We Draw Cartoon Characters FROM MEMORY

  • Published on Apr 29, 2019
  • These classic cartoon characters don't deserve this kind of treatment... but we're gonna try to draw them from memory anyway!
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  • ComedyComedy

Comments • 6 000

  • Adia Paxton
    Adia Paxton 2 hours ago

    19:20 😂😂😂

  • JKO gaming v2
    JKO gaming v2 8 hours ago +1

    Ethan’s odd job looks like hitler

  • Will Till
    Will Till 14 hours ago

    I haven't even watched half these shows.

  • Matthew Boyd
    Matthew Boyd Day ago

    No bacon today

  • Danya V.
    Danya V. Day ago

    I feel 60 percent that i have so much credit

  • Danya V.
    Danya V. Day ago

    bruh the fact that Tyler has the legoey glasses i feel like aewwwww

  • Kleindog
    Kleindog Day ago

    Marks were the worst everytime

  • Laybug34 Mylady
    Laybug34 Mylady 2 days ago

    I'm pretty good at drawing but U guys did great not bad like if u agree

  • Alondere
    Alondere 2 days ago

    Everyone forgot Sandy s flower on the outside of her suit which basically confirms she's a girl, besides the voice

  • the goblet
    the goblet 2 days ago

    Wht is ethan the funniest thing in all the make videos.

  • Harrison liss
    Harrison liss 4 days ago +1

    Ethan's Sandy looks like a Happy Tree Friend. That was kinda funny that he ended up channeling that. If I wasn't told who it was, my first thought would have been Happy Tree Friend... Even if none of the characters look like Sandy. It was the shape of the head and teeth mostly... and my frame of mind!

  • beast 124153
    beast 124153 4 days ago

    16:09 duck

  • Miguel Morice
    Miguel Morice 4 days ago


  • TridentGamer 078
    TridentGamer 078 4 days ago

    Mesdames et Monsieurs, thats what ladies and gentlemen is in french

  • Jbro MM
    Jbro MM 5 days ago

    18:06 he remembers drunk Minecraft!

  • Briar Diez
    Briar Diez 7 days ago +1

    i didn't watch like,,, any of these Except kim possible. (and ofc i know link)

  • Emily Storbinsky
    Emily Storbinsky 8 days ago

    Ethans Johnny Bravo looks like sans

  • sydney merryman
    sydney merryman 8 days ago

    wow I was really rudely reminded about how cute tyler is today when I decided to rewatch this.

  • Gacha Dragon Fox
    Gacha Dragon Fox 10 days ago +1

    Marks drawing of sandy looks like a flipping monster ape

  • Gacha Dragon Fox
    Gacha Dragon Fox 10 days ago

    Gentleman in French is Gentilhomme

  • KryshaSyrin
    KryshaSyrin 10 days ago

    Tyler basically drew the Reddit alien for Gir

  • Summer Olmack
    Summer Olmack 11 days ago

    Marks doubld d looks like the professor from the nightmare before christmas

    OG STICKS 11 days ago

    This bring meh back when I watch 90s shows even tho I was born 2004

  • Story Time Drawings
    Story Time Drawings 11 days ago

    Anyone want to talk about marks calendar.... No? ... just me?... Ok....

  • KnappeKees
    KnappeKees 12 days ago

    Mark: we are not artists
    Ethan: speek for jourself 😂😂😂😂

  • Fnaf Plushie Studios
    Fnaf Plushie Studios 12 days ago

    Little did you know,arnold is also the name of a body disorder that makes your head look like a football (sorry for ruining your childhood)

  • hęllish
    hęllish 12 days ago

    courage has pink fur what the hell lmao

  • ISageRika ̇
    ISageRika ̇ 12 days ago

    Double D would give me nightmares..

  • Isabella Schoof
    Isabella Schoof 12 days ago +1

    This is a disgrace to Courage looooooollllll

  • Ghostly Volt
    Ghostly Volt 13 days ago

    Damn it mark this isn't a makes video you can't bring up your pOoR cHiLdHoOd

  • Dynasty Derps
    Dynasty Derps 13 days ago

    In Case Mark Ever See This:
    The Austin Powers' Version Of Oddjob Is Named "Random Tasks"

  • Jacob Short
    Jacob Short 13 days ago

    And they called him arnold they went HEY


  • Tera The Wolf
    Tera The Wolf 13 days ago

    Mark's Link looks like Dobby the Elf😂

  • Ava Fantastic
    Ava Fantastic 13 days ago

    Every time he does a video ethan wears a shirt with Japanese writting.

  • Valerie Kolb
    Valerie Kolb 15 days ago +1

    It’s okay Mark, Sandy’s tail wasn’t outside the suit in season one

  • Mia Kelly
    Mia Kelly 15 days ago +1

    " Curvature in his torzo " ~ Mark

  • Old_tooth_paste
    Old_tooth_paste 16 days ago

    10:47 when your mom comes back home to your little brother crying and she asks what happened

  • Roddie MacInnis
    Roddie MacInnis 17 days ago +1

    Everyone: Mark you can’t draw
    Mark: hold my beer, no seriously I’m drunk as shit

  • Wyatt Martin
    Wyatt Martin 18 days ago


  • ThisIsJaclyn
    ThisIsJaclyn 19 days ago

    He doesnt know what cows are!!

  • ThisIsJaclyn
    ThisIsJaclyn 19 days ago

    Omg wait whats with the french?

  • Spoopy Jr.
    Spoopy Jr. 20 days ago

    I waited for them to do an Invader Zim character and... I was not disappointed.

  • Keata
    Keata 20 days ago

    Mark totally won Courage but then drew old man Jenkins from spongebob instead of Edd

  • Confusedlemur
    Confusedlemur 21 day ago

    19:22 Mark nude calendar

  • Kristen McGraw
    Kristen McGraw 21 day ago

    Markiplier, if you don't like Tyler then stop being friends with him. You treat him like he's below you

  • Kristen McGraw
    Kristen McGraw 21 day ago

    Markiplier, why are you such a bully to Tyler

  • Kristen McGraw
    Kristen McGraw 21 day ago

    I literally do not know why Markiplier treats Tyler like trash and is wonderful to Ethan

    • maya papaya
      maya papaya 19 days ago

      probably because he knows tyler can take it. it seems like ethans been having a really tough time recently

  • Kristen McGraw
    Kristen McGraw 21 day ago

    The way Markiplier speaks to Tyler is straight up abusive

  • Kristen McGraw
    Kristen McGraw 21 day ago

    Markiplier is a jerk to Tyler

  • Kristen McGraw
    Kristen McGraw 21 day ago

    Why is Markiplier so mean to Tyler

  • Em Kat
    Em Kat 21 day ago

    Mark: she’s a dancer so her toe is pointed
    Drawing: * would be breaking her toes *
    Mark: and I believe this is fourth position
    Drawing: * is in passé *
    Me, someone who has taken ballet for 12 years: 🙃😳

  • XxJackal PlayzxX
    XxJackal PlayzxX 21 day ago

    Marks on sandy looks like Godzilla but got fifty bee stings and just went back to space.....😆

  • RedPoisonDragon
    RedPoisonDragon 21 day ago

    The only thing I remember about Kim Possible is that she was once on Lilo & Stitch. I use to watch Lilo & Stitch a lot.

  • Elizabeth Wagner
    Elizabeth Wagner 21 day ago

    Courage & Invader Zim scared the shit out of me as a kid.
    Fun fact: I have an invader Zim bag with gir on it

  • Susan
    Susan 21 day ago +1

    Poor Ethan 😂 he always gets the short end of the stick in these videos

  • Andrew Wills
    Andrew Wills 23 days ago +2

    Everybody elses sandy: *is decent*
    Markiplier's sandy: *ChOw DoWn SpOnGeBoB!*

  • Anthony Eisert
    Anthony Eisert 23 days ago

    Arnold from Hey Arnold
    *immediately draws a football*

  • Shy
    Shy 23 days ago

    I was very surprised that Ethan actually knew it was called a crop-top. I hate it when people say half shirt! I'm not wearing a friggin' half shirt.

  • vaccines are good
    vaccines are good 23 days ago

    19:05 does anyoune think that in that drawing that dexter looks like Eric Cartman?

  • Ethan Shimada
    Ethan Shimada 23 days ago

    Ethan didnt draw dexter he drew cartman

  • Draw.Daily Sadie
    Draw.Daily Sadie 23 days ago

    Btw is this calendar purchasable??!?!?!?!

  • Draw.Daily Sadie
    Draw.Daily Sadie 23 days ago

    Damn Mark be lookin fineeeeeeeeeee

  • Lilliana Lopez-Miller
    Lilliana Lopez-Miller 24 days ago

    The bunny guy who played the musical blender from Phineas and Ferb 20:52

  • Lilliana Lopez-Miller
    Lilliana Lopez-Miller 24 days ago

    Is Dee-Dee Slenderman?

  • Lilliana Lopez-Miller
    Lilliana Lopez-Miller 24 days ago

    Mark's Sandy drawing looks like Zoidberg and Homer had a baby and it became an Astronaut

  • David Robson
    David Robson 25 days ago

    if i've learnt anything its that ethan REALLY cares about the teeth on a character

  • Banana Dolphin
    Banana Dolphin 26 days ago

    Markiplier’s Sandy is going to give me nightmares..

  • Carson Anneliese
    Carson Anneliese 26 days ago

    Oh my God...THAT'S IMPOSSIBLE! I'M KIM! I love Courage so much. And I have a Gir action figure I've had to reglue the ear on several times. I shall try your filthy Earth waffles!

  • GamerGirl 0120
    GamerGirl 0120 26 days ago

    Mark: I was too poor...
    Tyler: :\ Not this again...