you 🙄

    • monica e
      monica e 20 days ago +1

      +Vinnie Olive calm down killah crackpipe, it was just a comment, no need to get bent lol smh

    • Vinnie Olive
      Vinnie Olive 2 months ago +2

      Probably because this video was uploaded a couple months back when those comments made. Now you will have to search through the comments defending her. No one would be defending someone on a topic that wasn’t brought up

  • Hope
    Hope 2 months ago

    If I had a girlfriend that beautiful PDA would be a necessity

  • kookietrash
    kookietrash 2 months ago

    She should’ve wrote her diet in the descriptions 😭

  • Waist All Day
    Waist All Day 2 months ago

    I love how clean your diet is!

  • Priscilla Gonzalez
    Priscilla Gonzalez 2 months ago +7

    Your accent is so cute omg

  • Tiaras AndAlibis
    Tiaras AndAlibis 2 months ago

    Where do you get your meal prep containers? Thanks! And please do both closet tours!💯👌🏻✨💕

    APHRODITEEEEEE 2 months ago

    whoever got through the first minute is a hero D:

  • katie G.
    katie G. 3 months ago

    I watch you and Sanne Vloet and i have to say that you both make want to change the way i eat and start working out by my own cause i am 34 and have a daughter and gaining weight everyday!So i want to feel and look pretty for me and for my hubby!!Keep inspiring!!!!That's My comment!!!!Kisses from Greece!

  • Лена Миленковић

    Why do girls whit plastic boobs don’t bother you ? It can’t be recycled 😼

  • Roselienchen
    Roselienchen 3 months ago

    Wow is there anything not wrapped in plastic?

  • olivia r
    olivia r 3 months ago

    I love your videos! there’s always been a stigma around models as if they’re all shallow and conceited but you prove that stereotype wrong. you’re so real and I adore you!

  • ApinkVixxMamamooAAfromis9 SechskiesLoonaShinee

    Wish people commented more about what she is doing instead of talking about the plastic. Anyway... I would list her advice but it would be buried

  • Morgan Stark
    Morgan Stark 3 months ago

    I'm 5'11 as well, and I always hate buying clothes because they are always too short! 😫

  • Lisa xo
    Lisa xo 3 months ago +1

    Oh the perils of being drop dead gorgeous......what a hard life! ;)

    PABLOESCABAR777 3 months ago


  • Olka Jamrog
    Olka Jamrog 3 months ago

    oh my God. How much plastic :o

  • DiudiuVlad
    DiudiuVlad 3 months ago

    amsterdam has just begun to be the top spot for stilish people, it's so lifestyle oriented and contemporary bohemian

  • Emma Kennedy
    Emma Kennedy 3 months ago +2

    before you comment about plastic, please take the time to read this:
    Romee can't help that the food is wrapped in plastic - it is not her fault. y'all can say that if she didn't get it plastic wrapped there wouldn't be as much need or supply of the plastic wrap, but I don't think one person makes a difference. the plastic is harmful for the environment and it is disappointing that we have let it get that bad, I understand where you are coming from, but you don't need to act like it was entirely Romee x
    let's just appreciate the amazing content she made for us and lift her up ❤️

    • Aamna Here
      Aamna Here 2 months ago +1

      One person does make a difference, my friend. The mindset that we can't make a difference by our own individual actions alone is the reason we're in such a big mess. We all need to do our own bit and contribute something positive to the world and considering she's an influencer in a way, she also should be told respectfully that she needs to make better choices. There is nothing wrong with telling someone kindly to make better choices. A lot of times people forget the difference between hate and constructive criticism. I am sure she hears how beautiful she is a hundred times each day so it's not terrible at all if she hears from people that she made a bad choice. I believe it's a healthy attitude to treat people respectfully but to also not treat them special because of their careers.

  • John Ta
    John Ta 3 months ago

    Salt room? Live by the beach 🏖

  • Shades of Blue
    Shades of Blue 3 months ago

    Sorry but you’re not tall being 5’ 11” 😄

  • Jungle Theme
    Jungle Theme 3 months ago

    wow so much packaging on the groceries! thats crazy

  • bun bun
    bun bun 3 months ago

    i'm so happy i found your channel, i reached it from blair walnuts when she followed your diet here. i really love it ! you're so sweet and so relatable in so many ways, also you give such great tips for healthy food, hair and skin care ! followed instantly !

  • Merle D
    Merle D 3 months ago

    Where is the wind-red velvet dress from ? if someone knows please answer, because I'm looking for one for my graduation

  • Sai Elizabeth
    Sai Elizabeth 3 months ago

    closet sale in NYC!!!

    BOJOURA 3 months ago

    Does anyone know how tall romee actually is? Every website says something different and I need her length for reference of the clothing she wears because I can’t find any pants that fit me like perfectly.😌✌🏼

      BOJOURA 3 months ago

      Ana but thanks for the answer!☺️

      BOJOURA 3 months ago

      Ana ah okay, bc it days sometimes she’s 5”11 1/4 if you say it like that? (181 cm)

    • Ana
      Ana 3 months ago

      she said in this video that she's 5'11"

  • Snail Damnefy
    Snail Damnefy 3 months ago

    you've been inside a miniature kitchen oor is it a extra tall person?

  • Kaitlyn Banner
    Kaitlyn Banner 3 months ago +1

    Are her teeth real??

  • sita yoga
    sita yoga 3 months ago

    wow u bought a lot of plastic and some food :( nice video anyways , hope u can be more aware pof ur plastic consumption thats all love , hugs

  • mille neuherr
    mille neuherr 3 months ago

    What does the apple cider vinegar do?

  • Perli Antier
    Perli Antier 3 months ago

    I love the way she says Balenciaga

  • Emile Pierre
    Emile Pierre 3 months ago

    I’m sorry Romee I cant watch you anymore you just make me feel bad about my self because you’re so amazing.i still love you thou

  • Blue Mule Movers
    Blue Mule Movers 3 months ago

    ahhhh so much plastic :( For avocados?!?