We Draw Cartoon Characters FROM MEMORY

  • Published on Apr 29, 2019
  • These classic cartoon characters don't deserve this kind of treatment... but we're gonna try to draw them from memory anyway!
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  • ComedyComedy

Comments • 6 071

  • T. Koomen
    T. Koomen 2 days ago

    i new all of them besides 1

  • Tired children
    Tired children 8 days ago

    Did anyone notice how the cameraman just zoomed in on the photo of mark naked with chica trying to pull off the towel covering him? XD

  • Luna Jones
    Luna Jones 9 days ago

    marks dee dee drawing is reminding me of hxppy thxghts from
    ddlc......I will not sleep tonight,lol jk but really it does remind me of that

  • L O R D O F M E M Z L O L

    Courage the kidney bean

  • Game bros
    Game bros 16 days ago

    19:22 Mark!! Explain yorself

  • Dark Wolf
    Dark Wolf 16 days ago

    pewdiepie : very very very original idea

    other youtubers: hmmmmmmmmmmm seeing the juicy youtube money adlsdakaks

  • Deus Vult
    Deus Vult Month ago

    Am I the only person who has heard of Johnny Bravo, or the person after?

    I knew 2 (3) characters. I’m 10. This says my personality

  • Mr. Ghasty
    Mr. Ghasty Month ago +1

    Felt bad for Ethan! His were surprisingly good and he deserved more wins.

  • Invader Sploot
    Invader Sploot Month ago

    I can draw Gir from memory.

  • Frozenclaw
    Frozenclaw Month ago

    I don't know half of them XD

  • Spino Boy
    Spino Boy Month ago

    No one going to say anything about Mark’s Calendar

  • NAMMusic7
    NAMMusic7 Month ago

    I like Gir

  • summer anderson
    summer anderson Month ago

    I feel Ethan should of won more

  • Dox
    Dox Month ago

    Tyler’s drawings seem more accurate than Mark’s tho

  • RedVelvetWaffles
    RedVelvetWaffles Month ago

    I've never heard of Odd Job

  • Toxic Bugs
    Toxic Bugs Month ago

    Ethan’s dexters lab: dee dee * 7 second challenge flashbacks*

  • Sofia Baldwin
    Sofia Baldwin Month ago +1

    19:46 when ur teacher says something stupid so you mock them.

  • Anonymous 666
    Anonymous 666 Month ago

    I would say Mark wins all

  • Mae Mae
    Mae Mae Month ago

    I always thought that Double D was a girl, but I also only got to watch a minute of it because my parents didn’t like Ed, Ed, and Eddie.

  • Orhan Bulut Derelioğlu

    Mark’s dexter looks like mini-Bob

  • Andrea Smedo
    Andrea Smedo Month ago

    Mark: i forgot what a dog look like
    Chica: aam i a joke to you

  • BrightStone Clarity

    Not trying to be mean lol but at 11:30
    It looks like kimSpongable sorry I had to say it

  • jck1794
    jck1794 2 months ago

    6:44 legitimately scared me lol

  • Kittylover_14
    Kittylover_14 2 months ago

    PLAY MINECRAFT!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Farrah Trail
    Farrah Trail 2 months ago

    (In French) "My ArT iS iN mY uRiNe"
    Mark, Edward, Fischbach

  • Salty Face
    Salty Face 2 months ago

    My brain mentally hurt from watching the Gir bit

  • Võ Hoàng Bảo Lân
    Võ Hoàng Bảo Lân 2 months ago

    Hmmmmmmmmmm! 11:14 That some beautiful red head picture right there.

  • R4CC00N2
    R4CC00N2 2 months ago

    Gentleman in english is Gentilhomme

  • Karen Campbell
    Karen Campbell 2 months ago

    ethan is wingese and tyler is dingese

  • Leave me Alone
    Leave me Alone 2 months ago

    a bunch of people copied them

    BRANDON BRIZUELA 2 months ago

    mark's dexter and dee dee are soul less

    BRANDON BRIZUELA 2 months ago

    markiplier's dexter looks like a jelly bean

    BRANDON BRIZUELA 2 months ago

    16:19 is when you relize that you lost

  • Dr. Robinson
    Dr. Robinson 2 months ago

    Daxster and doo doo of daxster’s meth laboratory 18:09

  • Stacia033
    Stacia033 2 months ago

    Ethan: *"DEE-DEE!!"*

  • Lil BEÂR
    Lil BEÂR 2 months ago

    11:11 literally could not stop laughing that’s impossible🤪🤪😂😂😂🤣

  • Asian Invasion7
    Asian Invasion7 2 months ago +2

    Ethan: **flips marker**
    Me: ....nice! 😏
    Ethan: **drops marker**

    Me: .....you missed.

  • juses krist
    juses krist 2 months ago

    "I thought you were poor"
    pbs kids has entered the chat

  • atherton mcelwain
    atherton mcelwain 2 months ago


  • QuiGonLiam
    QuiGonLiam 2 months ago

    0:52 Did mark say his “art is in his urine”?

  • Jazzy
    Jazzy 2 months ago

    Mark: I believe that is forth position.
    Every dancer ever: iT's A pIqUé!!!

  • oRA n G
    oRA n G 2 months ago +1

    at first i read the title as We Draw Cartoon Characters FUNNY

  • Bullet Hell
    Bullet Hell 2 months ago

    I can't understand if the video is helping me with my mental state because it's fucking hilarious or making it worse because I want friends like these

  • WalkerJacob5666
    WalkerJacob5666 2 months ago +2

    JESUS ÷&=^$^ CHRIST HOLY @$×@ 6:43

  • Kawaii Kitten
    Kawaii Kitten 2 months ago

    at 6:43 who else had a mini-heart attack? XwX

  • Dylan Noah
    Dylan Noah 2 months ago +2

    No one:
    Mark: I grew up *_POOR_*

  • Lunar Moon
    Lunar Moon 2 months ago

    Markiplier's Link looks like Elfo from Disenchantment

  • Joao Vinicius
    Joao Vinicius 2 months ago

    Ethan: sv_cheats 1.
    Ethan: addcon 75

  • Howtomakestuff
    Howtomakestuff 2 months ago

    Me: Yes I do reme-
    Me: O_O

  • TheDuckside_ -
    TheDuckside_ - 2 months ago

    I’m disappointed in your gif drawings

  • Tiffy D
    Tiffy D 2 months ago

    It’s interesting watching this. You can see Mark remembers very specific details about the characters, details often overlooked, until you see the picture, itself. Like, how courage had a hole in his tooth, and how Sandy Cheeks had something pink on her outfit.

  • Stewie Griffin
    Stewie Griffin 2 months ago +2

    I though Ethan was wingus and Tyler was dingus ,’/

  • TheMadHatter _19
    TheMadHatter _19 2 months ago

    That thing is from invader zim? I had no idea.

  • Jae Nicole
    Jae Nicole 2 months ago


  • Lizpatastic
    Lizpatastic 2 months ago

    catch the elusive camera man in the mirror at 1:26

  • RedRyder18
    RedRyder18 2 months ago

    Draw Sandy from spongebob
    Mark: Draws Fucking Zoidberg

  • KableKrusher
    KableKrusher 2 months ago

    4:08 Why does Tyler look like Mr. Beast!?😂😂😂

  • Diccburner 66
    Diccburner 66 2 months ago


  • Mr mcmuffin
    Mr mcmuffin 2 months ago +1

    Amy "maybe it's a threeway"
    Please don't say that in reference to Mark, Ethan and Tyler you'll give people ideas

  • Sammi Graham
    Sammi Graham 2 months ago

    I love whoever edits these videos