100-Year-Old Time Capsule Was Finally Open!

  • Published on May 15, 2019
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    Regardless of your age, you probably at least once dreamed of finding a hidden treasure. Just like in adventure books and movies, of course! Alas, there aren't many opportunities to find a pirates' hoard in real life, especially if you live in the city and if you aren't an archaeologist.
    But don't worry, there's always a chance to stumble upon a time capsule! Sometimes, even scientists do not know about their existence, and their location remains a mystery until the end. For today's video, we have collected stories about time capsules from the past discovered accidentally by ordinary people.

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  • In Bull
    In Bull 10 hours ago

    This was 4 years ago

  • Matthew Snowdon
    Matthew Snowdon 2 days ago

    A hidden treasure would be amazing but sadly im 19 and don’t see myself being an architect

  • taco tuesday
    taco tuesday 2 days ago

    This comment is a time capsule you can only click read more in 2020

    Happy 2020 from 2019 you get 🌮
    If you looked before🖕you get that

  • Mark's Pocket
    Mark's Pocket 3 days ago +2

    By 2020 you will still watching this video and reading comments like this one.

    (Yeah it's not a time capsule but I'm from the past, and I'm telling you to forget the one who broke your heart.)

  • J.L.B.F
    J.L.B.F 3 days ago

    8:35 Lies, St. Augustine is the oldest city founded by europeans in the United States. It was founded in September 8th, 1565 by the Spanish.

  • Marcos Sosmena
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    EMILIHANNA HOTTYA 8 days ago

    I found a capsule in my garden with a book, stating my family tree from 200 years ago. I found out my ancestor was a certain Countess and Count of Galsa, a village in Transylvania. After some time, people revolted against them, and they became poor. All they had left was a sapphire necklace and a Crystal bracelet. They then proceeded to shoe making. Men made shoes by hand, and women wove dresses. I later discovered another capsule in which I found the 7 shoes they created. I found the sapphire necklace. But sadly, the Crystal bracelet is still not found. I will try to dig my entire garden to find the bracelet. The sapphire necklace is in a very good state, and it has C. Marissia engraved in it. I guess it stands for Countess Marissia. I go to Transylvania every year for 4 months.

  • Dragon Boy
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  • GachaNat
    GachaNat 17 days ago

    There’s 3 time capsules that are at balmoral and my sister put one in it I went there for k-5

  • Teerkez
    Teerkez 18 days ago +7

    Don't read more before 2030...

    Hi! I am from the year 2019 and you just broke the number 1 rule

  • Brea Juma Juma
    Brea Juma Juma 19 days ago

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    Yap Yap 27 days ago

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    Pau 003 27 days ago

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  • don maclean
    don maclean 28 days ago

    100 years old is not ANCIENT!!

    SAVAGE TEEN 29 days ago

    At 7:37 he said it gives a glimpse into people’s lives does that mean he’s a stalker??? 😒😒😒

    SAVAGE TEEN 29 days ago +1

    What’s a capsial is it a capsized barrial

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  • Ashley Kate Dengsa
    Ashley Kate Dengsa Month ago

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  • Robbie Kiele
    Robbie Kiele Month ago

    put speed to 1.5... hes talking slow to get more time

  • Sayril Joy
    Sayril Joy Month ago

    October 75 what was that!!

  • Zach A
    Zach A Month ago +4

    Stop saying capsule, its pronounced capsule.

  • Trash Tabby
    Trash Tabby Month ago

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    Trash Tabby Month ago

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    DELLwithEl Rivera Month ago

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  • Emma Lundin
    Emma Lundin Month ago

    A couple of students at my school found a capsule inside of the buildings walls in Stockholm Sweden

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  • Lawson Blasier
    Lawson Blasier Month ago

    The way he said Time Capsule kinda ruined the video for me

  • wj
    wj Month ago

    cap-see-ule ...

  • Elliott Johnson
    Elliott Johnson Month ago

    3:55 That’s the state building in Denver not the Massachusetts house.

  • Bench Russ
    Bench Russ Month ago +3

    Those shoe boxes. Thought they were wand boxes from ollivanders.

  • Joel Baldwin
    Joel Baldwin Month ago +2

    I made a time capsule, took it 100 years in the future, then went back in time 100 years from that point, buried it, and dug it up. Wanna see the contents of it?

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    ??????????? Month ago

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  • Allie Gacha Gamer
    Allie Gacha Gamer Month ago +1

    My school has found a time capsule. My school took out the stuff and put new things in it and buried it again

  • Sean Lacap
    Sean Lacap Month ago

    Can't believe I was click baited 😑

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    Liam Obrien Month ago

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    Supah Dweeb Month ago

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  • kpop trash
    kpop trash Month ago +1

    i was going to make my own time capsule however i then realised that global warmings gonna destroy the earth before anyone could retrieve it

  • Tete-i Tochhong
    Tete-i Tochhong Month ago

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  • Jennifer Worland
    Jennifer Worland Month ago

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  • TYberiusRX and Indirect48

    2019:This comment is a time capsule
    Every reply is a item in the time capsule
    I'm going to come check on it in 2025

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    Watch This! Month ago

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  • xXx_MlgTr1kSh00ter _Xx

    Dont Open till 2019?
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    Dont watch any #Mind Warehouse videos till eternity

    • stevo
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      good one!

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    Say.....what if you found Michigan J. Frog in one of those capsules? You'd be rich!

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