100-Year-Old Time Capsule Was Finally Open!

  • Published on May 15, 2019
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    Regardless of your age, you probably at least once dreamed of finding a hidden treasure. Just like in adventure books and movies, of course! Alas, there aren't many opportunities to find a pirates' hoard in real life, especially if you live in the city and if you aren't an archaeologist.
    But don't worry, there's always a chance to stumble upon a time capsule! Sometimes, even scientists do not know about their existence, and their location remains a mystery until the end. For today's video, we have collected stories about time capsules from the past discovered accidentally by ordinary people.

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  • Delinda Jay
    Delinda Jay 9 hours ago

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  • Princess Sate
    Princess Sate 12 hours ago

    Ur my biggest fun i love ur vids

  • Tommy BRO
    Tommy BRO 18 hours ago

    I wish robbers slit your throat everytime you say time cafsule.

  • Mariko Hanzo
    Mariko Hanzo Day ago

    With due kind information there is no such thing as TIME CAPSULE.Even Einstein's couldn't resolve the theory of time capsule or whatever

  • Brett Schwartz
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  • A Duck
    A Duck 2 days ago +2

    You never thought it would be a Top 10 list, huh?

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  • Miguel Bedolla
    Miguel Bedolla 3 days ago

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    Theses dickers?!?

  • Emily Apricot
    Emily Apricot 3 days ago

    We should see some more in-depth coverage of the contents of one of these.

  • Emily Apricot
    Emily Apricot 3 days ago

    That one by Sam Addams was pretty epic.

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  • Blayne Mahoney
    Blayne Mahoney 4 days ago +6

    Inside a time capsule buried in 1795, they found some coins from 1855.


  • Cedie Teves
    Cedie Teves 5 days ago


  • ace menace
    ace menace 5 days ago

    Now say 'Jumanji'

  • ongezwa thwazi
    ongezwa thwazi 5 days ago

    What is in the box🤔

  • Ellie Bennett
    Ellie Bennett 5 days ago +5

    i literally jumped at the end when some guy says "psssttt dude!" 🙄🙄😂 9:30

  • davidelpenho
    davidelpenho 7 days ago

    Boring content!

  • Milindu Pasan
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  • Giorgos Demetriou
    Giorgos Demetriou 7 days ago +1

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  • CY Ong
    CY Ong 8 days ago

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  • Ethan Ashe
    Ethan Ashe 8 days ago

    1915 was ww1

  • Theresa C
    Theresa C 9 days ago

    Pirates don't actually burry there treasure

  • Prabhudayal Sharma
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  • zombie pig man
    zombie pig man 9 days ago

    who's watching in 2004

  • Colin Fish
    Colin Fish 9 days ago

    Hooray for Time Capseeeeules!

  • Mr.panda XD
    Mr.panda XD 10 days ago +1

    Lama g ur right

  • d jack
    d jack 10 days ago

    Boston is NOT the oldest city in the U.S. , St. Augustine in Florida is , 1565

  • Edward Martin
    Edward Martin 10 days ago

    4:02 10-24 machine screws in 1795 ?

  • Next Level
    Next Level 10 days ago

    3:43 it's very sad to closed down a church ☹️

  • rj villarosa
    rj villarosa 10 days ago +11

    Time capsule: note- you got pranked written in 1842
    Scientists: this is a treasure!

  • Dominique Flores
    Dominique Flores 10 days ago

    click baited by a "TIME CAPSHULES" dunno how to pronounce properly?

  • BasicAsetheicChick
    BasicAsetheicChick 10 days ago

    Still waiting for that 100 yr capsule. 🤨😠

  • william phillip
    william phillip 11 days ago +1

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    • Robert Benjamin
      Robert Benjamin 3 days ago

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  • Neil Stewart
    Neil Stewart 11 days ago

    Time capsule- it was a Masonic tradition to place items at the cornerstone of all buildings of note and importance.

  • Saitama Kun
    Saitama Kun 11 days ago

    5:37 7:29 voice cracks
    comment the words

  • jireh joshua valdez
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  • ashley klotz
    ashley klotz 11 days ago

    Time capsules are cool, but I would have liked to see the 1 that was 100 years old, just to see what people would have put in then

  • mrMouredishere
    mrMouredishere 12 days ago

    Can you learn how to say capsule correctly and not say capshule

  • Brian Brian
    Brian Brian 12 days ago

    Capsyul, capshule

  • Chandrakant Merukar
    Chandrakant Merukar 12 days ago +2

    In time capsule - is there any flying car???

  • Kianne Alfer Dimson
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  • Pretty Universe
    Pretty Universe 12 days ago

    Impatient enough to wait till end hence i landed here to the comment section

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    y u say capsyul??

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    • Sophia Hauck
      Sophia Hauck 12 days ago

      The way he says capsule makes me #$@#

  • Katelyn Wallace
    Katelyn Wallace 13 days ago

    I have one for myself to barrey (personal) i cant wait to bury it

  • Ray idkwatfandomimin
    Ray idkwatfandomimin 13 days ago

    5:37 where are my Hamilstans at?

  • Enrico Artman
    Enrico Artman 13 days ago

    Its a time capsell not capswile idiot

  • Della Siwka
    Della Siwka 13 days ago

    There was a hundred year capsule opened.. did you watch it??

  • Chicken Tebe
    Chicken Tebe 13 days ago

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  • 10.000 subs without a video

    How do you need 10 min to open a fucking box

  • James Collins
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    Nicholas Olson 13 days ago

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  • Ivan Lovrinović
    Ivan Lovrinović 14 days ago

    I remember seeing the steve jobs capsule on tv

  • AR极乐世界
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  • Aliandra Yorgason
    Aliandra Yorgason 14 days ago

    we've (me and my family) found many strange things in our house and barn. old dolls, wedding dresses, cool ladders, ect. recently I learned that underneath one of the carpet covered floor boards there are some old trinkets. unfortunately my parents won't let me break the carpet to get to it.

  • Arthur Morgan
    Arthur Morgan 14 days ago

    I really hate how you say capsule

  • Randi C.
    Randi C. 15 days ago +1

    Time capsiule? 🤨🤔🥴

  • Justine Jade Piscawen
    Justine Jade Piscawen 15 days ago

    Maybe , we should just talk about the narrator's accent for the word "capsule" ? think it's more debatable compared to the video itself 🤣🤣🤣

  • Jesus Christ
    Jesus Christ 15 days ago +1

    Imma make a time capsule that looks epic asf and write "dont open until 2120 and fill it with memes

  • ivy venice
    ivy venice 15 days ago

    There is always news papers 😳

  • Fatima Jammeh
    Fatima Jammeh 16 days ago


  • Fatima Jammeh
    Fatima Jammeh 16 days ago


  • God's Grace
    God's Grace 16 days ago

    Wow! It's an amazing and interesting video.

  • yusuf bahar
    yusuf bahar 16 days ago

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    Arshan Uludoğan 16 days ago

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    Cap-sewell. Lol

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    SERVO GUN 17 days ago

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  • Clody Pitalbo
    Clody Pitalbo 17 days ago

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  • Carlos Gutierrez
    Carlos Gutierrez 17 days ago

    Every year I bury and hide time capsules of today’s content and valuables since I found out about time capsules when I was 12yrs old. I am 25 now. I mapped the locations with riddles to solve. If I ever make it to a time in my life where my grandkids or great grand kids are about my age now I will tell them about it right before I pass to find. They’re not all in the same state. I have them hidden in several states, since I moved a lot with my family. I travel every year somewhere new.

  • Viviane West
    Viviane West 17 days ago +2

    After 4 min., I can't take it any more! This guy is cringy with his capsiules! Really, your accent is bad, dude! Not cute!🤯

  • D.J. Stewart
    D.J. Stewart 17 days ago +6

    How did the Paul revere capsule get buried in 1795, with coins from 1855?
    Update. Nvm. Haha

  • Dipp Borww
    Dipp Borww 18 days ago

    All fucking tressure were newspaper 😂😂😂

  • Double C YT
    Double C YT 18 days ago

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  • Ali munir Rana
    Ali munir Rana 18 days ago

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  • Kieran0223
    Kieran0223 18 days ago

    4:55 wait a second... If it was buried in 1795 how the hell could coins from 1855 be in there?

  • rohit sharam
    rohit sharam 18 days ago +2

    I will definitely make a time capsule for my grand grand children.
    Fill with my life story, family history, his/ her ancestor thinking abt the world.
    And some gold coins.
    I hope they look upside once without saying any word.

  • Jlove
    Jlove 18 days ago

    Time capsyool

  • Kawa Bandit Gaming
    Kawa Bandit Gaming 18 days ago

    St. Augustine, Florida - 1565.
    Jamestown, Virginia - 1607.
    Santa Fe, New Mexico - 1610. ...
    Plymouth, Massachusetts - 1620. ...
    New York City, New York - 1624. ...
    Quincy, Massachusetts - 1625. ...
    Boston, Massachusetts - 1630. ...

  • Rose Star
    Rose Star 18 days ago

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  • KookieMan 22
    KookieMan 22 18 days ago

    Didn't even watch the video. I went straight to the comments.

  • A Guy that has a No nosed Fetish

    My remaining brain cells after him saying Time capSHule or something like that
    Remaining brain cells: *guess I'll die*

  • Neo Scope
    Neo Scope 18 days ago +7

    1700: we will have schools in future
    2019: we will have gaming schools in the future

  • Moon Child
    Moon Child 18 days ago +26

    Who else is triggered when he says capSULES? 😂😅😑

  • Ricky Rudolph
    Ricky Rudolph 18 days ago

    I want someone to reply to me in a few days months or years