High Speed Sports Battle | Dude Perfect

  • Published on Sep 10, 2018
  • Sports are even better at high speed!
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  • Dude Perfect
    Dude Perfect  9 days ago +1407

    NEXT VIDEO: Archery Trick Shots 2 🏹🔥

  • Meraklı oyuncu TV

    Wow man

    JuliaRB OFFICIAL Hour ago

    Last digit of your like calculates who you are:
    0-1) Tyler
    2-3) Cody
    4-5) Garret
    6-7) Coby
    8-9) Cory

  • Ishmiit Singh
    Ishmiit Singh Hour ago

    Tyler for life.

  • Blake Thompson
    Blake Thompson 2 hours ago

    theses r so dumb cuz tyler wins every time which makes theses retarttttedd

  • Alizayaan Pervez
    Alizayaan Pervez 2 hours ago

    I just started watching your videos and they r great

  • Fenn Chapman
    Fenn Chapman 2 hours ago

    R.i.P coby i want him to win

  • Margo Burch
    Margo Burch 2 hours ago +1

    SO CLOSE TO 35M!!!!!

  • roliden
    roliden 2 hours ago +1

    At 40 mill subs do panda face reveal like if you agree

  • loko officiel
    loko officiel 2 hours ago

    Go aller voir ma chaine

  • Егор Бонарь
    Егор Бонарь 2 hours ago

    Hmm , how about knive trick shots? ( throws )

  • Matthew Herr
    Matthew Herr 2 hours ago

    Bowling Stereotypes

  • glpricejr
    glpricejr 3 hours ago

    Please do More lacrosse trick shots like if you laxer

  • KyleLarson42Fan
    KyleLarson42Fan 3 hours ago

    Who was the driver of the car when y’all said were dude perfect welcome to High speed battle

  • KyleLarson42Fan
    KyleLarson42Fan 3 hours ago

    Why does ty keep winning

  • Skull crusher
    Skull crusher 3 hours ago

    tyler just doesnt want to lose

  • Binu thalsim
    Binu thalsim 3 hours ago

    Like for Tyler and coby

  • ASESAN✔️
    ASESAN✔️ 3 hours ago

    you guys will beat pew die pie very soon

  • Dauod gamez
    Dauod gamez 3 hours ago

    ty i voted for u

  • TheGhostQuarter
    TheGhostQuarter 3 hours ago

    Oh come on, ive never not been on team coby but this.... common!

  • Stephen Sullivan
    Stephen Sullivan 3 hours ago

    Great job guys! Can’t wait for overtime 5!

  • mumtaz sikander
    mumtaz sikander 3 hours ago


  • Stella and Jax
    Stella and Jax 3 hours ago

    And I saw you guys at the baseball game

  • Stella and Jax
    Stella and Jax 3 hours ago

    When are you guys going to go back Destin Florida

  • Nathan joseph
    Nathan joseph 4 hours ago

    like for Cory

  • Predator Scar
    Predator Scar 4 hours ago

    Do Halloween stariotypse

  • Puja Srivastava
    Puja Srivastava 4 hours ago

    I like your shots

  • Jacobs Modding
    Jacobs Modding 4 hours ago

    Is that in south bend Indiana

  • Alan Azeez
    Alan Azeez 4 hours ago

    So cool

  • Lit_king21
    Lit_king21 4 hours ago

    Even tho coby doesn’t win much he still my. Favorite😎😎😎🤩🤩🤩🤯🤯🤯🤜🤛

  • Kad Crawf
    Kad Crawf 5 hours ago

    Ty you sudd of a 😂😂

  • Zygarde21
    Zygarde21 5 hours ago

    this is rigged ty always wins

  • Raul Ortega
    Raul Ortega 5 hours ago

    Like of Tyler

  • Pradeep Kumar
    Pradeep Kumar 5 hours ago

    Team Coby

  • Lol Love
    Lol Love 5 hours ago


  • Eli Gage
    Eli Gage 5 hours ago

    I know where Panda is

  • Indiana Jones
    Indiana Jones 5 hours ago

    Plz do school stereotypes, i’ve already got some ideas
    always late guy
    always early guy
    excuses guy
    guy who always needs a pencil and never gives it back
    the guy who never studies but aces the test
    the guy who has any kind of school supplies
    the procrastinator
    the guy who always finishes their test in half the time you finish yours
    the always “sick” guy
    the teachers pet
    the list goes on and on

  • Sabina Kathena
    Sabina Kathena 5 hours ago

    I like Dude Perfect. Can you make another video with bike's. Tulo Kathena. And we're do you live.

  • Dheeraj N Reddy
    Dheeraj N Reddy 5 hours ago

    Tyler is a cheater

  • MultiEyes
    MultiEyes 5 hours ago

    Anyone still wondering how the hell are they doing this like me?

  • HM Tierney
    HM Tierney 5 hours ago

    Y’all should do a back to school stereotypes video

  • KawajuS
    KawajuS 5 hours ago

    Fck u ty

  • TYJustin YT
    TYJustin YT 6 hours ago


  • TYJustin YT
    TYJustin YT 6 hours ago

    I'm done

  • Bhashika Kasturiarachchi

    I hate that Tyler wins all the time

  • Bharti Kashyap
    Bharti Kashyap 7 hours ago


  • Ryan Elie
    Ryan Elie 7 hours ago

    I’m your numberuyfuh

  • Sarala Devi
    Sarala Devi 7 hours ago

    bro please do a video on PUBG stereotypes

  • BabySmoke TV
    BabySmoke TV 7 hours ago

    Like if ty is a hacker😂he wins EVERYTIME

  • Lester Mayer
    Lester Mayer 7 hours ago

    increase finding concentrate uwrny lot principal monitor close anymore sure wise landscape.

  • Cheng Jung
    Cheng Jung 7 hours ago

    I love you people

  • V- Trap
    V- Trap 8 hours ago +1

    Kwkwkw, Lol man XD

  • Ishaan Ramola
    Ishaan Ramola 8 hours ago

    Make another video on school stereotypes. Please

  • Bilal Aziz
    Bilal Aziz 8 hours ago

    I feel like last shot was fake

  • Logan Xd
    Logan Xd 8 hours ago

    Les sous titres en français svppp

  • Baseball Legend15
    Baseball Legend15 9 hours ago

    Do more overtime or I will unsubscribe

  • jr nardo
    jr nardo 9 hours ago

    Hipe basketball trickshot

  • Mehar Saeed Mughal
    Mehar Saeed Mughal 9 hours ago

    Dislike for Tyler

  • Lanz The Vloger
    Lanz The Vloger 9 hours ago


  • Son Je suis un infj c trop chelou

    Hi i come from France 🇫🇷

  • Mohit Sahu
    Mohit Sahu 9 hours ago

    Make a computer game trick shot

  • Kadum Abd
    Kadum Abd 10 hours ago

    Wehls car

  • Roshan Jai Prakash
    Roshan Jai Prakash 10 hours ago

    Nice beard Cody

  • 10,000 Subscribers With No Videos

    Like for *Coby* 😉

  • Roberto Ocaviantyo
    Roberto Ocaviantyo 11 hours ago

    Meme Perfect

  • Justin Casteret
    Justin Casteret 11 hours ago

    Go you tout see the page TVclip of vahem

    RAJENDRA THAKUR 11 hours ago +1

    Please make stereotypes

  • Jagatjrs gt
    Jagatjrs gt 11 hours ago

    RT to beat pwede pie :XD

  • Pawan Rawat
    Pawan Rawat 12 hours ago +1

    Nice video bro

  • Shahmeer Dp's biggest fan

    No I'm with you Tyler

  • Aaryak Raj
    Aaryak Raj 12 hours ago

    you rock coby

  • Dologa
    Dologa 12 hours ago

    Ouai je suis totalement d'accord les gars!

  • Aijaz Ahmed
    Aijaz Ahmed 13 hours ago

    That's all the editing

  • KXD vlogs
    KXD vlogs 13 hours ago +1

    You go fishing

  • Luis Cordero
    Luis Cordero 13 hours ago

    I love you dude perfect and you’re over time seares

  • Hemant Kasture
    Hemant Kasture 13 hours ago

    Now a days your videos are not good.

  • Fayas deen
    Fayas deen 14 hours ago

    Water drinking battle

  • Mario Winsky
    Mario Winsky 14 hours ago

    Dude perfect you should do something with disc golf

  • 車さん
    車さん 14 hours ago +1


  • Saurabh Deshpande
    Saurabh Deshpande 14 hours ago

    Hit something while paragliding... or river rafting ...or surfing ...or etc.....something insane than all of the other videos...it'd be awesome....can't wait for your next video!!

  • je2da15
    je2da15 14 hours ago

    Liked for coby

  • kingwolfs lab!
    kingwolfs lab! 15 hours ago

    I like you subscribe

  • Brosker
    Brosker 15 hours ago

    Closest Battle yet 7:28

  • Pristine Datta
    Pristine Datta 15 hours ago

    Guy s there,s a game about you about basketball shots

  • yoda plays
    yoda plays 15 hours ago

    why did you stop breaking sugar bottles on cobys heads

  • Rovin Pimentel
    Rovin Pimentel 15 hours ago

    Ty always win it

  • Ashwani Kumar Tiwari
    Ashwani Kumar Tiwari 16 hours ago

    Hey guys come india. It is a very beautiful please

  • AdamSKPR
    AdamSKPR 16 hours ago +6

    lets play game guys.☻❤
    im 0 years old now .
    1like=1years old.
    lets see how old im after 1day 😂😂😂

  • Crayon Shinchan
    Crayon Shinchan 16 hours ago +1


  • Aiden Becker
    Aiden Becker 16 hours ago

    OS Eagles support!

  • Benjamin Munro
    Benjamin Munro 16 hours ago

    Do real life trick shots 3

  • Joel Vides
    Joel Vides 17 hours ago

    34 mil subs wow I never knew 🤫 like I u never knew still like 🤫

  • Trek Petersen
    Trek Petersen 17 hours ago

    more over time like for coby

  • Victoria Kennedy
    Victoria Kennedy 17 hours ago

    dude you are truly perfect!!!!!!!!! your so amazing, if I were you I would die of my perfectness!!!

  • Benjamin Farrell
    Benjamin Farrell 18 hours ago

    STUPID I thought we liked him to victory

  • Ghanshyam Sharma
    Ghanshyam Sharma 18 hours ago

    give next video Tyler

  • Zach Thomas
    Zach Thomas 18 hours ago

    Always Tyler 🤬

  • Preston Mccarroll
    Preston Mccarroll 18 hours ago

    Yes ty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • IcedBerry
    IcedBerry 18 hours ago

    It would be funnier to watch if ty didn’t win literally everything I think this is scripted

  • Moses Brown
    Moses Brown 18 hours ago

    Every time Ty.